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  • As Primeiras Quinze Vidas de Harry August

    North, Claire

    Certas histórias não podem ser contadas em uma única vida. Harry está no leito de morte. Outra vez. Não importa o que faça ou que decisões tome: toda vez que ele morre, volta para onde começou; uma criança com a memória de todo o conhecimento de uma...

  • Boomerang - Vol. 1

    August, Noelle

    Uma história forte de amor proibido no primeiro volume desta trilogia romântica. Mia Galliano e Ethan Vance se conhecem em um bar e a química entre eles é inegável e imediata. Uma coisa leva a outra, e na manhã seguinte Mia acorda na cama de Ethan...

  • e-book

    August is a Wicked Month

    Edna O'apos;Brien

    Banned in several countries upon first publication,August is a Wicked Month is a simmering tale of a woman rediscovering herself on the French Riviera. Separated from her husband and with her young son away, Ellen leaves behind the loneliness of...

  • e-book

    August Macke - 124 Paintings and Drawings

    Maria Tsaneva

    August Macke was one of the foremost members of the German Expressionist group The Blue Rider. He lived during a mostly innovative time for German art and saw the development of the German Expressionist movements as well as the arrival of the...

  • Um Limite Entre Nós

    Wilson, August

    Até quando permitiremos que as nossas barreiras afastem aqueles que mais amamos? Troy Maxson é um homem difícil. Orgulhoso e acostumado a encarar o mundo com olhos de quem sempre espera por hostilidade, ele não consegue aceitar que seu filho, Cory,...

  • e-book


    Beckett, Bernard

    Trapped in a car wreck, bleeding and in pain, Tristan and Grace fear the worst. Tristan is a philosopher struggling with the question of free will. Grace'apos;s life of hardship allows no place for such ideas. Part thriller, part love story, August...

  • e-book

    August 1914


    'apos;One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world'apos; Aleksandr SolzhenitsynIn the first month of the First World War the Russian campaign against the Germans creaks into gear. Crippled by weak, indecisive leadership the Russian troops battle...

  • e-book

    August Heat

    Andrea Camilleri

    August Heat by Andrea Camilleri, is the tenth instalment in the Inspector Montalbano series, adapted as a major BBC4 television series. Montalbano quickly slammed the trunk shut and sat down on top of it. When the beam from Livia'apos;s torch shone...

  • e-book



    Emilia parses through the five years since her best friend’s suicide in this self-deprecating examination of grief and loss.

  • e-book

    Whatever Doesn'apos;t Kill You (An Emma Howe...

    Roberts, Gillian

    Single mother Billie August is frustrated with her boss and sleuthing mentor, the gruff, perpetually dissatisfied Emma Howe. So far, their relationship has been a personal and professional disaster. To top it off, Billie seems like the only person in...

  • e-book

    Cairn and Covenant

    August Li

    Book Four of the Blessed EpochAn assassin'apos;s unexpected mercy granted Octavian Rose his life and freed him from his father'apos;s control, but it left him with little more than the clothes on his back and the determination not to waste his chance...

  • Gente de Hemso

    Strindberg August

    A obra traça um quadro da natureza física e humana dos arquipélagos suecos, berço cultural da Suécia. Retrato psicológico de diversas personagens cativantes, 'Gente de Hemsö' alia humor e lirismo.

  • Strindberg - Sagas

    Strindberg, August

    Strindberg - Sagas

  • Inferno

    Strindberg, August
  • e-book

    August - Osage County (TCG Edition)

    Letts, Tracy

    'quot;The most exciting new American play Broadway has seen in years.'quot;--The New York Times

  • e-book

    August Sees a New Bird

    Paul Weatherhead; Kristen French

    Upon the birth of his first grandchild August Dollenberg, Paul made up a story about the annual migration of Goldfinches from the North to Hilton Head Island during the Winter. He noticed that the male Goldfinches regained their bright yellow color...

  • e-book

    August Wilson'apos;s Fences


    Fences represents the decade of the 1950s, and, when it premiered in 1985, it won the Pulitzer Prize. Set during the beginnings of the civil rights movement, it also concerns generational change and renewal, ending with a celebration of the life of...

  • August Strindberg

    Strindberg, August; Campany, David; Sainsbury,Helen; Soderstrom,Goran; Granath,Olle

    August Strindberg

    sob encomenda
  • August Moon

    Lourey, Jess

    August Moon

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Essentials of Eu Law

    Reinisch, August

    Students new to the study of EU law can find knowing what questions to ask to be as much of a challenge as answering them. This book clearly sets the scene: it explores the history and institutions of the EU, examines the interplay of its main bodies...

  • August Snow

    Jones, Stephen Mack

    In August Snow, the propulsive, debut mystery thriller from award-winning playwright Stephen Mack Jones, murder, corruption, dirty money, and racial politics come to a bloody head in the bankrupt city of Detroit. Tough, smart, and struggling to stay...

    sob encomenda
  • August Stramm - Poemas-estalactites - Col....

    Campos Neto,Antonio Augusto M

    August Stramm - Poemas-estalactites - Col. Signus 44

  • e-book

    Black August


    William Harrison is the author of nine novels, three collections of short stories, two major screenplays, essays and travel pieces. He was the co-founder of the writing program at the University of Arkansas and still lives in Fayetteville.Six couples...

  • e-book

    Black August

    Wheatley, Dennis

    'apos;Before there was James Bond, there was Gregory Sallust.'apos; Tina Rosenberg, Salon.comBlack August is chronologically the tenth in Dennis Wheatley'apos;s bestselling Gregory Sallust series, albeit the first title published in the series,...

