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  • I Can Read Level 1

    Berenstain, Mike

    The Berenstain Bears discover various construction vehicles in this heavy-duty addition to the classic New York Times bestselling series.Gramps takes Brother, Sister, and Honey around town with Big Jake to learn all about construction vehicles. They...

  • My First I Can Read - Little Critter: Just...


    Join Mercer Mayer's classic and beloved character, Little Critter(R), as he hosts a pet fair at school. There are animals big and small, furry and feathery, and they all need new homes. With so many new pets in sight, Little Critter just might want...

  • I Can Read Level 2 - Rappy Goes To Mars

    Gutman, Dan

    I Can Read Level 2 - Rappy Goes To Mars

  • Make Your Bed - Little Things That Can Change...

    McRaven, William

    If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. On May 21, 2014, Admiral William H. McRaven addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas at Austin on their Commencement day. Taking inspiration from the university's slogan,...

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  • Lições do Papa Francisco Para As Crianças


    Papa Francisco tem lições para todos nós — tanto os jovens quanto os mais velhos. Neste livro lindamente ilustrado, ele fala sobre o amor de Deus, a amizade com Jesus, a dádiva do Espírito Santo, a oração, o cuidar dos pobres, como se dar bem com a...

  • I Can Read Level 1

    Berenstain, Mike

    I Can Read Level 1

  • Food Can Fix It

    Oz, Mehmet

    Improve your life through your diet with a friendly, non-punishing, and completely authoritative approach to harnessing the healing power of food from Dr. Mehmet Oz, America’s #1 authority on health and well-being. What if you had an effortless way...

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  • The Things You Can See Only When You Slow...


    In this beautifully illustrated guide to mindfulness, Haemin Sunim, a Buddhist monk born in Korea and educated in the United States, offers spiritual advice on everything from handling setbacks at work to dealing with love and relationships, and...

  • I Can Read Level 1 - Paddington At The Barber...

    Bond, Michael

    When Paddington is left in charge of the local barber shop, his determination to keep the customers happy will surprise even himself!

  • So Good They Can't Ignore You


    So Good They Can't Ignore You

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  • I Can't Make This Up

    Hart, Kevin

    Superstar comedian and Hollywood box office star Kevin Hart turns his immense talent to the written word by writing some words. Some of those words include: the, a, for, above, and even even. Put them together and you have the funniest, most...

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  • Webcam Microsoft Lifecam Hd-3000


    Esta verdadeira câmera HD oferece vídeo brilhante e colorido e facilita postar em seus sites sociais favoritos.

  • I Can Read Level 1 - Chicken In Mittens

    Lehrhaupt, Adam

    Bundle up and join Zoey the chicken on a winter wonderland adventure!When you have a pair of warm mittens and a great imagination, a snowy day is an invitation to explore and have fun. So Zoey the daring chicken and Sam the loyal pig are headed to...

  • I Can Read Level 1 - Beat Bugs: Penny Lane


    Based on Beat Bugs, the Netflix TV show inspired by songs made famous by the Beatles.Lately, Crick is feeling down. It's up to the Beat Bugs to cheer him up in their own special way. But will it be just what Crick needs? Based on the new Netflix...

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  • So Good They Can't Ignore You


    In this eye-opening account, Cal Newport debunks the long-held belief that 'follow your passion' is good advice. Not only is the cliche flawed-preexisting passions are rare and have little to do with how most people end up loving their work-but it...

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  • O Dom do Discernimento Dos Espíritos -...


    A Canção Nova traz para você os Livros para Ouvir da Coleção Dons do Espírito, narrados por Márcio Mendes.Agora você poderá ter todos os conteúdos dos Livros dessa coleção em áudio CD MP3. É mais uma novidade que a Canção Nova coloca à disposição das...

  • You Can Heal Your Life

    Hay, Louise L.

    Argues that everyone is responsible for their own experiences, tells how to lead a more creative and fulfilling life, and discusses work, health, success, and personal relationships.

