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  • Box - Paulo Vieira - 4 Volumes




    Poder e Alta Performance“Mudanças profundas e substanciais acontecem rapidamente. ” Ter uma vida melhor e ser bem-sucedido na vida pessoal e, ao mesmo tempo, na profissional é perfeitamente possível. No entanto, como fazer isso é a questão que aflige...

  • Box - A História da Primeira Guerra Mundial...




    No verão de 1914, a Europa explodiu em um frenesi de violência em massa. A guerra que se seguiu teve repercussões globais, destruindo quatro impérios e custando milhões de vidas. Mesmo os países vitoriosos foram marcados por uma geração, e ainda hoje...

  • Box - Carina Rissi - 4 Volumes




    Carina Rissi é autora da série best-seller Perdida. Nesse box, o leitor encontrará os livros Procura-se um marido, No mundo da Luna, Mentira perfeita e Quando a noite cai. Viaje nessas histórias incríveis, repletas de paixão, humor e...

  • Instituições De Direito Civil - Volume IV -...

    Caio Mário da Silva Pereira

    Só nos engrandece trazer ao grande público mais uma edição da obra do nosso querido Professor Caio Mário da Silva Pereira.Com a ajuda de dedicados atualizadores, as Instituições receberam importante contribuição dos “manuscritos” desenvolvidos pelo...

  • e-book

    Poetry - Volume Four

    Dakota-Luise Wolf

    A poem that everyone can relate to for every mood and occasion.A collection of poetry of comfort, confidence, courage, fear, friendship, love, loss, memories and vulnerability.A poem that will tug at your heart for every emotion that we all feel at...

  • e-book

    Hermead Volume 4

    Surazeus Astarius

    Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 4 contains in 19,574 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Void Of Demokritos,...

  • e-book

    Secret Volume IV

    Jun Cai

    The mists dispersed, and the answer was unveiled: in the end came the final trial. On the huge stage in Nanming city, 'quot;God'quot; directed a reality show which met human psychological needs to look into their own desire and dilemma, in which all...

  • e-book

    Pantheon - Volume 4

    Gary Devore

    Pantheon- a novel of the ancient Greek gods (e-pub version). The gods came to earth when humans stopped believing in them as divine. Powerless but immortal, they have lived among us, witnessing and shaping history. Now the god that supplanted them...

  • e-book

    Secret Volume 1-4

    Jun Cai

    From Chiang Mai en route to the orchid the mausoleum in north Thailand, one tour group from China fell into a wrong path and got lost in a modern city surrounding by the mountains. The facilities were all there, but the city was deserted. The time in...

  • Física Básica - Volume Único - 4ª Ed. 2013

    Ferraro,Nicolau Gilberto; Soares,Paulo Toledo



    Publicação extremamente conceituada por professores do ensino privado e público. Esta reformulação do 'Física Básica' mereceu atenção especial de seus consagrados autores. Nesta nova edição, o conteúdo é dividido em capítulos e unidades de...

  • Kit Minha Vida Fora De Série 4 Volumes +...




    Quem gosta da série “Minha Vida Fora de Série” não pode perder este kit da Paula Pimenta. Este kit consta os quatro volumes de Minha Vida Fora de Série, mais 1 sacola, mais 4 marcadores de página.Minha Vida Fora de Série - 1ª TemporadaMudar de cidade...

  • Henry, Vol. 1 Of 4 - In Four Volumes (Classic...


    Excerpt from Henry, Vol. 1 of 4: In Four Volumes Book the second. C n A r. Page I. Rea/one for writing a} fall a: we can 9 5 II. Tbe Hi/toty goes to tbe Ale-bou/e - Bella. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • Barnaby Volume Four


    Volume Four collects 1948-1949; the misadventures of five-year-old Barnaby Baxter and his Fairy Godfather J.J. O'Malley continue. Bumbling but endearing, Mr. O'Malley rarely gets his magic to work -- even when he consults his Fairy Godfather's Handy...

  • Kit Guerra e Paz - 4 Volumes


    Publicado entre 1865 e 1869, 'Guerra e Paz' é mundialmente aclamado como um dos maiores romances jamais escritos. Trata de um imenso e detalhado painel da sociedade russa durante o tumultuado período das guerras napoleônicas, de 1805 (ano da vitória...

