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30 produtos
  • Beauty And The Beast - A Bela e A Fera -...


    'Beauty and the Beast' é o live-action da clássica animação da Disney de 1991. A história acompanha a vida de Belle, uma jovem que é presa num castelo em troca da libertação de seu pai. Apesar de seus medos, a menina se aproxima da Fera, uma criatura...

  • Beauty And The Beast Deluxe Step Into Reading...

    Lagonegro, Melissa

    Join Belle, the Beast, and their friends in the classic Disney Princess film Beauty and the Beast. This Step 2 deluxe Step into Reading leveled reader based on the film features over 30 shimmery stickers! Perfect for children ages 4 to 6. Step 2...

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  • Beauty And The Beast Belle's Library - A...

    Rubiano, Brittany

    Beauty And The Beast Belle's Library - A Collection Of Literary Quotes And Inspirational Musings

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  • Disney Beauty & The Beast Annual 2018

    Egmont Publishing Uk

    The Beauty and the Beast Annual 2018 captures the magic and excitement of the live-action movie! As well as telling the film story with photos of favourite scenes, it also features beautiful posters, challenging puzzles, fun quizzes, interesting...

  • Beauty And The Beast Sing-Along Storybook

    Disney Book Group

    This picture book features a full retelling of Beauty and the Beast, plus lyrics to three songs: Beauty and the Beast, Days in the Sun, and Evermore! As an added bonus, the book includes a CD featuring three instrumental tracks!

  • Beauty and the Beast - Young Reading Series...

    Stowell, Louie

    A timeless love story specially rewritten for children growing in their reading confidence and ability. The Beast lives alone in his castle, enchanted by a wicked fairy and waiting for true love to break the spell. Could Beauty be the one to see...

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  • Beauty And The Beast - Little Golden Books

    Slater, Teddy

    Come be our guest in the Beast’s castle where teapots talk, spoons dance, and beautiful Belle discovers that things are never quite as they seem. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is retold in the classic Little Golden Book format.

  • Beauty And The Beast - Big Golden Book

    Lagonegro, Melissa

    Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney's classic animated film Beauty and the Beast! Originally released in 1991, the film stars the Disney Princess Belle, the Beast, and a castle full of enchanted objects. Children ages 3 to 7 will love reading...

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  • Beauty And The Beast


    Available for the first time as a paperback picture book, this exquisitely illustrated re-telling of 'Beauty and the Beast' is a must for any child's library. 'Beauty and the Beast' is one of the best-loved fairy tales of all time. Retold by Berlie...

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  • Beauty And The Beast - Fairytale Readers

    Creese, Sarah

    Introducing a brilliant new set of ten Ready to Read books for young children. The set is designed to develop the reading confidence of children who can read a little, but who need lively and structured books to further develop their skills. The...

  • Beauty And The Beast - Lost In A Book

    Donnelly, Jennifer

    Smart, bookish Belle, a captive in the Beast's castle, has become accustomed to her new home and has befriended its inhabitants. When she comes upon Nevermore, an enchanted book unlike anything else she has seen in the castle, Belle finds herself...

  • Beauty And The Beast

    Rylant, Cynthia

    Beauty asks for little, finding joy in simple things and the company of her father. The Beast, shut away from the world in his great stone castle, knows only loneliness. Brought together by a stolen rose, each finds that love may call for sacrifice,...

  • Beauty And The Beast - The Enchantment

    Geron, Eric

    This 8x8 storybook with foil is filled with film stills and features a beautiful scene from the Walt Disney Studios' film, Beauty and the Beast.

  • Beauty And The Beast And Other Fairy Tales

    Beaumont,Marie Leprince de

    Beauty And The Beast And Other Fairy Tales

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  • Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Coloring...

    Noble, Marty; Coloring Books,

    This delightful little coloring book invites youngsters into the magical world of a beautiful young girl and the grotesque but gentle creature that wins her love. Eight boldly outlined scenes from the classic fairy tale, printed on translucent paper,...