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  • Quero Um Amor Maior


    Nossa vida é uma grande aventura, uma caçada em busca de um tesouro imperecível. Estamos sempre à procura de algo que possa saciar o nosso coração, pois temos a constante necessidade do encontro, de ter uma vida que valha a pena. Desejamos escutar “e...

  • I Can Read!: My First Shared Reading - Little...

    Mayer, Mercer

    Join Mercer Mayer's classic and beloved character, Little Critter(R), in this brand-new My First I Can Read storybook! Little Critter discovers a lost baby bird in his backyard, and he and his family all pitch in to take care of it until it can fly...

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  • My First I Can Read Biscuit - Level Pre1 -...

    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

    For fans of Clifford and Spot, welcome everybody's favorite little yellow puppy, Biscuit, in an I Can Read adventure!Woof, woof! Come along, Biscuit!Join Biscuit at the farm. Biscuit is going to help out on the farm today and can't wait to feed all...

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  • I Can Read Books: My First - Little Critter:...

    Mayer, Mercer

    Join Mercer Mayer's beloved Little Critter in a brand-new My First I Can Read storybook! Little Critter is excited to join the Critterville Kite Flying Contest. He just needs to find the perfect kite to fly. With a little help from his family, he...

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  • Histórias e Parábolas Para A Família

    Shankar,Padre Chrystian

    Uma boa parábola, recebida com o coração aberto pode transformar seu modo de ver a vida e fazê – lo questionar suas atitudes e seu comportamento. Refletidos, compartilhados e colocados em prática, os ensinamentos que ela possui podem ser o impulso...

  • I Can Read Level 1 - Ranger Rick: I Wish I...


    Dive into the lives of orcas with Ranger Rick in this beginning reader with full-color photos of orcas in the wild! What if you wished you were an orca? And then you became one? An orca is an amazing kind of whale. Could you eat like an orca? Sleep...

  • Webcam Microsoft Lifecam Cinema H5d-00013...


    Capture e Compartilhe Tudo com Incrível HDNão perca nada - aproveite o vídeo HD em tela ampla de 720p de alta qualidade com áudio claro usando o LifeCam Cinema. Relaxe enquanto a câmera automaticamente torna as imagens mais nítidas e a TrueColor...

  • I Can Read Level 1 - Pinkalicious And The...

    Kann, Victoria

    #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Kann brings young readers a Pinkalicious I Can Read story about creativity and the best babysitter ever.When Maya babysits Peter and Pinkalicious, they all enjoy playing pinkatastic games and drinking...

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  • I Can Fly - Little Golden Books

    Krauss,Ruth; Blair,Mary

    Young children at play imitate familiar animals and show how they can moo like a cow, squirm like a worm, climb like a bear, and hop like a rabbit

  • I Can Read! My First Shared Reading...

    Dean, James

    Pete the Cat can't decide what to wear to look cool at school. Pete learns it's not what you wear, but how you wear it that makes you cool. From New York Times bestselling author and artist James Dean, Pete the Cat can't decide what to wear to school...

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  • I Can Read Level 2 - In A Dark, Dark Room And...

    Schwartz, Alvin

    In a dark, dark room, in a soft, soft voice, tell a scary story!Newly reillustrated, this classic I Can Read full of spooky stories is perfect for beginning readers who love a bit of a scare.Victor Rivas's silly and spooky art will introduce a new...

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  • e-book

    You Can Understand Bible Prophecy

    United Church of God

    Prophecy is an integral part of the Bible, God's inspired revelation to mankind. Through it God reveals Himself, His plan for humanity and why we are here.-- In this booklet:-- Why Prophecy?-- The Fundamentals of Bible Prophecy-- Jesus Christ's Life...

  • e-book

    You Can't Lie to Me

    Janine Driver

    Janine Driver was trained as a lie detection expert for the ATF, FBI, and the CIA and is a New York Times bestselling author (You Say More Than You Think). Now she makes a powerful and incontrovertible declaration: You Can’t Lie to Me.  Driver—who is...

