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    Lonely Planet Cape Town& the Garden Route

    Lonely Planet; Corne, Lucy; Richmond, Simon

    Lonely Planet: The world'apos;s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Cape Town & the Garden Route is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Summit Table Mountain...

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    USA'apos;s Best Trips - 7 Amazing Road Trips

    Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet: The world'apos;s leading travel guide publisher Discover the freedom of open roads with Lonely Planet'apos;s Best Trips series. To kick-start your perfect Americana adventure, our FREE SAMPLER 'apos;USA'apos;s Best Trips: 7 Amazing...

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    A Guide to Puglia - Five Walking Tours

    P S Quick

    Puglia is a developing tourist area in Southern Italy that is beginning to attract tourists to its varied charms. No longer just a terminus for departing to other destinations it is becoming appreciated for its own attractions. Originally a humble...

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    Burford, Tim

    Montevideo City Guide - Expert advice on the Old Town and Buceo area, climate, transport, shopping, safety, restaurants and bars, entertainment and activities. Includes a history of the city, maps, accommodation, day trips and cycling/walking routes,...

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    The first major pop history of the Japanese stealth assassins, John Man's Ninja is a meticulously researched, entertaining blend of mythology, anthropology, travelogue, and history of the legendary shadow warriors.Spies, assassins, saboteurs, and...

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    Mexico - Culture Smart! - The Essential Guide...

    Maddicks, Russell

    Culture Smart! Mexico takes you to the heart of Mexican society. It describes how people socialize and meet members of the opposite sex, the dynamics of daily life, the central importance of family, and the annual cycle of Catholic feasts and...

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    The Guide to Beijing, China (the Spa, the...

    Pearl Howie

    Hi there, I'm Pearl Howie (aka Pearl Escapes) and this is my guide to Beijing (but not The Great Wall of China). I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do...

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    Dealing with Dengue - Diagnosing, Treating,...

    Godfree Ed D. Roberts

    In 114 pages'Dealing with Dengue' covers every aspect of Dengue Fever. Here are the chapter titles:1. What not to Do...2. What is Dengue?3. Diagnosing Dengue5.Folk Remedies6. Children & Dengue7. Pregnancy & Dengue8. Severe Dengue9. Painkillers & Your...

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    Green Men& White Swans - The Folklore of...


    Why do British pubs have such curious names? What tales lie behind the Moonrakers, the Hooden Horse, the Derby Tup? And why does the Green Man come in different shapes and sizes?In Green Men & White Swans, leading folklorist Jacqueline Simpson...

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    Mad Men'apos;s Manhattan - The Insider'apos;s...


    This book introduces readers—whether they are native New Yorkers or Mad Men fans who have never set foot in the city—to the places, both famous and not so famous, that play a role in the historical and dramatic tapestry of Mad Men, from the famous...

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    How to Be a Carioca - The Alternative Guide...

    Goslin, Priscilla

    An international bestseller since 1992, this is a humorous look at what makes up one of the world's most colorful characters: the Carioca--those charming inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, written by a U.S. native who has made Rio her home for more than...

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    Lonely Planet Seoul

    Lonely Planet; Richmond,Simon; Holden,Trent

    Lonely Planet: The world'apos;s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Seoul is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Walk along the long-buried Cheong-gye-cheon...

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    Bangkok and Chiang Mai On a Rope


    With pictures and prose, 'Bangkok and Chiang Mai on a Rope' guides you through the two largest, and most visited cities in Thailand. Well-traveled author Larry Stein outlines the planning process that he follows, and documents the details of the...

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    Sailing Alone Around the World


    As the first person to ever complete a single-handed circumnavigation of the globe, Joshua Slocum recounts his pioneering feat in Sailing Alone Around the World (1899), an engaging memoir of his adventures aboard the sloop Spray. An immediate success...

