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  • Comida De Bebê - Uma Introdução À Comida De...




    Como é esperto esse seu bebê: nem fez um ano e já vai melhorar a alimentação da casa toda. Não acredita? Está tudo aqui, nas páginas de Comida de Bebê: uma introdução à comida de verdade. Com apoio de médicos e nutricionistas, Rita Lobo traz as...

  • Baby's First Baby Animals


    Introduce babies to their first animals and foster early language skills with this super-stylish book that combines photography and contemporary illustrations. The cool, high-contrast design of this book will appeal to parents and children alike....

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  • Baby's First Words

    Sirett, Dawn

    Introduce babies to their first words and foster early language skills with this super-stylish book that combines photography and contemporary illustrations. The cool, high-contrast design of this book will appeal to parents and children alike....

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  • Baby Bullet - The Bubble Of Destiny (Classic...

    Osbourne, Lloyd

    Excerpt from Baby Bullet: The Bubble of Destiny Overhead shone the fierce sun of a British July; underneath ran the king's highway, broad, dusty, and unending; on either hand were the solid walls, richly crowned with bro ken glass, that encompassed...

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  • Burn Baby Burn

    Medina, Meg

    While violence runs rampant throughout New York, a teenage girl faces danger within her own home in Meg Medina's riveting coming-of-age novel. Nora Lopez is seventeen during the infamous New York summer of 1977, when the city is besieged by arson, a...

  • Nana, Nenê - Como Cuidar de Seu Bebê Para Que...

    Ezzo,Gary; Bucknam,Robert



    A chegada de um bebê muda para sempre a vida dos pais. Isso inclui a qualidade do sono, a vida social, entre tantas outras coisas. Há casais que passam até três anos sem poder sair sozinhos após o nascimento do primeiro filho e mães que, durante anos...

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  • Baby Einstein


    Baby Einstein

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  • Baby Birds


    Baby Birds

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  • Baby's First Bible Stories

    Nolan,Allia; Maclean,Colin (CRT); Maclean,Moira (CRT)

    Baby's First Bible Stories

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  • Baby Beluga


    A beloved lullaby and lyrical tribute to an endangered little white whale is adorned with bold illustrations and includes guitar chords in the back of the book. Reprint.

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  • Baby Animals

    Vários Autores

    Invites young readers to find out how baby rabbits, elephants, ducklings, calves, and gorillas must feel to the touch

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  • Baby's Box of Fun

    Bauer,Marion Dane; Katz,Karen

    A trio of baby's best board books--Where Is Baby's Belly Button?, Where Is Baby's Mommy?, and Toes, Ears, & Nose--will provide hours of lift-the-flap fun in one box.

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  • Baby Animals

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Lift the flaps to reveal hidden surprises while learning the names for various young creatures and their mothers, including farm animals, kittens and puppies, animals that live in trees or in water, and other beasts.

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  • Baby Touch - Toot! Toot! A Fold-Out Frieze...


    Baby Touch: Toot! Toot! is an innovative double-sided fold-out frieze book, part of Ladybird's best-selling Baby Touch series. It is specially designed for babies from birth and will engage and entertain babies throughout different developmental...

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  • Baby Pets


    Little tikes laugh, cheer, and play with their animal friends in a board book with bright backgrounds of color and simple one-word labels.

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  • Babies Love


    Babies Love

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  • Baby Brains


    Even though the new baby of Mr. and Mrs. Brains is very intelligent, they realize that he is still just a baby.

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  • Baby on Board

    Gray,Kes; Nayler,Sarah

    Preparing to be an older sister, a girl reports on the changes in her mother and the developing baby over nine months.

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  • Baby Goose

    Lemaitre,Pascal; McMullan,Kate

    A collection of nursery rhymes for babies.

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  • Baby Einstein Wrist Books


    Baby Einstein Wrist Books

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  • Baby Says Peekaboo!

    Vários Autores

    Baby Says Peekaboo!

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  • Baby Blue

    Kwasney,Michelle D.

    In western Massachusetts in 1976, still grieving and guilt-ridden over her father's drowning, twelve-year-old Blue is dealt another blow when her older sister, Star, runs away to escape their stepfather's violence against their mother. 15,000 first...

