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  • Michael Bublé - Nobody But Me



    Um dos artistas que mais vendem álbuns em todo o mundo volta depois de uma pausa de 3 anos com novo projeto de estúdio (9º da carreira do artista) chamado “Nobody But Me” com lançamento marcado para outubro. Ele é o sucessor do aclamado “To be Loved”...

  • e-book

    Bank 3.0 - Why Banking Is No Longer Somewhere...

    Brett King

    Brett King is a strategic advisor to the financial services sector and the founder of the International Academy of Financial Management, a professional association focused on financial services. He is an International Judge for the Asian Banker...

  • e-book

    But the One Who - To the End Will Be Saved


    This book is dedicated to Christians and non-Christians for salvation, daily motivation, inspiration and devotion. I have realised that some people get to Christ at some point then, go back to the world because of the inability to stand firm to their...

  • e-book

    But Then I Came Back


    Waking from a coma, once cynical Eden sees the world in a new light and opens her heart to unfamiliar firsts, including love with Joe, a boy searching for answers to life’s big questions. But Then I Came Back is a must-read for fans of David Arnold...

  • e-book

    But Was it Murder?


    Modern, original fiction for learners of English. Alex Forley had everything: good looks, money, a beautiful house in London, an attractive girlfriend and a close group of friends. But now he is dead - an apparent case of suicide. Detective...

  • e-book

    But When We Look Closer

    Susan E Lloy

    Though But When We Look Closer is a collection of eighteen stories that approaches its subjects from a parade of landscapes, running through these tales is a singular motif-taking control. Characters find themselves in skins they wish to shed, with...

  • e-book

    But I Look Terrible in Green

    Jackie Nacht

    Since the beginning of his senior year in college, Jimmy has lived above the very popular Irish Pub O'Dwyer's. Sure, the music is loud and the co-eds constantly party, but the bonus is seeing graduate student Niall come in and out of work on a daily...

  • e-book

    But You Scared Me the Most - And Other Short...


    This collection of twenty-six dark but often humorous short stories features a pantheon of disturbed and disturbing characters, human and otherwise. Many of the stories are modern takes on classic monsters crafted with twisted plots and Twilight...

  • e-book

    But Seriously Folks, the Comedy of C.J....

    Henderson,C. J.

    Welcome to the big, fat wonderful world of C.J. Henderson comedy! The entire world knows about Conan the Barbarian. We've all heard of Red Sonja. Indeed, their creator Robert E. Howard will go down in history as the creator of some of the greatest...

  • e-book

    But For You

    Mary Calmes

    Sequel to BulletproofJory Harcourt is finally living the dream. Being married to US Marshal Sam Kage has changed him-it'apos;s settled the tumult of their past and changed Jory from a guy who bails at the first sign of trouble to a man who stays and...

  • e-book

    But I Loved Him

    Andrea R. Cunningham

    Aubrey and Julian, a match made somewhere other than Heaven. What do you do when you can't have the one you want and know they're not the one you need?

  • e-book

    But Now I See - Book 1 of"quot;To Sing...

    Carl Jon Munson

    <Amos Nordquist didn’t start out to be a minister, much less one in the American Civil War. Strong, handsome, intelligent, and wealthy, he intended to eventually head Nordquist Shipping, the Swedish shipping company begun by his father, Stig...

  • e-book

    But Enough About Me


    The second I stepped through the doors of Rolling Stone as a real employee, I wanted to shake off my old personality like the rigid husk of a cicada. But how could I cultivate a new, hip persona when I lived with my parents in a New Jersey suburb and...

  • e-book

    But We All Shine On - The Remarkable Orphans...


    After a childhood spent in care at Burbank Children's Home, Paolo Hewitt embarks upon a personal journey as an adult to discover whatever happened to his close childhood friends. He reveals their stories - from the funny to inspiring to...

  • e-book

    But You Scared Me the Most - And Other Short...


    This collection of twenty-six dark but often humorous short stories features a pantheon of disturbed and disturbing characters, human and otherwise. Many of the stories are modern takes on classic monsters crafted with twisted plots and Twilight...

