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  • Um Guia do Conhecimento Em Gerenciamento de...

    Project Management Institute

    Uma ferramenta essencial para todo gerente de projetos. Por mais de 25 anos, Um Guia do Conhecimento em Gerenciamento de Projetos (PMBOK® Guide) tem sido a principal ferramenta para gerenciamento de projetos e uma referência essencial na biblioteca...

  • Notebook 2 Em 1 Dell Inspiron I13-5378-A30c...


    Duas máquinas poderosas. Um design elegante, ultrafino e compacto. O Inspiron Série 5000 2 em 1 combina performance avançada de um notebook Premium e a versatilidade de um Tablet de 13,3”.Flexibilidade em 4 formas: Uma dobradiça de 360° permite que...

  • Notebook 2 Em 1 Dell  I13-7359-A40 Prata,...


    Duas máquinas poderosas. Um design eleganteO Inspiron Série 7000 2 em 1 combina performance avançada de um notebook premium e a versatilidade de um tablet de 13,3” com caneta integrada.Alta Performance Você tem toda a potência de que precisa com um...

  • História Das Relações Internacionais do...

    Doratioto,Francisco; Vidigal, Carlos Eduardo

    As metas que a diplomacia brasileira deseja realizar nos próximos anos foram conformadas ao longo de sua trajetória histórica, da formação do Estado nacional e da nacionalidade brasileira até a sua atuação diante da globalização Nesse percurso,...

  • Barbie - Em Um Mundo de Videogame

    Cultural, Ciranda

    Barbie já viveu momentos incríveis como médica, patinadora, chef de cozinha... Agora, ela vai embarcar no mundo dos games para salvar o universo dos jogos. Entre você também nessa aventura e divirta-se colorindo as cenas dessa história!

  • Malagueta em um Elefante... - Col. Só Imagem


    O elefante e a foca estavam jogando bola. Malagueta entrou no jogo, com seu sorriso cativante. Mas, por que a foca e o elefante ficaram tão bravos?

  • Cinco Semanas Em Um Balão - Col. Júlio Verne

    Klein, Cristina

    Esta coleção traz grandes clássicos da literatura mundial, adaptados em linguagem simples e adequada ao público infantojuvenil. É uma excelente ferramenta escolar e até de preparação para concursos, como o vestibular. Traz ainda um suplemento...

  • Marley's Big Adventure - I Can Read Book 2...

    Grogan, John

    When Marley's family gets angry at him, Marley runs away from home. Who knew one little dog could get into such big trouble? Will Marley's family find him?

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  • Fancy Nancy - Pajama Day - I Can Read Series...

    O'Connor, Jane

    Nancy is all set to wear something special for Pajama Day at school. But when Bree and Clara show up in matching outfits, Nancy feels left out. Will this Pajama Day be as much fun as she thought?

    sob encomenda
  • Fancy Nancy - Poison Ivy Expert - I Can Read...

    O'Connor, Jane

    Nancy thinks she knows all about poison ivy. After all, she knows the verse 'leaves of three, let it be.' But when she starts to itch and itch, Nancy realizes that there's more to learn!

    sob encomenda
  • What Will I Be?

    Davies, Nicola

    What Will I Be? is one of four simple novelty titles in the Animal Surprises series that explores aspects of animal life for very young children. What Will I Be? looks at animal growth, from egg to baby to fully grown, in an enjoyable and friendly...

    sob encomenda
  • More Spaghetti, I Say!

    Gelman,Rita Golden; Gerberg,Mort

    Minnie the monkey is too busy eating spaghetti--all day, in all ways--to playwith her friend Freddie.

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  • Piratengeschichten - Leserabe - 1. Lesestufe

    Klein, Martin

    Wenn sich Seeräuber zum Wettkampf treffen, wird geentert, geböllert und geflucht, bis sich die Planken biegen....

  • From Where I Stand

    Hudson,Cheryl Willis

    A charming tale that reinforces the concepts of perception and place recognition, this book features rhyming text and energetic illustrations that show the unique perspective of a small boy as he accompanies an adult on her errands along a busy city...

    sob encomenda
  • Nixengeschichten - Leserabe - 1....

