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  • Fundações - Ensaios Estáticos e Dinâmicos

    Cintra,José Carlos A.; Aoki,Nelson; Tsuha,Cristina H.C.; Giacheti,Heraldo L.

    'Fundaçõe - ensaios estáticos e dinâmicos' aborda tanto os ensaios de investigação geotécnica – o SPT (dinâmico) e o CPT/CPTu (quase estático), utilizados na fase de projeto de uma fundação – como as provas de carga estática e dinâmica, empregadas...

  • Beyblade

    Aoki,Takao; Burke,Fred

    Tyson is determined to be the best Beyblader possible, but he will have to face many opponents and learn from his mistakes to succeed.

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  • Steve Aoki - Neon Future. II - Deluxe -...


    Steve Aoki, um dos maiores DJs da atualidade lança Neon Future II, um álbum com 12 músicas inéditas que vão alucinar as pistas de dança. O álbum, versão de luxo com capa em relevo. Neon Future II une a excelência de mixagem e produção de Steve Aoki...

  • Sunshine Sketch vol. 1


    Accepted to a high school specializing in the arts, Yuno moves into a nearby apartment complex to make her commute easier. Just a few days into her new routine, she quickly discovers that creativity doesn't end with the art school bell! Her neighbors...

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  • Beyblade Extreme Rotation Shoot


    Beyblade Extreme Rotation Shoot

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  • Beyblade

    Aoki,Takao; Burke,Fred; Aoki,Takao (ART)

    Tyson is determined to be the best Beyblader possible, but he will have to face many opponents and learn from his mistakes to succeed.

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  • Sunshine Sketch vol. 3


    Hidamari Apartments is really starting to feel like home as Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, and Sae grow closer and closer through their daily adventures at art school-like sketching excursions, celebrating the holidays, and exploring the Seven Mysteries of...

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  • Sunshine Sketch vol. 4


    Nothing much has changed at the Hidamari Apartments for some time: Miyako's her usual, wacky self; Sae's still writing novels; Hiro's worrying about her weight; and Yuno's still as thoughtful and adorable as ever! But believe it or not, time has been...

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  • Sunshine Sketch vol. 6


    @font-face { font-family: 'Cambria'; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman'; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Real life and growing up are bearing down fast upon the...

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  • Sunshine Sketch Vol. 7


    With Sae and Hiro staring their college entrance exams straight in the face, the underclassmen of Hidamari Apartments are reminded that their own graduation is just a short time away...but there's still plenty of time for the girls to make fun...

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  • Sunshine Sketch vol. 5


    With the innocent first-years Nazuna-chan and Nori-chan rounding out the quirky cast of residents at the Hidamari Apartments, every day is shaping up to be quite...erm, interesting! When Yuno manages to lose a battle with a toilet for her house key,...

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  • Sunshine Sketch Vol. 8


    All good things must come to an end, and with Sae and Hiro's graduation, the two girls bid farewell to Hidamari Apartments. But they aren't the only ones who have to face the future head-on. Yuno, now in her third year, is struggling with career...

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  • Sunshine Sketch vol. 2


    Daily life at the Hidamari Apartments goes on as the girls continue their art studies. Trips to the zoo, onsen excursions, and school projects fill their days as yuno, Miya, Sae, and Hiro's friendships deepen. Take another peek into the lives of...

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  • Neon Future. I - Digipack


    'Neon Future I' trás o melhor do mundo eletrônico em um único disco levando os fãs a se sentirem dentro de um Festival. Para completar, conta com participações de grandes nomes da música Pop como Afrojack, william, Fall Out Boy, Kid Ink e outros....

  • Beyblade 9

    Aoki,Takao; Aoki,Takao (ART)

    Tyson is determined to be the best Beyblader possible, but he will have to face many opponents and learn from his mistakes to succeed.

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  • e-book

    Reconstructing Macroeconomics

    Yoshikawa,Hiroshi; Aoki,masanao

    The authors treat macroeconomic models as composed of large numbers of micro-units or agents of several types, and explicitly discuss stochastic dynamic and combinatorial aspects of interactions among them. In mainstream macroeconomics sound...

  • Recurso Especial e Ação Rescisória - Controle...

    Aoki Carneiro,Tânia

    A obra analisa dois remédios processuais importantíssimos para o controle da ofensa à norma jurídica, quais sejam: o recurso especial e a ação rescisória, com enfoque nas hipóteses de cabimento constantes, respectivamente, do artigo 105, inciso III,...

  • Fruits



  • Toward a Comparative Institutional Analysis


    Toward a Comparative Institutional Analysis

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  • Modeling Aggregate Behavior And Fluctuations...

