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15 produtos
  • The Master Guide To Drawing Anime - How To...


    Nothing satisfies anime artists more than creating original characters for comics and graphic novels and bestselling author Christopher Hart helps them achieve this goal. He provides insight into the six most popular anime types, from schoolgirls and...

  • Gungrave Anime Manga

    Nightow,Yasuhiro; Madhouse

    Gungrave Anime Manga

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  • Anime From Akira To Howl's Moving Castle

    Napier,Susan J.

    Thoroughly revised and updated, a new edition of the best-selling analysis of the art of Japanese animation looks at the history and evolution of the genre, explores anime's portrayal of social and cultural themes, and includes new chapters on recent...

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  • Piccole Anime (Classic Reprint)

    Serao, Matilde

    Excerpt from Piccole Anime Un giorno aveva avuto una madre scarna, mendica anche lei. Vagavano ambedue per le vie di Porto, cercando l'elemosina. Mangiavano spesso del pane e dormivano in un sottoscala, sulla paglia, la figlia col capo in grunho alla...

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  • Interpreting Anime


    For students, fans, and scholars alike, this wide-ranging primer on anime employs a panoply of critical approaches Well-known through hit movies like Spirited Away, Akira, and Ghost in the Shell, anime has a long history spanning a wide range of...

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  • The Anime Ecology - A Genealogy Of Television...


    A major work destined to change how scholars and students look at television and animation With the release of author Thomas Lamarre's field-defining study The Anime Machine, critics established Lamarre as a leading voice in the field of Japanese...

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  • 500 Essential Anime Movies - The Ultimate...


    From gargantuan technicolor robots to the ghost of a sixteen-year-old French maiden to an unsettling futuristic version of The Matrix, 500 ESSENTIAL ANIME MOVIES is a vivid full-color celebration of the top 500 animation films available in English....

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  • Il Signore Delle Anime


    Protagonista di questo romanzo ambientato all'indomani della prima guerra mondiale è Dario Asfar, un giovane medico che trascina un'esistenza miserabile, nel Sud della Francia, accettando richieste e compromessi umilianti. Proviene dai bassifondi di...

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  • Stray Dog of Anime


    Stray Dog of Anime

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  • Johannis Wyclif Miscellanea Philosophica,...


    Excerpt from Johannis Wyclif Miscellanea Philosophica, Vol. 1: Containing De Actibus Anime; Replicacio De Universalibus; De Materia Et Forma So great a fall from such a height does not in the least imply that Wyclif, whether in the past or now, has...

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  • Anime Essentials


    Anime Essentials

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  • The Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki


    'This work considers the visual conventions of Japanese comic books and animated films, Miyazaki's early foray into comic books and animation, the Studio Ghibli era, and the company's development. It analyzes all of Miyazaki's productions between...

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  • The Anime Encyclopedia

    Clements,Jonathan; McCarthy,Helen

    The Anime Encyclopedia

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  • The Anime Companion 2


    Entries covers Japanese life and culture with specific references to the subject in anime and manga.

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  • The Art of Inuyasha Anime Art Gallery


    The Art of Inu-yasha collects color illustrations of Inu-yasha for the first time in an English edition! This book contains paintings and designs from the hit anime series now available on DVD from Viz Video. INu-yasha made its U.S. debut on August...

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