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  • African Masks And Shields Stickers


    African Masks And Shields Stickers

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  • e-book

    The New African Diaspora


    The new African immigrant experience

  • Creative Haven African Glamour Coloring Book


    Bestselling coloring book artist Marjorie Sarnat has teamed with African American fashion designer Cia Slater to create this gorgeous collection of 31 classic African-inspired images. Striking silhouetted figures wear beautiful head wraps and flowing...

  • African Designs

    Noble, Marty

    Thirty-one large, ready-to-color illustrations, all adapted from traditional African designs, reflect the continent's rich artistic and cultural heritage. Carefully rendered from authentic artifacts are a Moorish textile pattern, an Ashanti carved...

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  • White Slaves, African Masters


    White Slaves, African Masters

    sob encomenda
  • Famous African-american Actresses Paper Dolls


    Famous African-american Actresses Paper Dolls

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  • Picassos Collection of African And Oceanic...

    Stepan, Peter

    Picassos Collection of African And Oceanic Art

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  • Early African American Classics

    Barnes & Noble

    Culled from the annals of early African American history, these personal narratives recount the stories of men and women who survived the cruel injustice of slavery to become prominent leaders in the struggle for freedom and equality.

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  • African Pentecostals In Catholic Europe - The...

    Butticci, Annalisa

    Over the past thirty years, Italy--the historic home of Catholicism--has become a significant destination for migrants from Nigeria and Ghana. Along with suitcases and dreams of a brighter future, these Africans bring their own form of Christianity,...

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  • e-book

    African Religion Defined - A Systematic Study...

    Ephirim-Donkor, Anthony

    This second edition updates the scholarship on ancestor worship by demonstrating the centrality of the ancestors’ stool as the ultimate religious symbol among the Akan. All chapters have been expanded and a completely new chapter has been written for...

  • e-book

    African Americans In Hawaii - A Search For...

    Adams, Ayin M.

    The written history of African Americans past, their achievements, and their future in Hawaii. Adams offers the ultimate exposure of the spiritual richness and talents that African Americans have brought to the Diaspora. African Americans...

  • e-book

    African American Men in Crisis - Proactive...

    Wesley E. Pullman

    First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    African Marriage and Social Change

    Lucy P. Mair

    First Published in 1969. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    African American Culture and Society After...

    Metcalf,Josephine; Carina Spaulding

    1992 was a pivotal moment in African American history, with the Rodney King riots providing palpable evidence of racialized police brutality, media stereotyping of African Americans, and institutional discrimination. Following the twentieth...

  • e-book

    African American Theology - An Introduction

    Frederick L. Ware

    This book presents a substantial introduction to the major methodologies, figures, and themes within African American theology. Frederick L. Ware explores African American theology from its inception and places it within dual contexts: first, the...

  • e-book

    African Pottery Roulettes Past and Present -...

    Haour, Anne; N. Arazi; K. Manning

    African Pottery Roulettes Past and Present considers ethnographic, museological and archaeological approaches to pottery-decorating tools called roulettes, that is to say, short lengths of fibre or wood that are rolled over the surface of a vessel...

  • e-book

    African Connections - Archaeological...

    Mitchell, Peter

    From the exodus of early modern humans to the growth of African diasporas, Africa has had a long and complex relationship with the outside world. More than a passive vessel manipulated by external empires, the African experience has been a complex...

  • e-book

    African Institutions

    Mazrui, Ali A.

    Written by the leading scholar on African, this comprehensive text examines three key issue areas in Africa: politics, society, and economy. It demonstrates how the lack of consideration for domestic norms and societal realities explain the weaker...

  • e-book

    African Immigrants in a Diverse United States

    Edward Lama Wonkeryor

    Provides an overview of the involuntary and voluntary immigration of people of African nativity to the United States, a discussion of the pre- and post-1960 African immigrant experience, and includes statistics on the size and permanent residency...

  • e-book

    African American Relationships, Marriages,...

    Dixon, Patricia

    African American Relationships, Marriages, and Families is a historically and culturally centered text designed for relationship, marriage and family educators and therapists who work with African American singles and couples. Complete with numerous...

  • e-book

    African Americans and Standardized Tests -...

    Veda Jairrels

    With a surprisingly honest and hard-hitting approach, this scathing indictment of the modern black family postulates that a lack of appreciation for literacy in the African American household is the true cause of low scores on today'apos;s...

  • e-book

    African Archaeology

    Phillipson,David W.

    Research in Africa is now accepted as an integral part of global archaeological studies. As well as providing archaeologists with the oldest material, Africa is also widely recognised as the birthplace of modern man and his characteristic cultural...

  • e-book

    African-American Social Workers and Social...

    Munson,Carlton; Tricia Bent-Goodley

    Critical analyses of policies that significantly affect African-American families and communities! African-American Social Workers and Social Policy is the first book of its kind to combine the voices of African-American social work professionals on...

  • e-book

    African Realism? - International Relations...

    Henderson,Errol A.

    African Realism? explains Africa’s international conflicts of the post-colonial era through international relations theory. It looks at the relationship between Africa’s domestic and international conflicts, as well as the impact of factors such as...

