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  • Jesus - A Humanização de Deus

    Castillo, José M.

    As cristologias costumam começar abordando a, já longa e enorme, controvérsia sobre o Jesus histórico e o Cristo da fé. Segundo o autor: 'Este livro mostra que aquele judeu desconcertante que foi Jesus, levou a cabo a revolução mais assombrosa que se...

  • Ecos do Passado - Trabalho Terapêutico...

    Castillo , Carola

    Esta obra oferece uma aproximação às Constelações Familiares, com base no princípio da Terapia Sistêmica, que evidencia a forma como os “Ecos do Passado” projetam-se em nosso presente. O livro ilustra como a informação transgeracional de nossa...

  • Espiritualidade Para Insatisfeitos

    Castillo, José M.

    Nos dias atuais, quando as religiões se veem questionadas por sérios motivos e sob diversos pontos de vistas, a espiritualidade ganha força. Um dos problemas apontados neste livro é que, em muitos ambientes, a espiritualidade é relacionada àquilo que...

  • Castillo Alfabetico Libro + Cd Libro + Cd 1

    Editora Pearson

    Castillo Alfabetico Libro + Cd Libro + Cd 1

  • Lobby & Comunicação - Lobismo Como Estratégia...

    Esparcia,Antonio Castillo

    Em uma sociedade onde interesses corporativos e governamentais sobressaem aos interesses individuais, nos deparamos com uma prática milenar que apesar, de ignorada, ou desconhecida por muitos, faz parte do nosso dia a dia - o Lobby. Ao perceber que...

  • e-book

    El Castillo de Linda Bridis

    Pedro,Calderón de La Barca,; Calderón de La Barca, Pedro

    Not Provided by Publisher

  • e-book

    El castillo de los Cárpatos

    Julio Verne

    Not Provided by Publisher

  • e-book

    El castillo - Colección de Clásicos de la...

    Franz Kafka

    Not Provided by Publisher

  • Treinamento Físico-Desportivo e Alimentação

    Fernández,M. Delgado; Saínz,A. Gutiérrez; Garzón,M. J. Castillo

    Todos sabemos que a alimentação e a atividade física podem melhorar nosso rendimento físico-desportivo ao mesmo tempo em que trazem benefícios à nossa saúde. Neste livro, enfatiza-se, particularmente, a alimentação e a atividade física na idade...

  • e-book

    El castillo de Otranto

    Horace Walpole

    Not Provided by Publisher

  • El Castillo

    Kafka, Franz

    «El castillo» relata la historia de un agrimensor que acude a la llamada de un pueblo adscrito a un castillo para que realice trabajos profesionales y que para ello abandona su patria. su trabajo y su familia. Pero cuando llega allí le hacen saber...

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  • El Castillo

    Kafka, Franz

    El clima y la idea dramática que informan 'El castillo' son los que nutren toda la obra narrativa de Franz Kafka 1883-1924: un mundo exterior que. pese a conservar todas las notas que lo hacen reconocible. es objeto de una mutación que lo transforma...

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  • Down A Dark Road

    Castillo, Linda

    Eight years ago Joseph King was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison. He was a 'fallen' Amish man and, according to local law enforcement, a known drug user with a violent temper. Now King has escaped, and he's headed for...

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  • e-book

    La Familia - Chicano Families in the Urban...

    Castillo, Richard Griswold Del

    In detailed historical analyses of Mexican immigration, economic class struggle, intermarriage, urbanization and industrialization, regional differences, and discrimination and prejudice, La Familia demonstrates how such social and economic factors...

  • Ecocardiografia Na Prática Clínica -...

    Castillo,Jose Maria

    O livro é resultado de mais de 30 anos de experiência de seus autores na área da ecocardiografia, desde seus primórdios. Ele contém soluções para determinados problemas que muitas vezes são causa de indefinições e incertezas quanto ao diagnóstico...

  • El Castillo de Cristal


    Jeannette Walls cuenta la increíble historia real de su propia familia, creada con tanto amor como pobreza. Una familia siempre errante, con la libertad como único horizonte, aun cuando esa libertad traspase los límites de la cordura y marque a sus...

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  • Loverboys


    A new collection of stories by the award-winning author of So Far from God explores the experience of love in all its diverse modes, from rapturous beginnings to bittersweet ends, in 'La Miss Rose,' 'Vatolandia,' and the title tale. Tour.

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  • Operation

    Castillo, Linda


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  • Hot Tamara

    Castillo, Mary

    Unwilling to settle for a safe life, twenty-six-year-old Tamara Contreras yearns to escape her role as the perfect daughter to pursue her own dreams, but her encounter with Will Benavides threatens to turn her life upside down.

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  • Depth Perception

    Castillo, Linda

    Nat Jennings, haunted by the murder of her family, and Nick Bastille, released from prison after serving time for a crime he did not commit and mourning the death of his son, are drawn together by their need for revenge against the person responsible...

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  • Dead Reckoning

    Castillo, Linda

    While trying to prosecute a case that could make her career, assistant D.A. Kate Megason receives threatening messages regarding a brutal attack from the past that left her sister brain damaged, and turns to P.I. Frank Matrone to discover if this is...

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  • Fade to Red

    Castillo, Linda

    Lindsey Metcalf embarks on a desperate search for her missing sister, Traci, who has mysteriously vanished from her home in Seattle, and, after making a startling discovery, must place her trust in a bitter ex-cop who plays by his own rules....

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  • The Shadow Side

    Castillo, Linda

    When a rash of violence and murder is attributed to her revolutionary new antidepressant, Dr. Elizabeth Barnes must join forces with Detective Sergeant Adam Boedecker, whose brother was a victim of this deadly phenomenon, to find the truth and stop...

