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  • Livro Terapêutico do Ponto-gatilho - Guia de...

    Davies, Clair; Davies, Amber

    Os médicos especializados em tratamento da dor sugerem que os pontos-gatilho, pequenos nós de contração nos músculos do corpo, são a principal causa de cerca de 75% dos casos de dor crônica. Como os pontos-gatilho quase sempre refletem a dor para...

  • e-book

    Amber Beach

    Lowell, Elizabeth

    Honor Donovan is a shrewd businesswoman, yet she has been shut out of Donovan International by her father and four brothers. When her favorite brother Kyle vanishes, along with a fortune in stolen amber, Honor's questions are ignored by the Donovan...

  • e-book

    Amber Oak Mysteries - Volume 1

    Ceara Comeau

    In the first book of the Amber Oak series, a budding young sleuth emerges from the shadows. She will take on mysteries that will lead her to her destiny.

  • e-book

    Amber Oak and the Master of Illusions

    Ceara Comeau

    A vengeful plot, bizarre secrets, strange people; these are but a few elements in Amber's next case. She must solve this mystery before her nightmares become reality.

  • e-book

    Amber Oak and the Missing Links

    Ceara Comeau

    Time is running out as Amber uncovers clues to her family's past. She will have to go to great lengths to save her family and her friends. Along the journey, the young sleuth comes face to face with a truth that has been hidden from her sight; a...

  • e-book

    Amber Sands

    Madeline Dando

    Sometimes events in people's lives force them to take steps they would never have dreamed of. Amser had to take these steps. Was it fate? Was she in control of her own destiny? For every good thing that happens in life, is there a bad thing waiting...

  • e-book


    Brandon J. O'apos;Brien

    Most people would think that Amber was nothing more than a normal, young woman, but they would be very wrong. The blood may have been washed clean from her hands, but the stains remain on her soul. With her victims haunting her every breath, Amber...

  • e-book

    Amber Frost

    Suzi Davis

    Grace Lynn Stevenson is an eighteen year old girl who recently moved with her wealthy, but busy parents to a new city. She's popular, pretty and rich - what more could a girl want? But deep down, she's sad, lonely and plagued by nightmares. When she...

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  • Dragonfly In Amber - Starz Tie In Edition

    Gabaldon, Diana

    With her classic novel Outlander, Diana Gabaldon introduced two unforgettable charactersClaire Randall and Jamie Fraser delighting readers with a story of adventure and love that spanned two centuries. Now Gabaldon returns to that extraordinary time...

  • Dragonfly In Amber - Outlander 2

    Gabaldon, Diana

    As Claire Randall returns back in time to the Scottish Highlands of the 1700s, listeners learn what she really knows about the rim of standing stones on nearby Craigh na Dun, as well as the identity of the father of her beautiful, copper-haired...

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  • The Amber Spyglass

    Pullman, Philip

    The final volume in the award-winning His Dark Materials fantasy series joins returning characters with new ones and reveals startling revelations while the battle for the Kingdom of Heaven rages on and ultimately unlocks the secret of Dust. Reissue.

  • Amber And Ashes - Vol. 1

    Weis, Margaret

    The paperback edition of the opening title in a new trilogy from Dragonlance setting co-creator Margaret Weis takes up where the War of Souls series left off with the central character Mina. While following her story, this new trilogy also explores...

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  • e-book

    Amber Rays Earrings Beading& Jewelry Making...

    Sky Aldovino

    I love the sun, especially the rays I see every morning.It makes my day bright, happy and alive. So did when I created this bezeled earrings. I wanted to make a pair of earrings that will mimic the sun rays.In creating the earrings you need a basic...

  • Amber And Iron

    Weis, Margaret

    The world of Krynn is ever changing, and even the gods can be taken by surprise. And if that’s true of the gods, what chance can a mere mortal have? Caught up in forces none of them could hope to face alone, a small but determined band of adventurers...

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  • Amber And Blood

    Weis, Margaret

    In this paperback edition of the concluding volume of the Dark Disciple trilogy, Mina learns the truth about herself and the terrible knowledge drives her insane. Rhys, the monk of Majere, accompanied by his dog Atta and the kender Nightshade, is...

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  • The Way I Used To Be

    Smith, Amber

    'After fourteen-year-old Eden is raped by her brother's best friend, she knows she'll never be the way she used to be'--

  • Amber Und Ihr Esel

    Austwick , Julian; Austwick, Tracy

    Als Shocks, der Esel, auf einer irischen Farm seinem Schicksal überlassen wurde, war es fraglich, ob er sich jemals wieder erholen würde. Als Amber mit nur 26 Wochen als Frühchen zur Welt kam, war auch ihr Schicksal ungewiss. Ein Luftröhrenschnitt...

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  • Amber, Guinevere, And Kate Photographed By...

    Augustyniak,Mathias; McDean,Craig

    With energy and glamour, iconic photographer Craig McDean captures the celebrated evolution of fashion s biggest muses: Kate Moss, Guinevere van Seenus, and Amber Valletta. With their waiflike frames and unique features that contrasted with the...

  • e-book

    Amber House - Onde o Passado e o Futuro Se...

    Moore,Kelly; Reed,Tucker; Reed,Larkin

    Sarah nunca tinha pisado em 'Amber House', a imponente propriedade pertencente à família havia três séculos, onde dizem estar escondidos diamantes entre aquelas paredes. Ao se mudar com seu irmão e sua mãe, a garota logo se sente atraída tanto pelo...

