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  • e-book

    Battleground Europe - A Guide to Battlefields...

    Cave, Nigel

    A study of the most important sites, primarily of the two world wars, covering both their history and descriptions of how they are today. For the interested traveller, the author groups key sites together, listing places offering accommodation, food,...

  • Battleground Berlin

    Bailey,George; Kondrashev,Sergei A.; Murphy,David E.

    Battleground Berlin

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  • e-book

    Olympic Battleground - Creating and Defending...

    Carsten Lien

    New edition of the classic account of the struggle to create and preserve Olympic National Park.

  • Battleground, The Corps #4

    Griffin, W. E. B.

    Continues the tale of the U.S. Marines, following the adventures of Charles Galloway, Lt. Howard, Jack Stecker, and others as they battle their way across the Pacific. Reissue.

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  • e-book

    Battleground - Code Red

    Ryan, Chris

    You wake up in a dark room with no idea where you are. You are gagged and forced into a waiting truck. You have done nothing wrong. What would you do? Fourteen-year-old Ben travels to Pakistan on a school exchange programme. Ben and his Pakistani...

  • The Effortless Experience - Conquering The...

    Nick; Rick; Dixon, Matthew

    Everyone knows that the best way to create customer loyalty is with service so good, so over the top, that it surprises and delights. But what if everyone is wrong?In their acclaimed bestseller The Challenger Sale, Matthew Dixon and his colleagues at...

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  • e-book

    McPherson'apos;s Ridge Battleground America -...

    Newton, Steven H.

    Gunfire broke the morning silence on 1 July 1863, as Confederate General Henry Heth pushed his division down Chambersburg Pike toward Gettysburg. In the Civil War's most important battle, the early contest for McPherson's Ridge just outside of...

  • e-book

    Bomber Command Reflections of War -...

    Bowman, Martin

    This massive work provides a comprehensive insight to the experiences of Bomber Command's pilots and aircrew throughout World War Two. From the early wartime years when the RAF's first attempts to avenge Germany's onslaught were bedeviled by poor...

  • e-book

    Cognitive Hack - The New Battleground in...


    This book explores a broad cross section of research and actual case studies to draw out new insights that may be used to build a benchmark for IT security professionals. This research takes a deeper dive beneath the surface of the analysis to...

  • e-book

    Real Worship - Playground, Battleground, or...


    Respected Bible teacher Warren Wiersbe defines the essence of worship and discusses the key issues surrounding this often controversial topic within the church.

  • Monsters Unleashed - Battleground

    Zub, Jim

    MONSTERS UNLEASHED! Marvel's finest are caught off-guard by a monstrous invasion from the sky! An all-star line-up of heroes - including the Avengers, Champions, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, and X-Men - band together to battle behemoths in an...

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  • e-book

    Teacher Certification and the Professional...

    Grimmett,Peter Philip; Young,Jon C.; Grimmett,Peter P.

    This book locates recent developments in teacher certification in North America within a broader, international policy context characterized as hegemonic neo-liberalism wherein economic rationalism has begun to trump professional judgment. We focus...

  • e-book

    Water - Asia'apos;s New Battleground

    Chellaney, Brahma

    Winner of the Asia Society'apos;s Bernard Schwartz 2012 Book AwardThe battles of yesterday were fought over land. Those of today are over energy. But the battles of tomorrow may be over water. Nowhere is that danger greater than in water-distressed...

  • e-book

    Literacy and Power - The Latin American...

    Archer, David; Patrick Costello

    The often bloody struggles of Central America have dominated news reports for a long time. Behind the headlines lies an enormous population of the desperately poor, and it is axiomatic that they are rendered even more powerless by widespread...

  • e-book

    Dealing with Difficult Eaters - Stop...


    A guide to help parents avoid arguments and stress over their children's eating habits, giving advice on how to combat fussy eating, food intolerance and overeating. Parents give their tips on how to make mealtimes more relaxing, and more successful.

  • Battleground


    A banda britânica surgiu no ano passado e fez o maior sucesso com o single “All Time Low”, que chegou ao topo das paradas. O single de estreia “All Time Low” foi indicado para o prêmio BRIT (2011). Junto com o seu 2º hit, “Heart Vacancy”, os garotos...

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