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  • So Far From God


    Sofia and her daughters--Fe, Esperanza, Caridad, and la Loca--endure hardship and enjoy love in the sleepy New Mexico hamlet of Tome, where the comic and the horrific, the real and the supernatural, reside. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • Friday Night Chicas

    Pineiro,Caridad; Platas,Berta; Quintero,Sofia; Castillo, Mary

    A collection of four stories explores the themes of dating, marriage, sex, and friendship among Latina women in different locales, including Los Angeles, South Beach, Chicago, and New York City.

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  • e-book


    Castillo, Mary

    Best friends since back in the day, Aggy and Nely are as different as two women could possibly be. Aggie's slim, stylish, and owns an upscale boutique and a long history of no-strings relationships. Nely has a busy baby, a metiche mother-in-law, and...

  • e-book

    Hot Tamara

    Castillo, Mary

    Tamara Contreras will never again settle for unmemorable sex. Her long-time boyfriend may look perfect to her traditional Mexican-American parents -- something Tamara has never been -- but at twenty-six she wants more from life than marriage and...

  • e-book

    In Between Men

    Castillo, Mary

    What else could go wrong for 29-year-old ESL teacher and single mom Isa Avellan after she's been voted the un-sexiest woman alive by the entire student body?Well . . .She could be knocked unconscious by a well-kicked soccer ball and wind up saddled...

  • e-book

    The Conquest of New Spain

    Castillo, Bernal Diaz Del

    Conquest of New Spain is the first-person narrative of Bernal Díaz del Castillo (1492-1581), the 16th-century military adventurer, conquistador, and colonist settler. It is a vivid, military account that establishes Bernal Díaz del Castillo 'among...

  • e-book

    The Miracle of Small Things

    Guilie Castillo Oriard

    International tax lawyer Luis Villalobos is lured to the tiny island of Curaçao by the promise of a fast track to the cusp of an already stellar career. But the paradise we expect is so rarely the paradise we find.'The Miracle of Small Things' is a...

  • e-book

    Names I Call My Sister

    Sandoval,Lynda; Platas,Berta; Quintero,Sofia; Castillo, Mary

    Four stories of sisterhood—the bonds, the wars, the frustrations, the love—seasoned with hot Latin spice!Those 'Wild Orihuela Girls,' Dori and her sister Sela, intend to live up to their reputation—and more!—in order to give their snooty...

  • Restinga - Dez Contos e Uma Novela

    Del Castillo, Miguel

    Miguel Angel combateu a ditadura uruguaia ao lado dos tupamaros. Como muitos jovens militantes de sua época, ele desapareceu sem deixar vestígios. As repercussões desse episódio se farão sentir por anos a fio, conforme parte da família migra para...

  • e-book

    Murder in Amish Country - Books 1-3 in the...

    Castillo, Linda

    Painter'apos;s Creek, Ohio is a sleepy, rural town populated with both Amish and 'apos;English'apos; residents. It is also the hometown of Kate Burkholder, a formerly Amish woman who has recently returned as Chief of Police. The Amish are a proud and...

  • El Hombre En El Castillo

    Dick,Philip K.

    Premio Hugo 1963 'Los caracteres de El hombre en el castillo no son sólo productos de la imaginación sino también manifestaciones de un sistema de fuerza en el que el I Ching obra como un nexo análogo a un polo magnético ... La mejor novela hasta la...

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  • En El Castillo de Barba Azul


    En El Castillo de Barba Azul

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  • Práticas de Avaliação Educacional


    Práticas de avaliação educacional aborda um tema atual e complexo, independentemente do nível de ensino: em geral integra os aspectos cognitivos e emocionais que, segundo a opinião de alguns formadores, ainda se constituem em impasses para a...

  • Gerardo Lain

    Del Castillo Michel

    Gerardo Lain

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico...

    Castillo, Bernal Diaz Del

    First published in 1928.'apos;Something more than an historical document of the first importance...his narrative is so readable that one'apos;s interest and admiration are equally divided between the stupendous events he records and the charming...

  • e-book

    The True History of the Conquest of New Spain...

    Castillo, Bernal Diaz Del

    The first of five volumes that recount the exploits of Hernan Cortes in Mexico. They were written by Diaz Del Castillo, a soldier who served under Cortes, and translated by Alfred Maudslay. This digital edition was derived from ACLS Humanities...

  • e-book

    The True History of the Conquest of New Spain...

    Castillo, Bernal Diaz Del

    The second of five volumes that recount the exploits of Hernan Cortes in Mexico. They were written by Diaz Del Castillo, a soldier who served under Cortes, and translated by Alfred Maudslay. This digital edition was derived from ACLS Humanities...

  • e-book

    The True History of the Conquest of New Spain...

    Castillo, Bernal Diaz Del

    The fourth of five volumes that recount the exploits of Hernan Cortes in Mexico. They were written by Diaz Del Castillo, a soldier who served under Cortes, and translated by Alfred Maudslay. This digital edition was derived from ACLS Humanities...

  • e-book

    The Santa Marija Convoy - Faith and Endurance...

    Castillo, Dennis

    During World War II, Malta played a key role in the Mediterranean campaign, its submarines, light surface forces, and aircrafts destroying supplies desperately needed by Rommel's forces in North Africa. The price the Maltese paid for this effort was...

  • Windows Xp - Nova Série Informática - 12ª Ed....

    Castillo, Elaine Bellinomini; Suriani,Rogerio Massaro

    Neste livro o aluno encontrará informações básicas para a operação do Microsoft Windows XP. Dividida em 7 capítulos, a obra foi estruturada a partir de atividades que permitem estudar o software passo a passo. A nova série informática tem por...

  • Que Tiene Sed, El


    Que Tiene Sed, El

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