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  • A Nova Segregação

    Alexander, Michelle



    O bombástico A nova segregação: racismo e encarceramento em massa (The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness), de Michelle Alexander, revela os alicerces do racismo estrutural no coração da democracia liberal moderna....

  • Inovação Em Modelos de Negócios – Business...

    Osterwalder, Alexander



    Modelos de negócios provocadores são emblemáticos em nossa geração. Ainda assim, continuam pouco compreendidos, ao mesmo tempo em que transformam a paisagem competitiva nas indústrias. Business Model Generation oferece ferramentas poderosas, simples...

  • Uma Prova do Céu - A Jornada de Um...

    Alexander III,Dr. Eben



    &ldquo Minha experi&ecirc ncia mostrou que a morte n&atilde o &eacute o fim da consci&ecirc ncia e que a exist&ecirc ncia humana continua no al&eacute m-t&uacute mulo. E, mais importante ainda, ela se perpetua sob o olhar de um Deus que nos ama e...

  • Fundamentos de Circuitos Elétricos - 5ª Ed....

    Alexander,Charles; Sadiku,Matthew N. O.



    Este livro é uma das referências mais tradicionais para a conceituação da análise de circuitos elétricos. A metodologia de ensino, mantida de edições anteriores, foi elaborada com o objetivo de exercitar o senso crítico dos estudantes e habilitá-los...

  • Cronologia da Moda - de Maria Antonieta a...

    Nj Stevenson

    Cronologia da moda apresenta um panorama da história da moda desde o final do século XVIII até os dias de hoje. Com mais de mil ilustrações, todo em quatro cores, textos curtos e de fácil consulta e leitura, é um livro de história, referência e...

  • Diablo III: Livro De Tyrael

    Alexander,Doug; Burns,Matt



    O SEGUNDO LIVRO PARA COLECIONADORES DA SÉRIE QUE VENDEU MAIS DE 50 MIL EXEMPLARES NO BRASIL Tyrael, o ex-Arcanjo da Justiça, sacrificou seus poderes para entender os mortais. Pressentindo novas ameaças despontando no horizonte, o célebre personagem...

  • Star Wars - Battlefront - Companhia do...




    Entre as estrelas e através do vasto espaço, a Guerra Civil Galáctica urge. Nos campos de batalha de diversos planetas na Orla Média, legiões de stormtroopers impiedosos – determinados a esmagar a resistência ao Império onde quer que ela surja –...

  • Alexander Y El Dia Terrible, Horrible,...

    Viorst, Judith; Cruz, Ray

    Alexander se dió cuenta de que iba a ser un día terrible couando se despertó y se encontró chicle en el pelo. Y aun fue peor... Su mejor amigo lo abandonó. No ten ía postre en su bolsa del almuerzo. ¡Y para colmo, había habas verdes en la comida y...

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  • Alexander Hamilton - A Character Sketch...

    Ellis, Edward Sylvester

    Excerpt from Alexander Hamilton: A Character Sketch His birthplace was the island Nevis, one of the British West Indies. His father is said to have been a Scotch merchant. A good deal of mystery surrounds his family and early youth. About the...

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  • Alexander Hamilton - A Historical Study...

    Shea, George

    Excerpt from Alexander Hamilton: A Historical Study 1 The idea, writes Hamilton, of introducing a monarchy or aristocracy into this country, by employing the influence and force of a government, continually changing hands, towards it, is one of those...

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  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Bridge

    Willa Cather

    Construction engineer Bartley Alexander is a troubled, middle-aged man torn between his cold American wife and an alluring mistress in London who has helped him recapture his youth and sense of freedom.

  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Odyssey

    Southard,Steven R.

    Alexander the Great might well be on his way to conquering the world, but when he decides to explore underwater in a glass-windowed wooden barrel, he enrages Poseidon. The other gods may debate Alexander’s fate and make their deals on Olympus but the...

