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  • e-book

    Tornar-se pessoa


    Filosófico e provocante, este livro constitui um resumo da longa experiência do Dr. Carl Rogers no campo da psicoterapia. Introdução indispensável ao processo do tornar-se, destina-se não apenas a psicólogos e psiquiatras mas a todos os que se...

  • Acoustic Analyses Using MATLAB(R) And...

    Howard, Carl Q

    Techniques and Tools for Solving Acoustics Problems This is the first book of its kind that describes the use of ANSYS(R) finite element analysis (FEA) software, and MATLAB(R) engineering programming software to solve acoustic problems. It covers...

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  • First Annual Report Of The United States...


    Excerpt from First Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Hon. Carl Schurz, Secretary of the Interior For the expenses of the Geological Survey, and the classification of the public lands, and examination of the geological...

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  • Tietz Fundamentos de Quimica Clinica - 6ª...

    Burtis,Carl A.; Ashwood,Edward R., M.D.; Bruns,David

    Agora com material on-line regularmente atualizado, o texto básico com fundamentos de química laboratorial está em nova versão. Você encontrará os fundamentos da química que precisa saber, explicados a partir de uma perspectiva de um laboratório...

  • The Economics Of Information Technology

    Varian, Hal R.; Farrell,Joseph; Shapiro,Carl

    The Economics Of Information Technology

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  • e-book

    Telecommunications Demystified

    Nassar, Carl R.

    Telecommunications Demystified provides details of developments in telecommunications, and their underlying theory, are thoroughly examined in this sweeping tutorial. The book first builds a strong mathematical foundation, introduces the basic...

  • Information Rules

    Varian, Hal R.; Shapiro,Carl

    Information Rules

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  • e-book

    Pocket Guide to Chemical Engineering

    Branan,Carl R.

    Here, in a compact, easy-to-use format, are practical tips, handy formulas, correlations, curves, charts, tables, and shortcut methods that will save engineers valuable time and effort. Hundreds of common sense techniques and calculations help users...

  • e-book

    Managing Complex Projects

    Kerzner, Harold; International Institute For Learning; Belack, Carl; Harold R. Kerzner

    The application of project management techniques is considered standard practice in today's business environment. What is not widely known is that the learning gap separating good project management from exceptional project management is not as great...

  • The Economics Of Information Technology

    Varian, Hal R.; Farrell,Joseph; Shapiro,Carl

    The Economics Of Information Technology

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  • The Martin Buber-carl Rogers Debate

    Buber,Martin; Anderson,Rob; Cissna,Kenneth N.; Rogers,Carl R.

    The Martin Buber-carl Rogers Debate

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  • e-book

    Rhinoceros Giants: The Paleobiology of...

    Prothero,Donald R.; Buell,Carl

    Written for everyone fascinated by the huge beasts that once roamed the earth, this book introduces the giant hornless rhinoceros, Indricotherium. These massive animals inhabited Asia and Eurasia for more than 14 million years, about 37 to 23 million...

  • Barron's Pass Key The Gmat

    Umar, R. Bobby; Pyrdum, Carl S.

    This all-new test preparation guide is a shorter version of the brand-new Barron's GMAT manual. Barron's Pass Key to the GMAT gives an overview and explanation of all four GMAT test sections:- Analytical Writing Assessment- Integrated Reasoning-...

  • e-book

    Evolution - What the Fossils Say and Why It...

    Prothero,Donald R.

    Over the past twenty years, paleontologists have made tremendous fossil discoveries, including fossils that mark the growth of whales, manatees, and seals from land mammals and the origins of elephants, horses, and rhinos. Today there exists an...

  • Lost In the Woods

    Stoick,Jean; Sams,Carl R.

    With the arrival of spring, the forest animals wonder if the new fawn, alone in the woods, is lost.

  • e-book

    Practical Risk-Adjusted Performance...

    Bacon, Carl R.

    A practitioner's guide to ex-post performance measurement techniques Risk within asset management firms has an undeserved reputation for being an overly complex, mathematical subject. This book simplifies the subject and demonstrates with practical...

  • e-book

    The Economics of Information Technology

    Farrell,Joseph; Shapiro,Carl; Varian,Hal R.

    The Economics of Information Technology is a concise and accessible review of some of the important economic factors affecting information technology industries. These industries are characterized by high fixed costs and low marginal costs of...

  • A Way of Being

    Rogers,Carl R.

    Written by the founder of humanistic psychology, Rogers traces his personal and professional life from the 1960s to the 1980s, and offers new insights into client-centered therapy.

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  • e-book

    Prevention Practice in Substance Abuse

    Carl G Leukefeld; Richard R Clayton

    Here is helpful information about joint activities for prevention researchers and practitioners. Prevention Practice in Substance Abuse provides cutting-edge information related to prevention research and practice. Too frequently, researchers and...

  • Principles of Cereal Science And Technology

    Hoseney,R. Carl

    Principles of Cereal Science and Technology, Third Edition is completely updated and provides food science professionals and students the most thorough grain science information available. Much has changed in cereal science and technology since the...

  • Tornar - Se Pessoa

    Rogers,Carl R.

    A obra constitui uma introdução ao processo do tornar-se, destina-se não apenas a psicólogos e psiquiatras, mas a todos os que se interessam pelo desenvolvimento do homem e de sua personalidade.

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  • Emotional



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  • M & M MAN


    M & M MAN

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  • Mistrustful

    Carl R. Jackson

    After sacrificing his childhood for a good education, Davis Virginia attends college in Atlanta, Georgia. With a lustful desire to make up for the fun he missed as an adolescent, Davis quickly becomes the centerpiece of countless sexual fantasies.

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  • Plasma And The Universe

    Carl-Gunne Fälthammar; R. de Bibhas; Gustaf Arrhenius

    Plasma And The Universe

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  • Smithsonian Answer Book

    Ernst,Carl H.; Zug, George R.; Bartlett,Richard; Bartlett, Patricia

    Smithsonian Answer Book

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  • Gmat - Barron's Gmat

    Umar, R. Bobby; Pyrdum, Carl S.

    'Barron's brand-new GMAT provides a comprehensive review of all four content areas on the GMAT. Most importantly, it offers solid strategies for managing the particular challenges presented by this high-stakes, computer adaptive exam. For each of the...

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  • Snakes

    Bartlett,Patricia Pope; Bartlett,Richard D.; Ernst,Carl H.; Zug,George R.


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  • Robert Lee Morris: The Power Of Jewelry

    Morris, Robert Lee; Scheffel, Carl; Cusson, Scott; Karan,Donna; Agins,Teri

    Robert Lee Morris: The Power Of Jewelry

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  • Terapia, Personalidad Y Relaciones Interpers


    Terapia, Personalidad Y Relaciones Interpers

    Produto indisponível

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