    Reider, Katja

    Was machen eigentlich kleine Nixen den ganzen Tag? Na klar! Leuchtfische fangen, Perlen suchen und Wasserballett. Vier lustige und bezaubernde Nixengeschichten.

  • The Nº 1 Car Spotter


    The start of an exciting new series about the irresistible No. 1, whose hobby is car spotting but who is good at solving all sorts of problems for his village. When the family's cart breaks down and there's no way of bringing goods to market, it's...

    sob encomenda
  • Baumhausgeschichten - Leserabe - 1....

    Klein, Martin

    Ein Baumhaus zum Geburtstag? Na klar, und alle Gäste bauen mit! Drei spannende Geschichten zu einem Lieblingswunsch aller Kinder: ein eigenes Baumhaus!

  • Super Max 1 Cahier D'activités

    Denisot, Hugues

    Super Max 1 Cahier D'activités

  • Rio 2 - One Big Blue Family

    Hapka, Catherine

    When a wild blue spix macaw is spotted in the Amazon jungle, Blu and Jewel head off to search for more of their kind. But who they meet may just be the biggest suprise of all!

    sob encomenda
  • Ten Things I Love About You


    Rabbit just adores his friend Pig. So he is excited to make a list of all the things he loves about Pig. And who better to help him write the list than Pig himself? But Pig is busy, and keeps sending Rabbit away. But no matter what Pig does, Rabbit...

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  • Little Bear - I Can Read! - Level 1

    Minarik , Elsa Holmelund

    Meet Little Bear, a friend to millions of children. And meet Mother Bear, who is there whenever Little Bear needs her. When it is cold and snowy outside, she finds just the right outfit for Little Bear to play in. When he goes to the moon, she has a...

    sob encomenda
  • First Flight - I Can Read Books - Level 4

    Shea, George

    When Tom Tate hears that Wilbur and Orville Wright are building a flying machine, he can't wait to try it. Tom's dad thinks it's dangerous. Some people think the Wrights are crazy. Can Tom help the brothers get their dream off the ground?

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  • Captain Cat - I Can Read Books - Level 1

    Hoff, Syd

    A patriotic feline, Captain Cat springs out of bed whenever the bugle sounds and he has more stripes than any of the soldiers. But most of all, this young recruit and his best friend Pete know what it really takes to make the army a home—friendship....

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  • Detective Dinosaur - I Can Read Books - Level...

    Skofield, James

    First, Detective Dinosaur solves the mystery of the missing hat. Then he cracks the case of the squeaky shoe. Then he goes on night patrol, and spots a scary shadow in a dark alley. Can it be a monster? Help Detective Dinosaur follow the clues and...

    sob encomenda
  • Finding Providence - I Can Read Books - Level...


    The year is 1635, and Mary Williams and her family live in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Her father, Roger, is on trial for preaching new ideas about freedom. When found guilty, he flees into the cold, telling Mary that she must trust in God's...

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  • Three Pigs, One Wolf, And Seven Magic Shapes


    Tells the story of three pigs who acquire some magic shapes, which they use for various purposes, some smart and some not so smart. Includes a section with related activities.

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  • Snowshoe Thompson - I Can Read Books - Level...

    Levinson, Nancy Smiler

    Coming to California in search of gold, Scandiavian immigrant John Thompson earns a name in American folklore by making a treacherous journey over the mountains to deliver the mail, an adventure that introduces skiing to the new world.

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  • Small Wolf - I Can Read Books - Level 3


    When Small Wolf encounters settlers on the Island of Hills, now known as Manhattan, he learns that their ideas about owning land are much different from his. As timely as when it was first published in 1972, this poignant story about the impact of...

    sob encomenda
  • Five Against One


    Traces the rise of the rock band Pearl Jam to the top of the burgeoning Seattle music scene and on to superstardom, focusing on the band's confrontational singer, Eddie Vedder

    sob encomenda
  • Forgive Me, I Meant To Do It - False Apology...


