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  • e-book

    Spatial Politics in the Postcolonial Novel

    Upstone,Sara Dr

    In her innovative study of spatial locations in postcolonial texts, Sara Upstone adopts a transnational and comparative approach that challenges the tendency to engage with authors in isolation or in relation to other writers from a single...

  • e-book

    Shakespeare in Hate - Emotions, Passions,...

    Saval,Peter Kishore

    Hate, malice, rage, and enmity: what would Shakespeare'apos;s plays be without these demonic, unruly passions? This book studies how the tirades and unrestrained villainy of Shakespeare'apos;s art explode the decorum and safety of our sanitized lives...

  • e-book

    Thomas Hardy Remembered


    Thomas Hardy Remembered assembles some 150 annotated interviews and recollections of Hardy, most of which are being reprinted for the first time. They range from close personal reflections by old friends such as Sir George Douglas, J.M. Barrie, and...

  • e-book

    Greek Historiography

    Scanlon,Thomas F.

    This volume provides an accessible, comprehensive, and up-to-date survey of the ancient Greek genre of historical writing from its origins before Herodotus to the Greek historians of the Roman imperial era, seven centuries later. Focuses on the...

  • e-book

    Toward a Theory of True Crime Narratives - A...

    Ian Case Punnett

    Toward a Theory of True Crime Narratives vivifies how nonfiction murder stories are told, what role they play in society, and in the form of true crime why they remain enduringly popular internationally on every platform. This book establishes for...

  • e-book

    Thinking and Action - New Explanations of The...

    He Xin

    The more famous version of modern version of translation of The Analects of Confucius was translated by Yang Bojun in the middle 20th century. It seems that The Analects of Confucius is easiest one in the series of Confucius classics. This book tried...

  • e-book

    Placed People - Rootedness in G. K....


    Modern humans are given lots of labels. Some see humans as consumers: consumers of goods, services, and entertainment for the Economy. Some see humans as souls to be saved. Some say humans are destructive animals that must not think too highly of...

  • e-book

    Global Wallace - David Foster Wallace and...

    Lucas Thompson

    David Foster Wallace is invariably seen as an emphatically American figure. Lucas Thompson challenges this consensus, arguing that Wallace'apos;s investments in various international literary traditions are central to both his artistic practice and...

  • e-book

    Theorists of Modernist Poetry - T.S. Eliot,...


    Modernist poetry heralded a radical new aesthetic of experimentation, pioneering new verse forms and subjects, and changing the very notion of what it meant to be a poet. This volume examines T.S. Eliot, T.E. Hulme and Ezra Pound, three of the most...

  • e-book



    Style refers to ways of speaking - how speakers use the resource of language variation to make meaning in social encounters. This book develops a coherent theoretical approach to style in sociolinguistics, illustrated with copious examples. It...

  • e-book

    Liu Rushi - A Peerless Beauty


    Liu Rushi is a legendary woman with beautiful appearance and extraordinary qualities during the late Ming and early Qing. She experienced ups and downs when she was very young. What'apos;s more, she was called 'quot;the peerless beauty'quot; and...

  • e-book

    Linguistics - An Introduction Answer Key

    McGregor,William B.

    This is the print edition of the Answer Key forLinguistics: An Introduction by William B. McGregor. It features a full set of answers to the questions in the main textbook and supports lecturers in their teaching from the book. It is fully...

  • e-book

    No Starling - Poems

    Winckel,Nance Van

    The new century peeled me bone bare like a songinside a warbler - that bird, people,who knows not to go where the sky'apos;sstopped.Over the years, Nance Van Winckel'apos;s extraordinarily precise and energetic voice has built upon its strengths....

  • e-book

    CliffsNotes on Shakespeare'apos;s Hamlet

    Stockton,Carla Lynn

    Something may be rotten in the state of Denmark, but your grades will be sweet when you rely on CliffsNotes on Hamlet as you digest Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece. In this play, Hamlet explores the meaning of life, death, eternity, relationships,...

  • e-book

    Culture and Identity - Re-reading Raja Rao...

    Prof. Aninda Basu Roy; Dr. Arindam Das

    The most striking feature of the book (Culture and Identity, Re-reading Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand) is its fresh take on Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand. Beyond the conventional, canonical critical approaches that usually estimate these authors from...

