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  • Hobbitus Ille - The Latin Hobbit

    Tolkien,J. R. R.; Walker, Mark

    'The Hobbit' is a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarves in search of dragon-guarded gold. A reluctant partner in this quest is Bilbo Baggins. Encounters with trolls, goblins, & the dragon are just some of the hazards that befall...

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  • Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets –...

    Rowling,J. K.

    Essential reading for Latin learners the world over! The second book in J.K. Rowling's classic Harry Potter series is available in Latin. Lovers of the language and students alike will delight in Peter Needham's cleverly witty translation. Reissued...

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  • Catulli Tibulli Propertii Carmina - Accedunt...

    Unknown Author

    Excerpt from Catulli Tibulli Propertii Carmina: Accedunt Laevii Calvi Cinnae Aliorum Reliquiae Et Priapea Dio Canine ed. Melber. Vol. I. Dio Chrynoct. Ed. Dindorf. 2 voll. Diodornc ed. Vogel. Vol. I. II.. Dionynins halic.ed.jacoby. Voli-iii...

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  • Commentaries - Vol. 3 - Books V-VII

    Pius II

    The Renaissance popes were among the most enlightened and generous patrons of arts and letters in the Europe of their day. The diaries of Pius II give us an intimate glimpse of the life and thought of one of the greatest of the Renaissance popes....

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  • Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia, Vol. 3 (Classic...

    Cicero,Marcus Tullius

    Excerpt from Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia, Vol. 3 P. 2. 27 magn0pere codd., Hein, magno opere et sim. Bait. Constanter; nos codices sequimur; v. Adp 144. 35, N D. P.5 37. P. 4. 10 dicaut codd., Bait. II, phein., ducaut Baldo auctore Bait. I; cf. P....

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  • De Finibus Bonorum Et Malorum - Libri Quinque...

    Cicero,Marcus Tullius

    Excerpt from De Finibus Bonorum Et Malorum: Libri Quinque (non enim illum ab industria, sed ab illiberali labore deterret), sic isti curiosi, quos offendit noster minime nobis iniucundus labor. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • Benedicti De Spinoza Opera Quotquot Reperta...

    Spinoza, Benedictus de

    Excerpt from Benedicti De Spinoza Opera Quotquot Reperta Sunt, Vol. 2 A Study of Spinoza. By James Martineau, LL. D, D. D., Principal of Manchester New College, London. 1882 et 1883. P. 98. Utriusque editionis. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales, Vol. 3 Of 3 -...

    Seneca,Lucius Annaeus

    Excerpt from Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales, Vol. 3 of 3: With An English Translation While reading the letter in which you were lamenting the death of the philosopher Metronax as if he might have, and indeed ought to have, lived longer, I missed the...

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  • Rome In Triumph, Volume 1 - Books I-II


    Biondo Flavio (1392-1463), humanist and historian, was a pioneering figure in the Renaissance discovery of antiquity; famously, he was the author who popularized the term 'Middle Age' to describe the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and...

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  • Opera - Ad Codices Antiqvos Exacta Et Emen...


    Excerpt from Opera: Ad Codices Antiqvos Exacta Et Emen Data, Commentario Critico Et Exegetico Illvstrata Edidit Franciscus Ritter Vita Cornelu 'l'acili composita a Vetere auctore neque1 relicta nobis est, neque memoratuif in monumentis antiquis qui...

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  • Requiem - Vocal Score


    Commissioned with an anonymous letter delivered by an unknown messenger, Mozart's 'Requiem' has haunted audiences and fueled myths for centuries. Legends recount the composer's premonitions of his untimely death amid his feverish attempts to complete...

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  • Missa Solemnis In Full Score

    Beethoven, Ludwig van; Beethoven,Ludwig Von

    Masterpiece of sacred music is a vast symphony structured around the five divisions of the Ordinary of the Catholic Mass. Too monumental for ordinary liturgical purposes but a work that stands with Bach's Mass in B Minor as a sublime vision of faith...

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  • Ave Maria And Other Great Sacred Solos - 41...


    The most popular religious songs of the past 250 years appear in this collection, a treasury of sacred songs known and loved by singers and listeners at home, in church, and in concert.Two versions of 'Ave Maria' are featured: Schubert's moving 1825...

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  • Six Masses In Full Score

    Mozart,Wolfgang Amadeus

    The composer's most-admired Masses, among them the moving 'Coronation' Mass in C Major, composed in Salzburg in 1779, and the great Mass in C Minor, which Mozart wrote at the time of his marriage in 1782. Composed in the symphonic-operatic style...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - The Geometry Of...

    Smith,David Eugene; MATHEMATICS; DESCARTES ,RENE; Descartes; Latham, Marcia L

    This is an unabridged republication of the definitive English translation of one of the very greatest classics of science. Originally published in 1637, it has been characterized as 'the greatest single step ever made in the progress of the exact...

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  • Cambridge Latin Anthology

    Carter,Ashley; Parr,Phillip

    Cambridge Latin Anthology

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  • Cambridge Latin Course

    Vários Autores

    Cambridge Latin Course

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  • North American Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1

    Project, North American Cambridge Classics

    North American Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1

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  • I Tatti Renaissance Library - 72 - My Secret...


    Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), one of the greatest of Italian poets, was also the leading spirit in the Renaissance movement to revive literary Latin, the language of the Roman Empire, and Greco-Roman culture in general. My Secret Book (Secretum)...

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  • Barron's 501 Latin Verbs


    The most commonly used 501 Latin verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation. Each verb is completely conjugated and presented in all forms. The book’s additional features include example sentences...

  • Lingua Latina

    Orberg,Hans H.

    Lingua Latina

  • Cambridge Latin Course

    Bell,Patricia E.; Farrow,Stan; Shaw,Anne; Pope,Stephanie; Thompson,Randy

    Cambridge Latin Course

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  • Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1

    Bell,Patricia E.; Popeck,Richard M.; Farrow,Stan; Shaw,Anne; Pope,Stephanie; Thompson,Randy

    Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1

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  • Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition

    Wheelock, Frederic M.; Lafleur, Richard A.

    The classic Wheelock’s Latin remains the most highly regarded andbestselling single-volume, introductory Latin textbook of its kind. Now in itsseventh edition, Wheelock’s Latin retains its signature core ofauthentic Latin readings, taken not only...

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  • Latin For Lawyers

    Emanuel, Lazar

    Latin For Lawyers

  • Cambridge Latin Course

    Bell,Patricia E.; Shaw,Anne; Farrow,Stab; Pope,Stephanie; Popeck,Richard

    Cambridge Latin Course

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  • M. Tullii Ciceronis Cato Major De Senectute -...

    Cicero,Marcus Tullius

    Excerpt from M. Tullii Ciceronis Cato Major De Senectute: Laelius De Amicitia In conformity with the general plan of this series of classical text-books, the chief design of the Notes is to furnish the pupi] with such assistance in understanding the...

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  • Chemical Essays, Vol. 5 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Chemical Essays, Vol. 5 Provements have been made in many iv many...hranches of chemiflry lince the -i7jìitutìones Metallwgìcw, and the. Elan îof. Chemical Le&ure& were firi't printed, but I have no inclination to revife them; they...

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  • Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary

    Morwood,James; Morwood, James

    Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary

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  • Latin Made Simple


    Latin Made Simple

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  • Learn To Read Latin

    Keller,Andrew; Russell,Stephanie

    Learn To Read Latin

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  • Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3

    Bell,Patricia E.; Popeck,Richard M.; Farrow,Stan; Shaw,Anne; Pope,Stephanie M.

    Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3

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  • Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2

    Bell,Patricia E.; Popeck,Richard M.; Farrow,Stan; Shaw,Anne; Pope,Stephanie; Thompson,Randy

    Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2

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  • X-treme Latin


    X-treme Latin

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  • Carmina Bernhardus Schmidt Recognovit...


    Excerpt from Carmina Bernhardus Schmidt Recognovit De educatione eius nihil est traditum. Inde ab accepta toga virili carminibus amatoriis se operam dedisse ipse confitetur c. LXVIII 15 ss. Ceterum adulescentulum etiam eum Romam commigrasse patet,...

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  • Cicero

    Ramsey,John T.


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  • Augustine



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  • La Bibliotheque Du Vatican Au Xvie Siecle -...


    Excerpt from La Bibliothèque Du Vatican Au Xvie Siècle: Notes Et Documents La Biblioteca Vaticana dalla sua origine fino al presente. Rome, 1857, in Cf. Le compte rendu de M. De Reumont sur cet ouvrage insignifiant dans l'archivio storico italiano,...

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  • Apologia. Florida. De Deo Socratis


    Apuleius, one of the great stylists of Latin literature, was born ca. 125 AD in Madauros to a politically prominent family and received an elite education in the provincial capital Carthage and at Athens, where he began a lifelong allegiance to...

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  • Selected Letters - Vol. 1


    Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), one of the greatest of Italian poets, was also the leading spirit in the Renaissance movement to revive the cultural and moral excellence of ancient Greece and Rome. This two-volume set contains an ample,...

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  • The Tusculan Disputations - With English...

    Cicero,Marcus Tullius

    Excerpt from The Tusculan Disputations: With English Notes Dr. Tischer's edition of the Tusculan Disputations is included in Haupt and Sauppe's Collection of Greek and Roman Authors with German Notes. It Will be found very useful edition, the remarks...

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  • Confessions, Volume II - Books 9-13


    Aurelius Augustine (AD 354-430), one of the most important figures in western Christianity and philosophy, was the son of a pagan, Patricius of Tagaste, and his Christian wife, Monnica. While studying to become a rhetorician, he plunged into a...

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  • History Of Rome - Vol. X - Books 35-37


    Livy (Titus Livius), the great Roman historian, was born at Patavium (Padua) in 64 or 59 BC where after years in Rome he died in AD 12 or 17. Livy's history, composed as the imperial autocracy of Augustus was replacing the republican system that had...

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  • The Penguin Latin Dictionary


    Though it is a language that predates the dawn of the Roman Empire, Latin continues to influence many areas of modern life. Medical, legal, and literary texts are littered with Latin phrases that convey a meaning English simply can't articulate. This...

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