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  • Zangado Games - o Que É Ser Um Gamer e Como...




    Ser gamer é muito mais do que ser simplesmente um jogador. É um estilo de vida que traz lições importantes, como acreditar em si mesmo, nunca desistir diante dos obstáculos, e mostra que rivalidade não significa inimizade. Assim pensa o Zangado, que...

  • Cadernos do Mathema Ensino Fundamental -...

    Smole,Katia C. Stocco; Diniz,Maria Ignez; Milani,Estela

    A idéia central dos 'Cadernos do Mathema - Ensino Fundamental' é apresentar de forma organizada algumas das muitas idéias e estudos sobre recursos, como jogos e calculadoras, ou sobre temas que fazem parte do currículo de matemática, como operações,...

  • Cadernos do Mathema Ensino Fundamental -...

    Smole,Katia C. Stocco; Diniz,Maria Ignez; Cândido,Patrícia



    A idéia central dos 'Cadernos do Mathema Ensino Fundamental' é apresentar de forma organizada algumas das muitas idéias e estudos sobre recursos, como jogos e calculadoras, ou sobre temas que fazem parte do currículo de matemática, como operações,...

  • e-book

    C++ Game Development Cookbook

    Druhin Mukherjee

    Over 90 recipes to get you creating modern, fast, and high-quality games with C++About This Book• Level up your game programming skills with insightful recipes on building games in C++• Analyze the less commonly discussed problems with C++...

  • Cadernos do Mathema - Ensino Médio - Jogos...

    Smole,Katia C. Stocco

    A idéia central dos 'Cadernos do Mathema Ensino Médio' é apresentar algumas das muitas idéias e estudos sobre recursos, como jogos e calculadoras, ou sobre temas que fazem parte do currículo de matemática, como operações, frações, geometria e...

  • e-book

    C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity 3D

    Murray,Jeff W.

    An Accessible, Modular Style of Game Building-Easily Start Making Games with Unity 3DC# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity 3D presents a highly flexible core framework to create just about any type of game by plugging in different script components....

  • e-book

    100 Circuitos de Jogos e Recreação

    Braga,Newton C.

    São 100 Circuitos de Jogos Eletrônicos com todos os níveis de dificuldade para que todos possam montar. Este livro faz parte de nossa série Banco de Circuito cujo tema foi abordado muitas vezes durante nossa longa carreira como escritor de artigos e...

  • e-book

    Cadernos do Mathema - Ensino Fundamental -...

    Smole,Katia C. Stocco; Maria Ignez Diniz; Estela Milani

    A idéia central dos Cadernos do Mathema Ensino Fundamental é apresentar de forma organizada algumas das muitas idéias e estudos sobre recursos, como jogos e calculadoras, ou sobre temas que fazem parte do currículo de matemática, como operações,...

  • e-book

    CryENGINE Game Programming with C++, C#, and...

    Lundgren,Filip; Pearce-Authers,Ruan

    This book provides you with step-by-step exercises covering the various systems of CryENGINE and comprehensively explains their workings in a way that can be easily understood by readers of any skill level to help you develop your very own CryENGINE...

  • e-book

    The Big Book of Team Coaching Games

    Scannell,Mary; Mike Mulvihill; Joanne Schlosser

    The fun and effective way to BOOST ENGAGEMENT and PRODUCTIVITYTeams that enjoy working together operate on a whole different energy level than teams that don'apos;t. They break down silos. They build stronger relationships. They retain what they have...

  • e-book

    Team Games for Trainers


    Effective team building through training games. Carolyn Nilson'apos;s Training Games for Trainers reveals the fastest and most effective techniques to meet the demand for team-building in any organization. Over 100 ready-to-use games, exercises, and...

  • e-book

    Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D


    Designed to give you enough familiarity in a programming language to be immediately productive, Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D provides the basics of programming and brings you quickly up to speed. Organized into easy-to-follow lessons, the...

  • e-book

    Beginning C++ Game Programming


    Learn C++ from scratch and get started building your very own gamesAbout This Book• This book offers a fun way to learn modern C++ programming while building exciting 2D games• This beginner-friendly guide offers a fast-paced but engaging approach to...

