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  • Another - Vol. 1

    Ayatsuji,Yukito; Kiyohara,Hiro

    Tudo começa com uma história contada pelos alunos do Colégio Yomita: há 26 anos, havia um aluno chamado Misaki que, desde o primeiro ano, era uma pessoa querida por todos ao seu redor, bom aluno e ótimo atleta. Mas no terceiro ano ele caiu na turma...

  • Another - 2º Período

    Ayatsuji,Yukito; Kiyohara,Hiro

    Sem ninguém perceber, a turma 3-3 passa a ter mais um aluno na classe. E quando isso acontece, os alunos daquela turma começam a morrer um atrás do outro. Para impedir que isso aconteça, é preciso tornar um dos alunos em algo que não existe.No lugar...

  • Corpse Party - Another Child Vol. 1

    Ogata, Shunsuke

    O Colégio Satsukiyama está prestes a fechar suas portas e cada um de seus alunos seguirá para lados diferentes na vida. Tamaki Minase decide permanecer na cidade e conseguir um emprego, para ela, talvez seja a última chance de ver Yuuma Shindou, por...

  • Death Note Another Note - o Caso Dos...

    Ohba, Tsugumi; Obata,Takeshi

    Um legítimo thriller policial repleto de mistérios e com um final surpreendente. Death Note - Another Note: O Caso dos Assassinatos em Los Angeles é o empolgante prelúdio de Death Note, um dos maiores sucessos da história dos mangás, fenômeno de...

  • Corpse Party - Another Child - Vol. 3

    Ogata, Shunsuke

    O Colégio Satsukiyama está prestes a fechar suas portas e cada um de seus alunos seguirá para lados diferentes na vida. Tamaki Minase decide permanecer na cidade e conseguir um emprego, para ela, talvez seja a última chance de ver Yuuma Shindou, por...

  • Another


    In the spring of 1998, Koichi Sakakibara transfers into Class 3-3 at Yomiyama North Middle School. But little does he know...his new class has a horrible secret. When he takes his seat in class for the first day of school, Koichi is unsettled by his...

  • Corpse Party - Another Child - Vol. 2

    Ogata, Shunsuke

    O Colégio Satsukiyama está prestes a fechar suas portas e cada um de seus alunos seguirá para lados diferentes na vida. Tamaki Minase decide permanecer na cidade e conseguir um emprego, para ela, talvez seja a última chance de ver Yuuma Shindou, por...

  • e-book

    Another Fine Mess

    Klesert, Kevin

    Here we go again into Another Fine Mess as former Secretary of Defense Alicia Calhoun and Admiral Sean Phillips take command of the 21st Century US Navy Enterprise Task Force as it travels back in time once again on another mission to change...

  • Another Side - Corbin Bleu ( High School...


    O talento do ator estadunidense Corbin Bleu ficou conhecido através do filme High School Musical, espetáculo da Disney que se tornou um dos maiores fenômenos teens dos últimos tempos, onde interpretou o jogador de basquete Chad. Agora, o artista...

  • Another Mayberry


    Another Mayberry

  • e-book

    Another War

    Morden, Simon

    It starts with a mystery: an old manor house is surrounded by an impenetrable bubble, and all that lives within it seems to wither and die.Investigating, the Army find two men inside the house: men who vanished some 100 years ago but who have now...

  • e-book

    Another Enchanted April

    Arvin, Eric

    Can the idyllic simplicity of a garden change a life forever? It'apos;s a question three men on a vacation to the small seaside town of Beechwood will find the answer to when they stay at a B&B with an expansive and breathtakingly beautiful garden. A...

  • e-book

    Another Summer - The Yellowstone Park and...

    Charles J. Gillis

    Having pulled off the incredible feat of traveling the entire world -- largely by train -- in the span of seven months, author Charles J. Gillis undertakes another ambitious journey in Another Summer. This epic tour involves Alaska, Yellowstone, and...

  • e-book

    Another Dimension


    In the boundless darkness, there wait enormous unanswered and mysterious things. One of the serious of Discovery, it wonderfully interprets the mysterious, fantasy, and suspense parts of human civilization, creating a colorful cultural feast.