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  • Beauty and the Beast - Silver Penny Stories

    Olmstead, Kathleen; Olafsdottir,Linda

    When Beauty's father steals a rose from the Beast's garden, the Beast demands his life in return unless Beauty comes to live in his castle. Will Beauty ever be able to see that the Beast's ugliness is only skin deep?

  • Disney Beauty & The Beast Book Of The Film


    After a twist of fate brings her to an enchanted castle, a fiercely intelligent young woman named Belle becomes prisoner of a terrifying Beast. But it's not long before she finds that the Beast is not all he seems. Soon a different sort of...

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  • Beauty & The Beast - Usborne Young Reading...

    Usborne Books

    Beauty & The Beast - Usborne Young Reading With CD

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  • Beauty And The Beast Read - Along Storybook...

    Disney Book Group

    Experience the tale as old as time in this Beauty and the Beast storybook and CD! The CD includes word-for-word narration, actual character voices, and thrilling sound effects!

  • World Of Reading Beauty And The Beast -...

    Geron, Eric

    This LEVEL 2 World of Reading book with foil will give independent beginning readers an overview of the characters to be found in the magical tale of Beauty and the Beast! Illustrated throughout with fantastic film stills.

  • Easy Beauty And The Beast Sticker Picture...

    Beylon, Cathy

    The interior of a castle sets the background for a romantic view of the gentle Beast and the young Beauty who enters his magical world. To piece together the puzzle, first have an adult carefully remove the staples to separate the pages. Then, using...

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  • Twice Upon A Time - Beauty And The Beast -...

    Mass, Wendy

    Wendy Mass tells the story of Beauty and the Beast, as never heard before! When you're stuck with the name Beauty, people expect a lot from you - like beauty and grace and courage and a sense of style. But what if you have none of these things? What...

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  • Fairy Tale Fairies - 05 - Gwen The Beauty And...

    Meadows, Daisy

    Happily Ever After? Once upon a time, Rachel and Kirsty were excited to attend the special Fairy Tale Festival at TipTop Castle. But when Jack Frost steals the Fairy Tale Fairies' magic items, stories everywhere get all jumbled up. Even worse,...

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  • Naruto Chapter Book vol. 13 - Beauty Is the...

    West, Tracey; Kishimoto, Masashi

    Naruto is a ninja-in-training with a need for attention, a knack for mischief and, sealed within him, a strange, formidable power. L to R (Western Style). Naruto is a ninja-in-training with a need for attention, a knack for mischief and, sealed...

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  • Twice Upon a Time - Beauty And The Beast

    Mass, Wendy

    Beauty is sweet, but not a pretty face, and Prince Riley is nice but all arms and legs. Both are used to playing second fiddle to their older (more talented and good looking) siblings. After a fateful meeting in the woods with a witch who turns Riley...

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  • The Beast Within - A Tale Of Beauty's Prince

    Valentino, Serena

    A cursed prince sits alone in a secluded castle. Few have seen him, but those who claim they have say his hair is wild and nails are sharp--like a beast's! But how did this prince, once jovial and beloved by the people, come to be a reclusive and...

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  • Color The Classics: Beauty And The Beast - A...

    Lee, Jae-Eun

    Color your way into the Beast's heart, in this visual retelling of the classic French fairy tale, 'Beauty and the Beast.' Join the pure-hearted Beauty as she offers herself to the fearsome Beast in exchange for her father's life, in a coloring book...

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  • Beauty And The Beast Read-along Storybook And...

    Disney Enterprises Inc

    Experience this tale as old as time in this wonderful storybook and CD! The CD includes word-for-word narration, vivid character voices, and thrilling sound effects from the beloved movie. Readers can relive the magic by following along with the...

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  • Beauty And The Beast And Other Fairy Tales

    Beaumont,Marie Leprince de

    Beauty And The Beast And Other Fairy Tales

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  • Beauty And The Beast - A Bela e A Fera (...


    Beauty and the Beast é um filme de animação considerado um clássico. Foi originalmente lançado nos cinemas em 22 de novembro de 1991. Venceu o Oscar na categoria de melhor canção original (Beauty and the Beast) e melhor trilha sonora. A história se...

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