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  • Uma Página de Cada Vez

    J. Kurtz,Adam



    Leitores de 'Destrua este Diário' irão adorar este livro. “Pense em alguma coisa que deixa você inseguro e escreva o que é em letras enormes. Use o espaço todo! Olhe bem para o que você escreveu. Agora vire a página.” No seu primeiro livro, o artista...

  • Originais – Como Os Inconformistas Mudam o...


    Primeiro lugar na lista do The New York Times.“Um dos meus pensadores favoritos, Grant traz uma análise inovadora e perspicaz sobre o mundo.” – Malcolm Gladwell“Pesquisas recentes, insights que contrariam o senso comum, escrita cativante, ações...

  • Plano B

    Grant,Adam; Sandberg,Sheryle

    Plano B combina as percepções pessoais de Sheryl Sandberg, chefe de operações do Facebook, com a pesquisa esclarecedora de Adam Grant, autor best-seller do New York Times, para ajudar o leitor a encontrar forças diante da dificuldade. Partindo de uma...

  • Dar e Receber




    Em “Dar e Receber”, Adam Grant, pesquisador e professor da Wharton School, reúne suas conclusões sobre os motivos pelos quais algumas pessoas chegam ao topo da escala de sucesso, enquanto outras permanecem na mediocridade. Ele explica que, nas...

  • e-book

    Adam Bede - (1859)


    Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the...

  • e-book


    Ariel Schrag

    The sweet and subversive debut novel by award-winning memoirist and screenwriter Ariel Schrag. Sometimes a queer girl summer in New York is just what a straight boy needs.

  • e-book

    Adam Bede

    George Eliot

    An engrossing social commentary on 19th Century. It is a story of Adam Bede, a carpenter, falls in love with skittish and arrogant Hetty Sorrel. She seduced by the reckless squire, Arthur Donnithorne. Their imprudence and pride lead them to murder...

  • e-book

    Adam Bede

    George Eliot

    With a single drop of ink for a mirror, the Egyptian sorcerer undertakes to reveal to any chance comer far-reaching visions of the past. This is what I undertake to do for you, reader. With this drop of ink at the end of my pen, I will show you the...

  • e-book

    Adam Exx - Book 1: Genesis

    McEwing,Fraser Beath

    Synopsis: Adam Exx is in a packed commuter train going to work. As the carriage enters the underground city loop, everything stops. The lights go out, the train rolls to a halt. In the total darkness there'apos;s no sound, no hint of life. The girl...

  • e-book

    Adam and Two Eves (Classic Lesbian Pulp...


    Often whispered about--but rarely spoken of aloud--the startling theme of this story revolves around Carroll, a pretty young widow. She is taken into the household of a friendly couple, only to find that her caresses are sought not only by the...

  • e-book

    Adam& eden


    Obsessive sexual submissive, Eden Rose, is sometimes a shy waif, sometimes a sultry vamp, sometimes an unruly brat. Running in panic from her master, Jacob, to attorney Adam Cady, she seeks a safe haven from the ruthless man that owns her life....

  • e-book

    Adam and Evil


    Available for the first time in ebook format, this special edition includes a new introduction from author Gillian Roberts and an exclusive interview with Amanda Pepper herself!When a high school senior shows signs of mental illness, Amanda attempts...

  • e-book

    Adam and Abagail Go to St Tom'apos;s


    A traditional British boarding school story set in a small monastic school in the Scottish Hebrides, Adam and Abagail arrive for their first term. Whilst boarding school life is fun, it is not always easy, and alliances form and collapse as the...

  • e-book

    Adam Bede

    George Eliot

    With a single drop of ink for a mirror, the Egyptian sorcerer undertakes to reveal to any chance comer far-reaching visions of the past. This is what I undertake to do for you, reader. With this drop of ink at the end of my pen, I will show you the...

  • e-book

    Adam Bede

    George Eliot

    Mary Ann Evans wrote under the pen name George Eliot. She did this so that her works would be taken seriously in a Victorian England still under the assumption that females were of lesser intelligence. Her novels were set in a provincial England...

