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  • e-book

    AMOSTRA - Netter Atlas de Anatomia Humana 6ª...


    Baixe gratuitamente uma amostra do novo Netter, o Atlas de Anatomia Humana mais utilizada por estudantes em todo o mundo, o companheiro indispensável nas salas de aula, nos laboratórios de dissecação e também nos acervos dos profissionais clínicos. A...

  • e-book

    Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume I


    This comprehensive, easy-to-consult pocket atlas is renowned for its superb illustrations and ability to depict sectional anatomy in every plane. Together with its two companion volumes, it provides a highly specialized navigational tool for all...

  • e-book

    Atlas Girl - Finding Home in the Last Place I...


    In this lyrical memoir, a disillusioned pastor's daughter searches the globe for God and finds him in the most unexpected place--back home.

  • e-book

    Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology

    Andrew G. Burton

    Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology provides an essential guide for interpreting cytologic samples to diagnose small animal patients. Features photographs of diseases with a diagnosis confirmed by pathognomonic cytologic features, histopathology...

  • e-book

    Color Atlas of Family Medicine 2/E

    Usatine, Richard; E.J. Mayeaux, Jr.; Mindy Ann Smith

    MORE THAN 2,000 FULL-COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS HELP YOU VISUALLY DIAGNOSE CONDITIONS AND DISEASES ENCOUNTERED IN CLINICAL PRACTICEThe Color Atlas of Family Medicine, Second Edition is a comprehensive atlas designed to facilitate diagnosis using outwardly...

  • e-book

    Reforming America'apos;s Health Care System -...

    Atlas, Scott W.

    Health policy experts from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe discuss both what to expect from the recent health reform legislation and alternatives that should still be considered. The contributors argue that Americans already have a...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Anatomy

    Gilroy, Anne M.; Macpherson, Brian R.; Schuenke, Michael

    With unmatched accuracy, quality, and clarity, the Atlas of Anatomy is now fully revised and updated.Atlas of Anatomy, Third Edition, is the highest quality anatomy atlas available today. With over 1,900 exquisitely detailed and accurate...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Anatomy

    Gilroy, Anne M; MacPherson,Brian R

    The new gold standard for learning anatomy...Atlas of Anatomy, Second Edition, is the essential resource for anyone studying gross anatomy. Packed with over 2,400 full-color illustrations, this atlas guides you step-by-step through each region of the...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Cardiovascular Emergencies

    Cedric Lefebvre

    Accurately interpret cardiovascular images for fast, effective emergency managementThis unique combination atlas and text is a concise guide to acute care cardiovascular image interpretation for the diagnosis and management of emergency...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Feline Ophthalmology

    Ketring, Kerry L.; Mary Belle Glaze

    Successful management of eye disease relies on the veterinarian?s ability to identify ocular features and distinguish pathologic changes. Atlas of Feline Ophthalmology, Second Edition is an invaluable diagnostic reference, providing high-quality...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

    Ali Akbar Velayati; Parissa Farnia

    Atlas of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis reveals in-depth information about mycobacterium tuberculosis which has never before been reported. Using atomic force microscopy (AFM), the in-depth phenotypic interaction that occurs in different stages of the...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Hand Surgery

    Pechlaner, Sigurd

    This large and beautifully illustrated atlas describes all major procedures in hand surgery. Step by step, elaborate and clear original drawings of high artistic value depict the surgical approaches and methods.Following an introductory chapter on...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Forensic Histopathology

    Cummings, Peter M.; Trelka, Darin P.; Springer, Kimberley M.

    This atlas describes the histologic changes relevant to the modern practice of forensic pathology. It guides the reader through the common questions that the forensic pathologist will need to answer in relation to the cause of death, such as: is this...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Zebrafish Development

    Bryson-Richardson, Robert; Berger, Silke; Currie, Peter

    Zebrafish are widely considered the best model for vertebrate development. The embryo is transparent, thereby enabling visualization and use of labelling and transgenic approaches. Moreover, because of the ease of inducing new mutations in zebrafish...

  • e-book

    Atlas of General Surgery


    This outstanding new atlas demonstrates the basics of surgery and illustrates 150 of the most frequent procedures in general surgery, covering the skin and soft tissues, the neck, the thoracic wall and thoracic cavity, the diaphragm, the trachea, the...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound

    Fox, J. Christian

    There are already plenty of reference texts on how to perform a bedside ultrasound. Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound is different. It is a visually dynamic atlas, packed full of images of a broad spectrum of pathologic entities and emergency conditions....