  • e-book

    Alexander Hamilton - Ambivalent Anglophile


    Of all of the Founding Fathers of the American republic none, with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson, has evoked more passions and aroused more controversy than Alexander Hamilton. In this absorbing new biography, eminent historian Lawrence...

  • e-book

    Alexander and Alestria

    Shan Sa

    re-creating the lives of two of the most intriguing rulers in history, Shan Sa brings us a novel filled with the sound of hooves, the whistle of arrows, blood, passion, and betrayal. The familiar figure of Alexander the Great comes to new life in...

  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Last Painting

    J. Hayes Hurley

    A successful abstract painter now living in an artists' colony in upstate New York sits down with a short-story writer over a period of three days to discuss his life's work. During the talks, there emerges a joyful, jazzlike riff recalling the...

  • e-book

    Alexander the Great

    Cantor,Norman F.

    'Alexander's behavior was conditioned along certain lines -- heroism, courage, strength, superstition, bisexuality, intoxication, cruelty. He bestrode Europe and Asia like a supernatural figure.'In this succinct portrait of Alexander the Great,...

  • e-book

    Alexander Archipelago - A Dozen Alexander...


    Synopsis: This eclectic series of twelve stories based on some of the life experiences of Gustav Tjgaard runs the gamut. The nonfiction narrative presents dramatizations set in the lush ambiance and grandeur of earth'apos;s largest temperate rain...

  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Bridge

    Willa Cather

    Bartley Alexander, a construction engineer, is a middle-aged man torn between Winifred, his demanding American wife, and Hilda Burgoyne, his alluring British mistress. Alexander's relationship with Hilda erodes his sense of honor and eventually...

  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Bridge

    Willa Cather

    A construction engineer and world-renowned builder of bridges is undergoing a mid-life crisis. He is married and resumes his acquaintance with a former lover, Hilda Burgoyne, in London. The affair gnaws at Bartley's sense of propriety and honour.

  • e-book

    Alexander the Great

    Jacob Abbott

    Alexander the Great was a king of the Greek kingdom of Macedon. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander succeeded his father, Philip II to the throne at the age of twenty. He spent most of his ruling years on an unprecedented military campaign through...

  • e-book

    Alexander Maxamander - The Cyber Seducer

    Arnold Hannon

    A modern day love story, steeped in timeless, romantic and poetic charm.When was the last time you shed a tear for an billionaire? You are entering a world where the mind is stronger than the body and love is just a mouse click away. Readers won't...

  • e-book

    Alexander McQueen - Genius of a Generation


    A tribute to AlexanderMcQueen, 1969-2010. An iconic, imaginative, and inspirational fashion designerwhose work turned heads and hearts all over the world. 125 stunning fashionshow/catwalk photographs, with commentary by an experienced fashion...

  • e-book

    Alexander's Bridge

    Cather,Willa; 1stWorld Library

    Late one brilliant April afternoon Professor Lucius Wilson stood at the head of Chestnut Street, looking about him with the pleased air of a man of taste who does not very often get to Boston. He had lived there as a student, but for twenty years and...

  • e-book

    Alexander the Great - The Original Classic...

    Jacob Abbott

    Alexander the Great - The Original Classic Edition

  • e-book

    Alexander Hamilton - The First Secretary of...

    Tatiana Ryckman

    This Renaissance man and founding father helped build the United States into the great nation it is today. Students analyze Hamilton's most influential texts, including the Federalist Papers, to better understand the foundational moments in United...

  • O Amigo Alemão

    Alexander,Larry; Makos,Adam



    Dezembro de 1943. Um bombardeiro americano seriamente danificado se esforça para sobrevoar a zona de guerra alemã. No controle está um jovem de 21 anos, o segundo-tenente Charlie Brown. A maior parte da tripulação está morta ou gravemente ferida. Um...

  • Alexander Hamilton


    A New York Times Bestseller, and the inspiration for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton!Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow presents a landmark biography of Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father who galvanized, inspired, scandalized, and...

