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Literatura infanto-juvenil - importado

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321 produtos
  • e-book

    O Papa É Francisco

    José Luís Borga

    Quem é o Papa Francisco?Porque escolheu este nome?Sabes quem foi São Francisco de Assis?E quais os desejos mais profundos que o Papa tem para a Igreja e para o mundo?Depois de leres este livro, vais conhecer melhor o Papa Francisco e vais ter mais...

  • e-book

    Jelly Bean Summer


    At breakfast, I sit at the table and work on three things:1. A bowl of Rice Krispies with sliced banana on top 2. My courage 3. How exactly to tell Mom I'apos;m moving to the roof Joyce is desperate to get out of the room she shares with her older...

  • e-book

    Hamsters on the Go


    A board book featuring cute, lively hamsters that introduces babies and toddlers to modes of transportation.

  • e-book

    The Spy Game

    Warner,Gertrude Chandler

    When the Boxcar Children visit a neighbor's house, a mysterious old wedding photo and a riddle lead them on a 'spy game' devised long ago by the original owner of the house. When the children hunt for clues they discover amazing things, like a stone...

  • e-book

    Skate Monkey - Kidnap


    Monkey and his friends, Zu and Sandy, lived in the Emperor'apos;s Cloud Palace. But they played all sorts of tricks on people, so, as a punishment, the Jade Emperor sent them down to Earth. They can only return if they prove that they can use their...

  • e-book

    Al-Khwarizmi - Father of Algebra and...

    Bridget Lim

    One of the elite scholars in Baghdad's prestigious House of Wisdom, al-Khwarizmi is best remembered for his famous work Al-Jabr wa al-Muqabala, the text that defined the branch of mathematics known as algebra. He was also an accomplished astronomer...

  • e-book

    Dwight D. Eisenhower


    In 1944, Americans were fighting in World War II. As a general, Dwight D. Eisenhower planned a huge attack and helped win the war. How did Eisenhower's experience in the military shape his two terms as president? In this fascinating introduction,...

  • e-book

    Why should I bother about the planet? - For...

    Susan Meredith

    An informative guide about global warming and how to help. Answers questions such as: How can I save energy? What is a carbon footprint? Written in a clear, factual style with bright illustrations and internet links to recommended websites.

  • e-book

    Bill Gates - Founder of Microsoft


    Bill Gates is one of the biggest names in computer history, as a pioneering founder of Microsoft and a groundbreaking computer programmer. Readers will learn about Gates' early life and his work leading the personal computer revolution. Through...

  • e-book

    Podem Me Chamar de Simbá


    O avô de Paulo é muito esquecido e troca os nomes de todo mundo – inclusive o do neto, que, para ele, chama-se Simbá, o Marujo. Com um olhar sensível e solidário, o menino ajudará seu avô com a doença de Alzheimer em meio a barcos e piratas que...

  • e-book

    Lulu and the Cat in the Bag


    When a mysterious bag is left on Lulu's doorstep, the last thing her grandmother expects to be in it is a cat-a huge, neon orange cat. But Lulu knows this cat doesn't mean any harm and in fact it needs a lovely new home.

  • e-book

    Monster Claymation

    Emily Reid

    Trolls, mummies, and ogres-oh my! Crafting with clay has never been such a thrill. Readers will love creating their own clay monsters. Using simple materials and techniques, this book describes clay sculpting in a step-by-step series that is easy to...

  • e-book

    O Rapaz no Cimo da Montanha

    John Boyne

    Pierrot é filho de mãe francesa e pai alemão. Quando fica órfão, com apenas sete anos de idade, tem de abandonar Paris para ir viver com uma tia, a única familiar que lhe resta, numa casa nos Alpes Bávaros. Mas não estamos numa época qualquer:...

  • e-book



    Things are not going well for Jackson'apos;Jax'apos; Hibert. He wanted to fit in at his new school but now everyone knows he'apos;s a maths whizz. Even worse, he'apos;s been asked to join a secret (and totally uncool) group of code breakers: the...