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    Insight Guides - Explore Paris

    Insight Guides

    A city for romantics, art enthusiasts and lovers of street life, Paris is eternally compelling, a beautiful urban landscape ideal for strolling through. Explore Paris is a brand new guide and the perfect pocket companion when discovering this iconic...

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    Passport India, 3rd - Your Pocket Guide to...


    Passport India contains detailed information about Indian business practices, negotiating styles, customs and business etiquette.

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    Insight Pocket Guide Abu Dhabi


    From its stunning Corniche to the grandiose and elaborate Emirates Palace Hotel, to off-roading in wadis and along desert plains, Abu Dhabi has much to tempt the visitor. Insight Pocket Guide Abu Dhabi is a concise, full-colour travel guide that...

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    Viva Travel Guides Peru: Lima, Cusco, Machu...

    Newton, Paula; Crit,Minster Phd,

    Exploring Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Inca Trail, Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Lima and beyond

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    Australia For Kids - People, Places and...

    Baby Professor

    This educational book is our mini-guide to the 'Land Down Under.' It has facts on its people, the place, and the culture too. This way, you will have a virtual tour of the country without even leaving home. It's a relaxing book that will inspire the...

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    Lonely Planet Travel With Children Sampler

    Lonely Planet

    How Far Will You Go? Priorities change, new routines are adopted - but here at Lonely Planet we don'apos;t believe imaginative holidays have to end when kids arrive. So welcome to our first supplement specifically aimed at those who want to...

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    Lonely Planet 3 of The USA'apos;s Best Road...

    Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet: The world'apos;s leading travel guide publisher Whether exploring your own backyard or somewhere new, discover the freedom of open road with Lonely Planet'apos;s full-colour Road Trips series. With over 164,000 miles of highway to...

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    Lonely Planet Sardinia

    Lonely Planet; Christiani, Kerry; Duncan Garwood

    Lonely Planet: The world'apos;s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Sardinia is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Kayak through the sea grottoes of Golfo di...

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    Portugal - Culture Smart! - The Essential...


    Culture Smart! Portugal will help you to navigate this multifaceted society. It gives insights into different aspects of life, from sleepy seaside towns to modern, trendy cities, so that you can experience firsthand how this society, which protects...

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    The Voyage of the Beagle

    (3166639) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. I have stated in the preface to the first Edition of this work, and in the «Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle,» that it was in consequence of a wish...

  • e-book

    Hitch-hiking around the USA


    3 round-the-world voyages20 travel books published97 countries visited1,000,000 km traveled'Global hitch-hiker' Valery Shanin: 365 days a year in somebody's else carsHitch-hiking around the USA - his first trip abroad and his first book translated.

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    Blue Trout and Black Truffles - The...


    There were, and still are, great restaurants all over Europe, but the greater part of Blue Trout and Black Truffles is devoted to the eatingplaces and vineyards of France. It is a vicarious experience to read about the culinary wonders of the notable...

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    Tourism Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil

    Pieter J Dreyer

    Tourism guide in and around Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brasil. How restaurant operate, places to see and visit, place to stay, photos of Belo Horizonte

  • e-book

    The North-South Divide - Aberystwyth to...

    Vince Major

    A 350 mile route with over 20,000 feet of elevation gain that will take you through Ceredigion, Powys, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and finally Suffolk.

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    Black and White Sands - A Bohemian Life in...


    Elma Napier's love affair with Dominica, then a British colony, began in 1932 when she turned her back on London's high society to build a home in a remote coastal village on that most mysterious and seductive of all Caribbean islands. Black and...

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    Yesterday'apos;s People - Life in...

    Jack E. Weller

    The distinctive way of life of the Southern Appalachian people has often been criticized, romanticized or derided, but rarely has it been understood. Yesterday'apos;s People, the fruit of many years'apos; labor in the mountains, reveals the fears,...

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    Round Ireland With A Fridge


    'apos;I hereby bet Tony Hawks the sum of One Hundred Pounds that he cannot hitchhike round the circumference of Ireland, with a fridge, within one calendar month'apos;A foolhardy attempt to win a drunken bet led to Tony Hawks having one of the most...

