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  • Enquanto Bela Dormia




    '“Em uma alquimia irresistível, a ficção histórica e a forma clássica de desfiar narrativas se unem nesta inteligente recriação de A Bela Adormecida. Com suas intrigas palacianas, este livro pode até não ser um conto de fadas, mas é tão encantador...

  • Os Lobos de Loki - Crônicas de Blackwell

    Armstrong,K. L.; Marr, M. A.



    'Os Lobos de Loki' é o primeiro volume da série Crônicas de Blackwell, assinada pela dupla K. L. Armstrong e M. A. Marr. Com carreiras consagradas na literatura fantástica – Armstrong é autora de Darkest Powers e Melissa Marr publicou, entre outras,...

  • The Handbook of Language and Gender

    Meyerhoff,Miriam; Holmes,Janet

    The Handbook of Language and Gender

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  • Clinical Sociolinguistics

    Ball,Martin J.

    'Clinical Sociolinguistics' examines how sociolinguistic research paradigms can be applied to assessment, diagnosis and treatment in the clinical situation. fills gap in the literature for speech-language pathologists by addressing how...

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  • Language and Gender

    Talbot,Mary M.

    Language and Gender

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  • Applied English Phonology

    Yavas, Mehmet

    Applied English Phonology has been extensively revised and expanded, using an accessible style and numerous exercises to explore the fundamental aspects of the English sound system. •Covers the fundamental aspects of the English sound system,...

  • The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences

    Hardcastle,William J.; Laver,John

    The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences

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  • Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics


    Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics

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  • The Handbook Of Dialectology


    The Handbook of Dialectology provides an authoritative, up-to-date and unusually broad account of the study of dialect, in one volume. Each chapter reviews essential research, and offers a critical discussion of the past, present and future...

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  • The Blackwell Guide To The Philosophy Of...

    Hanley,Richard; Devitt,Michael

    The 'Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Language' is a collection of twenty new essays in a cutting-edge and wide-ranging field. Surveys central issues in contemporary philosophy of language while examining foundational topics Provides pedagogical...

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  • The Blackwell Encyclopedia Of Writing Systems


    This is an encyclopedia of writing systems, scripts and orthographies of all the world's major languages, past and present. It provides both a fully illustrated description of over 400 writing systems and an account of the study of writing in many...

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  • An Introduction To Language Policy - Theory...


    'An Introduction to Language Policy: Theories and Method' is a collection of newly-written chapters that cover the major theories and methods currently employed by scholars active in the field. provides an accessible introduction to the study of...

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  • The Handbook of Bilingualism

    Bhatia,Tej K.; Ritchie,William C.

    The Handbook of Bilingualism

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  • Linguistics

    Fromkin,Victoria A.


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  • Sociolinguistics

    Paulston,Christina Bratt; Tucker,G. Richard


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  • Semantic Relationism

    Fine; Fine,Kit; Fine,Lapavitsas

    Kit Fine argues for a fundamentally new approach to the study of representation in language and thought. His key idea is that there may be representational relationships between expressions or elements of thought that are not grounded in the...

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  • Semantics

    Saeed,John I.


  • Semantics

    Saeed,John I.

    Revised and updated to reflect recent theoretical developments in the field, Semantics, 4th Edition, presents an engaging and accessible introduction to the study of meaning in language for students new to the field of semantics.Covers all of the...

  • Minimalist Syntax


    Minimalist Syntax

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  • Discourse Analysis


    Discourse Analysis

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  • American English

    Wolfram,Walt; Schilling-Estes,Natalie

    American English

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  • Beginning Syntax


    This is an elementary introduction to syntactic analysis. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject whatsoever, it is intended for students who are encountering such analysis for the first time. For those embarking on a longer term study of syntax,...

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  • Clinical Sociolinguistics

    Ball,Martin J.

    Sociolinguistics, the study of the interaction of language and society, has had a major impact on linguistics for the last half-century. However, this prominent branch of the language sciences has had little contact with the field of communication...

