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  • The Punisher Vol.2 - Border Crossing


    Best-selling author Kevin Maurer joins Nathan Edmondson for a story of jungle warfare! American soldiers are being held by a South American drug lord. when suddenly a new prisoner arrives...Frank Castle! But not all is as it seems on either side of...

  • Border Districts - A Fiction


    A bittersweet farewell to the world and the word by the Australian master'The mind is a place best viewed from borderlands . . .'Border Districts, purportedly the Australian master Gerald Murnane's final work of fiction, is a hypnotic, precise, and...

  • Border Moonlight


    Lady Sibylla Cavers is ripe for marriage, yet she's rejected the first three suitors her father brought. When one of these suitors, the dashing Lord Simon Murray, rescues both Lady Sibylla and the small child she was trying to pull from the churning...

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  • Border Districts - A Fiction


    A bittersweet farewell to the world and the word by the Australian master'The mind is a place best viewed from borderlands . . .'Border Districts, purportedly the Australian master Gerald Murnane's final work of fiction, is a hypnotic, precise, and...

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  • Border Nights - 1 - Moonlight Raider


    A MAN OF HIS WORD Border lord Walter Scott of Rankilburn, grief-stricken after burying his father, goes to the forest seeking solace. Instead he finds a half-naked young lady fleeing pursuit. Wat offers his protection, but honor demands that he...

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  • Border Ghost Stories (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Border Ghost Stories Certain places, said Stevenson, cry out for a story, and Scott, in any new surroundings, straightway invented an appropriate tale, if there were not already a story or tradition in existence. One might even believe...

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  • Border And Bastille (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Border and Bastille Perhaps this will answer sufficiently the accu sation of parade, for even had we been disposed to indulge in an alarum and flourish of trum pets, the sensation-mongers would have antici pated the absurdity. Besides...

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  • Border Nights - 2 - Devil's Moon


    A WARRIOR'S PROMISE The last place Sir David 'Devil' Ormiston expected his moonlight chase of a horse thief to end was in a lady's bedchamber. He is shocked to find that the raider he has pursued is no man, but a defiant beauty in disguise-and the...

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  • The Fifteenth Character - Oxford Bookworm 2Ed


    'It's an interesting job,' says Sally about her work at Happy Hills.And today is a very exciting day because Zapp the famous singer is coming. Everybody is having a wonderful time. But suddenly something goes wrong - very wrong.

  • Border Town - 03 - Border Town: Falling Too...


    In Dos Rios, Texas, things aren't always as they seem. Alexis Garza has music in her blood. She's certain that one day, she'll be leaving the border town of Dos Rios, Texas behind for a glamorous life of singing stardom. Until then, however, she'll...

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  • Border Beagles - A Tale Of Mississippi...

    Simms,William Gilmore

    Excerpt from Border Beagles: A Tale of Mississippi Court-day is a day to remember in the West, either for the parts witnessed or the parts taken in the various performances; and whether the party he the loser of an eye or ear, or has merely helped...

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  • Border Town - 04 - Border Town #4: No Second...

    Alegria,Malin; Alegraia,Malain

    In Dos Rios, Texas, things aren't always as they seem. Santiago might be in over his head this time. . . Santiago's grades are slipping again, but he's determined to prove to his family that he can be successful at something, even if it's not school....

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  • Border Dogs

    Cotton,Ralph W.

    When his partner is captured by ex-Confederate renegades, Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack is forced to team up with a wanted man, bank robber Willis Durant, to rescue his friend from certain death. Original.

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  • Border Fights And Fighters (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Border Fights and Fighters The salient incidents of these three hundred years, from the Conquistador to the Pioneer, have engaged the greater part of my attention for a long time, and with the completion of this book they are set before...

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  • Border Wars


    The consequences of political fear-mongering and tough talk on immigration in the American Southwest.The Tea Party and its allies celebrate the rogue states of the Southwest as a model for the nation in their go-it-alone posturing and tough...

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  • Border Wars Of The American Revolution, Vol....


    Excerpt from Border Wars of the American Revolution, Vol. 2 of 2 On the 2d of June, General Clinton received his instructions from Sullivan. Pro rations for the enterprise, however, were yvin a state of great forwardness, since General ashington been...

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  • Border Ballads (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Border Ballads To the end that these delightful and im portant Ballads should be immediately and permanently preserved in type, Mr. Theodore watts-dunton caused about twenty or so to be privately printed in London in pamphlet form, with...

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  • Border Essays (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Border Essays Knowing that my Husband spoke at one time of recasting and reprinting these Essays, I give them now to the public exactly as they at first left his hand. Messrs Blackwood, in Whose Magazine they originally appeared, have...

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  • Border Ballads (Classic Reprint)

    Swinburne,Algernon Charles

    Excerpt from Border Ballads Among the by no means numerous man uscripts left by Swinburne unpublished at thetimeofhis death, wereaseriesofseven Border Ballads. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic...

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  • The Border Legion


    It tells the story of a cold hearted man named Jack Kells who falls in love with Miss Joan Randle, a girl his legion has taken captive near the Idaho border. The Border Legion was adapted to film, in 1918, 1924, 1930, and in 1940. The film The Last...

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  • Border Lays, And Other Poems (Classic...


    Excerpt from Border Lays, and Other Poems Our Auld Gudeman has Gane Awa', The Love 0' Auld Langsyne, Lines Written toward the Close of a Long Protracted Winter, Spring Again! About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • The Border Of Blades - An Anglo-Indian...


    Excerpt from The Border of Blades: An Anglo-Indian Romance Marjorie Danton nodded toward the tall, broad shouldered man dressed in racing jacket, breeches, and solar, topee, walking quickly toward the pad dock. The flat mile for. The Garrison Cup had...

