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  • Notebook Samsung Style S50 Prata Tela 13.3"...


    O Samsung Style possui um design surpreendentemente leve, com materiais premium que representam a sofisticação de quem sabe que um Samsung é o melhor cartão de visitas.

  • Esquire The Biggest Black Book Ever - A Man's...


    This book is about instruction. It's about how one comports himself now that he is successful. It's about guidance in all the areas of life that can be mysteries to the modern man. No more second-guessing thanks to the only guide with the power to...

  • Teen Style 1 - Student's Book Pack - Special...

    Souza,Luiz Otavio de Barros

    Teen Style é a nova coleção da Longman para o ensino de inglês da 5a. a 8a. série do Ensino Fundamental, desenvolvida de acordo com os PCNS para a realidade brasileir. Voce gosta de fazer amigos, viajar, Internet, música, televisão e revistas? Então...

  • Harper's Bazaar Great Style - Best Ways To...

    Levin, Jenny; Bailey,Glenda

    With 2.9 million sophisticated readers, Harper’s Bazaar has an audience with an eye for style. That’s why this elegant and lively guide-filled with fabulous fashion and celebrity photography demonstrating the best looks-will quickly capture their...

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  • Details Men's Style Manual


    Details Men's Style Manual

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    New and Improved Bartender'apos;s Manual - Or...


    A guide for professional and the amateur alike in how to dress and act behind a bar. Chapters include, rules and regulations to follow, utensils, wines and liquors and a list of mixed drinks. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back...

  • e-book

    Everyman's Style Guide: How to Be the Man...

    Ideas, Infinite

    All the rules are changing. Nowadays you need to be able to act the part, not just look it, or the chances of her hanging around are, frankly, nil. She expects you to be a man's man, to know your way around, know how to react smoothly to situations...

  • A Pocket Style Manual


    A Pocket Style Manual

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  • Bespoke - The Men's Style Of Savile Row


    A fully illustrated history of bespoke tailoring—the custom-made men’s clothing that made a small London street a globally known brand to generations of sartorial connoisseurs. Savile Row is renowned for fine custom tailoring—'bespoke' in its own...

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  • Bespoke - The Men's Style Of Savile Row


    A fully illustrated history of bespoke tailoring the custom-made men’s clothing that made a small London street a globally known brand to generations of sartorial connoisseurs. Savile Row is renowned for fine custom tailoring—'bespoke' in its own...

  • e-book

    Sources and Style in Moore'apos;s Irish...

    Una Hunt

    Once regarded as Ireland'apos;s national bard, Thomas Moore'apos;s lasting reputation rests on the ten immensely popular collections of drawing-room songs known as the Irish Melodies, published between 1808 and 1834. Moore drew on anthologies of...

  • e-book

    Sources and Style in Moore'apos;s Irish...

    Una Hunt

    Once regarded as Ireland'apos;s national bard, Thomas Moore'apos;s lasting reputation rests on the ten immensely popular collections of drawing-room songs known as the Irish Melodies, published between 1808 and 1834. Moore drew on anthologies of...

  • Where's Karl? - A Fashion-Forward Parody

    Caldwell ,Stacey

    Always on the go, Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere and nowhere all at once. Now, fictional fashion blogger Florence de la Sabine (you can call her Fleur) must find him surely an interview with him will set her website apart from the rest. But where will...

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  • e-book

    Personality Style at Work - The Secret to...

    Ward, Kate

    MAKE EVERY WORKPLACE INTERACTION POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVENamed a 'quot;Best Career Book 2012'quot; by FINS Finance'quot;Personality Style at Work provides you with the insight and tools to understand your style and to adapt it to others'apos;...

  • The Cheap Chica's Guide To Style - Secrets To...

    Vazquez, Lilliana

    Priceless tips and tricks to shopping on a budget, from America's favorite frugal fashionista Stylish bargain-hunters have been flocking to Lilliana Vazquez's since 2008 for tips and tricks on how to shop smart, copy their favorite...

