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  • Arte de Projetar Em Arquitetura - 18ª Ed....




    A 18ª edição deste manual mundialmente reconhecido pode ser considerada uma nova edição. Por um lado, conservou-se a magnífica proposta do original e, por outro, atualizou-se o seu conteúdo, a fim de responder às novas expectativas que surgiram no...

  • Em Torno do Vazio - A Arte À Luz da...


    Em Torno do Vazio - A Arte À Luz da Psicanálise

  • A Arte de Falar Em Público - 11ª Ed. 2014

    Lucas,Stephen E.

    Falar em público assusta muita gente. Parece um talento distante de boa parte das pessoas, mas a verdade é que tornar-se um orador admirado por diferentes plateias ou mesmo pelo seu grupo de trabalho exige “apenas” preparação e treinamento. A Arte de...

  • A Arte de Falar em Público - Como Fazer...


    Esta obra é dirigida a qualquer pessoa que precise enfrentar a árdua tarefa de realizar apresentações ao público, principalmente em âmbito empresarial ou comercial, com objetivos informativos ou de negócios, apresentado dados, conhecimentos e com o...

  • Maluquinho Por Arte - Histórias em que a...


    'Maluquinho por Arte' é um livro que reúne as melhores histórias em quadrinhos da Turma do Menino Maluquinho fazendo todo tipo de arte. Tem eles visitando museus, participando de peças teatrais, assistindo filme, na aula de Artes, tocando...

  • Sinisteria Begins


    Sinisteria Begins describes in detail the slow development, over the course of several years, of a large and complex sculptural installation located on the grounds of the Charles E. Burchfield Nature and Art Center in West Seneca, New York. Comprised...

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  • The Art Spirit


    'I would give anything to have come by this book years ago. It is in my opinion comparable only to the notes of Leonardo and Sir Joshua . . . One of the finest voices which express the philosophy of modern men in painting.' -- George Bellows A...

  • The Beatles Scrapbook


    Scrapbook containing some rare photos of the Beatles

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  • Sean Scully - Landline


    The beautiful companion volume to the first U.S. exhibition of influential abstract artist Sean Scully's 'Landline' paintings Sean Scully's acclaimed 'Landline' series will be on view at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., from September 2018...

  • Micheal Joseph Jackson


    108 page book including some stunning Micheal Jackson photos

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  • Micheal Joseph Jackson


    108 page book including some stunning Micheal Jackson photos

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  • Gustav Klimt - Landscapes


    Now available again, this visually stunning collection of Gustav Klimt's landscape paintings brings to light a lesser-known aspect of the Viennese painter's oeuvre. While Gustav Klimt is largely revered for his opulent, symbolladen portraits of the...

  • The Beatles Scrapbook


    Scrapbook containing some rare photos of the Beatles

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  • Micheal Joseph Jackson


    108 page book including some stunning Micheal Jackson photos

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  • The Beatles Scrapbook


    Scrapbook containing some rare photos of the Beatles

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  • Design, Form, And Chaos


    'To have the preeminent graphic designer in America--the leading proponent of the Modern--intelligently and forcefully speak out makes this a document for today and the ages. Rand's book is a classic.' --Stephen Heller (1993) Paul Rand (1914-1996)...

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  • Jacksons Open And Exposed


    Jackson's photos, When everyone else says no you say yes, Micheal Jackson

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  • Jacksons Open And Exposed


    Jackson's photos, When everyone else says no you say yes, Micheal Jackson

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  • Aura Doodles IX-XII


    Doodles of many different characters. Black and white charcoal line drawings. Influenced by Tim Burton. 304 pages.

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  • Japanese Art (Classic Reprint)

    Hartmann, Sadakichi

    Art critic, author, and poet Sadakichi Hartmann was born to a German father and a Japanese mother, to whom he dedicated Japanese Art. His dual cultural heritage gives him the unique position of presenting Asian art with Western authority. However, he...

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  • Autograthed Neil Armstrong Memorabilia Book


    Amazing 22 Autographed photos in this rare and amazing memorabilia book

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  • The Art Of Missing Link


    The Art of Missing Link is a lushly illustrated volume that goes behind the scenes of LAIKA's new stop-motion adventure. The charismatic Sir Lionel Frost (voiced by Hugh Jackman) considers himself to be the world's foremost investigator of myths and...

  • Bitter With Baggage Seeks Same


    A beautiful new gift edition of Sloane Tanen's bestselling Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same, with iconic scenes from modern life featuring fluffy yellow chicks.With more personality than most people have to spare, artist Sloane Tanen's tiny yellow...

  • Art Nouveau Masterpieces Of Art


    Founded in the 1880s as a response to the art world's elitist obsession with painted and sculptural arts, 'New Art' quickly found ethusiastic support. Art Nouveau combined a desire for the complete reflection of art through craft and design, with the...