  • e-book

    Jelly Bean Summer


    At breakfast, I sit at the table and work on three things:1. A bowl of Rice Krispies with sliced banana on top 2. My courage 3. How exactly to tell Mom I'apos;m moving to the roof Joyce is desperate to get out of the room she shares with her older...

  • e-book

    Coretta Scott King and the Center for...

    Jackie Stanmyre

    Coretta Scott King, a woman of intelligence and refinement, served as the perfect partner for Martin Luther King Jr. A strong leader in her own right, she fought for the civil rights of all Americans, advocated for the establishment of a national...

  • e-book

    Anne Burrell


    Anne Burrell is one of the Food Network?s most recognizable faces. Through full-color photos, exciting text, and fascinating direct quotations, upper-level readers will dive into her background and discover just what inspired Anne to study food and...

  • e-book

    Knights'apos; Tales - The Knight of Spurs and...

    Terry Deary

    England, 1609. Sir Robert'apos;s servants live at Hylton Castle in constantfear of his violent temper. They suffer whilst Sir Robert lives inluxury. But when Sir Robert'apos;s anger goes one step too far, the ghost ofhis victim will not leave him...

  • e-book

    Emma Tate Learns to Skate


    Emma is enjoying the snowy weather but ill advisedly ventures onto a frozen pond. Boris, the Elf who lives in the house on her magic plate, saves the day, and Emma learns to skate on a safer indoor rink.  Rosita Bird's third Emma Tate story, warning...

  • e-book

    The Pet Shop Mystery

    Warner,Gertrude Chandler

    The Boxcar Children are going to help out at the Pretty Bird Pet Shop. They are thrilled to have the chance to work with the animals there. But things aren't going smoothly. The Aldens' deliveries of pet supplies keep getting mixed up.

  • e-book

    The Bull and the Bear

    William Strathearn Mc Dougall Dock

    This book is an ideal and friendly way to educate your child.• A fun way to understand money markets;• Making sense of the Bull and the Bear;• A complex subject made easy;• Planting the seed: your children's financial wealth for the...

  • e-book

    When Stars Go Out

    Ransom Grey

    The dawning of a new order casts a shadow across a whole nation. Behind speeches and programs, a darkness stirs. But Reed, dropped into a strange compound where glamor and terror go hand in hand, stumbles upon another world-a world of secrets where...

  • e-book

    Builder Mouse

    Sofia Eldarova

    A tale of creativity, friendship, and the fine art of compromise. 

  • e-book

    Why should I recycle? - For tablet devices

    Susan Meredith

    A fun and informative guide about the difficulties of making too much waste and what needs to be done about it. Answers questions such as: Why not bury rubbish? What do the recycling symbols mean? and Where does recycling go?

  • e-book

    Ganhar A Vida É Perde-La?


    O trabalho dignifica o homem. Mas por que dizem isso se ouvimos tantas queixas sobre falta de estabilidade e reclamações de empregados cansados? O ser humano precisa mesmo trabalhar? O que significa fazer isso? O trabalho é só uma maneira de ganhar a...

  • e-book

    Victorian Tales - Terror on the Train

    Terry Deary

    From the bestselling author of Horrible Histories...A crowded train takes a wrong turn and hurtles at full speed into a section of track that should have been closed for repair. Among the passengers is the writer Charles Dickens. Can young workman...

  • e-book

    Amar Um Pouco,Muito....Loucamente - Col....


    Todos dizem “eu te amo”. Mas o que isso quer dizer? O que a gente ama quando diz que ama alguém? Existe diferença entre amor e paixão? Muito se faz em nome do amor, mas pouco se faz para entender como ele surge e por que escolhe unir esta e aquela...

  • e-book

    Into the Spiders'apos; Lair

    Mark Cheverton

    Play along as you read in a brand-new Minecraft adventure series from New York Times bestselling author Mark Cheverton.

  • e-book

    I Want a Real Bike in Oregon

    Kimmel,Eric A.; Kimmel,Eric A.

    A picture book highlighting scenic rides through some of Oregon'apos;s most beautiful sites, I Want a Real Bike in Oregon is the perfect book for the young cyclist who is ready for a new bike. From award-winning author Eric A. Kimmel with whimsical...