  • e-book

    Adam's Rib

    Antonio Manzini

    From the bestselling author of Black Run comes Antonio Manzini’s mesmerizing second mystery novel featuring detective Rocco Schiavone.Six months after being exiled from his beloved Rome, Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone has settled into a routine...

  • e-book

    Adam Bede

    George Eliot

    It may seem like an old tale: the beautiful village girl, her faithful admirer, a country squire's seduction. But seen through the eyes of any of its players, the old tale becomes one of fresh heartbreak, innocent hopes, best intentions gone awry,...

  • e-book

    Adam Link, Robot

    Binder, Eando

    'quot;To anyone fond of the robot story in science fiction, ADAM LINK is of extraordinary interest. The robot-with-emotion has rarely been handled so well.'quot; --Isaac Asimov.Adam Link, the first of the robot race, has photoelectric eyes, an...

  • e-book

    Adam'apos;s Peak


    Clare and Rudy struggle to come to terms with themselves and with powerful connections to people and places they have tried desperately to escape.

  • e-book

    Adam& Evelyn

    Pat Ballard

    New novel from the Queen of Rubenesque Romances!Evelyn Carmichael arrived in Nashville, Tennessee with hopes of starting a new life for her and her four-year-old daughter far, far away from her abusive ex-husband. She was absolutely sure she could...

  • e-book

    Adam& Eve & Pinch Me

    A. E. Coppard

    Adam & Eve & Pinch Me is a collection of short stories written by Alfred Edgar Coppard and originally published in 1946. This book comprises A lovely selection of compelling and unusual stories concerning the strange - and sometimes supernatural -...

  • e-book

    Adam'apos;s Fall - Traumatic Brain Injury The...

    Robert V. Jr. Bullough

    On a warm summer's evening, while riding his bicycle with his girlfriend down a gentle slope something inexplicable happened. Suddenly, Adam flew over his handle bars, bounced on the street, and crushed the back of his head. TBI-traumatic brain...

  • e-book

    Adam'apos;s Boys

    Anna Clifton

    For fans of Kat Martin and Debbie Macomber comes a story of family and redemption... Wrong girl — wrong time? Adam’s fling with Abbie just weeks after the death of his wife may have been all wrong, but their time together gave him the strength to...

  • e-book

    Adam& Eve

    Naslund,Sena Jeter

    “This thriller is rich in brilliant discourses on religion, fanaticism, the meaning of ancient cave art, the speculative future, and love.”—Library Journal Sena Jeter Naslund, the New York Times bestselling author of Ahab’s Wife, Four Spirits, and...

  • e-book

    Adam Gould

    Julia O'apos;Faolain

    Paris in the 1890s. Adam Gould, whose Anglo-Irish father has disowned him, works in a lunatic asylum run by the celebrated Dr Blanche, some of whose patients once starred in France's social firmament and still, when sane, sit at table with...

  • e-book

    Adam, Take Your Position

    Gloria Ward PhD

    Marriage was created and designed by the Creator. God, not man, made marriage. God designed marriage between one man and one woman, uniting them in holy matrimony. The two are to come togethe¬r as one flesh in a joyous and fulfilling relationship....

  • e-book

    Adam, Where Are You?

    F. L. Rodriguez

    Adam, Where Are You? Come Out From Under Your Cover   Not all that appears to be good is of God unless you know the true spirit of its intent, its motive – its purpose.

  • e-book

    Adam'apos;s Astronomy - The Original Zodiac

    Jane S. Poole

    Long before Moses wrote Genesis, the world's first astronomers invented star signs to illustrate a prophecy: a God-man would come to repair the breach between us and the Creator. Those starry figures were pirated, however, and used to advance a false...

  • e-book

    Adam! Where Are You?: Why Most Black Men...

    Kunjufu,Jawanza; Wright,Jr. Rev Dr Jeremiah

    Addresses the question of why the church is 75 percent female and offers ways to bring black men back to God.

  • e-book

    Adam in Seventeenth Century Political Writing...