  • e-book

    Atlas of Interventional Neurology

    Adnan I. MD Qureshi

    Cerebrovascular disease is an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide ;but endovascular procedures are rapidly expanding the spectrum of treatment for CV disease. Atlas of Interventional Neurology is the first comprehensive review of the...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Gross Pathology


    Detailed understanding of gross pathology is mandatory for successful pathologists, but this knowledge also provides a sound foundation for those intending to become surgeons, internists, and obstetrician/gynecologists. For pathologists, pathology...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Breast Surgery

    Veronesi, Umberto; Wallwiener, Diethelm; Sven Becker

    The Atlas of Breast Surgery presents the anatomy, diagnostic procedures, and step-by-step guidelines necessary for plastic surgeons, oncologists, and general surgeons to correctly and successfully perform surgical procedures on the breast. This...

  • e-book

    Atlas of CSF Cytology

    Kluge,Harald; Linke,Ernst; Wieczorek,Valentin

    A complete, single-volume reference for the cytological examination of cerebrospinal fluid! This full-color atlas presents all the essential information needed for reaching an accurate cytological diagnosis of cerebrospinal fluid and its...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Ambulatory EEG

    Schachter, Steven C.; Schomer,Donald L.; Chang,Bernard S.

    Atlas of Ambulatory EEG is a first-of-its-kind publication in clinical neurophysiology, an atlas that comprehensively depicts normal, abnormal, and artifactual findings from actual ambulatory EEG recordings in a convenient and easily accessible...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Orthopaedic Surgical Exposures

    Jordan,Christopher; Mirzabeigi,Edwin

    The problem with most orthopedic surgery books is that they don't accurately portray what you see in a surgical setting. This outstanding atlas, featuring nearly 400 beautifully executed color photographs, provides the first visual guide to surgical...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Pain Medicine Procedures

    Staats, Peter; Sudhir Diwan

    CONFIDENTLY PERFORM ESSENTIAL PROCEDURES WITH THE MOST COMPLETE FULL-COLOR GUIDE TO INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MEDICINEThis must-have resource presents an encyclopedic, yet focused visual survey of pain medicine, with a strong emphasis on procedural...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Orthodontic Case Reviews

    Marjan Askari; Stanley A. Alexander

    Atlas of Orthodontic Case Reviews offers a comprehensive resource to the treatment of orthodontic malocclusions with a case-based approach. Discusses and illustrates the treatment of orthodontic malocclusions using actual clinical cases Presents...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Radiologic-Cytopathologic...

    Syed Z. MD FRCPath FIAC Ali; Anil V. MD Parwani

    Radiologic-cytopathologic correlation is critical for an accurate interpretation of a pathologic process.Atlas of Radiologic-Cytopathologic Correlations is a generously illustrated and user-friendly atlas containing over 700 carefully selected, high...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Video-EEG Monitoring

    Stern, John; Sirven, Joseph

    The single-best resource available for learning how to perform and interpret video EEG Companion DVD shows real-time Video EEG in practice!The Atlas of Video-EEG Monitoring explains the essentials of video EEG for use in all settings. This full-color...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Pulmonary Vascular Imaging


    Packed with detailed, clearly labeled radiologic images on every page, this lavishly illustrated atlas teaches readers how to identify and quickly diagnose the spectrum of pulmonary vascular pathologies using the full range of imaging...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery


    This atlas helps equip the reader with the essential surgical skills and presents the most important surgical techniques in otology and neurotology, describing procedures for both the temporal bone laboratory and the operating room.

  • e-book

    Atlas of Immunology, Third Edition

    MD PhD Julius M. Cruse

    In the 11 years since this atlas first published, the immunology field has experienced an exponential increase in information. Besides the unprecedented advances in knowledge of cell receptors and signal transduction pathways, an avalanche of new...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques - Brain

    Sekhar, Laligam N.

    Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Brain presents the current information on how to manage diseases and disorders of the brain. Ideal as a reference for review in preparation for surgery, this atlas features succinct discussion of pathology and...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Middle Ear Surgery

    Gersdorff, Michel; Grard, Jean-Marc

    - The latest on the surgical management of tympanic membrane abnormalities, chronic otitis media, cholesteatoma, and ossicular chain dysfunction- 254 full-color drawings and schematics display anatomy and important surgical steps- Numerous callout...

  • e-book

    Atlas of the Diabetic Foot

    Konstantinos Makrilakis

    Foot ulcers occur in approximately 15% of the patients with diabetes mellitus in their lifetime, with a major impact on their quality of life. Many hospital admissions related to diabetes are due to foot ulcers, which can result in prolonged hospital...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Genodermatoses, Second Edition

    Gelmetti, Carlo; Tadini, Gianluca; Michela Brena

    Diagnosing a genetic skin disease can sometimes be a difficult task for a dermatologist. This is especially true for genodermatoses?generally considered rare diseases seldom seen by practicing clinicians. As a result, professionals often have little...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Anatomy

    O'Donnell,Paul; Bradley,Mike, Dr

    Atlas of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Anatomy provides an essential grounding in normal ultrasound anatomy, enabling the reader to assess whether anatomy is disrupted through injury or disease. The book is structured systematically, with all commonly...

  • e-book

    Processo Tributário - Teoria e Prática

    Cassone, Vittorio; Cassone, Maria Eugenia Teixeira; Rossi, Júlio César

    Em face da Lei 13.105, de 16.03.2015, que trata do novo Código de Processo Civil (NCPC), o autor Vittorio Cassone aproveitou a oportunidade não só para reordenar alguns capítulos, como, também e principalmente, para atualizá-los em face desse NCPC,...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal...

    MALANGA, GERARD; Kenneth Mautner

    Clear, concise description of more than 100 US-guided injections in musculoskeletal medicine.Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections includes numerous tips and tricks from the field'apos;s most experienced and respected practitioners....

  • e-book

    Atlas of Feline Anatomy For Veterinarians

    Hamilton, William; Lola Hudson

    Presenting more than 266 full color anatomic drawings arranged by organ system, this book is dedicated exclusively to feline anatomy with emphasis on those areas of anatomy that are frequently encountered in clinical practice. It includes a highly...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Emergency Medicine, 4th Edition

    Storrow, Alan; Stack, Lawrence; Knoop, Kevin

    The most complete and trusted visual compendium of emergency medicine - extensively updated with more than 1500 full-color illustrations. Now in its fourth edition, The Atlas of Emergency Medicine remains the best guide to visual diagnosis of...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Feline Anatomy For Veterinarians

    Hamilton, William; Lola Hudson

    Presenting more than 266 full color anatomic drawings arranged by organ system, this book is dedicated exclusively to feline anatomy with emphasis on those areas of anatomy that are frequently encountered in clinical practice. It includes a highly...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Neonatal Electroencephalography,...

    Richard A. MD Hrachovy

    This comprehensive atlas presents the clinical practice of neonatal EEG through text, references, and detailed figures demonstrating normal and abnormal features of the neonatal EEG from the most premature infant to one month post-term. Each chapter...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Thumb and Finger Reconstruction

    Guillermo Loda

    This atlas presents state-of-the-art techniques in reconstruction of the thumb and fingers. The book covers both emergency and non-emergency procedures, including those used in the treatment of traumatic injuries and congenital deformities. Different...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Anatomy Latin Nomenclature version

    Gilroy, Anne M; MacPherson,Brian R

    Atlas of Anatomy with Latin nomenclature contains everything you need to successfully tackle the daunting challenges of anatomy, including full-color illustrations and step-by-step descriptions that lead you through each region of the body.

  • e-book

    Atlas of Current Oral Laser Surgery


    The CO2 laser beam was introduced in oral laser surgery in 1980, and it revolutionized the field. Its effects on oral soft tissues offer many advantages: bloodless surgery, decontamination of the surgical site by heat generated, no need for suturing...

  • e-book

    Atlas of Small Animal CT and MRI

    Allison Zwingenberger; Erik Wisner

    Atlas of Small Animal CT & MRI is a highly illustrated diagnostic imaging guide to common clinical disorders of dogs and cats. Contains over 3,000 high quality CT, MRI and related diagnostic images Offers a unique approach emphasizing comparative...

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