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  • A Vida do Bebê - 43ª Ed. 2014

    De Lamare,Rinaldo

    Esta obra traz ensinamentos e conselhos escritos especialmente para as mães criarem e educarem os seus filhos. A Vida do Bebê acompanha as crianças desde seu primeiro dia de vida até elas completarem dois anos.

  • e-book

    A Vida do Bebê - Nova edição revista e...

    De Lamare,Rinaldo

    NOVA EDIÇÃO REVISTA E ATUALIZADA pelo professor Dr. Edimilson Migowski, Diretor do Instituto de Pediatria da UFRJA vida do bebê, o primeiro livro do professor e pediatra Dr. Rinaldo de Lamare, é leitura obrigatória das mães desde 1941 e chega à 43ª...

  • Nana, Nenê - Como Cuidar de Seu Bebê Para Que...

    Ezzo, Gary; Bucknam,Robert

    A chegada de um bebê muda para sempre a vida dos pais. Isso inclui a qualidade do sono, a vida social, entre tantas outras coisas. Há casais que passam até três anos sem poder sair sozinhos após o nascimento do primeiro filho e mães que, durante anos...

  • Baby Bear's Book Of Tiny Tales

    Mcphail, David

    Great for fans of the Little Bear series, this collection of four sweet stories of friendship and discovery makes a perfect new baby gift.This collection of simple, short, and irresistibly sweet stories about Baby Bear finding things--and figuring...

  • e-book

    A Baby to Die For


    What happens when a couple desperately wants a baby but things don't go exactly as planned? They can always adopt, right? That overwhelming and elemental desire-to have a child- leads Tuck and Ellen Handler down a path that at first appears to be...

  • e-book

    A Baby for Hannah

    Eicher,Jerry S.

    In Jerry Eicher'apos;s final, never-before-published book in the Hannah'apos;s Heart series, Jake and Hannah Byler are adjusting to life in their Amish community in rural Montana. While Jake works long days as a furniture maker and newly appointed...

  • e-book

    A Baby at the Beach Cafe

    Lucy Diamond

    A Baby at the Beach Cafe is an engaging short story follow-up to Lucy Diamond'apos;s bestselling novel The Beach Cafe.Evie loves running her beach cafe in Cornwall but with a baby on the way, she'apos;s been told to put her feet up. Let someone else...

  • e-book

    A Baby'apos;s Cry - A Mystery Novel Set in...

    Gillian Anne Gair

    Seeking a quieter and safer environment for their baby, Anna and Joe, move into a cottage in a small village in Suffolk. One day, Joe loses patience with Anna and accuses her of being overprotective towards the baby - words that come back to haunt...

  • e-book

    A Baby Boomer'apos;s Guide to Their Second...

    Amacher, Ryan Custer

    While this book was written for male Baby Boomers and their significant others, it also includes Boomer history and what lies ahead as we experience the decade of our own sixties. This story reviews our Boomer luck, recounts the great history of...

  • Disney Baby My First Words

    Disney Book Group

    Favorite Disney characters are on hand to guide little ones in making the critical connection between words and real-world objects. Organized by category and packed with adorable color illustrations, Disney Baby 'My First Words 'taps into young...

  • e-book

    A Baby Wants to be Carried - All you need to...

    Evelin Kirkilionis

    Carrying your baby - in a sling, wrap or other carrier - often known as 'apos;babywearing'apos;, is more than just a convenient means of transport. In A Baby Wants to be Carried author Evelin Kirkilionis explains in detail why babies expect to be...

  • Billie The Baby Goat Fairy (the Farm Animal...

    Meadows, Daisy

    Farm animal antics!Rachel and Kirsty are visiting beautiful Greenfields Farm. They've been given the very special job of taking care of all the baby animals that live there. But the farm is not as peaceful as it seems . . . The ducklings are barking,...

  • A Baby For Grace

    Whybrow,Ian; Birmingham,Christian (ilt)

    Poor Grace is too young to go to the hospital with Mom and Dad and too small to help with the wallpapering, and when the new baby arrives, everyone tells Grace to be careful, but the more attention the new arrival receives, the more Grace yearns for...