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    Naples, Capri, Ischia and Pompeii

    Enrico Massetti

    This guide leads you in a visit to Naples and the islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida and Vivara. It also covers the ruins of Pompeii and the Royal Palace of Caserta. It includes color photos and descriptions of the attractions of all the localities...

  • e-book

    Few and Chosen Mets - Defining Mets Greatness...

    Staub,Rusty; Pepe,Phil

    Rusty Staub, a former Met with an up-close and personal view of many of the team'apos;s strongest players, recalls every year of the Met'apos;s history and selects the all-time greatest players in this account. Featured players and managers include...

  • e-book

    My Journey with a Remarkable Tree

    Ken Finn

    A journey through Cambodia with the simple and romantic ambition to find the folkloric spirit trees, the powerful connecting force between man and nature, Ken Finn's travels turned out to be anything but simple. Back-wearing motos, immobilizing...

  • e-book

    Pisa in One Day

    Enrico Massetti

    This is a guide to Pisa, for one day visit to the Piazza dei Miracoli and its famous Leaning Tower.There are extensive descriptions and color photos of the attractions.It is ideal for use on your smart phone, it contains active links to the web sites...

  • e-book

    Only in Spain - A Foot-Stomping, Firecracker...

    Nellie Bennett

    Why don'apos;t'apos; away with the gypsies?Ten-hour shifts in a high-end department store and catering to snooty customers...Nellie Bennett'apos;s life wasn'apos;t supposed to turn out this way. But maybe all she needs to do is infuse a...

  • e-book

    Life and Food in the Basque Country

    Maria Jose Sevilla

    Ask any Spaniard where you will find the best food in the country and the answer is invariably the Basque provinces. In this book, Maria Jose Sevilla describes the region through the eyes of men and women whose lives embrace every aspect of its...

  • e-book

    No Ideas - Leaner, Picturesquer, Betterer

    Leif Bodnarchuk

    Leif is a roadie who fancies himself as a bit of an intellectual. He works for Leonard Cohen and thinks he can write a book about it. It sounds ideal but he has a problem. Reality isn't all it's cracked up to be.Boredom.Frustration.Alcohol.Years of...

  • e-book



    Part fiction, part travelogue, the narrator of this compelling masterpiece pursues his solitary, eccentric course from England to Italy and beyond, succumbing to the vertiginous unreliability of memory itself. What could possibly connect Stendhal's...

  • e-book

    Night Sky - A Falcon Field Guide [tm]


    Night Sky: A Falcon Field Guide covers both summer and winter constellations, planets, and stars found in the northern hemisphere. Conveniently sized to fit in a pocket and featuring detailed photographs, this informative guide makes it easy to...

  • e-book

    Searching for Shangri La


    Searching for Shangri La is a compilation of 12 quirky stories by Ron Emmons, who has written travel guides for National Geographic, Frommer's and Rough Guides. Kicking off the collection, 'No Place Like Home' recounts the uneasy feelings of a...

  • e-book

    The Good, the Bad,& the Ugly


    In entertaining—and unsparing—fashion, this book sparkles with Reds highlights, lowlights, wonderful and wacky memories, legends and goats, the famous and the infamous. You'apos;ll relive the Big Red Machine'apos;s World Series crown in 1975 but also...

  • e-book

    Hidden Cuba

    Watson, Jack

    Renowned American photographer Jack Watson traveled to Cuba on a legal humanitarian visa. He chronicled his journey with breathtaking, and often heartbreaking, images of the Cuban people, cites, and countryside. Watson describes his visit:'I had...

  • e-book

    Turtles in Our Wake


    'apos;Life is not a rehearsal.'apos; Sandra Clayton got tired of hearing it said, so she and her husband sold their house, set out on their yacht and didn'apos;t look back until they reached the Mediterranean. This sequel to Dolphins Under My Bed...

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