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  • Gestalt e Grupos - Uma Perspectiva Sistemica

    Tellegen,Therese Amelie

    Gestalt e Grupos - Uma Perspectiva Sistemica

  • Dicionário de Nomes Próprios


    A mãe resolve batizá-la com um nome incomum para que ela seja uma criança diferente, uma mulher especial. A menina cresce e confirma seu destino. Suas obsessões de perfeição e de ser para sempre uma criança são, ao mesmo tempo, caminhos e obstáculos...

  • A Metafísica dos Tubos


    Uma das maiores escritoras de língua francesa da atualidade, Amélie Nothomb é autora de As catilinárias e Higiene do assassino, publicados pela Record. Esta é a história de sua própria infância no Japão. Um romance que já vendeu meio milhão de...

  • Stupeur Et Tremblements

    Nothomb, Amelie

    Au début des années 1990, la narratrice est embauchée par Yumimoto, une puissante firme japonaise. Elle va découvrir à ses dépens l’implacable rigueur de l’autorité d’entreprise, en même temps que les codes de conduite, incompréhensibles au profane,...

  • Amelie Rives, Vol. 2 Of 2 (Classic Reprint)

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from Amelie Rives, Vol. 2 of 2 To Eunice, however, the hours of waiting were almost intolerable. She knew him thoroughly in most respects, but this situation was so unlike any in which they had ever been placed before, that she could not...

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  • audio livro

    Amelie & Andou


    Amelie & Andous Podcast i samarbete med tidningen Frida.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Journal D'hirondelle

    Nothomb, Amelie

    C'est une histoire d'amour dont les épisodes ont été mélangés par un fou.A. N.

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  • e-book

    Saving Amelie


    2015 Carol award finalist!Increasingly wary of her father’s genetic research, Rachel Kramer has determined that this trip with him to Germany—in the summer of 1939—will be her last. But a cryptic letter from her estranged friend, begging Rachel for...

  • The Room On Rue Amelie


    For fans of Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale and Martha Hall Kelly's Lilac Girls, this powerful novel of fate, resistance, and family--by the international bestselling author of The Sweetness of Forgetting and When We Meet Again--tells the tale of...

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  • o Lobinho Vermelho

    Amélie Fléchais

    Uma mamãe loba pede ao seu pequeno filho, que veste uma capa vermelha, para levar um coelho a sua vovó loba, que não pode mais caçar. Apesar dos conselhos de sua mãe, o lobinho se distraiu com os encantos da floresta e perdeu o caminho para a casa de...

  • e-book


    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Full-page color photos and simple text will captivate readers as they focus on the habitats, behaviors, and physical adaptations of the lion.

  • e-book


    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Full-page color photos and simple text will captivate readers as they focus on the habitats, behaviors, and physical adaptations of the elephant.

  • e-book

    Ancient Roman Technology

    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    To this day, the Romans are admired for their technological know-how and massive, well-designed public works projects. Learn how the Romans ensured a clean water supply for their cities, used volcanic ash to make long-lasting concrete, created the...

  • e-book

    Leopards - Silent Stalkers

    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Readers will get a close look at the predatory leopard through exciting and informative text enhanced by bold photography.

  • e-book

    Lions - King of the Beasts

    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Readers will get a close look at the powerful lion through exciting and informative text enhanced by bold photography.

  • e-book

    Cheetahs - World'apos;s Fastest Cats

    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Readers will get a close look at the predatory cheetah through exciting and informative text enhanced by bold photography.

  • e-book

    Jaguars - World'apos;s Strongest Cats

    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Readers will get a close look at the ferocious jaguar through exciting and informative text enhanced by bold photography.

  • e-book

    Tigers - World'apos;s Largest Cats

    Amelie,Von Zumbusch,

    Readers will get a close look at the powerful tiger through exciting and informative text enhanced by bold photography.

  • e-book

    Michelle Obama - Our First Lady

    Von Zumbusch Amelie

    This informative book invites readers to meet Michelle Obama, the first African-American First Lady of the United States. Children will discover details about her career, her contributions to her husband's presidential campaign, and her new life as...

  • e-book

    Barack Obama - Man of Destiny

    Von Zumbusch Amelie

    This biography will satisfy young readers' curiosities about the life of America's 44th president. They'll read about Barack Obama's personal milestones and outstanding achievements, from his childhood to his historic election as the first...

  • e-book

    The True Story of the Battle of Lexington and...


    From who fired the first shot to the Minutemens' heroic defense of freedom, this book explores the mythic tale of the first battle of the American Revolution.

  • As Quatro Vidas de Amélie Fontaine


    Amélie Fontaine é filha de um casal francês que se muda para São Paulo, quando o pai, engenheiro, passa a trabalhar na filial brasileira de um laboratório parisiense. Desde pequena, ela tem visões da avó desencarnada e até conversa com ela. Os pais,...

  • e-book

    Erotica (the collected works of Amelie)


    At last, available in one collection, the works of Amelie.In this volume are 4 rich, diverse and substantial stories to satisfy the adult appetite.There's romance, escapism, passion and raw sex in spades.EROTICA - Browsing through the pages of an...