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  • Belmondo Style


    The tenuous lives of classic film lover and pickpocket Jared and his bookish, gay teenage son, Ben, begin to unravel when Jared falls in love and commits a crime that results in the family's flight from their Greenwich Village home.

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  • e-book

    Style Matters - Galileo'apos;s Collaboration...


    The style of Florentine painting around 1600, with its elements of mannerism and anti-mannerism, is still hard to explain, and Cigoli was one of the most prominent representatives of this rather distinct school. Without going into any of the...

  • Harlem Style

    Arango,Jorge S.; Shade,Roderick N.; Madero,Peter; Jones,Star

    Explains and illustrates the new urban style which incorporates both natural and industrial materials, monochromatic color choices, eclectic furniture, exposed construction, contrasting textures, and diverse cultural patterns.

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  • The Fashion Designer's - Directory of Shape...

    Travers-spencer,Simon; Zaman,Zarida

    Offers illustrations of hundreds of elements for clothing design that may be mixed and matched to create new styles, gives an overview of the design process, and includes a textile directory.

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  • e-book

    The Pursuit of Style - Advice and Musings...

    Council of Fashion Designers of America

    Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Style is an all-new, origi­nal collection of clever, charming, and often hilarious musings from American fashion’s biggest designers. The book culls the best pieces of advice and insight from a survey conducted by the...

  • Della's House of Style

    Alers,Rochelle; Ray,Francis; Mason,Felicia; Hill,Donna; Alers,Rochelle

    Four stories centered around a lively salon for women explores the lives and loves of this fascinating cast of African-American characters, in a collection of stories by Rochelle Alers, Donna Hill, Felicia Mason, and Francis Ray. Original.

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  • e-book

    Ligeti'apos;s Stylistic Crisis -...

    Searby, Michael D.

    The Hungarian composer Gysrgy Ligeti (1923-2006) was one of the most innovative and influential composers of the last 50 years. Ligeti reached his creative maturity in the 1970s and 1980s. This book focuses on how Ligeti's compositional style...

  • Just Married - How To Celebrate Your Wedding...

    Ehmann,S.; Leahy, F.

    Fiona Leahy, who designed the wedding of Dita von teese and others, reveals how to make 'the most beautiful day of one's life' a stylish success. Step along the way to a successful wedding and reception, Just Married offers concrete advice,...

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  • e-book

    Process Modeling Style

    Long, John

    Process Modeling Style focuses on other aspects of process modeling beyond notation that are very important to practitioners. Many people who model processes focus on the specific notation used to create their drawings. While that is important, there...

  • e-book

    Noelle's Ark

    Levy, Audrey

    'I've known the author, Audrey Levy, since college, and this is truly her story.' --Jay Leno; Jimmy Splendor was an atheist. When he woke up in Heaven, he didn't believe he was dead, and he certainly didn't believe he was in Heaven. Greeted by his...

  • e-book

    Creating a Successful Leadership Style:...

    Cooper, Bruce S.; Bonnici, Charles A.

    Creating a Successful Leadership Style gives practical applications supported by real experiences. It presents the actual situations a principal or assistant principal faces on a day-to-day basis and provides strategies to address them. These...

  • e-book

    The Business Style Handbook, Second Edition -...

    Cunningham,Helen; Greene,Brenda

    Revised and updated for the newest digital platforms-the classic guide to business writing style and protocolsWhile retaining all the valuable information that has made The Business Style Handbook a modern classic, the second edition provides new...

  • e-book

    The Bassist'apos;s Bible - How to Play Every...

    Berry, Mick; Bufe, Chaz; Tim Boomer

    The incredible diversity of the bass guitar is revealed in this newly revised, all-inclusive style guide. Each chapter covers particular styles or families of styles, gradually introducing players to techniques that will allow them to get the most...

  • e-book

    The Drummer'apos;s Bible - How to Play Every...

    Berry,Mick; Jason Gianni

    Updated to include 50 additional grooves, this encyclopedic book and two-CD set contains more than 450 musical examples in standard notation, showing grooves and practical variations. Overviews of the history and development of almost all popular...