  • Battlepug Volume 4: The Devil's Biscuit


    After one of his motley crew of adventurers goes missing, the last Kinmundian must split off from his friends and journey, alone, into the heart of the den of the Pirate King to find him. The rest of the group must fend for themselves while Catwulf's...

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  • X Volume 4: Better Off Dead


    The fourth volume of the spectacular relaunch of 'X'. A no-holds-barred action thriller, this is a return to the issues from the classic era, given a huge boost by a new story and dozens of gory set-pieces.

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  • Air Volume 4 - A History Of The Future

    Wilson,G. Willow

    Blythe, a young, acrophobic stewardess, discovers a strange, new reality beyond the ordinary world of air travel.

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  • Ghost Volume 4 A Death In The Family


    With all memories of her life as Elisa Cameron recovered, Ghost has a new drive and purpose: she's going after Chicago's deeply entrenched criminal network. But taking on the most powerful criminals in the city brings to light a terrifying new...

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  • e-book

    Kazan Volume 4


    In search of Elsie and his lost companions, Kazan helps out a sick child and wanders deeper into the desert, remembering his past. Meanwhile, Fawna's been captured by the assasin in black and she'll need all her wiles to escape! Exactly what does...

  • e-book

    Sarai Volume 4


    In the future, rampant genetic disorders wreak havoc on humankind. Teenagers turn into grotesque monsters when they hit 18, and growing old is no longer a luxury. There's only one kind of warrior who has the power to stop it! Trapped in the frozen...

  • e-book

    Redmoon Volume 4


    Philar has been taken to be treated by the best doctors available. Amazingly enough, Philar possesses miraculous healing powers and his body is saved; but his mind is plagued by terrible nightmares as he slips in and out of consciousness. Kitara...

  • e-book

    OZ - Volume 4 - New World Order

    Stuart Kerr; Ralph Griffith

    'quot;New World Order'quot; The war in Oz against the Nome King has ended but that doesn'apos;t mean peace will immediately follow.  Can the Freedom Fighters lead the way against a new evil that is consuming the magical land of Oz?  Continuing the...

  • e-book

    Shadow Lane Volume 4


    Ever since the 1950'apos;s, spanking has been practiced for the pleasure of adults in Random Point. The present era finds Hugo Sands at the center of its scene. Formerly a stern and imperious dom, his persistent love for Laura has all but civilized...

  • e-book

    Sword Saint Volume 4 - Formal Sense...


    It's the sunniest, hottest summer in memory, but dark clouds will never not gather above Miatori Academy, as another series of extraordinary events shakes Mikoto Kiyoharu's studies.The world-famous visual artist Meiko Kakumiya is apparently a student...

  • e-book

    Les Misérables, Volume IV of V, Saint-Denis

    Victor Hugo

    This is the fourth volume of Victor Hugo's 1862 French historical novel, 'Les Misérables'. Considered to be one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century, it chronicles the lives of several characters, focusing on ex-convict Jean Valjean's...

  • e-book

    Nexus Confessions: Volume Four


    Nexus Confesions - true erotic stories from real-life fetish enthusiasts... Nexus Confessions explores the length and breadth of erotic obsession, real experience and sexual fantasy. This is an encyclopaedic collection of the bizarre, the extreme,...

  • e-book

    Script Crypt Volume 4: Very Bad Places

    Weedin,Chris; Caprile,Chris

    What do a perfectly ordinary and normal insane asylum, a secret, subterranean cavern infested by evil spirits and the gateway to Hell have in common? They're all in this book! And they're all lined up, ready and waiting to scare the living bejabbers...

  • e-book

    The Islanders: Volume 4

    Applegate, Katherine; Grant,Michael

    For the Islanders, falling in love is easy . . . staying in love is a lot more difficult. The drama continues in the fourth omnibus edition of New York Times bestselling authors Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant's action-packed series.The first...

  • e-book

    Sherlock Holmes - Volume 4

    Arthur,Conan Doyle,

    A stunning gift edition boasting the early tales of Sherlock Holmes, including two short story collections.This fourth and final volume concludes the exciting adventures of the world's most famous pipe-smoking detective, Sherlock Holmes, collecting...

  • Miscellaneous Works Of Lord Macaulay In Five...

    MacAulay, Thomas Babington

    Excerpt from Miscellaneous Works of Lord Macaulay in Five Volumes, Vol. 4 of 5 Few things in literary history are more extraordinary than the storm which this little dissertation raised. Bentley had treated Boyle with forbearance; but he had treated...