  • e-book

    Another Growing Up In New Guinea


    Though autobiographical, this book gives insights into other cultures in the rapidly developing nation of Papua New Guinea. Aiyura National High School(ANHS) 1978 to 86 was part of a strategy to build the new nation and break down old tribal barriers...

  • e-book

    Another Side to the Mirror

    Breugelmans, Alain-Jo L.

    Meet Christine, an orphaned teenager misunderstood by her godparents and society with an urge to be who she is. One night, she steps into an imaginary utopia called Delarte. Delarte is a place where everything is possible and everything or everyone...

  • e-book

    Another Christmas Carol - A Yuletide Fable

    Lee E. Woodard

    Charles Dickens left us with the notion that Ebenezer Scrooge was 'better than his word and became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man as the good old city knew.' Another Christmas Carol, by author Lee E. Woodard, picks up where...

  • e-book

    Another Batch of Warm Buns - Spanking short...


    Another Batch of Warm Buns is Susan Kohler's second collection of spanking short stories that include erotic, play and discipline scenarios. The stories are filled with adult women and men of various shapes and ages who enjoy giving and/or getting...

  • e-book

    Another Kind of Cinderella and Other Stories


    First published in 1996, this collection of stories tells of the ghost of a doomed romance haunting an Oxford undergraduate'apos;s idyllic summer affair; a tragedy of hopeless love and murderous frustration is played out against the backdrop of a...

  • e-book

    Another Summer

    Bockoven, Georgia

    “Bockoven is magic. Don’t miss Another Summer.”  —New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter Georgia Bockoven’s enthralling Another Summer—the sequel to her phenomenal bestseller The Beach House—is a must for fans of Jodi Picoult and Marian...

  • e-book

    Another Mother'apos;s Son

    Davey, Janet

    'apos;We'apos;re lucky to have such an intelligent chronicler of our present'apos; Tessa Hadley on Janet DaveyLorna Parry lives with her three sons, each one lurching into adulthood. Lorna struggles in the claustrophobic loneliness of her home;...

  • e-book

    Another Pocket Full of Limericks

    Antonio Moretti

    Following the success of 'A Pocket Full Of Limericks, the present title 'Another Pocket Full Of Limericks' is the second in an ongoing series of limericks and nonsense poems for children and adults. It includes a introduction to the limerick genre...

  • e-book

    Another Miserable Love Song

    Brooke Carter

    In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Kallie tries to get over her father's death and help her band at the same time.

  • e-book

    Another Step

    Adrian J Mitchell

    Another Step is Adrian J Mitchell's third contribution of deep and meaningful poetry. As a natural progression from his second collection, A Step Inside, the poet brilliantly addresses the human emotions with an exceptional understanding and grace....

  • e-book

    Another Little Piece of My Heart - My Life of...

    Richard Goldstein

    "A deeply felt and largely compelling portrait of an age that indelibly marked everyone who took part in it. Indispensable for understanding the culture of the 'apos;60s and the music that was at its heart." - starred review, Kirkus Reviews In 1966,...

  • e-book

    Another Country, Another Life - Calumny, Love...

    Boyer, J. Patrick

    Quiet Isaac Jelfs led many hard lives, his escape from each wrapped in deep secrecy. In 1869 he reached Toronto and started his new life with his new wife and his new name. His great-grandson follows that journey, revealing Jelfs'apos; well-hidden...

  • e-book

    Another Hannah

    Klassen, Mari

    ...little Mari spotted a cup on the windowsill and reached for it. No one stopped her until she started coughing in great distress. What she thought was water was actually kerosene...Mother came running, picked up the now limp little girl, and took...

  • e-book

    Another Sunday

    Cynthia Strauff

    In 1901, the beautiful, confident Celeste Wells twirls her parasol as she strolls down Baltimore's fashionable North Avenue, waiting to be noticed by the handsome, wealthy Willie Strauff. She is certain that life will deliver her dreams-love and a...

  • e-book

    Another Year Finds Me in Texas - The Civil...