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  • A Baby To Love

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    A Baby To Love

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  • Feminist Baby


    Feminist Baby likes pink and blue.Sometimes she'll throw up on you!Feminist Baby chooses what to wearand if you don't like it she doesn't care! Meet the irrepressible Feminist Baby in this refreshing, clever board book about a girl who's not afraid...

  • Beach Baby - Indestructibles


    Beach Baby is the perfect beach book for baby, telling the sweet story of baby’s day at the beach—and it’s sand-proof, waterproof, and sunscreen-proof, too.With two million copies in print, Indestructibles are the books built for the way babies read....

  • Happy Baby


    Have fun and help your child explore and understand different feelings, encouraging emotional intelligence in the crucial first years of life - Dr Miriam Stoppard. Explore emotions with a sparkly mirror - is teddy happy, excited or sad? Spend special...

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  • Bossier Baby


    Change is in the air the Boss Baby’s staff has stopped taking his direction! It seems that there is a new CEO in town; from the moment she comes home, Boss Baby’s little sister is extremely loud and is demanding all sorts of corporate perks he never...

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  • Noisy Baby Peekaboo!

    DK Publishing

    Hear a baby chuckle, splash in the bath, and more in this adorable Peekaboo book, Noisy Baby Peekaboo!Noisy Baby Peekaboo! will draw your toddler in as they listen to a baby's first experiences from being in the bath to making music and getting ready...

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  • Peekaboo! Baby Says|

    DK Publishing

    Read Peekaboo! Baby Says with your baby for a bundle of bright surprisesYour baby will love the bright photographs and fun surprises in Peekaboo! Baby Says. Find a hungry baby with a shiny spoon under a bib, a bath time baby with pearly bubbles under...

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  • Zoom! - Baby Sparklers


    What's your favorite way to get around? Explore sparkly vehicles--including strollers, diggers, planes, trains, and more in this fun, engaging board book that is filled with bright, bold illustrations and simple text that little ones will really...

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  • Peekaboo! Baby Loves

    DK Publishing

    Play peekaboo with your baby and hear them giggle in delight as hidden surprises are revealedDiscover a new spin on an old classic with Peekaboo! Baby Loves, a fun book that is guaranteed to make your baby smile. Babies love playing peek-a-boo from...

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  • Chunky Baby First Words!

    DK Publishing

    Help your baby learn their first words with this chunky board bookYour baby will love getting to grips with their first words in Chunky Baby First Words! Help them find collections of first-word objects - a pair of shoes, a hat hiding under a coat, a...

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  • Disney Baby Look At Me!

    Disney Book Group

    Babies love looking at themselves, and this book has been designed to appeal to that curiosity. In 'Look At Me!,' Baby is invited to follow along and make facial expressions that mirror beloved Disney characters and their feelings. From happy to sad,...

  • Disney Baby My First Christmas

    Disney Book Group

    Filled with holiday fun for little ones, this engaging board book with touch-and-feel elements introduces Baby to the wonders of Christmas.

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  • My Baby's First Year


    This attractive and comprehensive gender-neutral baby journal encourages parents to chronicle all the most important milestones of babys first year. Once completed, the deluxe cloth-bound journal will become a treasured keepsake detailing all your...

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  • A Baby Changes Everything


    As he and his wife Savannah grow further apart due to the demands of running their new ranch, Cruz Perez suddenly realizes that his marriage is in jeopardy and vows to prove to his wife, who is pregnant with their second child, that family is the...

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  • Little Critter: Just A Baby Bird

    Mayer, Mercer

    Join Mercer Mayer's classic and beloved character, Little Critter(R), in this My First I Can Read storybook! Little Critter discovers a lost baby bird in his backyard, and he and his family all pitch in to take care of it until it can fly on its own....

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  • A Bíblia do Bebê - Seu Guia Completo para os...

    Gomes, Mariano Tamura; Filho,Luiz Vicente F. Da Silva

    Para criar um bebê com saúde, os pais precisam adquirir informações e novas habilidades - é de vital importância saber como alimentar, limpar, confortar e manter os pequenos protegidos de perigos e doenças. Por isso, é essencial que tenham acesso...