  • e-book

    The August Strangers

    Slosberg, Mike

    Mike and Mandy August were a happy couple. They married, bought a house and eventually gave birth to a lie?so well guarded they almost believed it themselves. Now they live with their two terrific kids in a big white colonial with a tennis court and...

  • e-book

    Crimes of August - A Novel

    Rubem Fonseca

    A bullet that brought a nation to its knees

  • e-book

    Gladioli in August - A Romantic Suspense for...


    The work place is volatile and the volcano is restless...Jael Stevens questions her decisions after she ignores her brother's warnings and takes a sabbatical to work as a nurse on the volcanic island Tiampu. The position isn't what she imagined. Long...

  • e-book

    Macroeconomics Demystified

    Swanenberg, August

    Become a master of macroeconomics (without formal economics training).Do you really understand how the business cycle, fiscal policy, and other broad-based economic concepts affect your income, investments, and bank account? Macroeconomics...

  • e-book

    The Last of August

    Cavallaro, Brittany

    In the second brilliant, action-packed book in the Charlotte Holmes trilogy, Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes are in a chase across Europe to untangle a web of shocking truths about the Holmes and Moriarty families.Jamie and Charlotte are looking...

  • e-book

    The Notorious Dr. August

    Bram, Christopher

    Christopher Bram tells the story of Augustus Fitzwilliam Boyd, alias Dr. August, a clairvoyant pianist who communes with ghosts, and who finds meaning in his life through a strange love triangle with a righteous ex-slave and nervous white governess....

  • e-book

    Suvla - August Offensive - Gallipoli

    Chambers, Stephen

    The landing at Suvla Bay, part of the August Offensive, commenced on the night of 6 August 1915. It was intended to support a breakout from Anzac Beach. Despite early hopes from a largely unopposed landing, Suvla was a mismanaged affair that quickly...

  • e-book

    Told in a French Garden August, 1914

    Aldrich, Mildred

    It was by a strange irony of Fate that we found ourselves reunited for a summer's outing, in a French garden, in July, 1914.

  • e-book

    An August Bank Holiday Lark

    Mcandrew, Deborah

    Tomorrow morning, you and Frank Armitage are getting wed. In my opinion, marriage is blind optimism at any time, but especially in wartime. It'apos;s an act of faith.Taking its title from a line in Philip Larkin'apos;s poem 'apos;MCMXIV'apos;, An...

  • Marilyn: August 1953: The Lost Look Photos

    Wallis,Brian; Vachon,John

    This gorgeous hardcover collects over 100 previously unpublished photos, capturing the sex symbol in intimate, unguarded moments: lounging poolside, riding a ski lift, and snuggling with her husband-to-be, Joe DiMaggio.

  • e-book

    Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #219 -...

    Daniel Hatch; Rebecca McFarland Kyle

    Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, edited by Hugo and Wold Fantasy Award nominated editor Warren Lapine, brings you the very best in science fiction and fantasy. Join us as we explore strange new worlds. Original Novella: New Beaches by Daniel...

  • Hot August Night - Nyc - Blu-ray


    Recorded live at New York's Madison Square Garden in August, 2008, the Blu-ray includes the entire show from beginning to end and feature 25 career-spanning hits from Neil's phenomenal four-night sold-out run at the fabled concert hall. Also includes...

  • e-book

    Master the Wards - Obstetrics and Gynecology...

    August, Elizabeth; Fischer, Conrad; Niket Sonpal

    The perfect way to master the wards and review for shelf and USMLE/COMLEX exams - 150 obstetrics & gynecology cases in a convenient flashcard format!Created by Niket Sonpal, MD, and Conrad Fischer, MD, noted educators and bestselling authors of...

  • e-book

    Bride of Glory - The Emma Hamilton Trilogy -...


    Emma looked dubiously from the red-hot stones and flaming cinders to the Hermit's distressed face. Thirty feet separated her from the chapel, thirty feet of fire hot enough to burn a Christian, let alone Emma Hart.... But there'd be no heroism if...

  • e-book


    August, Noelle

    Following in the bestselling tradition of Molly McAdams and J. Lynn, this final chapter in the fun and steamy New Adult trilogy by Noelle August (authors Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger) features two aspiring musicians who must choose between...

  • e-book


    August Li

    2nd EditionA Steamcraft and Sorcery novellaWhen pickpocket Robin Pastorious comes across some graphic photographs of a young man suffering in bondage, he knows he has to liberate the victim-even after seeing the long, distinctive ears that mark the...

  • e-book


    Strindberg, August
    (3374200) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. Strindberg's works in English translation: Plays translated by Edwin Bjorkman; Master Olof_, American Scandinavian Foundation, 1915; The Dream Play, The Link,...

  • e-book

    On Tinsel Wings

    August Li

    2nd EditionPatrick Harford sees hope as magical and beautiful, too delicate to hold-and everything in his life has proved him right. An unhealthy home leaves him hiding in the shadows as he tries to come to terms with his sexuality.Patrick finds...

  • e-book

    Calling and Cull

    August Li

    Book Five of the Blessed EpochWhose hand will orchestrate the change in the world?The decade-long war with Johmatra is over, but peace hangs by a thread in Garith'apos;s kingdom. Yarrow, isolated in his island realm, refuses to abide by the treaty or...

  • e-book

    This Same Flower

    August Li

    2nd EditionSequel to On Tinsel Wings Two years after taking a leap of faith and moving in together, Patrick Harford and Yu Elion decide to make a lasting commitment. Yu will soon graduate art school, while Patrick continues to gain fame and financial...

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