  • e-book

    African Pilgrimage - Ritual Travel in South...


    Years after the end of Apartheid South Africa remains racially polarized and socially divided. In this context pilgrimage and travelling rituals serve to help those who often find themselves at the bottom end of the social ladder to make sense of...

  • e-book

    African Youth Cultures in a Globalized World...

    Lord Mawuko-Yevugah; Paul Ugor

    All over the world, there is growing concern about the ramifications of globalization, late-modernity and general global social and economic restructuring on the lives and futures of young people. Bringing together a wide body of research to reflect...

  • e-book

    African American Preachers and Politics - The...

    Dickerson, Dennis C.

    During most of the twentieth century, Archibald J. Carey, Sr. (1868-1931) and Archibald J. Carey, Jr. (1908-1981), father and son, exemplified a blend of ministry and politics that many African American religious leaders pursued. Their sacred and...

  • e-book

    African Artisanal Mining from the Inside Out...

    Sara Geenen

    Artisanal mining is commonly associated with violent conflict, rampant corruption and desperate poverty. Yet millions of people across Sub Sahara Africa depend on it. Many of them are living in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), home to...

  • e-book

    African Political Systems


    AFRICAN POLITICAL SYSTEMS by Fortes, Meyer CONTENTS: EDITORS' NOTE. PREFACE. Professor A. R. Radcliffe-Brown, M.A. (Cantab.), Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology in the University of Oxford INTRODUCTION. Dr. M. Fortes and Professor E. E....

  • e-book

    African American Behavior in the Social...


    An essential text to help to understand human behavior and the processes that guide human adaptationSocial workers and therapists need to assess the full range of aspects of their client problems such as socioeconomic status, academic achievement,...

  • e-book

    African Women's Movements

    Tripp,Aili Mari; Casimiro,Isabel; Kwesiga,Joy

    Women entered the political scene in Africa after the 1990s, claiming more than one third of the parliamentary seats in countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi. Women in Rwanda hold the highest percentage of legislative...

  • e-book

    African Son


    African Son records the author’s many trips to Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, Fulbright scholar, teacher, and traveler. These personal essays range from sympathetic descriptions of village life in Senegal and Cameroon to detailed accounts of the...

  • e-book

    African Perspectives on China in Africa


    Almost every African country today bears the stamp of China's emerging presence, from oil fields in the east and west, to farms in the south, to mines in the centre of the continent. China has cultural agreements with 42 African countries. US$30...

  • e-book

    African American Heritage Super Pack #2


    This is the second entry in our important African American Heritage series. The history of African Americans is a long, grim history full of injustices and brutality. But it is also filled with courage and perseverance. Gathered here in this omnibus...

  • e-book

    African Households - Censuses and Surveys:...

    Etienne Van De Walle

    This volume in the ?General Demography of Africa? series encompasses many nations and focuses on a feature of the censuses ? household relationships. African households rank among the most complex in the world. This work makes it possible to...

  • e-book

    African Americans and Mass Media - A Case for...

    Richard T. Craig

    This book examines race, media, and ownership diversity and argues that growing conglomerate media ownership hinders the diversity of voices and content. The focus on minority media ownership and the declining presence of minority media owners...

  • e-book

    African American Religion and the Civil...

    Williams,Johnny E.

    What role did religion play in sparking the call for civil rights? Was the African American church a motivating force or a calming eddy? The conventional view among scholars of the period is that religion as a source for social activism was...

  • e-book

    African Truth Commissions and Transitional...

    Perry,John; T. Debey Sayndee

    Using an inductive methodology based on one key component of transitional justice—namely, truth commissions—African Truth Commissions and Transitional Justice attempts to place them within the context of other elements such as trials of human rights...

  • e-book

    African American Actresses - The Struggle for...

    Regester, Charlene

    Black women and Hollywood in the pre-Civil Rights era

  • e-book

    African Identity in Post-Apartheid Public...

    Jonathan Alfred Noble

    Since the end of Apartheid, there has been a new orientation in South African art and design, turning away from the colonial aesthetics to new types of African expression. This book examines some of the fascinating and impressive works of...

  • e-book

    African American Children and Families in...

    Ramona Denby; Carla M. Curtis

    This text proposes corrective action to improve the institutional care of African American children and their families, calling attention to the specific needs of this population and the historical, social, and political factors that have shaped its...

  • e-book

    African Immersion - American College Students...

    Julius A. Amin

    This book examines the University of Dayton Cameroon Immersion program, with comparative evidence from the Peace Corps. It analyzes different aspects of experiential learning, contextualizes them within the broader issues of modern American and...

  • e-book

    African-American Children at Church

    Haight, Wendy

    African-American Children at Church explores African-American socialization beliefs and practices, based on findings of a unique, four-year long study in a Baptist church in Salt Lake City, Utah. By combining the ethnographic approaches of...

  • e-book

    African Migrations - Patterns and...


    Spurred by major changes in the world economy and in local ecology, the contemporary migration of Africans, both within the continent and to various destinations in Europe and North America, has seriously affected thousands of lives and livelihoods....

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