  • Baby Signs: A Pop-up Book


    BABY SIGNS is based on American Sign Language and will help encourage the use of non-verbal gestures to communicate. Research has proven that babies who are taught to use signs to express their basic ideas before they can say words are happier...

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  • A Book Of Babies


    From the creator of A Book of Sleep and Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit comes a beautiful book of baby animals. Travel with the curious duck and visit babies around the world on their very first day of life.

  • Bebê a Bordo - Guia Para Curtir a Gravidez a...

    Oliveira,Flavio Garcia de

    Simpático e dono de uma conversa envolvente, o ginecologista e obstetra Flávio Garcia de Oliveira, pai de sete filhos, transformou o linguajar técnico das consultas numa agradável, alegre e esclarecedora obra, acompanhando as 40 semanas da gravidez,...

  • Lulu And The Witch Baby


    It's just not fair! No matter what a mess she makes, nobody ever gets mad at Witch Baby. Nobody except Lulu Witch, who cooks a magic brew that makes her baby sister disappear. But then she begins to worry that Mama Witch will get mad--very mad. Can...

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  • Mummy And Baby Jungle


    A handy little board book for toddlers who love jungles! Open up this bright board book to see the mummy and baby jungle animals having lots of fun together. With cute and colourful illustrations, this is a great book to introduce toddlers to simple...

  • Peppa Pig Baby Record Book


    Parents can record every precious moment in the first year of their baby's life in this fun Peppa Pig baby book. With space for personal details, family information, milestones and other key events, as well as photos, hand and footprints and even an...

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  • Peppa Pig - Baby Alexander


    Peppa's cousin, Baby Alexander has come to visit. He can't talk at all and only says 'Goo-goo'. But Peppa soon teaches Baby Alexander his very first word!Another delightful Peppa Pig tale that is perfect for reading and sharing together. This...

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  • What Does Baby Want?

    Tupera Tupera

    When baby is hungry, neither his teddy bear, his ball, nor even his shiny tambourine will soothe him. This tribute to the nursing baby - and even more so, to the breastfeeding mother - will read as conventional to babies and toddlers but as...

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  • Mummy And Baby Farm


    A handy little board book for toddlers who love farms! Open up this bright board book to see the mummy and baby farm animals having lots of fun together. With cute and colourful illustrations, this is a great book to introduce toddlers to simple...

  • Really Feely Baby Animals

    DK Publishing

    Really Feely Baby Animals is a touch-and-feel baby animals book for preschoolers packed with fluffy patches, bumpy patterns, and tactile glitter, which little ones will find really fun and really feely! Meet the cuddly kitten, the furry donkey foal,...

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  • What Does Baby See ?

    Begin Smart

    Stimulate early visual acuity—focusing, tracking, and scanning, plus object recognition—with these high-contrast graphic pictures. Basic large-scale animal images are set against solid backgrounds in different bold color combinations. They’ll capture...

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  • My First Baby Animals

    DK Publishing

    The ideal first book to introduce baby animals to toddlers. My First Baby Animals is packed with colourful images to help build the foundation of early learning.Help your toddler learn all about cute baby animals in My First Baby Animals. With...

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  • My First Baby Signs

    Conigliaro, Phil

    At six months or so baby knows what she wants, but just can’t say it yet. Until now. Simple sign language is a proven bridge between baby talk and first English, and here’s the clearest way to learn it. With pull tabs that demonstrate exactly how to...

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  • Sophie's Baby Record Book

    DK Publishing

    Record precious memories of baby's first year in Sophie la girafe: Sophie's Baby Record Book.This gorgeous, ribbon-tied Sophie the Giraffe keepsake book is perfect for new parents. Record baby's birth and family facts, write about favourite things...

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  • My First Baby Animals - Let's Find Our...


    Take a perfect first look at the animal kingdom with this My First Baby Animals tabbed board book.Packed with colourful pictures and activities, your toddler will love discovering all their favourite animals with this tactile board book. Read it...

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