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  • Border Town #1 - Crossing The Line


    In Dos Rios, Texas, life is all about borders-and what happens when you cross the line. A fresh new series in the tradition of Bluford High explores what it's like to grow up on the edge.Nothing is simple in a border town like Dos Rios, in the Rio...

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  • Western Border Life - Or, What Fanny Hunter...


    Excerpt from Western Border Life: Or, What Fanny Hunter Saw and Heard in Kanzas and Missouri But we will not forget, while listening to the requiem notes which fill the air, that Kamzas felt the angry blast before us; and it may be, in looking back...

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  • Ghost Stories - Oxford Bookworms Library 5


    Ghost Stories - Oxford Bookworms Library 5

  • e-book

    Border Patrol Entrance Exam


    GET THE JOB YOU WANT IN FERERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT!In order to compete with the finest and land one of the most coveted jobs in law enforcement, you need powerful, targeted preparation. This completely revised and updated edition is the most...

  • e-book

    Border Patrol Exam - Power Practice

    LearningExpress LLC

    This innovative new book offers what every candidate preparing for the Border Patrol Exam is looking for -- powerful practice. This study program, packed with EIGHT full-length practice tests (the most exams available on the market) based on official...

  • Over The Border A Romance (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Over the Border a Romance The end of October had been more than usually fine, and now the beginning of November was follow ing the good example set by its predecessor. In the Home Park, the only part of the extensive grounds surrounding...

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  • Peanut Butter's First Day Of School


    Get ready for the first day of school with Peanut Butter and his friends! Peanut Butter has a big day tomorrow--it's his first day at a new school! With help from his friends, Peanut Butter can have a great first day, because they'll all go together:...

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  • Border Security - Shores Of Politics And...


    What kind of a world is one in which border security is understood as necessary? How is this transforming the shores of politics? And why does this seem to preclude a horizon of political justice for those affected? Border Security responds to these...

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  • Border Law - The First Seminole War And...

    Rosen,Deborah A

    The First Seminole War of 1816-1818 played a critical role in shaping how the United States demarcated its spatial and legal boundaries during the early years of the republic. Rooted in notions of American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, and racism...

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  • Border Land - An Original Drama, In Three...


    Excerpt from Border Land: An Original Drama, in Three Acts Polly.-act 1, Short skirts, hair loose, like young girl. Act 2, Light dress, straw hat. Act 3, Same, with light cloak. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Tales Of The Border (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Tales of the Border A few of the following Tales have been heretofore published in periodicals, but have not, it is supposed, been circulated to such an extent as to have been generally read; while the natural partiality which a writer...

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  • South Of The Border - The Ex-Rangers


    A BOLD WESTERN SERIES FROM THE CREATOR OF THE OLD-TIMERS AND THE LONG GUNS When the Carstons' old friend Manuel Quesada arrives in Twin Rifles badly beaten, he gasps out a desperate tale: A Norteamericano and his Indian sidekicks are terrorizing the...

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  • Sketches Of Border Adventures, In The Life...

    Hubbard,John Niles

    Excerpt from Sketches of Border Adventures, in the Life and Times of Major Moses Van Campen, a Surviving Soldier of the Revolution The author will render his excuse in due form and present also the authority, upon which, rests most of the facts...

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  • Both Sides The Border - A Tale Of Hotspur And...

    Henty,G A

    Excerpt from Both Sides the Border: A Tale of Hotspur and Glendower The four opening years of the fifteenth century were among the most stirring in the history of England. Owen Glen dower carried fire and slaughter among the Welsh marches, captured...

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  • Merry Christmas, Peanut!


    A sweet (or is it salty?) Christmas story with heart, humor, and plenty of punny holiday cheer. Peanut is going over the river and through the woods to his grandmother's house for Christmas, but getting there is a food-filled adventure for this...

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  • The Border Wars Of New England - Commonly...

    Drake,Samuel Adams

    Excerpt from The Border Wars of New England: Commonly Called King William's and Queen Anne's Wars About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a...

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  • The Border Antiquities Of England And...


    Excerpt from The Border Antiquities of England and Scotland, Vol. 2: Comprising Specimens of Architecture and Sculpture, and Other Vestiges of Former Ages, Accompanied by Descriptions; Together With Illustrations of Remarkable Incidents in Border...

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  • A Daughter Of The Middle Border (Classic...


    Excerpt from A Daughter of the Middle Border This change Of headquarters was due not to a diminish ing love for New England, but to a deepening desire to be near my aging parents, whom I had persuaded, after much argument, to join in the purchase of...

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  • A Son Of The Middle Border (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from A Son of the Middle Border We did not overtake the soldier, that is evident, for my next vision is that of a blue - coated figure leaning upon the fence, studying with intent gaze our empty cottage. I cannot, even now, precisely divine...

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  • The Border Settlers Of Northwestern Virginia...

    McWhorter,Lucullus Virgil

    Excerpt from The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia From 1768 to 1795: Embracing the Life of Jesse Hughes and Other Noted Scouts of the Great Woods of the Trans-Allegheny, With Notes and Illustrative Anecdotes Jesse Hughes was a pioneer in...

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  • Tales, Traditions And Romance Of Border And...

    Ellis,Edward Sylvester

    Excerpt from Tales, Traditions and Romance of Border and Revolutionary Times The publishers believe that this volume will not only be a favorite in the hands of men, young and old, but will have its appropriate place by the fireside. About the...

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  • Desert Gold A Romance Of The Border (Classic...


    Excerpt from Desert Gold a Romance of the Border Then a sharp clink Of metal on stone and soft pads of hoofs in sand prompted Cameron to reach for his gun, and to move out Of the light of waning campfire. He was somewhere along the wild border line...

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