    Aoki, Masanao; Aoki,masanao

    Modeling Aggregate Behavior And Fluctuations In Economics

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  • The White Swan Express

    Aoki,Elaine Mei; Okimoto,Jean Davies; So,Meilo (ilt)

    Across North America, people in four different homes prepare for a special trip to China, while four baby girls in China await their new adoptive parents.

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  • e-book

    Modeling Aggregate Behavior and Fluctuations...


    This book has two components: stochastic dynamics and stochastic random combinatorial analysis. The first discusses evolving patterns of interactions of a large but finite number of agents of several types. Changes of agent types or their choices or...

  • e-book

    Glycome Informatics - Methods and...

    Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita

    A Focused, State-of-the-Art Overview of This Evolving FieldPresents Various Techniques for GlycoinformaticsThe development and use of informatics tools and databases for glycobiology and glycomics research have increased considerably in recent years....

  • e-book

    Entropy Principle for the Development of...

    Aoki, Ichiro

    The concept of entropy in thermodynamics is a complex one, though it is fundamental in understanding physics, the workings of the mind, and biology. Entropy is the measure of the quality of energy, and it can also refer to the turn from order to...

  • e-book

    Curriculum in a New Key - The Collected Works...

    Aoki,Ted T.

    Ted T. Aoki, the most prominent curriculum scholar of his generation in Canada, has influenced numerous scholars around the world.Curriculum in a New Key brings together his work, over a 30-year span, gathered here under the themes of...

  • e-book

    Topological Theory of Dynamical Systems -...

    Aoki,N.; Hiraide,K.

    This monograph aims to provide an advanced account of some aspects of dynamical systems in the framework of general topology, and is intended for use by interested graduate students and working mathematicians. Although some of the topics discussed...

  • e-book

    Gaze Interaction and Applications of Eye...

    Majaranta, Päivi; Aoki,Hirotaka; Majaranta,P. IVI; Mick Donegan

    Recent advances in eye tracking technology will allow for a proliferation of new applications. Improvements in interactive methods using eye movement and gaze control could result in faster and more efficient human computer interfaces, benefitting...

  • e-book

    Application of Invariant Embedding to Reactor...

    Shimizu,Akinao; Aoki,Katsutada

    Application of Invariant Embedding to Reactor Physics describes the application of the method of invariant embedding to radiation shielding and to criticality calculations of atomic reactors. The authors intend to show how this method has been...

  • e-book

    Optimization of Stochastic Systems - Topics...


    Optimization of Stochastic Systems

  • Fundações Diretas - Projetos Geotécnicos

    Cintra,José Carlos A.; Aoki,Nelson; Albiero,José Henrique

    'Fundações Diretas' aborda os principais conceitos da Engenharia de Fundações, como filosofia de projeto, capacidade de carga, recalques e tensão admissível. A obra tem o propósito de ser um livro texto de graduação, mostra vários exercícios...

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  • Fundações Por Estacas - Projeto Geotécnico

    Cintra,José Carlos A.; Aoki,Nelson

    Imprescindível para estudantes de engenharia civil, aborda de forma inovadora os conceitos de segurança e da probabilidade de ruína aplicados às fundações por estacas, além de tratar com clareza das principais variáveis em obras com fundações por...

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  • Aoki


    Aoki é uma kokeshi - uma bonequinha de madeira muito conhecida pelas crianças japonesas - e vai para Tóquio visitar sua amiga Yoko. Os leitores vão ajudá-la a arrumar as malas, acompanhá-la em uma viagem no trem mais rápido do país, ver cerejeiras em...

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  • Fisiologia, Treinamento e Nutrição Aplicados...

    Aoki,Marcelo Saldanha

    O futebol é o esporte mais popular do mundo. Seu crescimento espantoso, em países como o Japão e os Estados Unidos, demonstram o grande poder de sedução deste esporte. As ciências do esporte também têm demonstrado crescente interesse pelo futebol....

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  • Nutrição No Esporte

    Bacurau,Reury Frank; Aoki,Marcelo Saldanha

    A alimentação é considerada uma ferramenta que pode atenuar as consequências do estresse gerado pelo exercício físico. Desse pressuposto, surge a hipótese de que alimentação adequada garantiria o desempenho atlético em treinamentos e competições (ou...

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  • Regime Global de Biodiversidade - O Caso...

    Inoue,Cristina Yumie Aoki

    O conceito de regime internacional de biodiversidade é conhecido pelos estudiosos dos temas ambientais globais. Geralmente seu foco é nas relações interestatais e no processo em torno da implementação das convenções ambientais. Biólogos...

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  • New Horizons In Low-Dimensional Electron...

    H. Aoki; M. Tsukada; M. Schl]ter

    Recent dramatic progress in solid state physics, as highlighted by novel phenomena in semiconductor heterostructures or intercalation compounds and by high Tc superconductivity, is a fascinating outcome of the interaction between the physicists and...

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