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  • Intercultural Communication

    Scollon,Ronald; Scollon,Suzanne B. K.

    Intercultural Communication

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  • Fatal Attraction


    Since its famed introduction of the 'boiled bunny,' Fatal Attraction (1987) established itself as one of American cinema's most controversial films. This insightful new book surveys the film's formal features and its ideological impact, paying...

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  • Scholastic Journalism

    Tate,C. Dow; Rolnicki,Tom E.; Taylor,Sherri

    A basic text for journalism courses surveys the basic skills involved in writing news articles.

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  • American English

    Wolfram,Walt; Schilling-Estes,Natalie

    American English

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  • Natural Language Semantics


    Natural Language Semantics

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  • Vowels And Consonants


    Vowels And Consonants

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  • What is Morphology?

    Aronoff,Mark; Fudeman,Kirsten

    What is Morphology?

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  • Mass Communication Education

    Murray,Michael D.; Moore,Roy L.

    'Mass Communication Education' presents a definitive national overview of how mass communication and journalism are currently being taught in colleges and universities across America. Editors Murray and Moore and distinguished contributors offer...

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  • The Handbook Of Discourse Analysis

    Schiffrin,Deborah S.; Tannen,Deborah; Hamilton,Heidi Ehernberger

    'The Handbook of Discourse Analysis' makes significant contributions to current research and serves as a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the central issues in contemporary discourse analysis. Features comprehensive coverage of contemporary...

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  • Chomsky And His Critics

    Hornstein,Norbert; Antony,Louise M.

    In this compelling volume, ten distinguished thinkers -- William G. Lycan, Galen Strawson, Jeffrey Poland, Georges Rey, Frances Egan, Paul Horwich, Peter Ludlow, Paul Pietroski, Alison Gopnik, and Ruth Millikan -- address a variety of conceptual...

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  • Multiple Voices - An Introduction To...


    'Multiple Voices: An Introduction to Bilingualism' provides a comprehensive overview of all major features of bilingualism, including grammatical, cognitive, and social aspects. examines bilingualism as a socio-political phenomenon and emphasizes...

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  • Literacy - An Introduction To The Ecology Of...

    Barton,David; BARTON

    This introduction to the expanding field of literacy studies has been fully revised for the second edition. It explores recent developments and new research that has contributed to our understanding of literacy practices, reflecting on the...

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  • Handbook of Second Language Acquisition

    Long,Michael H.; Doughty,Catherine

    Handbook of Second Language Acquisition

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  • Language, Frogs And Savants

    Smith,N. V.

    With topics ranging from language death to sign language, 'Language, Frogs and Savants' offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of linguistics. Written by one of the most senior figures in linguistics. Features fascinating topics ranging from...

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  • Semantics in Generative Grammar

    Kratzer,Angelika; Heim,Irene

    Semantics in Generative Grammar

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  • The Handbook of Linguistics

    Rees-Miller,Janie; Aronoff,Mark

    The Handbook of Linguistics

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  • The Editor's Toolbox

    Ryan,Buck; O'Donnell,Michael

    The Editor's Toolbox

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  • Learning To Be Literate

    Garton,Alison; Pratt,Chris

    The second edition of this successful work describes and explains the development of children's spoken and written language--from infancy to around eight years of age--based on both classical and recent research. The authors emphasize the importance...

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  • Anaphora - A Reference Guide


    'Anaphora: A Reference Guide' is a collection of essays that report on the major results of recent research in anaphora and set the stage for further inquiry. Reports on the major results of recent research in anaphora and sets the stage for further...

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  • Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings

    Paulston,Christina Bratt; Tucker,G. Richard

    Sociolinguistics - The Essential Readings

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  • A Companion To Chaucer


    This collection of accessible, informative essays provides students and teachers with a balance of textual analysis and cultural contexts designed to enhance the understanding of Chaucer's major and minor works . . . Both serious first–time readers...

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