  • e-book

    Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 3D...


    This book uses the learning-by-example approach. It takes simple examples from games to introduce all the main concepts of programming in an easy-to-digest and immediately recognizable way.This book is for the total beginner to any type of...

  • e-book

    Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4

    Sherif William

    If you are really passionate about games and have always wanted to write your own, this book is perfect for you. It will help you get started with programming in C++ and explore the immense functionalities of UE4.

  • e-book

    Same Game, Different Rules

    Jean Hollands

    Rise to the top and stay there without becoming a B@#%!In this groundbreaking book, top executive coach and bestselling author Jean Hollands focuses on a dangerous obstacle that continues to thwart many a talented woman'apos;s ambition­­the...

  • Jogo da Vitoria -c/ Chegar ao Topo Degrau P/


    Jogo da Vitoria -c/ Chegar ao Topo Degrau P/

  • e-book

    The Seventh Game


    A PAPERBACK ORIGINALThe amazing stories behind the 35 seventh games of baseball'apos;s World SeriesThe World Series has gone to a thrilling 'quot;game seven'quot; only 35 times, and each one comes alive in The Seventh Game, a rich collection of...

  • 3d Game Programming All In One

    Finney,Kenneth C.

    3D GAME PROGRAMMING ALL IN ONE, THIRD EDITION is perfect for anyone interested in learning the skills and processes involved in making 3D games. This new edition of the bestselling book shows you how to design and create every aspect of a fully...

  • e-book

    Learning C# 7 By Developing Games with Unity...


    Do you want to learn C# programming by creating fun and interactive games using the latest Unity 2017 platform? If so, look no further; this is the right book for you. Get started with programming C# so you can create 2D and 3D games in Unity. We...

  • e-book

    3D Game Development with Microsoft...

    Hillar Gaston C.

    This book takes a step-by-step approach to building a complete interactive 3D game using Silverlight and enhancing it through its related technologies. The book focuses on practical examples and has a friendly approach, with the opportunity to learn...

  • e-book

    Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity...

    Greg Lukosek

    Develop your first interactive 2D platformer game by learning the fundamentals of C#About This Book• Get to grips with the fundamentals of scripting in C# with Unity• Create an awesome, 2D platformer game from scratch using the principles of...

  • e-book

    Step Up Your Game

    Rao,Naresh C.

    As a sports and wellness medicine practitioner whose clients include Olympic and professional athletes, triathletes, and weekend warriors, Dr. Naresh Rao has uncovered the secrets of how and why elite athletes consistently perform at the highest...

  • e-book

    Winning Pachinko: The Game of Japanese...

    Sedensky,Eric C.

    Pachinko, a game played by over 30 million Japanese, is synonymous with glaring lights, mind-rattling noise and smoke-choked parlors. To the uninitiated, the game's phenomenal popularity is nothing less than an enigma. The unofficial truth is that...

  • Regras do Jogo - Como Jogar e Vencer no Mundo...

    Brady,Chris; Brady,Tara C.

    Neste livro, os autores têm o objetivo de fornecer uma série de questões pertinentes em relação aos jogos que você costuma jogar - e a resposta a essas questões fornecerá uma margem competitiva em relação a seus concorrentes. Para tanto, usam...

  • e-book

    Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations

    R. C. Bell

    This encyclopedic volume provides the rules and methods of play for more than 180 different games: Ma-jong, Hazard, Wei-ch'apos;i (Go), Backgammon, Pachisi, and many others. Over 300 photographs and line drawings.

  • e-book

    Big Game Shooting - The Lion in South Africa

    F. C. Selous

    Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text...

  • End Game

    Marzio,Peter C. (frw); Cork,Richard (art); Martin,Elliott Zooey

    End Game

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Making Deep Games - Designing Games with...

    Rusch,Doris C.

    Like movies, television, and other preceding forms of media, video games are undergoing a dynamic shift in its content and perception. While the medium can still be considered in its infancy, the mark of true artistry and conceptual depth is...

