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  • Arte Contemporânea - Uma História Concisa -...

    Archer, Michael

    Durante os últimos 40 amos, mudanças profundas e variadas ocorreram na arte, tendo a divergência de estilo como característica mais marcante. Este panorama explora de maneira brilhante a eterna questão - a de relação da arte com a vida cotidiana -...

  • O Segredo Mais Bem Guardado - As Crônicas de...

    Archer, Jeffrey

    Uma saga familiar refletida em triunfo e tragédia. A Segunda Guerra Mundial finalmente chegou ao fim. Harry Clifton volta aos Estados Unidos para fazer com que seu último romance entre para a lista dos best-sellers do The New York Times, enquanto sua...

  • Roteador Wireless TP-Link Ac750 Archer C20...


    Roteador Wireless Archer C20 Dual Band AC750Conexões simultâneas de 300Mbps em 2.4GHz e 433Mbps em 5GHz somando 733Mbps de disponibilidade total de largura de banda – Compatível com o padrão 802.11ac standard – a nova geração do Wi-Fi.• 2 antenas...

  • e-book

    Ericca Archer - Living On the Run


    'What do you want, Ericca Archer? The palace isn't the worst place to be a slave. You have fine clothes, three squares, a comfy bed, and, if you want, a pretty girl like you, plenty of . . . very expensive baubles to grace your lovely neck. What more...

  • Roteador Wireless TP-Link Ac1750 Archer C7...


    Roteador Wireless Archer C7 Gigabit Dual Band AC1750Compatível com o padrão 802.11ac - a nova geração do Wi-Fi. Conexões simultâneas de 2.4GHz 450Mbps e 5GHz 1300Mbps para um total de 1.75Gbps de largura de banda disponível.• Duas Portas USB -...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 22

    Lente, Fred Van

    Dead celebrities, an extra-dimensional hotel, the truth about The Doors...and that was all in our first issue! Fred Van Lente'apos;s ground-breaking run continues as Archer & Armstrong face off against their greatest foe, The Lizard King, as the fate...

  • e-book



    Archer McKenzie is a modern day wizard whose heritage dates back to the sixteenth century. While Archer has a wealth of magical talents at his disposal, he chooses to live under the radar with a day job as a private investigator.Popular artist, Kirby...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 21

    Lente, Fred Van

    Living it up at the Hotel California!Dead celebrities, an extra-dimensional hotel, the truth about The Doors...and that was all in our first issue! Fred Van Lente'apos;s ground-breaking run continues as Archer & Armstrong face off against their...

  • e-book

    Archer'apos;s Luck

    Roberts, Ed

    When drifter Lew Archer meets a priest, while travelling along a lonely road in Texas; he thinks nothing of it. But this chance encounter sets in motion a train of events which, strange to relate, sees Archer undertaking to escort a party of nuns...

  • e-book

    Archer's Goon

    Jones, Diana Wynne

    The trouble started when Howard Sykes came home from school and found the 'goon' sitting in the kitchen. He said he'd been sent by Archer. But who was Archer? It had to do with the 2,000 words that Howard's author father had failed to deliver.It soon...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong - Archer Issue 0

    Lente, Fred Van

    Once upon a time...a baby went into Project Rising Spirit...Who is Obadiah Archer, where did he come from, and how can he do the incredible things that he can do? (Which is everything, remember?) Fresh off the shocking conclusion of the Sect Civil...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 19

    Lente, Fred Van

    MISSION IMPROBABLE - PART 3 (of 4)! Archer & Armstrong elbow in on Bloodshot'apos;s home turf!Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps have captured Obadiah Archer and jailed him within their secret compound - but have they trapped Archer or has Archer trapped...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 17

    Lente, Fred Van

    The SECT CIVIL WAR reaches its earth-shattering climax!(...and for once we mean that literally)! ARCHER versus ARMSTRONG! An incredible second identity for MARY-MARIA! Obadiah Archer gets a bold new role - and mission! The secret of the MASTER...

  • Só o Tempo Dirá

    Archer, Jeffrey

    A vida de Harry Clifton começa em 1920, com os dizeres: “Disseram-me que meu pai havia morrido na guerra.” Harry não conheceu o pai, um trabalhador das docas de Bristol, e é através do tio que aprende tudo sobre esse universo. Stan, por sua vez,...

  • Roteador AC TP-Link Archer C20i 750Mbps, LAN,...