  • Steal Her Style - Fashion Icons And How To...


    This innovative fashion and beauty guide reveals the secrets of the twentieth century's most fabulously chic women. Author and fashion writer Sarah Kennedy offers advice on how today's woman can choose one of those styles and adapt it to her own...

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  • Nell Hill's Entertaining In Style

    Garrity, Mary Carol; Chestnut,Micki; Lowe,Jean; Mccay,Bryan E. (pht)

    Nell Hill's Entertaining In Style

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  • How To Tie A Tie - A Gentleman's Guide To...

    Potter Style

    'A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,' quipped Oscar Wilde, a fashion genius who could knot an ascot as well as he could turn a phrase. For the rest of us, there's How to Tie a Tie. Whether you have always wanted to master a classic...

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  • e-book

    Shakespeare'apos;s Late Style


    When Shakespeare gave up tragedy around 1607 and turned to the new form we call romance or tragicomedy, he created a distinctive poetic idiom that often bewildered audiences and readers. The plays of this period, Pericles, Cymbeline, The Winter's...

  • e-book

    On the Way to the New-Style Education

    Zhu Yongxin

    'quot;New Education is a path, where people can explore and walk ahead....It is also an adventure.'quot; -Zhu YongxinA pioneering leader of New Education in China, Professor Zhu Yongxin has watched the seeds of his educational dream take root and...

  • e-book

    Style on a Shoestring


    Bag the bargains and glam it up--go from frumpy to fabulous style without wounding your wallet! Everyone knows a woman who turns heads with her captivating style. Her clothes fit her body perfectly, her use of color is compelling, her shoes are to...

  • e-book

    The Turban - A Milliner'apos;s Guide to...

    Ethel Langridge

    This book contains a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to designing and making a turban. Easy to digest and aimed at the beginner, this guide is perfect for the amateur milliner and constitutes a must-read for anyone intent on handcrafting turbans....

  • The Portrait Photographer's Lighting Style...

    Travers,Peter; Cheadle,James

    The Portrait Photographer's Lighting Style Guide

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  • e-book

    Personality and Life-Style of Young Male...

    Rychlak, Joseph F.

    Personality and Life-Style of Young Male Managers: A Logical Learning Theory Analysis presets the teleological theory of behavior wherein individuals are presumed to be agents of their behavior rather than the mere mediators or conduits of influences...

  • e-book

    Before the Chinrest - A Violinist'apos;s...

    Ritchie, Stanley

    Drawing on the principles of Francesco Geminiani and four decades of experience as a baroque and classical violinist, Stanley Ritchie offers a valuable resource for anyone wishing to learn about 17th-18th-and early 19th-century violin technique and...

  • e-book

    What'apos;s Your Presentation Persona?...

    Scott Schwertly; Sunday Mancini

    A practical guide based on a proprietary skill assessment tool-a Myers-Briggs for presenters-that provides tips and strategies that address the core element for becoming a successful presenter: YOUWhat kind of presenter are you? Are you charming?...

  • e-book

    Joe Celko'apos;s SQL Programming Style


    This book assumes the reader is somewhat knowledgeable about SQL programming and allows them to create their own set of programming standards comforming to their particular work requirements. It is easier to buy the book than to write a company-only...

  • e-book

    Joe Celko'apos;s SQL Programming Style

    Celko, Joe

    Are you an SQL programmer that, like many, came to SQL after learning and writing procedural or object-oriented code? Or have switched jobs to where a different brand of SQL is being used, or maybe even been told to learn SQL yourself?If even one...

  • Blue's Favorite Things

    Boczkowski,Tricia; Style Guide; Presby,Aviva

    Blue describes all of her favorite activities, including singing songs, reading books, and playing games.

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  • e-book

    The Great Chicago-Style Pizza Cookbook

    Jr. Pasquale Bruno

    'quot;A fun cookbook for any audience.'quot; --BooklistClassic recipes for deep-dish, stuffed, thin-crust, and vegetarian variations.

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