  • e-book

    The Red Glade Peacemakers

    William Alexander Righetti

    For centuries, dragons and half-dragons have hidden themselves away, bound by a treaty that forbids them to reveal their existence to the human public. But now, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, that ancient peace is coming unraveled. And the world...

  • Alexander Hamilton - A Historical Study...

    Shea, George

    Excerpt from Alexander Hamilton: A Historical Study His mother died while he was still a child, but not before he was capable of receiving and pre serving distinct recollections of her. He de rived from her an independent spirit, energy,...

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  • Alexander The Great

    Plutarch; Gergel,Tania; Wood,Michael; Curtius Rufus,Quintus; Arrian

    A definitive biography of the great Macedonian conqueror features writings from such ancient historians as Arrian, Plutarch, and Quintus Curtius Rufus, and is timed to coincide with the release of two upcoming major motion pictures about Alexander....

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  • Alexander the Great


    Alexander the Great

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  • Alexander Brown And His Descendants,...


    Excerpt from Alexander Brown and His Descendants, 1764-1916 The compiler of this genealogy does not wish it to be merely a catalogue of names, she ventures in these introductory pages to give a brief account of the founders of the family, trusting...

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  • Alexander Hamilton - A Historical Study...


    Excerpt from Alexander Hamilton: A Historical Study Aristocracy into this country, by employing the influence and force Of a government, continually changing hands, towards it, is one of those visionary things that none but madmen could meditate, and...

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  • Alexander The Great (Classic Reprint)

    Russell, Ada

    Excerpt from Alexander the Great It is difficult to realize that the earth on which Alexander the Great was born was the same in its main outlines as the earth on which we stand to-day, and at the same time to realize how very different from our...

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  • Mitologia Grega - Uma Introdução Para...


    Você sabia que Nike é o nome da deusa alada da vitória e é conhecida por voar muito rápido. É ela quem coroa os vencedores de corridas ou batalhas. Em algum momento da sua vida você falou sobre um deus ou usou como exemplo uma história vinda da época...

  • e-book

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Elisa Kriza

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of the Cold War'apos;s most iconic writers. This book offers an in-depth analysis of his reception in the US, UK, and Germany before and after 1991. Elisa Kriza skillfully explores how Solzhenitsyn'apos;s work can be...

  • Alexander Mcqueen - Unseen

    Wilcox,Claire; Fairer,Robert

    Alexander McQueen has grasped the public's imagination like few other fashion designers before him, with exhibitions dedicated to his work continuing to attract record visitor numbers. Almost 500,000 people visited the V&A's 2015 Alexander McQueen:...

  • Alexander's Bridge


    Alexander's Bridge

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  • e-book

    Alexander Dumas Dictionary Of Cuisine


    First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Marshals


    This substantially revised and updated second edition of The Marshals of Alexander'apos;s Empire (1992) examines Alexander'apos;s most important officers, who commanded army units and were involved in military and political deliberations. Chapters on...

  • e-book

    Alexander'apos;s Veterans and the Early Wars...


    From antiquity until now, most writers who have chronicled the events following the death of Alexander the Great have viewed this history through the careers, ambitions, and perspectives of Alexander's elite successors. Few historians have probed the...

  • e-book

    Alexander's Heirs - The Age of the Successors

    Anson,Edward M.

    Alexander’s Heirs offers a narrative account of the approximately forty years following the death of Alexander the Great, during which his generals vied for control of his vast empire, and through their conflicts and politics ultimately created the...

  • e-book

    Alexander the Great - The Truth Behind the...


    At eighteen Alexander had conquered mainland Greece, was crowned King of Macedonia at twenty and by twenty-six he had made himself master of the once mighty Persian Empire. By the time of his death, aged only thirty-three, in 323BCE he was ruler of...

  • e-book

    Alexander The Great


    MURDER IN BABYLON is a real-life historical detective story: a true tale of murder and mystery that has remained untold for over two thousand years.Recreating the scene of the crime to reveal eight suspects, each with the motive and opportunity to...

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