  • e-book


    Stephan Collishaw

    Description: Antanas is a young Lithuanian conscripted to fight in the Soviet War in Afghanistan where he falls in love with a young Afghani nurse. She opens his eyes to the politics of the war, while making bearable the brutal reality of their...

  • e-book

    Amber Gemstones - A Collection of Historical...


    This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience. Carefully selecting the best articles from our collection we have compiled a series...

  • Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit

    Ross, Tony; Danziger,Paula

    Rebelling against the changes in her mother, who is seeing a new boyfriend named Max, Amber Brown neglects her homework and her room while conspiring to get her parents back together again, a situation that is complicated when she comes to like Max....

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  • Amber Beach

    Lowell, Elizabeth

    Donovan International is a power to be reckoned with in the dazzling and cutthroat worldwide gem trade-and is therefore a target for the murderous greed of unscrupulous competitors. Though a shrewd businesswoman, Honor Donovan has been effectively...

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  • audio livro

    Amber House: Onde o Passado e o Futuro se...


    Sarah nunca tinha pisado em “Amber House”, a imponente propriedade pertencente à família havia três séculos, onde dizem estar escondidos diamantes entre aquelas paredes. Ao se mudar com seu irmão e sua mãe, a garota logo se sente atraída tanto pelo...

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  • audio livro

    Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart


    A funny book that makes you cry. A sad book that makes you laugh. A book about two sisters and their family that makes you wish you were part of it--and grateful that you are not. In short, this book is one surprise after another. The only thing that...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book


    Flávia Bertelli

    Ao se apaixonar por Ian - uma pessoa problemática - Clarice se vê entre esse amor não correspondido e suas amizades, tendo que optar por uma única opção.

  • e-book

    Amber, Furs and Cockleshells - Bike Rides...

    Mustoe, Anne

    Myriad wonderful characters populate the pages of Anne Mustoe'apos;s fascinating book as she pedals along three very different, but equally evocative, roads - the Amber Route from the Baltic to the Adriatic, the Santa Fe Trail from the Missouri River...

  • e-book

    Sunset - Amber Series Book One

    J.B. Fisher

    Amber Gardner is being hunted and she doesn't know why. It began with her infatuation with a boy. The one boy not affected by her persuasions. Now he's gone and suddenly assassins are trying to kill her. She has many questions but staying alive...

  • e-book

    The Amber Wizard

    Forbes, David

    For a thousand years, there have been no great wizards in the world -- and even longer since a wizard-king reigned.Now all must welcome and fear the coming ofThe Amber WizardAs Gerin Atreyano takes his place as the Crown Prince of Khedesh after his...

  • e-book

    The Amber Isle - (An Epic Fantasy Novella)


    After years of running down dead-end clues, the rogue Never has nearly given up his quest for answers; his blood is cursed and his true name a mystery, yet no library, no healer and none who claim to know dark magics have ever been able to help.Until...

  • e-book

    The Amber Room

    Bunn, T. Davis

    An exhilarating search to recover the greatest work of art plundered during World War II. The gripping sequel toFlorian'apos;s Gate.

  • e-book

    From Amber Block

    Curry, Tom

    A giant amber block at last gives up its living, ravenous prey.

  • e-book

    Bees In Amber; A Little Book Of Thoughtful...

    Oxenham, John

    This book aims to supply the beginner possessing a few hives with such information and advice as will enabe him to obtain the best possible results from his apiary, and to carry out the few operations that are necessary throughout the year. Many of...

  • e-book

    Days of Amber

    Alex Chu

    Amber and Associates is the most successful software company in the industry's history, which is surprising since all of its employees are aloof, lazy, and downright dysfunctional. When they're not obsessing over their next smoothie fix, or walking...

  • e-book

    Saddled up - An Amber Oakley Adventure

    Birch, Penny

    An erotic novel with plenty of horsy fun and spanking by Amber Oakley.

  • e-book

    The Spirit of Amber Rose

    Christopher Wittkugle

    A galactic civil war has just ended and the galaxy teeters on the edge of anarchy. There is no fuel for interstallar space travel and many of the colonies of the Solon Impyre are cut-off from the rest of the galaxy and are spiraling into anarchy....

  • e-book

    Black Beetles in Amber

    Ambrose Bierce

    Though he is today best remembered for his acerbic satire, American writer Ambrose Bierce had a surprisingly broad range as a writer. Black Beetles in Amber is a collection of Bierce's poetry, which ranges from humorous verse to hauntingly tender...

  • e-book

    Nine Princes in Amber

    Zelazny, Roger

    One of the most revered names in science fiction and fantasy, the incomparable Roger Zelazny was honored with numerous prizes-including six Hugo and three Nebula Awards-over the course of his legendary career. Among his more than fifty books,...

  • e-book

    The Amber Spyglass - His Dark Materials 3

    Philip Pullman

    'apos;We'apos;re going to the land of the dead and we'apos;re going to come back.'apos;Will and Lyra, whose fates are bound together by powers beyond their own worlds, have been violently separated. But they must find each other, for ahead of them...

  • Songs of Amber


    Songs of Amber

  • The Amber Spyglass

    Pullman, Philip

    Lyra pays a painful price to walk through the land of the dead, while the battle for the Kingdom of Heaven rages on and ultimately unlocks the secret of Dust.

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  • The Amber Room ( Mass Market )

    Berry, Steve

    The Amber Room ( Mass Market )

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  • Dragonfly in Amber

    Gabaldon, Diana

    In eighteenth-century Scotland, Claire Randall and her raven-haired daughter, Brianna, return to the majestic hills where Claire recalls the love of her life--gallant warrior James Fraser.

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  • e-book



    1 corinthians 10:13, niv'No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under...

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