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  • Hugo, A Máquina de Abraçar


    'ATENÇÃO!Lá vai a Máquina de Abraçar!Seja você grande ou pequeno... Quadrado, comprido, espetado ou macio...Ninguém resiste a Hugo, a Máquina de Abraçar!E você: já abraçou alguém hoje?'

  • J. Scott Campbell - Time Capsule Signed &...

    Starkings,Richard; Campbell,J Scott

    In 2004, RICHARD STARKINGS spent Election Day with fan favorite artist J. SCOTT CAMPBELL talking about his first ten years in comics. Richly illustrated with black and white art from CAMPBELL's files, the conversation covers Gen 13, Danger Girl,...

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  • J. Scott Campbell - Time Capsule

    Starkings,Richard; Campbell,J Scott

    In 2004, Richard Starkings spent Election Day with fan-favorite artist J. Scott Campbell talking about his first ten years in comics. Richly illustrated with black and white art from Campbell's files, the conversation covers Gen 13, Danger Girl,...

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  • Um Roubo Brilhante

    Campbell,Greg; Selby,Scott Andrew

    A HISTÓRIA DO MAIOR ROUBO DE TODOS OS TEMPOSUm dos prédios mais seguros do mundo, que armazenava em sua caixa-forte centenas de milhões de dólares em diamantes, joias e outros bens, teve todas as suas medidas de segurança burladas e seus cofres...

  • Gen 13 - The Complete Collection

    Campbell,J Scott

    From the mind of legendary comic book artist and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, Jim Lee (BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE)! When a group of seemingly normal teens are invited to join a seemingly-normal government internship program, they quickly realize there...

  • The Sunflower

    Evans,Richard Paul; Scott,Campbell (NRT)

    After her fiancé calls off their marriage a week before the wedding. heartbroken Christine Hollister reluctantly agrees to accompany her friend Jessica to Peru to do volunteer work in an orphanage, where she meets American doctor Paul Cook....

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  • Honeymoon

    Patterson,James; Roughan,Howard; Scott,Campbell (NRT); Davis,Hope (NRT)

    When a young investment banker dies under suspicious circumstances, FBI agent John O'Hara pursues a suspicion that the victim's beautiful bride is responsible.

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  • Seven British Classics - Addison, Scott, Lamb...


    Excerpt from Seven British Classics: Addison, Scott, Lamb, Campbell, Macaulay, Tennyson, Thackeray I drew near with that reverence which is due to a superior nature and, as my heart was entirely subdued by the captivating strains I had heard, I fell...

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  • e-book

    Exchange Traded Funds

    Scott Goold

    Some years ago, author and financial expert, Scott Goold lost a lot of money investing in the Asian markets (even though they went up) because of bad investment decisions made by the fund managers.'I learned my lesson. The only person you can really...

  • e-book

    The Science, Politics, and Ontology of...


    Lebensphilosophie, central to nineteenth-century philosophical thought, is concerned with the meaning, value and purpose of life. In this much-needed study, historical lebensphilosophie is returned to the core of philosophical investigations and...

  • Touched


    It begins when 12-year-old Robbie Young comes home from the mall one late afternoon to tell his mother the secret he's been keeping for a year: 'Jerry Houseman's been touching me.' In the tradition of 'Ordinary People' and 'The Good Mother,' here is...

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  • e-book

    Augustus Finds Serenity


    Is your life all stress, and all you want is a bit of peace? Before you hit your boss, yell at your kids or buy one more expensive, shiny toy you really don't need, meet Augustus. Walk with him as he finds his way to a good life. Augustus Finds...

  • e-book

    Rising from the Rubble

    Karen Scott

    Inspiring stories of people who have survived disaster and achieved great things - Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Lance Armstrong, Mark Inglis, Graham Lowe. Do you know the number one thing that stops people from getting what they want? You'll learn:*...

  • e-book

    Yu the Dragon Tamer


    This is a book about a courageous man, Yu, who suffered from mental illness. It tells of his personal and spiritual development and the growing intrusion of the manifestation of mental illness in his life. It documents how his own courage and the...