  • e-book

    But Come Ye Back


    For thirty-some years, Lyle has made a life for his family working as an accountant. But when he retires, his Irish-born wife, Mary, wants to leave America and go home -- where the ocean is near and the butter has flavor.Somewhat grudgingly, Lyle...

  • e-book

    But for the Crash

    Heroux, George A.M.

    Book Synopsis: In 2001, three students from a Minnesota Christian college were killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a four-lane highway. The beginning of this novel is based on that tragedy, and though fiction, the story tells of the...

  • e-book

    But I Do Believe In God'apos;s Country

    Jeffrey T. Morris

    When Conrad Kerr, prestigious Columbus Lawyer, sees the obituary of childhood friend, college roommate and draft dodger, Deacon Thomas, in the Columbus Dispatch, he begins a geographical and emotional journey introducing him to a people and landscape...

  • e-book

    But Remember Their Names - A Cynthia Jakubek...

    Locke, Hillary Bell

    There's one corpse too many in a Pittsburgh museum's life-size diorama of the Battle of Lexington, 1775. The extra body is that of philanthropist and art connoisseur T. Colfax Bradshaw. But why? Maybe he knew too much about the biggest art heist in...

  • e-book

    But Seriously


    Open the pages of But Seriously and you'll see that it is anything but serious. David Jenneson's tight, funny first person wit will keep you reading, smiling and nodding in agreement.. His broad brush covers everything from beating up Spammers to...

  • e-book

    But That Has All Changed Now - Early Voices -...

    Downie,Mary Alice; Robertson,Barbara

    This selection of writings by twenty-nine Canadian women presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, and a range of voices from high-born wives of governors general to a fisherman's wife in Labrador. All of which demonstrate how...

  • e-book

    But Not For Me

    J. S. Cook

    Gangster Nino Moretti'apos;s world is a series of contrasts between extreme wealth and abject poverty, an unstable existence punctuated by booze and bullets. For Nino, the gangster lifestyle is even more dangerous because he is a finnochio-a gay...

  • But I Could Never Go Vegan!


    Get ready for your taste buds to explode. Isa Chandra Moskowitz Can t imagine living without cheese? Convinced that dairy-free baked goods just don t cut it? Hate the taste of tofu and not a fan of boring salads? EXCUSES, BE GONE! Blogger-author...

  • It's Only Gigolo But I Like It


    A DJ, artista plástica e diretora de clipes Romina Cohn lança seu novo trabalho, uma compilação com 22 faixas, algumas de suas canções preferidas do catálogo da Gigolo Records com o melhor da música eletrônica. O álbum traz nomes como Marc Almond, DJ...

  • e-book

    But the Buddha Didn'apos;t Raise Children

    Stein-Luthke, Linda; Luthke, Martin F. Ph.D.; Stein-Luthke, Linda

    Have you ever wondered how many of the spiritual masters and enlightened teachers have been parents? What have you learned from them about parenting? Are parenting and spiritual growth two separate paths? What can we learn from the spiritual...

  • e-book

    But He Calls Me Blessed! - When the...


    Have you ever wondered why experiences that turn some individuals into bitter people change others into better ones? This is the central question in - BUT HE CALLS ME BLESSED!When the Unbelievable Happens to Believers.From experiencing rape,...

  • e-book

    But That'apos;s Not What It Says!


    Preachers and evangelists all have a story to tell. Atheists, of course, will reject the story, since it is founded on a belief they do not share: the existence of a powerful, personal God. Still, some of those will want to engage in...

  • But What If We're Wrong?

    Klosterman, Chuck

    But What If We’re Wrong? visualizes the contemporary world as it will appear to those who'll perceive it as the distant past. Chuck Klosterman asks questions that are profound in their simplicity: How certain are we about our understanding of...

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  • e-book

    Nothing but Trouble


    Chelsea Ross knows she'apos;s a great actress. Which is lucky, as she'apos;s just got the toughest role of her life!Washed up from Hollywood and in serious need of some cash, Chelsea jumps at the $10,000 opportunity to act as 'apos;carer'apos; to...

  • e-book

    But I Deserve This Chocolate! - The Fifty...

    Albers, Susan

    Bestselling author and mindful eating expert Susan Albers presents But I Deserve This Chocolate!, a pocket guide to outsmarting the fifty most common diet-derailing excuses that sabotage weight loss and encourage mindless eating.

