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  • Destinations Of A Lifetime - 225 Of The...

    National Geographic

    National Geographic takes you on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations, inspiring tangible ideas for your next trip. Hundreds of the most breathtaking locales—both natural and man-made—are illustrated with vivid images...

  • Intersection - Cars Now - A Guide To The Most...


    Este livro destaca os últimos carros que prometem para contornar a nossa dependência dos combustíveis fósseis, situado em um contexto em que eles não são a maioria. Chame-lhe o canto do cisne de prazeres como borracha queimada no caminho certo para...

  • Goosebumps Most Wanted #5 Dr. Maniac Will See...

    Stine,R L

    The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they're coming after you! Catch them all, undead or alive! The Most Wanted list continues with Dr. Maniac, the strangest doctor of them all. When a group of comic book...

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  • audio livro

    A Most Wanted Man


    New spies with new loyalties, old spies with old ones; terror as the new mantra; decent people wanting to do good, but caught in the moral maze; all the sound, rational reasons for doing the inhuman thing; the recognition that we cannot safely love,...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • A Series Of Papers On Subjects The Most...


    Excerpt from A Series of Papers on Subjects the Most Interesting to the Nation in General and Oxford in Particular: Containing Well-Wishers to the University of Oxford and the Answers; Collected Together and Submitted to the Judgment of the Publick...

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  • A Cabinet Of Byzantine Curiosities - Strange...


    Weird, decadent, degenerate, racially mixed, superstitious, theocratic, effeminate, and even hyper-literate, Byzantium has long been regarded by many as one big curiosity. According to Voltaire, it represented 'a worthless collection of miracles, a...

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  • A New Family Instructor - In Familiar...


    Excerpt from A New Family Instructor: In Familiar Discourses Between a Father and His Children, on the Most Essential Points of the Christian Religion; In Two Parts The Example front the Father in finicfting: This, indeed; is of the la/t Ini battante...

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  • e-book

    A Most Novel Revenge - Amory Ames

    Ashley Weaver

    'apos;Well, darling, who do you suppose will turn up dead this time?'apos;February 1933. Receiving a mysterious summons from her cousin Laurel, Amory Ames and her playboy husband, Milo, set off post-haste for the Lyonsgate Estate in the English...

  • e-book

    Instant Pot a Most Modern Pressure Cooker,...

    Daryl Osborn

    Since electric pressure cookers are a relatively recent invention, recipes for this miracle appliance can be rather scarce. This book provides recipes in two categories according to advantages and according to function keys. Advantages are that, it...

  • e-book

    A Most Dangerous Woman - (Sarah Tanner 1)

    Jackson,L M

    It was said that she had the good manners of a respectable upper servant but was far too young to have been pensioned; that she spoke as if she had received and education, but knew the costers'apos; slang as if she were born-and-bred to it; and that...

  • e-book

    A Most Extraordinary Case (1868)

    Henry James

    This early work by Henry James was originally published in 1868 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. Henry James was born in New York City in 1843. One of thirteen children, James had an unorthodox early education,...

  • e-book

    A Most Sinful Proposal


    A most wicked education...Marissa Rotherhild has always behaved exactly as a proper lady should, and it has done absolutely nothing for her. So now she has made a most sinful proposal.She wants to live only for pleasure, and she wants Lord Valentine...

  • e-book

    A Most Unusual Wedding

    Griffis, Nancy M.

    The Mage and the Leathersmith: Book OneAdventure brought unlikely lovers Lord Leonard 'quot;Leo'quot; Harris and Master Leathersmith Gerald Smithson together. Now it threatens to tear them apart. Three weeks before their wedding, a plague strikes...

  • e-book

    A Most Unusual Life - Dora van Gelder Kunz:...

    Kirsten van Gelder; Frank Chelsey

    Born on a sugar plantation in Java at the turn of the 20th century, psychic, alternative healer, and writer Dora van Gelder Kunz was to become one of the most unique and unforgettable women of her age.This biography traces her life from her signs of...