  • e-book

    The Women on the Island

    Thai, Ho Anh; Thai,Ho Ahn

    Deep in the forested Vietnamese island of Cat Bac, a jungle seethes with the irrepressible force of its own history. Haunted by agonies of temptation and frustration, �the women on the island� are prisoners of the power of the place, the power of the...

  • e-book

    Circus as Multimodal Discourse - Performance,...


    Now available in paperback, this volume presents a theory of the circus as a secular ritual and introduces a method to analyze its performances as multimodal discourse.The book'apos;s fifteen chapters cover the range of circus specialties (magic,...

  • e-book

    Freud'apos;s Literary Culture


    This original study investigates the role played by literature in Sigmund Freud's creation and development of psychoanalysis. Graham Frankland analyses the whole range of Freud's own texts from a literary-critical perspective, providing a fresh and...

  • e-book

    Xiao Hong'apos;s Selected Novels (Ducool...

    Hong,Xiao; Guo Yanhong

    Xiao Hong'apos;s Novels Collection contains her many famous classic novels, such as Looking the Kites, Nocturnal Wind, Voice in the Wilderness, On the Oxcart, Marrying, Leaving, Small Town in March,etc. Xiao Hong has a style of her own in the history...

  • e-book

    Since Beckett - Contemporary Writing in the...

    Boxall, Peter; Boxall,Peter

    Samuel Beckett is widely regarded as 'apos;the last modernist'apos;, the writer in whose work the aesthetic principles which drove the modernist project dwindled and were finally exhausted. And yet despite this, it is striking that many of the most...

  • e-book

    Political Monsters and Democratic Imagination...


    Political Monsters and Democratic Imagination explores the democratic thought of Spinoza and its relation to the thought of William Blake, Victor Hugo, and James Joyce. As a group, these visionaries articulate: a concept of power founded not on...

  • e-book

    Katherine Philips (1631/2-1664)


    Katherine Philips was a major seventeenth-century poet and playwright who became widely known for her innovative use of Donnean poetics to express passionate female friendship, her occasional verses on private friends and public figures, and her...

  • e-book

    The Rise and Fall of the Femme Fatale in...

    Braun,Heather L.

    The Rise and Fall of the Femme Fatale: From Gothic Ghosts to Victorian Vamps explores the femme fatale’s career in nineteenth-century British literature. It traces her evolution—and devolution—formally, historically, and ideologically through a...

  • e-book

    The Critical Reception of James Baldwin,...


    James Baldwin is a widely taught and anthologized author. His short story'quot;Sonny'apos;s Blues'quot; remains a perennial favorite in literature anthologies, and all of his essay collections and novels are stillin print. His first essay collection,...

  • e-book

    Ethics and the English Novel from Austen to...

    Wainwright,Valerie Dr

    Complicating a pervasive view of the ethical thought of the Victorians and their close relations, which emphasizes the domineering influence of a righteous and repressive morality, Wainwright discerns a new orientation towards an expansive ethics of...

  • e-book

    Stereotype and Destiny in Arthur...

    Marie Kolkenbrock

    What was the function of the invocation of destiny in the increasingly secularized era of turn-of-the-century Vienna? By exploring this question,Stereotype and Destiny in Arthur Schnitzler'apos;s Prose offers a new psycho-sociological perspective on...

  • e-book

    Bookclub-In-A-Box Discusses State of Wonder,...

    Herbert,Marilyn; Zoon, Jo-Ann

    Set up as both a mystery and an adventure novel, State of Wonder is built around a mysterious fertility drug that would allow women to give birth well into old age. Patchett's medical investigators offer us forensic detail about the questions,...

  • e-book

    Chicano Authors - Inquiry by Interview


    The need for this book became apparent to Bruce-Novoa when he first taught a Chicano culture course in 1970. His students could find no source to satisfy their curiosity about Chicano writers' backgrounds, opinions, and attitudes. Chicano Authors:...

  • e-book

    From Etymology to Pragmatics


    This book offers a distinct approach to the analysis of the multiple meanings of English modals, conjunctions, conditionals and perception verbs. Although such ambiguities cannot easily be accounted for by feature-analyses of word meaning, Eve...

  • e-book

    Ludwig Tieck -'apos;Shakespeare´s Behandlung...