  • Giraffes Can't Dance

    Andreae, Giles

    The bestselling Giraffes Can't Dance is now a board book! Giraffes Can't Dance is a touching tale of Gerald the giraffe, who wants nothing more than to dance. With crooked knees and thin legs, it's harder for a giraffe than you would think. Gerald is...

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  • I Can Read Level 1 - Danny And The Dinosaur:...

    Hoff, Syd

    Danny and his best buddy, the dinosaur, always embark on dinosaur-size adventures when they are together! This five-book box set with handle and Velcro closure is the perfect starter library for a young reader on the go. This collection by beloved...

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  • e-book

    You Can Be Rich

    Dr Oluwagbemiga Olowosoyo

    For so long people have assumed that Godly wealth was an impossibility. The few who believed in Godly wealth assumed that it was limited to destiny.However, wealth is simply a matter of choice.In this classic, Dr Olowosoyo explains what the bible...

  • e-book

    You Can'apos;t Fail

    James Ndiora

    Pastor James Ndiora has led many people to Christ through his faith and power-based teachings of the gospel, and today many of them are exploring the riches of their redemption in Christ Jesus, walking in dominion and newness of life. You Can'apos;t...

  • e-book

    What Can Be Found in LOST? - Insights on God...

    Ankerberg, John; Burroughs, Dillon

    What can Christians learn from one of the most popular TV series of all time? In its first season, LOST averaged 15.5 million viewers per episode. The show features a cast that struggles with the eternal issues of identity, conflict, relationships,...

  • e-book

    You Can Do This! - Grace for the Journey

    Townsend John

    This quick-read gift book provides a jolt of inspiration and a word of encouragement to anyone facing a new challenge in life, whether school, career, health or relationship.

  • e-book

    I Can'apos;t Stand Her

    A.K. Harris

    This is my first book resulting for my 16 year audit of churches of all denominations.It is a harsh book, which looks into how churches behave and how they respond to the vulnerable or follow the Bible's teachings.

  • e-book

    You Can Soar Like an Eagle

    Nell Webb Mohney

    But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31 KJV)The eagle is a majestic bird that represents inspiration and courage....

  • e-book

    You Can, Because This Is

    Jay Luis

    We are free to decide whatever we like. We are free to be whoever we want to be. Yet many are quick to state their situation, unaware that their situation comes from an underlying reality. While it's going to take effort and awareness, change can be...

  • e-book

    Why Can'apos;t He Be More Like Me? - 9...


    'quot;What do you and your spouse have in common?'quot;'quot;We got married on the same day.'quot;Many women can identify with that sentiment. They want their marriages to be happy and honoring to God, but they wonder how when their mate baffles and...

  • e-book

    You Can Do This - Seizing the Confidence God...

    Tricia Lott Williford

    Our culture as a whole, and often the Christian culture in particular, discourages confidence in women. Tricia Lott Williford explores how confidence and self-awareness can be a path toward stronger and richer faith. She offers stories and strategies...

  • e-book

    You Can Do It--Even if Others Say You Can't


    You Can Do It--Even If Others Say You Can't shows readers that the past does not equal the future and readers can live fruitful and fulfilling lives when they step forward in faith.

  • e-book

    How Can I Possibly Forgive? - Rescuing Your...


    Sometimes it'apos;s a struggle to forgive a friend, a family member, a coworker, or a neighbor. This book helps you to look at the meaning of forgiveness and the impact that choosing to forgive--or refusing to forgive--has on your life. It will help...

  • e-book

    Apostles - Can the Church Survive Without...

    Dr. Alan Pateman

    Before Jesus returns a significant increase of the anointing will be poured out on the Body of Christ, but can the Church handle such an anointing? (Acts 5:5) Billy Brim once said, 'As much as the anointing is powerful to create, it is as powerfully...

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