  • e-book

    John Diamond


    'apos;My father, that stern and upright man, was nothing but a swindler and a thief!'apos;What is the matter with old Mr Jones? Endless footsteps and low groans can be heard from his room in the dead of night. Only his son William knows the a...

  • e-book

    Trains - For tablet devices

    Emily Bone

    When were the first trains built? How do some trains go uphill? What'apos;s it like to drive a train? This fact-filled book for young children has all the answers and more. Includes links to recommended websites to find out more.

  • e-book

    Alice'apos;s Adventures In Wonderland - With...


    Many of the earliest children's books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pook Press are working to republish these classic works in affordable, high quality editions, using...

  • e-book

    The Illustrated Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    L. Frank Baum

    Join Dorothy Gale, Toto, and all of her friends as they explore the incredible land of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is American's most enduring fairy tale. From the moment Dorothy puts on the silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers by MGM to take...

  • e-book


    Cheryl Mullenbach

    When 14-year-old Florence Kelly and 11-year-old Russell Park left their hometowns for summer vacations in Europe in 1939, they considered themselves awfully lucky. Many of their friends'apos; families were struggling during the Great Depression and...

  • e-book

    Beastly Limericks

    Fred Howe

    The 19 animals (beasts) in this book relate their awkward experiences through limericks. Each limerick is accompanied by a delightful, humorous illustration.Limericks are a great way for children to experience the joy and rhythmic patterns of words....

  • e-book

    Sam, the Farmer and the Mouse King - Adapted...

    Your Story Wizard

    This is the story of how a little mouse became a great King, how a man lost his food, and then lost his temper, and the value of patience, kindness and wisdom.

  • e-book

    My Super Power Is Love

    Silent Ame

    Raynord was born abnormally in the world of powers, simply because he doesn't have any. He grows up learning he was becoming more different than others and then oh look, a guy name Checkers exists and now Raynord feels like he is screwed.

  • e-book

    The Lifeguard


    It's an unsettled summer for Sirena. Back in Texas, her family's splitting apart, but here in Rhode Island, at the cottage of her free-spirited aunt, it's a different world. There are long days at the beach and intriguing encounters with him. Pilot....

  • e-book

    Hope Girl

    Wendy Dunham

    Twelve-year-old River must decide if she should continue living with Gram or with her father who she just met but knows little about. In this tender-sweet story, River learns to stay hopeful when facing problems. Yes, her dream does come true...but...

  • e-book

    The Illustrated Wishing Horse of Oz

    Thompson,Ruth Plumly

    In the small, poor kingdom of Skampavia, King Skamperoo wishes for a horse using enchanted emerald necklaces. When Chalk, a talking Horse from Oz, falls from the sky, everything changes for Skamperoo and for Oz. Only Dorothy and Pigasus, the flying...

  • e-book

    The Disaster of the Irish Potato Famine -...

    Sean O'apos;Donoghue

    This book introduces readers to the Irish potato famine, a period when many Irish people were forced to make a decision: leave their homeland or starve. Readers will learn about the injustices the Irish faced in Ireland, as well as the challenges...

  • e-book

    The Summer Camp Mystery

    Warner,Gertrude Chandler

    The Boxcar Children are going to summer camp and are looking forward to a week of new friends, exciting activities, and, most of all, the annual camp Olympics. As soon as camp begins, everything begins to go wrong for the Aldens-they lose their...

  • e-book

    Dinosaur Goes to the Doctor

    Ken Alside

    The doctor's office can be intimidating for someone unsure of what to expect. In this book, the dinosaurs know that a trip to the doctor's office can be fun. Whether just visiting for a checkup or to get better after an illness, the doctor only wants...

  • e-book


    Aiko Ikegami

    Winner:2017 CCBC ChoicesA girl from a faraway place begins her first day at school. She doesn'apos;t speak the language and she looks different. She just doesn'apos;t fit in. But one day, she makes an unexpected friend-a squirrel! Then a rabbit joins...

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