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  • O P do Pato

    Ana Terra

    Dona Pata e sua Patota foram ao lago nadar. Eles nem imaginavam em que isso ia dar: umas letrinhas trocadas e uma grande confusão.Quem é que vai ajudar a resolver a situação?

  • Manual Ilustrado Identificação e Contagem de...

    Sant' Anna,Célia L.; Azevedo,Maria Teresa de P.

    A idéia de elaborar um manual sobre as espécies potencialmente tóxicas de cianobactérias surgiu da crescente demanda sobre informações a respeito desses organismos e dos problemas que trazem para o meio ambiente e para saúde pública. Dessa forma,...

  • Introdução À Computação - Hardware, Software...

    Carvalho, André C. P. L. F. De; Lorena, Ana Carolina

    “Introdução à Computação: Hardware, Software e Dados” tem o intuito de desmistificar os conceitos dessa ciência ao apresentar, de forma simples e direta, o conhecimento necessário tanto para quem quer se aprofundar no tema quanto para profissionais...

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  • Black Beauty - Classic Starts

    Sewell,Anna; Church,Lisa R.; Corvino,Lucy

    Presents an abridged version of Black Beauty's experiences with both good and bad masters in nineteenth-century England.

  • Marco Civil da Internet No Brasil - Análise...

    Carvalho,Ana Cristina Azevedo P.

    Este livro aborda o direito de informação, analisando as normas aplicáveis ao espaço virtual que regulam os direitos e deveres dos provedores, dos usuários e do Governo, tanto antes quanto após a entrada em vigor da Lei nº 12.965/14, que instituiu o...

  • Negociação e Solução de Conflitos

    Martinelli,Dante P.; Almeida,Ana Paula de

    Os autores mostram que o uso dos estilos, bem como o conhecimento de suas características básicas, pode constituir-se num diferencial fundamental para o bom encaminhamento e busca da melhor solução possível para os conflitos que surgem na empresa, na...

  • Anna, Banana

    Rissi,Anica Mrose

    Join Anna and her beloved wiener dog Banana for some entertaining adventures with the first four books in the illustrated Anna, Banana chapter book series perfect for fans of Judy Moody, Clementine, and Ivy & Bean. The delightful chapter book series...

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  • Anna Lee Enis Bee

    Jill Jana Marie

    Meet Anna Lee Enis Bee, a magical housekeeper who sweeps, cleans, and makes homes sparkle in a snap! When her nose starts to tingle, and her hair begins to blow, you know that you are in for a show! Each time she sneezes, the supplies spring into...

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  • Anna The Adventuress (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Anna the Adventuress The terror faded from her eyes. A faint gleam of returning colour gave her at once' a more natural appearance. So far as the eye could reach, the white level road, with its fringe of elm-trees, was empty. Away off in...

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  • Anna Pomaska's Big Book Of Puzzle Fun


    Bursting with puzzles and coloring activities, this big book offers more than 100 pages of of imaginative entertainment!First, kids can follow the dots in an adventure that will take them under the sea and into outer space. Then, they'll find a...

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  • Anna Loves Elsa


    Five-year old Anna and eight-year old Elsa aren't just sisters--they're best friends! Find out why in this board book with pull-tabs, flaps, and pop-ups!

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  • My First Crossword Puzzle Book


    Cool crosswords that teach kids how to spell! Here's an entertaining way for children to sharpen their word skills while they solve delightful crossword puzzles. Twenty-five charmingly illustrated crosswords feature pictures of four different...

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  • Ana Y El Detective


    Ana. una muchacha inquieta. independiente y gran lectora de novelas policíacas. descubre por la prensa que su padre. un político muy importante. se ha planteado la posibilidad de dimitir. Preocupada por lo que le haya podido suceder. contrata al...

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  • Easy Search-A-Word Puzzles


    Twenty-six double-page puzzles invite youngsters to figure out names of pictured objects -- kite, doll, bear, ball, more -- and then locate each word on search-a-word grid. One to 4 letters of target words are given as hints. And when the search is...

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  • Anna - Col. Vénus

    S. Martinelli,P.

    Anna é uma jovem arquiteta brasileira que após sofrer uma grande desilusão amorosa e perder completamente as esperanças no amor, muda-se para Madrid com a melhor amiga para trabalhar em uma renomada empresa de arquitetura, tentando deixar para trás...

  • e-book

    Anna'apos;s Child

    J.P. Anderson

    Anna is a black nanny who is devastated when her little daughter dies in a house fire. Desperate to fill her empty arms, she begins to mother Kim, the white daughter of the family she works for in Nashville, TN. As Kim matures, it is Anna who teaches...

  • e-book

    Anna Hume - Printed Writings 1641-1700:...

    Thomas P. Roche Jr.

    Little is known of Anna Hume except as the translator of the first three of Petrach's Trionfi and also as the daughter of David Hume of Godscroft whose History of the Houses of Douglas and Angus she edited in one of its troubled versions. This...

  • Good Old Anna (Classic Reprint)

    Lowndes, Marie Belloc

    Excerpt from Good Old Anna And that is why we are both so much attached to her. Anna has all the virtues of the German woman; she is faithful, kindly, industrious, and thrifty. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • The Sleep Sheep

    Mcquinn,Anna; Shaw,Hannah

    'Mommy', Sylvie says, ' I just can't sleep!''Why don't you try counting sheep?' her mom suggests.So Sylvie tries. She shuts her eyes and imagines hundreds of sheep, all in a row. But no sooner have the sheep lined up than they start to jig. And jog....

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  • El Mapa Encantado


    Lola tiene un mapa mágico. que puede llevarla a cualquier país si lo señala con el dedo. Así es como Lola descubre un país muy curioso. con casas de pastel y monumentos de queso.*CR*PEQUEPIZCA es una colección pensada para los niños que se están...