    Forgive Me, I Meant To Do It - False Apology Poems

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  • e-book

    Cinco Semanas em um Balão

    Júlio Verne

    Edição traduzida e condensada por Maria Alice de A. Sampaio Doria.Dr. Fergusson se propõe a realizar a façanha de, dentro de um balão de hidrogênio, cruzar o continente africano por um trajeto que nunca havia sido feito por ninguém. Considerada um...

  • e-book

    Cinco Semanas em um Balão

    Júlio Verne

    Esta coleção apresenta grandes clássicos da literatura mundial, adaptados em linguagem simples e adequada ao público infantojuvenil. É uma excelente ferramenta escolar e até de preparação para concursos, como o vestibular. Traz ainda um suplemento...

  • Usado - Notebook 2 Em 1 Sony Svf15n17cbs 4ª...


    Surge o novo padrãoA Nova linha de Notebooks FIT A - 3 em 1 Multiflip PC possuem as melhores tecnologias da Sony em imagem, áudio e conectividade e proporcionam uma experiência incrível nos modos: Tablet, Notebook e Tela Compartilhada. A...

  • Bela Em Uma Aventura de Inverno


    Bela é uma princesa corajosa, forte, inteligente e tem uma paixão especial por livros. Esta linda jovem não teme por nenhum perigo e, nesta aventura, ao lado de Chip, está disposta a salvar o dia com bravura e determinação.

  • Wonder Woman I Am An Amazon Warrior - I Can...


    Wonder Woman, DC Comics’ greatest heroine, comes to the big screen on June 2, 2017, for the first major motion picture in her 75-year history! The all-star cast includes Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and more. Before she became...

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  • Filhotes Em Um Dia Especial - Nova Ortografia

    Cultural, Ciranda

    Descubra o que estes animais fizeram em um dia muito especial. Encante-se com os filhotes e divirta-se com as graciosas rimas.

  • Sight Words - Grade 1

    Flash Kids Editors

    Flash Skills are a line of full-color mini-workbooks designed to focus on specific skills. Each book uses a unique theme and adorable art to help young learners master math and reading through practice and reinforcement. Fun full-color stickers...

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  • Cinco de Outubro uma Reconstituicao

    Rodrigues, Ernesto

    Livro escrito como um romance e que se lê como um romance, nele se relatam os acontecimentos que rodearam a Implantação da República e a convulsão social, política e quotidiana vivida há cem anos. Ilustrado e com secções antológicas de documentos da...

    sob encomenda
  • Megamind Activity Book 1


    Megamind Activity Book 1

    sob encomenda
  • Estamos Em Um Livro - Col. O Elefante E A...

    Willems,Mo; Mo Williams

    O Elefante e a Porquinha são melhores amigos. Um dia, percebem que não estão sozinhos — tem alguém olhando para eles! Quem será? Um monstro? Não... é você, leitor!Em Estamos em um livro!, o elefante Geraldo e a Porquinha descobrem a alegria de serem...

  • What Pet Should I Get?


    This never-ever-before-seen picture book by Dr. Seuss about making up one’s mind is the literary equivalent of buried treasure! What happens when a brother and sister visit a pet store to pick a pet? Naturally, they can’t choose just one! The tale...

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  • One

    Otoshi, Kathryn

    Blue is a quiet color. Red s a hothead who likes to pick on Blue. Yellow, Orange, Green, and Purple don t like what they see, but what can they do? When no one speaks up, things get out of hand until One comes along and shows all the colors how to...

  • Goodnight, I Love You

    Jayne Church,Caroline

    Caroline Jayne Church and her lovable, huggable toddlers are back! A bestselling author and illustrator, Church’sbooks have been enormously successful but none have done better than her padded board books: I Love You Through and Through and How Do I...

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  • How do I Love You ?

    Bauer, Marion Dane

    'How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love you as the sun loves the bright blue days . . .' In this board book with padded covers, a parent declares her the bees love a flower, a duck loves a shower, a bird loves to sing, a bear...

    sob encomenda
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