    Ludwig Tieck bezeichnete sich selbst als Experten und glühenden Verehrer William Shakespeares. Gerade als Theaterliebhaber sah er die glückliche Eignung Shakespeares Erzählungen für die Bühne. Tieck konnte in ihm den Inbegriff der künstlerischen...

  • e-book

    D.H. Lawrence - The Utopian Vision


    The dominant view of D.H. Lawrence'apos;s work has long been that of F. R. Leavis, who confined Lawrence within an exclusively ethical and artistic tradition. In D.H. Lawrence: The Utopian Vision, Eugene Goodheart widens the context in which Lawrence...

  • e-book

    Eighteenth Century English Literature


    This engaging book introduces new readers of eighteenth-century texts to some of the major works, authors, and debates of a key period of literary history. Rather than simply providing a chronological survey of the era, this book analyzes the impact...

  • e-book

    His Real Life

    Catherine Hoffmann

    His Real Life is about the young life of the West's dominant figure, Jesus of Nazareth. Its focus is on his central desire to live a full human life on earth, not only as his parents' loving child and as a son of the nation of Israel, but to...

  • e-book

    The Phenomenology of Love and Reading

    Cassandra Falke

    The current revival of interest in ethics in literary criticism coincides fortuitously with a revival of interest in love in philosophy. The literary return to ethics also coincides with a spate of neuroscientific discoveries about cognition and...

  • e-book

    Shakespeare on the Double! The Taming of the...

    Shakespeare, William; William Shakespeare

    End your struggle with the Bard’s prose and enjoy the story of gold-digging Petruchio and tongue-lashing Kate. Shakespeare on the Double! The Taming of the Shrew includes an easy-to-understand modern English translation alongside the original...

  • e-book

    Bertolt Brechts Hauspostille

    Stefan Oberläuter

    Die Entstehung derHauspostillezwischen etwa 1922 und 1927 lässt den historisch geschulten Leser schon zum ersten Mal aufhorchen. Doch kann man dieHauspostilledes Bertolt Brecht weder als reinen Zeitzeugen der Klassen- und Parteienkämpfe der Jahre...

  • e-book

    Plautus and Roman Slavery


    This book studies a crucial phase in the history of Roman slavery, beginning with the transition to chattel slavery in the third century bce and ending with antiquity’s first large-scale slave rebellion in the 130s bce. Slavery is a relationship of...

  • e-book

    The Life of D. H. Lawrence - A Critical...


    Complete with fresh perspectives, and drawing on the latest scholarship and biographical sources, The Life of D. H. Lawrence spans the full range of his intellectual interests and creative output to offer new insights into Lawrence’s life, work, and...

  • e-book

    Body Language from Head to Toe - Expressions,...

    Per-Olof Hasselgren

    Synopsis: Written by a physician, Body Language - from Head to Toe is a 'quot;dictionary'quot; of American idioms and other expressions that contain the name of a body part. The use of body part-related expressions is both interesting and fun....

  • e-book

    Sind Mitschreibeprojekte im Internet eine...

    Manuela Raser

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2002 im Fachbereich Germanistik - Sonstiges, Note: 2, Universität Hamburg (Germanistik), Veranstaltung: Hauptstudiumseminar, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Diese Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit einem Genre der jüngeren...

  • e-book

    Postmodernist Fiction


    In this trenchant and lively study Brian McHale undertakes to construct a version of postmodernist fiction which encompasses forms as wide-ranging as North American metafiction, Latin American magic realism, the French New New Novel, concrete prose...

  • e-book

    Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of...

    Said,Edward W.; Rubin,Andrew N.

    Edward W. Said locates Joseph Conrad'apos;s fear of personal disintegration in his constant re-narration of the past. Using the author'apos;s personal letters as a guide to understanding his fiction, Said draws an important parallel between...

  • e-book

    The Ethnic Avant-Garde - Minority Cultures...

    Steven S. Lee

    During the 1920s and 1930s, American minority artists and writers collaborated extensively with the Soviet avant-garde, seeking to build a revolutionary society that would end racial discrimination and advance progressive art. Making what Claude...

  • e-book

    The Works of Elizabeth Gaskell, Part II vol 9

    Easson,Angus; Joanne Shattock

    Features Elizabeth Gaskell's work. This work brings together her journalism, her shorter fiction, which was published in various collections during her lifetime, her early personal writing, including a diary written between 1835 and 1838 when she was...

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