    Julia Ipgrave

    Designed to contribute to a greater understanding of the religious foundations of seventeenth century political writing, this study offers a detailed exploration of the significance of the figure and story of Adam at that time. The book investigates...

  • e-book

    Adam and Eve

    Kamal al-Syyed

    Allah created the universe millions of years ago. He created the stars and planets and skies. He created angels from light. He created the jinn from fire. He created the earth. The earth was not the same as it is today. It was basically water....

  • e-book

    Adam Kadmon and Ein Sof

    Cengizhan Kaptan

    This book(let) elaborates on the Kabbalistic terms 'Adam Kadmon' and 'Ein Sof' and their similarities to 'archetypes' and 'collective unconscious' in Transpersonal Psychology. The findings culminate in the fact that the Kabbalistic system could be...

  • e-book

    Adam'apos;s Long Shadow

    Joseph Stoll

    Adam's sin is still much in evidence today. History is repeating again and again. We not only see it all about us, but we continue to experience the same temptations that these biblical saints and non-saints succumbed to. Will it never end? Prominent...

  • História É Tudo Que Me Deixou


    Este livro vai te fazer chorar, refletir e, depois, chorar um pouco mais.' - Nicola Yoon, Autora best-seller do livro Tudo e todas as coisasVem aí, do autor best-seller do New York Times, uma história cheia de tristeza e transtornos mentais sobre as...

  • e-book

    Adam'apos;s Hockey Dream


    Adam wants just want thing - to learn to play hockey like his big brother André. Only he feels he will never play hockey unless he first learns to skate. Without his own skates, he will never learn. Will his dream come true?

  • e-book

    Adam and the Arkonauts


    Introducing an inspired villain for whom world domination doesn't stop at humans: he wants to control the animals too ("Then I go after the plants!") vs Adam, a normal boy with an unusual skill. He is our only hope

  • e-book

    Good Doctor

    Isa Adam

    When Jesse thinks her life is over, Andrew finds her in the street helps her get her life together. Pretty soon, she develops feelings for him and he feels the same way despite everyone's protests. Jesse isn't sure if she should let herself love him....

  • e-book

    The Tenth Plague

    Blumer, Adam

    After adopting their son, Marc and Gillian Thayer intend on enjoying a relaxing weekend away at a picturesque resort in northern Michigan. That is, until their friend turns up dead and the resort becomes a grisly murder scene.A killer, seeking...

  • e-book

    Unfaithful Nights

    Isa Adam

    Like most husbands, Marty had to work late to provide for his family. At least that's the excuse he gives his wife, Cindy, when he's off with another woman. Marty can't help but fall for the other woman. Especially when his own wife is a cold woman...

  • e-book

    One Hot Night

    Isa Adam

    It has been years of struggle. Summer and Jerry have finally overcome it all and are together. However, after only a week of dating, Summer gets the devastating news that Jerry is about to join the Army. That leaves them with one night to be together...

  • e-book

    Erotica - The Next Night: 5 Erotic Stories

    Isa Adam

    She suddenly couldn't keep her hands off him anymore. 5 Erotic Stories for Entertainment.1. Big Birthday Surprise2. Unhappy Marriage3. Math Tutor4. Sweet Taste5. Widow, Young and AloneMature Readers Only (18+)

  • e-book

    Black Security Guard

    Isa Adam

    Sarah has never noticed Lamar, the security guard. Not until he saves her from a robbery. She starts to give him all her attention then. Lamar however, isn't sure if falling for this woman is a good idea. Besides, Sarah only seems to be most...

  • e-book

    Photo Shoot Goes Wild

    Isa Adam

    When Anita decided to go into model for Caleb, she had no idea what she would be exposed to at her first photoshoot. Luckily for her, she has her boyfriend Caleb to keep her sane throughout the whole process no matter how crazy things get. However,...

  • e-book

    Erotica - Getting Caught: 5 Dirty Stories

    Isa Adam

    'I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,' he said. She didn't realize when he had come so close to her. All she knew was it felt great to be in his arms again.5 Erotic Stories.1. Deep Feeling for Best friend2. The Man Next Door3....

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