  • e-book

    But Dad! - A Survival Guide for Single...

    Patricia Livingston; Margaret E. Gross

    Teen and tween girls can be mystifying, even to sensitive and caring parents. But for fathers, the changes girls go through may take on a new dimension, especially if dad is single and trying his best to navigate these years with his daughter. Here,...

  • e-book

    But I'apos;m NOT a Wicked Stepmother! -...

    Lipp,Kathi; Carol Boley

    Most little girls grow up dreaming of being a mom, but hardly any of them dream of becoming a stepmom. Nevertheless, approximately one million new stepfamilies are created every year.It’s no secret, being a stepmother can be a living nightmare. But...

  • e-book

    But I Love Him


    One in three girls will be in a controlling, abusive dating relationship before she graduates from high school – from verbal or emotional abuse to sexual abuse or physical battering. Is your daughter in danger? Dr. Jill Murray speaks on the topic of...

  • e-book

    But I Didn'apos;t Mean That! - How to Avoid...

    Heyman,Richard; June Paris; Rachel Small

    If you'apos;re tired of forever living with the taste of foot in your mouth, you'apos;ll rejoice at finding this smart and snappy collection of tips for learning empathetic communication and, thereby, avoiding the hurt feelings, damaged relationships...

  • e-book

    But Like Maybe? #1

    Arianna Margulis; Dru Radovich

    Based on the hit Instagram account, But Like Maybe? is a new comic book about life and stuff, examining the complicated world of selfies, brunch, hangovers, love, rejection, and over-analyzing everything.Issue 1 follows millennial heroine...

  • e-book

    But I'apos;m Not a Reading Teacher -...


    This book shows content area teachers in middle and high schools how to boost student achievement by including lessons and strategies which focus on students' reading comprehension without detracting from content area focus. These mini-lessons and...

  • e-book

    But Beautiful


    Lester Young fading away in a hotel room; Charles Mingus storming down the streets of New York on a too-small bicycle; Thelonius Monk creating his own private language on the piano. . . In eight poetically charged vignettes, Geoff Dyer skilfully...

  • e-book

    But . . . It'apos;s My Money

    Gary Fitzgerald

    Synopsis: Why does this author purport to know better than any of the other hundreds and possibly thousands of financial services people who have entered your life in a 'quot;sure shot - can'apos;t fail'quot; book, investment, or approach that...

  • e-book

    But Are You Making Any Money? - Stop Being...


    A down-to-earth, humorously accessible business book, But Are You Making Any Money? was written by a financially challenged event planner who was tired of working 24/7 with no money to show for it. But Are You Making Any Money? teaches entrepreneurs...

  • e-book

    But Wait ... There's More!

    Remy Stern

    Whether it was a Ginsu knife, George Foreman Grill, Tony Robbins' motivational book, kitchen device by Ron Popeil, or any of the countless other famous products that have been marketed on infomercials over the years, admit it: you or someone you know...

  • e-book

    But Not Philosophy - Seven Introductions to...

    Anastaplo, George

    Gathered in this one volume, But Not Philosophy provides useful and thought-provoking introductions to seven major 'schools' of non-Western thought: Mesopotamian, ancient African, Hindu, Confucian, Buddhist, Islamic, and North American Indian....

  • e-book

    But What If There'apos;s No Chimney?

    Emily Weisner Thompson; Mandy Hussey

    Five-year-old Ben is new in town and shocked to find his house has no chimney! How will Santa get into his house to deliver gifts? As Christmas approaches, Ben looks for answers, asking his dad, friend, teacher, mailman, and even his dog! Ben'apos;s...

  • e-book

    But You Did Not Come Back - A Memoir

    Perrignon,Judith; Marceline Loridan-Ivens

    “You might come back, because you’re young, but I will not come back.”—Marceline Loridan’s father to her, 1944A runaway bestseller in France, But You Did Not Come Back has already been the subject of a French media storm and hailed as an important...

  • But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! 125...


    With her first cookbook, But I Could Never Go Vegan!, Kristy Turner deliciously refuted every common excuse to prove that, yes, anyone can go vegan. Now, But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! serves up 125 all-new, scrumptious, satisfying...

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