  • e-book

    How to Succeed in Tough Times

    Scott Kilpatrick

    Author of 'How to Persuade the Unpersuadable', 'I am Free to Love My Customers', and 'How to Build a Business in a Quiet Market', this serious guide of 'How to Succeed in Tough Times' lays out years of some very easy methods anyone can put to...


    Burrough,Bryan; Scott,Campbell (NRT)

    Examines the future of the American economy, providing a comprehensive forecast that encompasses the next twenty years and featuring financial advice ranging from investment strategies to principles of entrepreneurial success.

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  • Public Enemies

    Burrough,Bryan; Scott,Campbell (NRT)

    Public Enemies

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  • e-book

    The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction...

    Scott D. Campbell

    Detailed instructions, illustrations, tables for 7 design projects. Also data on bird habitat and instinct patterns. Bibliography. 3 tables. 63 illustrations in 15 figures.

  • e-book

    AMC Javelin, AMX, and Muscle Car Restoration...


    This restoration guide chronicles the entire process of AMC ownership from selecting a vehicle to disassembly to final re-assembly.

  • Readings in Planning Theory

    Fainstein,Susan S.; Campbell,Scott

    Readings in Planning Theory

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  • Behind The Lines

    Carroll,Andrew; Plimpton,Martha (NRT); Scott,Campbell (NRT); Nobbs,Keith (NRT); Grizzard,George (NRT); Siegfried,Mandy (NRT); Carroll,Andrew (NRT); Nelligan,Kate (NRT); Platt,Oliver (NRT); Graham,Dion (NRT); O'Byrne,Brian F. (NRT)

    A candid exploration of warfare from the perspectives of soldiers and civilians is drawn from previously unpublished letters as collected by the author during his country-wide tour in search of wartime correspondences, in a tribute that features the...

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  • e-book

    A First Course in Differential Equations,...

    Smith,Carlos A.; Campbell, Scott W.

    A First Course in Differential Equations, Modeling, and Simulation shows how differential equations arise from applying basic physical principles and experimental observations to engineering systems. Avoiding overly theoretical explanations, the...

  • Scott Campbell - If You Don't Belong, Don't...

    Price,Richard; Richardson,Terry; Moran,Al; Theroux,Justin

    Adored by celebrity patrons and admired by his peers in the industry, Scott Campbell is known not only for his amazing technique and vision as a tattoo artist, but also as a respected fine artist on the contemporary scene. Both Campbell’s artwork and...

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  • Be Cool

    Leonard,Elmore; Scott,Campbell (NRT)

    Chili Palmer plunges into the seediest, most dangerous corners of Hollywood's music business.

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  • Hear No Evil

    Grippando,James; Scott,Campbell (NRT)

    Miami defense attorney Jack Swyteck handles a case that starts with the murder of an officer at the U.S. Naval base on Guantanamo Bay and the arrest of his wife for the crime, and concludes with a shocking surprise that will change Jack's life.

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  • One More for the Road

    Bradbury,Ray; Scott,Campbell (NRT)

    Presents twenty-five contemporary short stories that probe the depths of human experience and relationships.

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  • Danger Girl - Perigosamente Sua - Vol. I

    Campbell,J. Scott; Hartnell,Andy

    Quando a bela e fatal aventureira Abbey Chase é recrutada pela agência altamente secreta de espionagem conhecida como 'Danger Girl', ela aperta os cintos para realizar a maior viagem de sua vida! Lutando contra um excêntrico grupo de figuras...

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  • Danger Girl - Jogos, Trapaças e Sedução -...

    Campbell,J. Scott; Hartnell,Andy

    Abbey Chase, a bela e fatal aventureira, é recrutada pela agência altamente secreta de espionagem conhecida como Danger Girl, e aperta os cintos para realizar a maior viagem da sua vida! Lutando contra um excêntrico grupo de figuras diabólicas e...

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