    802.11ac – A Nova Geração do Wi-FiO Archer C20i da TP-Link vem com a nova geração do Wi-Fi – 802.11ac, também compatível com 802.11n e 3x mais rápido que roteadores N. Com maior eficiência e segurança robusta, o 802.11ac é o jeito perfeito de dar...

  • Os Pecados do Pai - Vol. 2 As Crônicas de...

    Archer, Jeffrey

    Apenas alguns dias antes de a Inglaterra declarar guerra à Alemanha, Harry Clifton foge e se junta à Marinha Mercante. Mas quando seu navio é afundado no Atlântico, um navio de cruzeiro americano resgata alguns sobreviventes, entre eles Harry e o...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 9

    Lente, Fred Van

    It'apos;s all over for the Eternal Warrior!Gilad and Armstrong must set aside their sibling rivalry long enough to defeat the deadly new champion of The Null... ARCHER! It'apos;s win or go home (i.e. 'quot;die'quot;) as 'quot;Wrath of the Eternal...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 5

    Lente, Fred Van

    ALL-NEW ARC! No one in the Valiant Universe is more dangerous or more experienced in the art of war than the undying Eternal Warrior. After thousands of years on the battlefield, he'apos;s a master of strategy and weaponry, an unrelenting force of...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 7

    Lente, Fred Van

    Who shoots The Shootist?!What would an Eternal Warrior be without an immortal enemy? For centuries, The Shootist - the Sect'apos;s most feared assassin - has been a pivotal player in world events. Now he has Archer & Armstrong in his sights! With...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 14

    Lente, Fred Van

    All-new arc, all-new jumping-on point! SECT CIVIL WAR starts here!Every enemy. Against each other.For centuries, the cloak-and-dagger coalition of conspiracies collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring silent oppression and...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 13

    Lente, Fred Van

    ...and then things got really out of hand!When the war for the Faraway descends into all-out chaos, can the combined forces of Archer, Armstrong, Mary Maria and a whole mess of dinosaurs be enough to defeat General Redacted and his 500 Shades of...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong Issue 25

    Lente, Fred Van; John Layman

    IT ALL ENDS HERE...SERIOUSLY...THIS TIME IT LITERALLY ALL ENDS HERE. (MAYBE?!) Be here front and center as the original creative team of Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry lead off a 48-page A&A hollapalooza honoring Valiant'apos;s most dysfunctional...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 4

    Lente, Fred Van

    Archer & Armstrong make their last stand against The Sect high in the Himalayas!Every clan of The Sect has gathered together for the first time in millennia to harness the unthinkable, sanity-shattering destruction of the mythical Book. But one piece...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 0

    Lente, Fred Van

    Here, for the first time, the one hundred percent true story of the Epic of Gilgamesh can finally be told... A tale of three warriors, the adventuring Anni-Padda - three immortal brothers that would one day roam the Valiant Universe as Armstrong, the...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 3

    Lente, Fred Van

    Those email forwards Grandma sends you? Every lurid cover of every supermarket tabloid? That website rambling on about truthers, birthers and black ops alien greys working for the U.N.? ALL TRUE. The Sect has dragged a curtain of confusion across the...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 1

    Lente, Fred Van

    After years of training, Obadiah Archer has been dispatched to New York City to root out and kill the infamous Great Satan of his parents'apos; sect. Unfortunately, dying has never been easy for Archer'apos;s target - the hard-drinking year-old...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 2

    Lente, Fred Van

    In the Valiant Universe, even secrets have secrets. Have you heard the one about The Michelangelo Code? Inside a Masonic crypt beneath Wall Street, The One Percent engineer a financial apocalypse that will save the dollar, but could destroy the...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 15

    Lente, Fred Van

    WARNING: This is no longer a (FINGER QUOTES) 'quot;fun'quot; comic.Now that the Sect Civil War has begun, it is now a (FINGER QUOTES) 'quot;grim'quot; and (FINGER QUOTES) 'quot;gritty'quot; work of (REAL QUOTES) 'quot;sequential literature'quot; with...

  • e-book

    Archer& Armstrong (2012) Issue 6

    Lente, Fred Van

    The all-new Geomancer must battle the 'quot;Wrath of the Eternal Warrior.'quot; Throughout all of human history, the sacred lineage of the Geomancers has protected Earth from all who would seek to do it harm. But, now, a new Geomancer has been chosen...