  • e-book

    A Most Urgent Task

    Derek Baines

    Taking us across culture and landscapes and evoking other states, Derek Baines’s new collection touches raw nerves and brings humour to some of our most challenging experiences. A lone traveller enjoys hospitality at an ancient Japanese inn, an...

  • e-book

    A Most Naked Solution

    Randol, Anna

    Sometimes the best solution is found in bed . . .Lady Sophia Harding: beautiful, blond, and . . .capable of murder? That's what Lord Camden Grey intends to find out. It is Camden's duty to uphold the laws of the land. His neighbor's pale beauty...

  • e-book

    A Most Inconvenient Marriage


    To fulfill a soldier'apos;s dying wish, nurse Abigail Stuart marries him and promises to look after his sister. But when the real Jeremiah Calhoun appears alive, can she provide the healing his entire family needs?

  • e-book

    A Most Unusual Courtship

    Griffis, Nancy M.

    2nd EditionPrequel to A Most Unusual WeddingGerald Smithson, master leathersmith, has ample reason to distrust mages. He doesn'apos;t take their commissions and steers clear of them wherever possible. When Lord Leo Harris tries to hire him, Gerald...

  • e-book

    A Most Unsuitable Match

    Whitson,Stephanie Grace

    Miss Fannie Rousseau and Reverend Samuel Beck are opposites in every way--except in how they both keep wondering if their paths will ever cross again.

  • e-book

    A Most Scandalous Engagement

    Callen, Gayle

    “Gayle Callen is wonderful!”—Cathy Maxwell A wager made by three gentleman to find a scandalous woman has unexpected romantic consequences in A Most Scandalous Engagement—the second in a delicious new series from USA Today bestselling author Gayle...

  • e-book

    A Most Unlikely Duke


    He never thought he'd become a duke, or that the secrets of his past would cost him his greatest love... Raphe Matthews hasn’t stepped foot in polite circles since a tragedy left his once-noble family impoverished and in debt. The bare-knuckle boxer...

  • e-book

    A Most Welcomed Companion

    Mia DuBois

    Newly in the witness program, Julianna has been rendered a cabin just outside the city. On her way back from a drive to clear her head, she is confronted by a wolf--who is a little more human than he seems. Will she be able to escape his advances? Or...

  • e-book

    A Most Peculiar Circumstance

    Jen Turano

    Private Investigator Theodore Wilder is on a mission to find Arabella Beckett. But this feisty suffragette may be more trouble than he bargained for!

  • e-book

    Life List - A Woman'apos;s Quest for the...

    Gentile, Olivia

    A one-time frustrated housewife gambled her life in pursuit of birds--this legend'apos;s amazing story illustrates the lengths to which an obsessed amatuer ornithologist went to build the biggest life list in history.

  • A Conference With A Theist, Vol. 2 -...


    Excerpt from A Conference With a Theist, Vol. 2: Containing an Answer to All the Most Usual Objections of the Infidels Against the Christian Religion; In Five Parts Of zbe fia'tbentlcalneji of the Screotare; credbntifis. Ptfild'logus'. About the...

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  • A Most Damnable Invention

    Bown,Stephen R.

    A history of gunpowder and dynamite traces the discovery of nitrate and the international impact of its use, chronicling the global struggle to find raw materials while citing the contributions of such figures as Alfred Nobel and Fritz Haber. By the...

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  • A Dozen Roads To Success - Being Graphic...


    Excerpt from A Dozen Roads to Success: Being Graphic Sketches of Twelve of the Most Prominent Business Men of America and Showing How They Became Millionaires, Designed to Inspire the Youth of This Country With a Laudable Ambition to Achieve a Like...

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  • A Most Pleasant, Fruitful, And Witty Work, Of...


    Excerpt from A Most Pleasant, Fruitful, and Witty Work, of the Best State of a Public Weal, and of the New Isle Called Utopia: Written in Latin I have adopted both the ancient and the mo dern orthography, in the extracts from the authors of the...

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  • A Manual Of Chemistry, On The Basis Of...


    Excerpt from A Manual of Chemistry, on the Basis of Turner's Elements of Chemistry: Containing, in a Condensed Form, All the Most Important Facts and Principles of the Science; Designed as a Text-Book for Colleges and Other Seminaries of Learning It...

