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  • e-book

    Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt Training

    Moreno Broccoletti

    Lean Six Sigma is used in all successful businesses in order to maximize results, reduce wastes and satisfy customers.This is the last level trainig, addressed to the leaders or those who are about to become one.

  • e-book

    The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook

    Bremer,Michael; Daniels,Lorraine; Mccarty,Thomas

    EXTREME SIX SIGMA: A new series that takes Six Sigma to the next level The Six Sigma Operational Methods Series goes beyond simply explaining Six Sigma basics to interested managers--these are hard-core working tools of statistical methods,...

  • e-book

    Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: The Complete...

    Lee,Bruce; Uyehara,M.

    Vividly illustrating the techniques of a legendary innovator, this definitive examination explains how to survive attacks on the street, increase training awareness, and develop body movements. Originally compiled as a four-volume series, this...

  • Black Belt Memory Jogger

    Six Sigma Academy

    Black Belt Memory Jogger

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  • e-book

    Black Belt Krav Maga

    Levine,Darren; Hoover,Ryan

    As the official defensive tactics system of Israeli police, military, and elite special operations units, krav maga has proven its effectiveness from front lines and back streets to prisoner transport and 'take no prisoners' missions. For the first...

  • e-book

    Judo - Seven Steps to Black Belt (An...

    Rodolfo Tello

    Displaying the most impressive throws, compelling armbars, dominant pins, and decisive chokes, judo is a particularly powerful sport and martial art that can bring opponents into submission in highly effective ways. With determination and...

  • e-book

    Black Belt Negotiating - Become a Master...

    Lee,Michael; Sensei Tabuchi

    This book is packed with quizzes, scripts, checklists, and even a Negotiating Rating Sheet for continual self-assessment. Grounded in authentic martial arts tactics, this book turns novice bargainers into black belt negotiators who can get whatever...

  • Black Belt Word Search Puzzles - Super Tough

    Donaldson,Samuel A.

    Warning: a mind-melting experience awaits you here! These Black Belt puzzles take solvers' skills to the limit with encrypted word lists or no list at all and grids with missing letters waiting to be filled in.

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  • Black Belt Sudoku


    Black Belt Sudoku

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  • e-book

    The Shotokan Karate Bible 2nd edition -...

    Ashley P. Martin

    Packed with clear photographs detailing techniques and kata, (the combinations of techniques students need to master to progress through the belts) this book will be clearly laid out and designed to take the student step by step through the...

  • audio livro

    Black Belt Selling


    Sales and business coaches, Anna and Stephanie Scheller, show you how to grow your business using Sales Systems, as outlined by Eric Lofholm, in his book, The System

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    Black Belt Wealth


    Podcast by Damion Lupo

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

    Park,Yeon Hwan; Gerrard,John

    Teaches philosophy, techniques, and rules, and includes a chapter on opening and running a Tae Kwon Do school.

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  • e-book

    The Shotokan Karate Bible 2nd edition -...

    Ashley P. Martin

    Packed with clear photographs detailing techniques and kata, (the combinations of techniques students need to master to progress through the belts) this book will be clearly laid out and designed to take the student step by step through the...

  • e-book

    Essays for Black Belt - 20 Inspirational...


    Students have to prepare and present an essay on what being a Black Belt means to them as part of their grade. Here are twenty such essays.

  • e-book

    Leading People the Black Belt Way

    Palmer,Wendy; Warneka,Timothy H.

    Get ready to discover the secrets of successful leaders. In his important new book Leading People the Black Belt Way: Conquering the Five Core Problems Facing Leaders Today, author Tim Warneka combines cutting-edge research in Emotional Intelligence...

  • e-book

    Get Your Black Belt in Marketing

    Ali Pervez

    Are you looking for proven revenue-generating strategies to grow your sales immediately? In 'Get Your Black Belt in Marketing,' learn eighty-one moves to cut through the marketing clutter. These moves are absolutely guaranteed to increase your sales!

  • e-book

    Six Sigma 100 Success Secrets - The Missing...


    Six Sigma 100 Success Secrets - The Missing Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Training, Certification, Design and Implementation Guide

  • e-book

    The Black Belt Librarian - Real-World Safety&...

    Graham, Warren

    Sharing expertise gleaned from more than two decades as a library security manager, Graham demonstrates that libraries can maintain their best traditions of openness and public access by creating an unobtrusive yet effective security plan.

  • e-book

    Certified Methodology Black Belt (CMBB)...

    Rose Jeffrey

    Certified Methodology Black Belt (CMBB) Secrets To Acing The Exam and Successful Finding And Landing Your Next Certified Methodology Black Belt (CMBB) Certified Job

  • audio livro

    Project Business Black Belt Podcast


    Project Business Black Belt is all about bringing the athlete mindset to business success. This podcast is intended to share insights, how to guides from mindset to communication, relationships and best practice strategies for accelerated business...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Beyond Black Belt Sudoku


    For diehards only! These incredibly difficult puzzles are handcrafted for the sudoku warrior who dares to go where other solvers fear to tread. So, if you're armed with the highest-level strategies, get ready for the most satisfying fight your life....

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