    Vicki Adams Tongate

    Lucy Pier Stevens, a twenty-one-year-old woman from Ohio, began a visit to her aunt's family near Bellville, Texas, on Christmas Day, 1859. Little did she know how drastically her life would change on April 4, 1861, when the outbreak of the Civil War...

  • e-book

    Another Cup of Christmas

    Kane, Jenny

    Another Cup of Christmas is a festive sequel (of sorts!) to Jenny Kane’s fantastic debut romance, Another Cup of Coffee.

  • e-book

    Another Way....

    Martin, Anna

    Follow Jesse and Will through the years as their relationship grows. In Another Way, Jesse Ross seems happy with his college sweetheart and normal life, but on the side, he'apos;s having an affair with Dom Will Anderson. When Will admits to wanting...

  • e-book

    Another Eden

    Hampson, Anne

    <p>Susanne thought she'd landed her dream job when she got the chance to work with renowned novelist Nick Merridew. But it got even better when she met his handsome brother, Richard. After a whirlwind romance, Susanne and Richard were engaged-and...

  • e-book

    Another Heartbeat in the House

    Kate Beaufoy

    Two women living a hundred years apart. One home that binds them together. When Edie Chadwick travels to Ireland to close up her uncle'apos;s lakeside lodge, it'apos;s as much to escape the burden of guilt she'apos;s carrying as to break loose from...

  • e-book

    Just Another Viscount in Love

    Vivienne Lorret

    A brand new story in the Season's Original series from USA Today bestseller, Vivienne Lorret!As the toast of the ton, Samuel Wortham, Viscount Ellery, should have no trouble finding a wife. Yet each lady he pursues ends up married to another. As a...

  • e-book

    Another Healing

    Raiya, M.

    Another Healing: Book OneWhen James first discovers he can heal, he thinks he has a rare and miraculous gift. But when he learns the price, it feels more like a curse. He falls passionately and completely in love with every person, male or female, he...

  • e-book

    Another Waterbug is Murdered

    García-Zapata Klein, Victoria

    The second book of poetry by this San Antonio, Texas,  activist against domestic violence.

  • e-book

    Another Weird Year 4


    In time-honoured fashion,Another Weird Year 4 brings you the stories that no lover of bizarre, inexplicable and downright hilarious news items can afford to miss, all handily grouped by theme (Love and Marriage, Law and Order, Animals etc). Read...

  • e-book

    Another Door


    Just out of mourning, Mia Reading is having trouble readjusting to Society. She scoffs at the idea of reinventing herself as a sensual woman until a masquerade ball when she stumbles into the wrong room and the powerful arms of wicked Aidan Reading.

  • e-book

    Another Thing to Fall

    Lippman, Laura

    New York Times BestsellerAward-winning and New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan—first introduced in the classic Baltimore Blues—must protect an up-and-coming Hollywood actress, but when murder strikes on a TV set, the...

  • e-book

    Another Brooklyn

    Woodson, Jacqueline

    A Finalist for the 2016 National Book AwardNew York Times Bestseller A SeattleTimes pick for Summer Reading Roundup 2017The acclaimed New York Times bestselling and National Book Award–winning author of Brown Girl Dreaming delivers her first adult...

  • e-book

    Another Cup Of Coffee

    Kane, Jenny

    The amazing new romance novel from Jenny Kane is a nostalgic and tender story of love, age and forgiveness

  • e-book

    Another Chance to be Real

    Donald D. Roberts

    Object relations theory has been useful in understanding borderline personality disorder, and from this theoretical orientation have emerged effective approaches to its treatment. However, treatment based on the object relations model has tended to...

  • e-book

    Another Part of the Wood

    Mackail, Denis

    First published in 1929, this is the tale of Miss Ursula Brett, known to her friends as Noodles, who gets sent back to her seaside school by her miserly uncle after apparently encouraging improper advances from the persistent and slimy Mr Fitzgibbon....

  • e-book

    Another Study of Woman

    Honore de Balzac
    (3164540) present you this new edition. To Leon Gozlan as a Token of Literary Good-fellowship.

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