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  • India In Art In Ireland


    India in Art in Ireland is the first book to address how the relationship between these two ends of the British Empire played out in the visual arts. It demonstrates that Irish ambivalence about British imperialism in India complicates the assumption...

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  • The Grammar Of Ornament (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Grammar of Ornament Secondly. That however varied the manifestations in accordance with these laws, the leading ideas on which they are based are very few. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • How Art Works - A Psychological Exploration


    There is no end of talk and of wondering about 'art' and 'the arts.' This book examines a number of questions about the arts (broadly defined to include all of the arts). Some of these questions come from philosophy. Examples include: - What makes...

  • The Methuen Book Of Shakespeare Anecdotes


    Few playwrights have been more slandered, abused or honoured in performance than William Shakespeare. First published in 1992, this collection of 300 stories focuses on Shakespeare's plays on stage. Organised chronologically, it offers the reader the...

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  • Geneses Of Postmodern Art - Technology As...


    Postmodernism in the visual arts is not just another 'ism.' It emerged in the 1960s as a transformation of artistic creativity inspired by Duchamp's idea that the artwork does not have to be physically made by its creator. Products of mass culture...

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  • Play And Participation In Contemporary Arts...


    This book engages debates in current art criticism concerning the turn toward participatory works of art. In particular, it analyzes ludic participation, in which play and games are used organizationally so that participants actively engage with or...

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  • The Art Book Tradition In Twentieth-Century...


    Investigating the complex history of visual art's engagement with literature, this collection demonstrates that the art of the book is a fully interdisciplinary and distinctly modern form. The essays in the collection develop new critical approaches...

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  • Impressionists In England (Routledge...


    First published in 1984. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries represent not only era of rapidly changing artistic methods but a crucial evolution in art criticism. This book gathers together a wide-range of the criticism that greeted the...

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  • English Book-Plates - Ancient And Modern...


    Excerpt from English Book-Plates: Ancient and Modern In the present volume I have attempted to make a rapid survey of the history of English book-plates qua book-plates; to trace the origin of these marks of ownership and the gradual spread of their...

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  • Thomas Bewick - His Life And Times (Classic...


    Excerpt from Thomas Bewick: His Life and Times George Burnett; john Trotter Brockett, attorney john Murray, surgeon Rev. William Turner; William Preston, printer; john Adamson, attorney William Nicholson, portrait-painter; Charl ton N esbit; Nat...

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  • Cinema, Censorship And Sexuality 1909-1925...


    First published in 1988. This book shows how censorship as a set of institutions, practices and discourses was involved in the struggle over the nature of cinema in the early twentieth century. It also reveals the part played in this struggle by...

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  • In Miniature - How Small Things Illuminate...


    Bestselling, award-winning writer Simon Garfield returns with an enthralling investigation of humans' peculiar fascination with small things--and what small things tell us about our larger world. '[Simon Garfield is] an exuberant truffle-hound of the...

  • A Handbook Of Anatomy For Art Students...


    Excerpt from A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students In place of adopting, as is usual, the method of furnish ing a complete description of the bones, succeeded by an equally detailed account of the joints and muscles, I have incorporated them in the...

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  • The Loves Of The Angels - A Poem (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Loves of the Angels: A Poem Conscience and Divine justice, with which impurity, pride, and presumptuous inquiry into the awful secrets of God, are sure to be visited. The beautiful story of Cupid and Psyche owes its chief charm to...

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  • The Altars And Altarpieces Of New St. Peter's


    Following the completion of the construction of new St. Peter's in the second decade of the seventeenth century, a series of monumental altarpieces was commissioned to decorate its altars. Here for the first time the altarpieces of St. Peter's are...

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  • Arte Romano


    Arte Romano

  • International Encyclopedia Of Art And Design...


    The definitive reference for anyone in the art and design education communityWritten in conjunction with The National Society for Education in Art and Design, the International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education offers an indispensable resource...

  • Making New Time - Sharjah Biennial 14:...


    Celebrating Sharjah Biennial 14, this volume shows how artists respond to shifts of culture in an era of great social, political, and global change. The Sharjah Biennial showcases a global perspective on contemporary art. In this book, artists...

  • So Much Longing In So Little Space - The Art...

    Knausgaard,Karl Ove

    A brilliant and personal examination by sensational and bestselling author Karl Ove Knausgaard of his Norwegian compatriot Edvard Munch, the famed artist best known for his iconic painting The Scream In So Much Longing in So Little Space, Karl Ove...

  • Illuminated Paris - Essays On Art And...


    The City of Light. For many, these four words instantly conjure late nineteenth-century Paris and the garish colors of Toulouse-Lautrec's iconic posters. More recently, the Eiffel Tower's nightly show of sparkling electric lights has come to...

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