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  • Black Beauty


    Perhaps the most celebrated animal story of the 19th century, Black Beauty is the suspenseful and deeply moving account of a horse's experiences at the hands of many owners -- some, sensitive riders who treated him gently; others, cruel drivers who...

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  • Pompeii

    Claybourne,Anna; Ball,Karen; Katie Daynes

    Each title in this series contains a vivid evocation of a major historical catastrophe, in an easy-to-follow manner. 'Pompeii' recounts the tragic story of the Italian city that came to a sudden end upon the furious eruption of the volcano Vesuvius.

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  • The H-Family - Tralinnan; Axel And Anna; And...


    Excerpt from The H-Family: Tralinnan; Axel and Anna; And Other Tales I would give something now to be sitting with my old folks in the warm chimney cor ner, and eating my Sunday greats; that would taste well, sir. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • Marcela

    García Castellano,Ana

    A Marcela. como a todos los niños. le gusta jugar. divertirse y aprender. Y aunque ya tiene cuatro años. y es mayor. al menos mayor que su hermana Daniela. todavía tiene pequeños accidentes. como cuando se despertó con la cama mojada. o el día que no...

  • Grim


    A fantastic debut from the winner of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards novel contest. When Erika wakes up after a horrific car crash, she finds herself somewhere between earth and heaven, between life and death. She doesn't want to accept help...

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  • Followers


    To tweet or not to tweet . . . what a deadly question. When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school's production of Hamlet, she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department's 'social media director' and starts tweeting half-hearted...

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  • ABC


    Youngsters learn their ABCs with the help of 26 large-format pictures and print. Includes appropriate captions.

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  • Opposites


    Sixteen pairs of words and large, amusing illustrations demonstrate the meaning of opposite quantities, directions, conditions, and more. Youngsters will have fun identifying the front and back of an elephant, meeting a bunny with a few balloons and...

  • Dinosaurs

    Pomaska, Anna

    A herd of prehistoric creatures comes to life on the pages of this exciting coloring book. Inside, you'll find 30 large pictures of the long-necked Apatosaurus and the mighty tyrannosaurus, as well as the ankylosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops,...

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  • ¡Menuda Fiesta!

    Machado,Ana Maria

    Si se acerca la fecha de tu cumpleaños y tu madre te dice: 'Puedes invitar a quien quieras'... ¡Ten cuidado!. o te puede pasar lo que a mí. y dar la fiesta más divertida y disparatada que te puedas imaginar.

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  • Black Beauty


    A handsome horse with a glossy black coat and a pretty white star on his forehead, Black Beauty seems to lead a charmed life. Although his mother warns him that there are 'bad, cruel men' in the world, he begins his life in a happy home, with a...

  • Easter Activity Book


    Easter Activity Book

  • Fearless Jane


    There are no mammals in Nadir. People there think these animals are imaginary monsters. But there is a girl who is not afraid of them: Fearless Jane.*CR*In this book. children will learn about mammals and the importance of wildlife conservation.

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  • Antes De Medianoche


    Raúl y otros tres niños han sido invitados a la fiesta de cumpleaños de Emma. pero cuando llegan se encuentran con una inquietante sorpresa: la fiesta se celebra en un jardín encantado. y si no ayudan a Emma a superar las cuatro pruebas que las...

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  • Desafiament Lunar


    A Lluís. un xiquet superheroi. se li presenta una aventura nova i sorprenent: la superheroïna Llúcia està presonera a la Lluna i ell l’ha de rescatar. Però Noir. un bruixot intergalàctic. ho vol impedir de totes totes i. per això. fa que cada dia...

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  • Planeta Miedo

    Shua,Ana María

    Ocho historias fantásticas. basadas en relatos folklóricos de distintas partes del mundo. que reunen el tema del terror con los cuentos populares. Muestran cómo la mente de los seres humanos ha imaginado seres espantosos que sirven para explicar el...

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  • Desafío Lunar


    Lucas. el niño superhéroe. se enfrenta a una nueva y sorprendente aventura: la superheroína Leonor se encuentra prisionera en la Luna y Lucas debe ir a rescatarla. Pero Noir. el hechicero intergaláctico. está dispuesto a impedírselo a cualquier...

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  • Algunos Miedos

    Machado,Ana Maria

    Algunos miedos recoge tres cuentos sobre el miedo. con un tratamiento próximo a niños y niñas de seis y siete años. El primero de los cuentos habla de superar el miedo a ciertos animales; el segundo. sobre los personajes populares utilizados para...

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  • Henna Tattoos


    Henna Tattoos

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  • Black Beauty


    Black Beauty's tale, as told by himself, is the fascinating story of the life of a horse a hundred years ago, when horses were a part of everyone's life.Although his colthood and early life were happy, Black Beauty tastes the bitterness of cruel...

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  • Rhyming Words


    This entertaining activity book, designed to introduce youngsters to the concept of rhyming words, focuses on the improbable activities of familiar animals.Children will find a dog throwing a ball against a wall, a puffin buttering her muffin, bees...

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  • El Monstruo Comerrocas


    Lucas. un superhéroe espacial. ha caído en las garras del hechicero intergaláctico Noir. que le hace dormir millones de años. Al despertar. Lucas no reconoce el paisaje: ¿es que alguien se ha comido las rocas. o existe otra explicación?*CR*Con este...

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  • Desde Mi Ventana


    Abre esta ventana y verás un barco pirata. aunque el mar esté lejos; una estrella fugaz. que podría ser un avión. y a una niña de ojos verdes que te gustará... Desde esta ventana. si observas con detenimiento y escuchas con atención. descubrirás un...

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