  • e-book

    O Segredo de Amelie


    Nesta historinha, os leitores são levados a acompanhar um dia na vida de Amelie em casa, na escola, na horta da escola e eventualmente descobrir seu segredo. Seu segredo é seu bilinguismo.

  • e-book

    Shoes for Amélie

    Connie, Colker Steiner

    As World War II wages across Europe, Lucien wonders about the strangers who come to stay in his village, only to depart in secrecy a few days later. One day a young girl named Amelie appears on his doorstep. Through their friendship, Lucien learns of...

  • Greve de Vida

    Boutavant,Marc; Couture,Amélie

    Lucie perdeu a avó com quem morava desde a morte da mãe, e por isso precisa mudar de casa, de cidade e de família. Passa por um momento difícil e então resolve fazer uma 'Greve de Vida'.

  • e-book

    Alphabetical Orders


    Maybe it was turning forty that made Simon curious, who knows? He'd never asked about sex before and suddenly he was pestering me about all sorts of things. What did I like? Was there anything he could do better? Did he ever do anything that turned...

  • Memories Of Queen Amelie Of Portugal (Classic...


    Excerpt from Memories of Queen Amelie of Portugal Malevolence and falsehood will mould their shape, and the impossibility of sounding the depths of their troubles condemns them to that degradation which the Queen of Egypt could not tolerate. In...

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  • Fear and Trembling

    Nothomb, Amelie

    A hapless young Western woman spends a year toiling in a Japanese company, making one terrible cultural blunder after another as she struggles to survive in an unfamiliar environment. By the author of The Stranger Next Door and Loving Sabotage....

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Pour être tien


    Seguito di Fuori dall'apos;oscurità Serie Un cavallo nell'apos;ombra, Libro 3 Jeff, Evan e Dan vivono insieme felici da due anni. Ci sono ancora dei problemi, soprattutto tra Evan e Dan, ma la maggior parte delle volte riescono a trasformare le...

  • Loving Sabotage

    Nothomb, Amelie; Wilson,Andrew (TRN)

    The daughter of a diplomat posted to Peking for three years in the mid-1970s discovers the pains and joys of love and life as she becomes infatuated with a childhood companion.

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  • The Book of Proper Names

    Nothomb, Amelie; Whiteside,Shaun

    Accepted to a prestigious French ballet school after being raised by an eccentric aunt, imaginative young Plectrude faces the ambiguities of the ballet world, pushes her body beyond its limits, and eventually commits an act of outrageous audacity in...

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  • Fear And Trembling

    Nothomb, Amelie

    Fear And Trembling

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  • The Character of Rain

    Nothomb, Amelie; Bent,Timothy (TRN)

    The author of Fear and Trembling serves up a fascinating novel about memory and early childhood, delving deeply into the secret life of an infant on verge of sensual discovery. Reader's Guide included. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • Filhos de Peixe

    Amelie Nina; André Cunha; Guilherme Albuquerque

    Reunimos dez autores mirins em um livro recheado de humor, fantasia e aventura. Todos os textos foram escritos por jovens de até 12 anos de idade, sob a orientação depais e avós escritores, que acompanharam de perto o processo de criação. O resultado...

  • e-book

    The Brothers Sisters


    Pierre LeBlanc is devastated by the untimely death of his beloved wife, Sylvie, killed in a car accident on her way from Paris to Versailles. Nothing seems to help, until he re-discovers his love for swimming. As he puts the pieces of his world back...

  • Home-sewn French Style


    Fill your home with the best of classic and contemporary French style. With these 35 stunning projects for homeware and clothes, you can capture the beauty of French design. Each chapter looks at a different style: L'elegance des Chateaux de la Loire...

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  • Saúde e Cidadania - As Experiências do Brasil...

    Amélie Nguyen; Marion Gerbier; Zulmira Hartz; Contandriopoulos

     Esta obra foi realizada tendo por base textos preparados para o primeiro simpósio internacional da Conferência Luso-Francófona da Saúde (COLUFRAS). A presente obra foi concebida como um diálogo entre as problemáticas que ocorrem no Quebec e aquelas...

  • I Love To Sleep - Deluxe Touch-and-feel


    I Love to Sleep is an interactive touch-and-feel board book for the smallest of sleepers, designed with a dozen different textures for small fingers to explore. Babies will find objects from a touchable pacifier to an inviting crib, all identified in...

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  • Identity, Character, and Morality

    Flanagan,Owen; Rorty,Amelie Oksenberg

    Identity, Character, and Morality

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  • Let's Go New York City

    Sng,Daryl; Cherlin,Amelie; Let's Go Inc.; Van Der Zee,Avra; Barnes,Daniel; Kleinerman,Seth; Let's Go Inc. (COR)

    Let's Go New York City

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  • e-book

    On the Politics of Ignorance in Nursing and...

    Rudge,Trudy; Perron,Amelie

    Ignorance is mostly framed as a void, a gap to be filled with appropriate knowledge. In nursing and health care, concerns about ignorance fuel searches for knowledge expected to bring certainty to care provision, preventing risk, accidents, or...

  • e-book

    Refashioning Secularisms in France and Turkey...

    Amelie Barras

    Over the past few years, secularism has become an intrinsic component of discussions on religious freedom and religious governance. The question of whether states should restrict the wearing of headscarves and other religious symbols has been...




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