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  • e-book

    Plume Volume 2 #4

    K. Lynn Smith

    The Plume Volume 2 finale! Despite Dominic'apos;s warning, Vesper and the gang come face to face with the 'apos;thing'apos;. As the showdown happens, Vesper is hit with a reality she never thought could be possible.

  • e-book

    Deadworld - Volume 2 - #4

    Randall Thayer

    Moloch is now in control of the military city but it has come come under siege from the zombies. Bowker turns Deake over to King Zombie, not understanding why King Zombie needs him so badly. King Zombie says his zombies have to feed but Bowker says...

  • e-book

    Sword Saint Volume 1 - Four Walls Comedy


    Set to turn over a new leaf in her life, young Mikoto Kiyoharu enrolls in the famous Miatori all girls boarding school, far away from home. Life in the supposed elite school quickly turns out less fabulous than expected. Already on the night of her...

  • e-book

    Soulsongs, Volume 4 - Exploring the Law of...

    Karen Money Williams

    In this fourth volume of 125 Soulsongs, author Karen Money Williams takes us deeper into the Law of Attraction and its implications. Various tips are offered to release resistance (the habit of focusing on what we don't want and don't like) and to...

  • e-book

    Leviticus - Volume 4


    What are we as contemporary readers to make of such a strange book as Leviticus? How can we possibly relate to the kosher laws of clean and unclean foods? Who would want to dine on camel, order eagle or stork, and munch on grasshoppers and crickets?...

  • A Biographical Dictionary Of Eminent Scotsmen...


    Excerpt from A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen, Vol. 4 of 4: With a Supplemental Volume, Continuing the Biographies to the Present Time During the earlier period of their residence at St Andrews, Andrew Melville and his nephew had many...

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  • Português Linguagens - Volume Único - Ensino...

    Cereja,William Roberto; Magalhães,Thereza Cochar



    Nesta edição, são mantidas e aprofundadas as diretrizes estabelecidas na edição anterior. No trabalho de literatura, por exemplo, são propostos novos estudos de textos literários, com ênfase no desenvolvimento de competências e habilidades de...

  • e-book

    The Larcenist (Volume 2, Issue #4)

    Audrey Rey; Mina Hunt

    The Larcenist is an international literary magazine, published bimonthly in paperback and ebook form.

  • e-book

    Neotopia Volume 4 - The New World #2


    Holding Nalyn captive, General Kaizler finally reaches his warship. But Philios, Sgt. Tinbolt, Ki-Ek and the rest of the crew aren'apos;t about to let him take her without a fight! During the struggle, Nalyn discovers the key to victory against the...

  • e-book

    Neotopia Volume 4 - The New World #5


    Nalyn and the remainder of her fleet head to Felltower to confront the Krossian Emperors themselves. They'apos;ll not rest until they'apos;ve freed the Krossians'apos; slaves and captives at Felltower, including the enslaved Hulkrawlers and Prince...

  • e-book

    Neotopia Volume 4 - The New World #3


    Now allied with the Lesazonians and the spirit folk, Nalyn gathers back the remnants of the Mathenian army. Thankfully, the humble nation of Nest has kept a varied group of float ships hidden for them, and the motley fleet flies back to Mathenia to...

  • e-book

    Neotopia Volume 4 - The New World #4


    The armies of Mathenia and its allies clash with the main Krossian battle armada! Even with Chirop pilots giving the Mathenian ships better maneuverability, the aerial battle is intense. Can Nalyn lead them to victory before the worst weapons of the...

  • e-book

    Neotopia Volume 4 - The New World #1


    Defeated completely, Kaizler orders a retreat, but grabs an injured Nalyn as he makes his escape! In hot pursuit are Philios, Sgt. Tinbolt, Ki-Ek and the rest of the crew. Lesazon is free, but will Nalyn be brought back to the Krossian Emperors...

  • Sketches Of The History Of Man, Vol. 2 Of 3 -...

    Kames,Henry Home

    Excerpt from Sketches of the History of Man, Vol. 2 of 3: In Four Volumes N the courfe of explaining tbis fubjeel, no op portunity is omitted offuggefiing an important doelrine, Tbat patrioti/'m is zbe corner-flow of civil fociety tbat no nation ever...

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