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  • e-book

    Issue 2 - Cheats for Call of Duty Black Ops

    The Cheat Mistress

    Batman: Arkham City; Portal 2; the next Assassin's Creed; The Last Guardian Halo: Reach and Black Ops; to the recent Gran Turismo 5 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood; electronic games; gamer; games; games for all the family; games industry; games...

  • Mystery of the Cape Cod Tavern

    Taylor,Phoebe Atwood

    Mystery of the Cape Cod Tavern

  • e-book

    Beyond the Call of Duty - Army Flight Nursing...

    Barger, Judith

    At the height of World War II, five hundred Army flight nurses served with the Army Air Forces as members of thirty-one medical air evacuation squadrons located throughout the world on both the European and Pacific fronts. Their work was not...

  • e-book

    The Call of Duty Collection - Breach of Trust...

    Mills, Diann

    This collection bundles all three of DiAnn Mills’s exciting Call of Duty novels into one e-book for a great value!Breach of Trust (2010 Christy Award winner! 2010 Inspirational Readers Choice Award winner!):Paige Rogers is a former CIA agent who lost...

  • e-book

    Cape Cod - Illustrated Edition of the...

    Miller, Scot; Henry David Thoreau

    Originally published in 1865, Henry David Thoreau’s Cape Cod is a wonderfully written, surprisingly funny account of nineteenth-century life on the Cape well before it became a major tourist attraction. To this day, many people consider it the best...

  • The Da Vinci Cod

    Brine, Don

    A humorous parody of the best-selling novel reveals all about the secret mysteries of the cod, as explained in the enigmatic works of Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Original. 40,000 first printing.

  • The Cape Cod Mystery

    Taylor,Phoebe Atwood

    When his best friend is accused of murdering Dale Sanborn, a vacationing writer, Asey Mayo is determined to solve the case, even if his only clue is a sardine can

  • e-book

    The Salt House - A Summer on the Dunes of...

    Huntington, Cynthia

    A woman writer's lyrical memoir of a summer with her artist husband in a remote Cape Cod dune shack

  • Walks & Rambles On Cape Cod And the Islands

    Bendure,Glenda; Friary,Ned

    Walks & Rambles On Cape Cod And the Islands

  • Insiders' Guide To Cape Cod & The Islands,...


    Insiders' Guide To Cape Cod & The Islands, 8th

  • e-book

    To the Life of the Silver Harbor - Edmund...


    The Cape as evoked and experienced by a legendary literary couple

  • e-book

    Terranova - The Spanish Cod Fishery on the...

    Garcia-Orellan, Rosa

    Terranova is the story of Spain's twentieth-century industrial cod fishery on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. It combines oral history (including interviews with over 300 participants in the fishery) with socio-political-economic history to describe...

  • e-book

    ElsBeth and the Call of the Castle Ghosties,...

    Palmer, Chris; Palmer, J Bean

    Recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award honoring excellence, a Moonbeam Children's Book Award medal winner and a 2015-2016 New Book Award winner, and described by Midwest Book Review as "about as fine a middle school fantasy as you could get:...

  • Easy Guides - Frommer's Easyguide To Boston,...

    Morris,Marie; Reckford,Laura; Media,Frommer

    Large numbers of Americans supplement their visits to Boston with easily-accomplished excursions to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Or else they plan vacations to these awesomely-popular islands whose gateway is Boston. We're proud to...

  • The da Vinci Cod And Other Illustrations For...


    The da Vinci Cod And Other Illustrations For Unwritten Books

  • e-book

    The Arctic Cod - A Study of Research Into the...

    D H Cushing

    The Arctic Cod: A Study of Research into the British Trawl Fisheries discusses trawl fishing in the North Sea.The book reviews the history of trawl fishing from the seventeenth century until the mid-nineteenth century when it developed into an...

  • e-book

    The Adventurous Life of a Cape Cod Dog


    The Adventurous Life of a Cape Cod Dog allows the reader to experience Cape Cod's beautiful landscape, ocean, and animals through the eyes of a local dog. While Shelby serves as a host at his family's bed and breakfast, he shares his exciting life on...

  • e-book

    Clearing the Coastline - The...

    McKenzie, Matthew

    A social and ecological history of the rise and demise of Cape Cod’s coastal fisheries in the nineteenth century




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  • Funk Beyond the Call of Duty


    Funk Beyond the Call of Duty

    Produto indisponível




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  • In the Bottle / Rainforest


    In the Bottle / Rainforest

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