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  • The Beauties Of Sterne - Including All His...


    Excerpt from The Beauties of Sterne: Including All His Pathetic Tales, and Most Distinguished Observations on Life; Selected for the Heart of Sensibility Before I conclude, I cannot help obferving with an excellent writer, that, there are minds upon...

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  • The Spirit Of The Public Journals For 1812,...


    Excerpt from The Spirit of the Public Journals for 1812, Vol. 16: Being an Impartial Selection of the Most Ingenious Essays and Jeux D'esprjts That Appear in the Newspapers and Other Publication; With Explanatory Notes and Anecdotes or Many of the...

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  • e-book

    A Heart Most Certain

    Melissa Jagears

    To impress the politician courting her and help her family, Lydia King is determined to obtain a donation to the Teaville Moral Society from the wealthiest man in town, Nicholas Lowe. But when complications arise, Lydia must decide where her...

  • e-book

    A Madness Most Discrete


    It had been a year since her lover died, when FBI agent Lili Foxworthy decided to take in a play at the old theatre that he used to perform his stunning music. She meets both a charismatic actor and a ghostly mystery when it is revealed to her what's...

  • e-book

    A Passion Most Pure - A Novel


    Full of passion, romance, rivalry, and betrayal,A Passion Most Pure will captivate readers from the first page.

  • e-book

    A Heart Most Worthy


    On the eve of WWI, three Italian immigrants dream of love, but each harbors a secret that could destroy their hopes of happily-ever-after.

  • Caledonia, Vol. 3 - Or, A Historical And...


    Excerpt from Caledonia, Vol. 3: Or, a Historical and Topographical Account of North Britain, From the Most Ancient to the Present Times, With a Dictionary of Places, Chorographical and Philological N prosecution of my plan for removing the...

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  • The Great Galveston Disaster - Containing A...

    Lester, Paul

    Excerpt from The Great Galveston Disaster: Containing a Full and Thrilling Account of the Most Appalling Calamity of Modern Times Heroic efforts to save human life. The world shocked by the appalling news. Such is the thrilling story of the Galveston...

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  • Goosebumps Most Wanted #7: A Nightmare On...

    Stine,R L

    The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they're coming after you! Catch them all, undead or alive! Ray Gordon really likes the circus. His uncle, Theo, is a performer in Koko's Klown Academy and he invites Ray to come...

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  • Most Dangerous - Daniel Ellsberg And The...


    From the award-winning author of The Port Chicago 50 and Newbery Honor Book Bomb comes the story of how an ordinary man exposed two decades of government deception of the American public during the Vietnam War. Steve Sheinkin delivers a tense,...

  • Letters From France, Vol. 4 - Containing A...

    Williams,Helen Maria

    Excerpt from Letters From France, Vol. 4: Containing a Great Variety of Interesting and Original Information Concerning the Most Important Events That Have Lately Occurred in That Country, and Particularly Respecting the Campaign of 1792 It appears...

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  • The Parliamentary Or Constitutional History...


    Excerpt from The Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England, Vol. 4: Being a Faithful Account of All the Most Remarkable Transactions in Parliament, From the Earliest Times, to the Restoration of King Charles II, Collected From the Journals...

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  • The Lady Most Willing... A Novel In Three...

    Quinn, Julia

    After the success of The Lady Most Likely, New York Times bestselling authors Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway have joined together once again, but this time to ask the question, who is The Lady Most Willing?When Laird Taran Ferguson’s...

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  • Nathalia Buttface And The Most Epically...


    Laugh-out-loud funny for girls in this hilarious new series from TV and radio comedy writing talent Nigel Smith.The Most Embarrassing Dad in the world is back and embarrassing Nat even more than ever! This time they're on holiday in France but...

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  • Nathalia Buttface And The Most Embarrassing...


    At last something laugh-out-loud funny for girls in this hilarious new series from TV and radio comedy writing talent Nigel Smith.The Most Embarrassing Dad in the World was embarrassing Nathalia even before she was born. He went and married Mum,...

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