  • Star Wars C-3Po - Premium Format Statue


    C-3PO foi um androide de protocolo unidade 3PO projetado para interagir com organismos, programado primariamente para etiqueta e protocolo. Ele era fluente em mais de seis milhões de formas de comunicação e desenvolveu uma personalidade espalhafatosa...

  • e-book

    Unity 5 - Learning C# by Developing Games

    John P. Doran; Greg Lukosek; Chris Dickinson

    Explore every nook and cranny of Unity 5 to turn your imaginations into realityAbout This Book• Demystify the C# programming language in Unity 5.x.• Unleash the power of Unity to create a wide variety of projects in numerous genres and formats.•...

  • e-book

    Dangerous Game

    C.P. Moorman

    Eighteen-year-old Derek Wilds' life changed when his parents had him disappear into the woods when he was only fourteen years old. Growing up with another family for most of his life Derek comes to realize that everyone he grows close to ends up...

  • e-book

    The Fantasy Sport Industry - Games within...

    Billings,Andrew C.; Brody J. Ruihley

    Fantasy sport has become big business. Recent estimates suggest that there as many as 33 million fantasy sport participants in the US alone, spending $3bn annually, with many millions more around the world. This is the first in-depth study of fantasy...

  • e-book

    Handling and Nursing the Game Cock (History...

    Dingwall,A. C.


  • e-book

    Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator'apos;s Guide...


    Create your own Flash games for the Wii Whip up awesome Wii games using Flash and ActionScript. Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator'apos;s Guide lays out each next-generation technique alongside real-world examples and cut-and-paste code samples. Learn...

  • Game Programming In C++ - Creating 3D Games


    Program 3D Games in C++: The #1 Language at Top Game Studios Worldwide C++ remains the key language at many leading game development studios. Since it's used throughout their enormous code bases, studios use it to maintain and improve their games,...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Break Into The Game Industry - How to Get A...


    Find out from an industry veteran exactly what you need to do to become a game designer, tester, artist, producer, programmer, writer, soundtrack composer, videographer, or sales/marketing professional. You'apos;ll get full-spectrum coverage of...

  • e-book

    Aprender com Jogos e Situações-Problema

    Macedo,Lino de; Ana Lúcia S. Petty; Norimar C. Passos

    Os autores apresentam seu modo de trabalhar, os princípios teóricos que animam sua prática, sua convicção de que jogos e situações-problema podem ser recursos úteis para uma aprendizaem diferenciada e significativa.

  • e-book

    Getting Started with C++ Audio Programming...

    Gouveia David

    This book is a standard tutorial targeted at game developers which aims to help them incorporate audio programming techniques to enhance their gameplay experience.This book is perfect for C++ game developers who have no experience with audio...

  • Game Theory and the Law

    Baird,Douglas G.; Gertner,Robert H.; Picker,Randal C.

    Game Theory and the Law

    sob encomenda
  • Jogos : Repetição ou Criação ?

    Motta,Julia M.c.

    Muito mais do que um novo repertório de jogos, este livro tem o objetivo de motivar o leitor a refletir sobre a importância dos jogos no desenvolvimento da humanidade.Com linguagem fluente e saborosa, Júlia mistura narrativa e teoria para fazer um...

  • e-book

    Protein Shakes for the Brain - 90 Games and...

    Noir,Michel; M.D. Ph.D Bernard Croisile

    Mind-games that keep your brain buff for life! You'apos;re brain is like any other muscle in your body: if you don'apos;t use it, you lose it. Since you may not have time to take a class or learn a new language to keep your mind fit and to ward off...

  • Alegoria Em Jogo - A Encenação Como Prática...

    Gama,Joaquim C. A.

    A relação do teatro com a educação é parte intrínseca dessa arte desde suas origens. Entretanto, seu emprego de forma mais estruturada e objetivamente encaminhada para fins pedagógicos surge de modo nítido tão somente na época moderna. Suas...

  • e-book

    Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius


    IF EVIL'apos;S YOUR NAME, THEN THESE ARE YOUR GAMES!Always wanted to be a genius game creator? This Evil Genius guide goes far beyond a typical programming class or text to reveal insider tips for breaking the rules and constructing wickedly fun...

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