  • Falsa Impressão

    Archer, Jeffrey

    Em 'Falsa Impressão', Anna Petrescu é uma das melhores avaliadoras de arte em Nova York. O único problema é que ela trabalha para o empresário vigarista Bryce Fenston, imigrante romeno que conquistou a cidade dos negócios praticando transações...

  • Adaptador Wi-Fi USB TP-Link Archer T4u...


    802.11ac – A Nova Geração do Wi-FiO Archer T4U da TP-LINK já vem com a nova tecnologia de padrão Wi-Fi – o 802.11ac, 3x mais rápido que qualquer adaptador com tecnologia N. São 867Mbps de velocidade em frequência mais limpa de 5GHz e mais 300Mbps em...

  • e-book

    Archer'apos;s Quest


    In Dorchester, New York, Kevin is doing his homework when suddenly an arrow comes out of nowhere and pins his baseball cap to the wall. The man who shot the arrow claims he fell off a tiger . . . and wound up in Kevin’s room. It’s not long before...

  • Archer's Quest

    Park, Linda Sue

    When Chu-mong, an ancient archer, lands in his bedroom due to a time-traveling debacle, Kevin is in shock at his arrival and grand tales, yet after looking into his incredible story regarding a fight to win a throne and save his people in ancient...

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  • As Trilhas da Glória

    Archer, Jeffrey

    Algumas pessoas têm sonhos tão extraordinários que, quando conseguem realizá-los, ganham lugar na história. Mas e se um homem tiver um sonho assim e, após concretizá-lo, não houver nenhuma prova de que alcançou sua ambição?

  • e-book

    The Archer's Tale

    Bernard Cornwell

    A brutal raid on the quiet coastal English village of Hookton in 1342 leaves but one survivor: a young archer named Thomas. On this terrible dawn, his purpose becomes clear -- to recover a stolen sacred relic and pursue to the ends of the earth the...

  • e-book

    Jack Archer


    Author G. A. Henty and his brother Frederick both served in the Crimean War; Henty parlayed his experience into a budding career as a war correspondent and journalist, while his brother Frederick was killed within weeks of his deployment. Henty used...

  • e-book

    Jack Archer

    G.A.Henty; 1stWorld Library

    The first day of term cannot be considered a cheerful occasion. As the boys arrive on the previous evening, they have so much to tell each other, are so full of what they have been doing, that the chatter and laughter are as great as upon the night...

  • e-book

    Stephen Archer and Other Tales

    MacDonald, George; 1stWorld Library

    Stephen Archer was a stationer, bookseller, and newsmonger in one of the suburbs of London. The newspapers hung in a sort of rack at his door, as if for the convenience of the public to help themselves in passing. On his counter lay penny weeklies...

  • e-book

    Os pecados do pai - As crônicas de Clifton -...

    Jeffrey Archer

    Neste segundo volume de As Crônicas de Clifton, lealdades familiares chegam ao limite à medida que novos segredos são revelados. Apenas alguns dias antes de a Inglaterra declarar guerra à Alemanha, Harry Clifton foge e se junta à Marinha Mercante....

  • e-book

    How to Archer


    Lying is like 95% of what I do. But believe me: in this book, I’ll let you know exactly how to become a master spy just like me. Obviously, you won’t be as good at it as I am, but that’s because you’re you, and I’m Sterling Archer. I know, I know, it...

  • e-book

    Morgan and Archer - A Novella

    Burrowes, Grace

    This sparkling short story by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes ties back to her popular Windham series. Archer Portmaine is investigating a plot against the Crown when he meets Morgan James, a young lady who believes her...

  • e-book

    The Advanced Fitness Instructor'apos;s...

    Archer, David; Coulson, Morc

    TheAdvanced Fitness Instructor'apos;s Handbook follows on from The Fitness Instructor'apos;s Handbook.It is the first textbook to cover the National Occupational Standardsand the Qualifications framework for Level 3 and Level 4 Instructorsteaching...

  • Kane & Abel

    Archer, Jeffrey; Harding,Jeff (NRT)

    William Lowell Kane, a millionaire financier, and Abel Rosnovski, a Polish immigrant and head of a hotel empire, play out their intense personal hatred for each other until its inevitable and ironic conclusion.

  • O Segredo do Best-Seller

    Archer, Jodie

    Se perguntarmos para a maioria das pessoas sobre sucesso no mundo dos livros de ficção, vamos ouvir que é um jogo incerto de bolas de cristal. As vendas de E. L. James ou de Dan Brown parecem uma excentricidade — ocorrências aleatórias em um mercado...

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