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  • Baby Bunny

    Wells,Poppy; Durantz,Summer

    Baby Bunny

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  • Baby's Very First Touchy-feely Playbook

    Baggott,Stella; Watt,Fiona

    Part of the 'Baby's Very First' series, this book features pages that are specially designed to be visually stimulating with simple, eye-catching illustrations. Babies love exploring the touchy-feely textures, running their fingers along die cut...

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  • Baby Animals

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Made out of soft velour, a wonderful introduction to baby animals shows little ones what a kitten, a puppy, a calf, a lamb, and a foal feels and looks like.

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  • Babies

    Landis,Beth; Holtz,Lara Tankel

    Colorful pictures of babies are shown with descriptions of their various activities during the day or night, such as crawling, napping, or bedtime.

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  • Baby Babka

    Zalben,Jane Breskin; Chess,Victoria (ilt)

    Sharp illustrations punctuate an easy-to-read chapter book about the birth of a baby boy into a unique and loving family and one sibling's efforts to accept her new little brother.

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  • Baby's Alphabet

    Marzollo,Jean; Sheehan,Nancy

    An alphabetical presentation of babies as they clap, hug, jump, kiss, laugh, and yawn.

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  • Baby Noah Touch And Feel Discovery Cards


    Young children learn so much about the world through their sense of touch. With this engaging new Discovery Card set, youngsters will 'feel' the fur on the tiger, the slippery skin of a boa constrictor, and the wrinkled skin of an elephant. Each card...

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  • Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What do You See?

    Martin,Bill; Carle,Eric (ilt)

    Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? is the final collaboration from this bestselling author-illustrator team. Young readers will enjoy Baby Bear's quest to find Mama, and they'll revel in identifying each of the native North American animals that...

  • Baby Galileo

    Aigner-clark,Julie; Zaidi,Nadeem

    Brief text accompanies simple drawings, abstract art, and playful photos to introduce babies to some basic and playful information about a single subject.

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  • Baby Duck's New Friend

    Asch,Frank; Asch,Devin

    Finally finding a new friend who can swim and fly, Baby Duck is allowed to swim past the old stone bridge and after the two of them make an extraordinary journey to the sea, Baby Duck has to find his own way home and learns something incredible...

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  • Baby Genius First Words

    Dorling Kindersley,Inc.

    Baby Genius First Words

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  • Baby Macdonald Look And Find Farm

    Aigner-clark,Julie; Zaidi,Nadeem

    Baby MacDonald invites children on a trip to learn about farm animals in a fun and adventurous format that combines clever illustrations with real-life photos and informative animal facts to provide youngsters with hours of hands-on learning.

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  • Baby's Day

    Blake,Michel (CRT); Candlewick (pht)

    Baby's Day

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  • Baby's Gift

    Brown, Margaret Wise; Hurd, Clement

    Packaged together for the very first time in a keepsake slipcase, two cherished classics--Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny--are a must have for any new baby's library.

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  • Babies on the Go

    Ashman,Linda; Dyer,Jane

    Rhyming text and colorful illustrations present the various ways that animals in the wild carry their young with them in order to go about their daily activities. 75,000 first printing.

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  • Baby Animals

    Vários Autores

    Baby Animals

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  • Baby Sea Otter

    Tatham,Betty; Paley,Joan

    After living under the protection of its mother as a pup, a young sea otter survives the most dangerous period of its life and successfully grows into a strong, skilled adult who is ready to face the world on his own.

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  • Baby Day!

    Wallace,Nancy Elizabeth

    Baby eats, takes a bath, gets dressed, plays, takes a nap, and then gets busy again.

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  • Baby Animals

    Vários Autores

    Baby Animals

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  • Baby Einstein

    Aigner-clark,Julie; Zaidi,Nadeem

    Provides an interactive introduction to the world of classic art as celebrated masterpieces are presented with accompanying illustrations and lift-the-flap elements.

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  • Baby Santa's Very Merry Christmas

    Aigner-clark,Julie; Zaidi,Nadeem

    Treasured Christmas poems and beautiful holiday photographs make the celebration of the holidays come alive for babies and toddlers, in a joyous board book.

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  • Baby Farm Friends


    Baby Farm Friends

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