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65 produtos
  • Rogue One - A Star Wars Story

    Freed, Alexander

    Go beyond the film with a novelization featuring new scenes and expanded material.As the shadows of the Empire loom ever larger across the galaxy, so do deeply troubling rumors. The Rebellion has learned of a sinister Imperial plot to bring entire...

  • 20th Century Hits - Vol. 1 - Trilogy - 3 CDs


    A coleção Trilogy da Music Brokers foi idealizada para lançar o melhor de cada gênero e artista, lançado em formato digipack triplo ao preço d eum simples. Com uma cuidadosa seleção de músicas e luxuosas capas, a colegão Trilogy apresenta a grandeza...

  • Star Wars Catalyst - A Rogue One Novel

    James Luceno

    Lauded Star Wars author James Luceno returns to pen an intense tale of ambition and betrayal that sets the stage for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. War is tearing the galaxy apart. For years the Republic and the Separatists have battled across the...

  • e-book

    I Came Out of the Eighteenth Century

    John Andrew Rice

    John Andrew Rice's autobiography, first published to critical acclaim in 1942, is a remarkable tour through late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century America. When the book was suppressed by the publisher soon after its appearance because of legal...

  • e-book

    Snake Hill Volume I - The Nineteenth Century


    Did you know...- Snake Hill is located in Secaucus, New Jersey, less than 15 minutes from Times Square through the Lincoln Tunnel- As early as 1874, Hudson County had horse-drawn ambulances made specifically to transport smallpox patients to Snake...

  • Century 4 - A Primeira Nascente


    A primeira nascente é o quarto e último livro de uma série fascinante. A coleção Century é um grande sucesso de vendas na Itália e nos Estados Unidos. Você não vai conseguir parar de ler! Será que um dos locais mais fascinantes da China, a peculiar e...

  • e-book

    I Saw Three Ships - The Answer to a...

    Cundy, Patrick

    <div>May 1912, Even before the public inquiry into the loss of RMS Titanic opens, it is clear that the catastrophic loss of life is attributable to the apathetic negligence of the Board of Trade. A Vote of No Confidence will see the government fall....

  • e-book

    The LCSH Century - One Hundred Years with the...

    Alva T. Stone

    The LCSH Century traces the 100-year history of the Library of Congress Subject Headings, from its beginning with the implementation of a dictionary catalog in 1898 to the present day. You will explore the most significant changes in LCSH policies...

  • e-book

    Chain Her by One Foot - The Subjugation of...

    Anderson, Karen

    In this highly original volume of social history, Karen Anderson makes a provocative claim: the subjugation of women in seventeenth-century New France was linked with the brutal colonization of native Indian populations. Before colonization, the...

  • e-book

    I Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions...

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to I Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge , Determinism, Vol. 1. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and...

  • e-book

    A Half Century of Conflict - France and...

    Francis Parkman

    Historian, critic, and horticulturist Francis Parkman was renowned for his analytical acuity and narrative skill. In A Half Century of Conflict: France and England in North America, Volume 1, Parkman dissects and explains the tumult that surrounded...

  • e-book

    Chinese History and Culture, volume 1 - Sixth...

    Josephine Chiu-Duke; Ying-shih Yu; Michael S Duke

    The recipient of the Kluge Prize for lifetime achievement in the humanities and the Tang Prize for “revolutionary research” in Sinology, Ying-shih Yü is a premier scholar of Chinese studies. Chinese History and Culture volumes 1 and 2 bring his...

  • e-book

    Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland,...

    Broomhall, Susan; David G. Barrie

    Taking the form of two companion volumes, Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland represents the first major investigation into the administration, experience, impact and representation of summary justice in Scottish towns, c.1800 to 1892. Each...

  • e-book

    Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland,...

    Broomhall, Susan; David G. Barrie

    Taking the form of two companion volumes, Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland represents the first major investigation into the administration, experience, impact and representation of summary justice in Scottish towns, c.1800 to 1892. Each...

  • e-book

    South Yorkshire Mining Disasters - Volume 1:...

    Elliot, Brian

    In the period that we now call the Industrial Revolution mining disasters wrecked the lives of thousands of South Yorkshire families and devastated entire communities. The Husker pit flooding of 1838 in which 26 young girls and boys were killed...

  • e-book

    Twentieth Century Limited Book One - Age of...

    Jan David Blais

    Overcoming disabling injuries, Vietnam vet Paul Bernard becomes an award-winning journalist and television newsman. Known for holding a mirror to American society and long critical of the radical right, after 9-11 Bernard attacks the Bush...

  • e-book

    Western Experience, Volume I - to Century

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Western Experience, Volume I - to Century. In this book, you will learn topics such as CLASSICAL AND HELLENISTIC GREECE, THE ROMAN REPUBLIC, THE EMPIRE AND CHRISTIANITY, and THE MAKING OF WESTERN EUROPE plus much...

  • The Yellow Book – Seleção - Um Século de...


    'The Yellow Book' é o Coffe table da Toriba Editora sobre a Seleção Brasileira de Futebol. Uma obra definitiva, exclusiva, com imagens deslumbrantes dos maiores jogadores de futebol de todos os tempos. As páginas do livro trazem ainda textos e fotos...

  • Fall Of Giants - Book One Of The Century...

    Follett, Ken

    A thirteen-year-old Welsh boy enters a man's world in the mining pits; an American law student rejected by love finds a surprising new career in Woodrow Wilson's White House; a housekeeper for the aristocratic Fitzherberts takes a fateful step above...

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  • Fall Of Giants - The Century Trilogy 1

    Follett, Ken

    A thirteen-year-old Welsh boy enters a man’s world in the mining pits.…An American law student rejected in love finds a surprising new career in Woodrow Wilson’s White House.… A housekeeper for the aristocratic Fitzherberts takes a fateful step above...

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  • e-book

    A Tresury of XX Century Murder Compendium I

    Geary, Rick

    Witness the most controversial and famous true crime cases that shook the 20th century! These 240 pages retell the love affair that ended the life of prominent architect Stanford White, the New Orleans'apos; Axe-Man and his gruesome killing spree,...

  • So I Said To This Bloke

    Vine, Tim

    So I Said To This Bloke

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  • e-book

    Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century #1


    Collected for the 1st time. From the pages of the Mis-Adventures of Adam West comes this new action packed space adventure. Dirk Benedict- 'quot;Starbuck'quot; in the original Battlestar Galactica and The A-Team'apos;s 'quot;Faceman'quot;- is...

  • Fall of Giants - Book One of the Century...

    Follett, Ken

    Fall of Giants - Book One of the Century Trilogy

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  • e-book

    One Hundred Years of Kibbutz Life - A Century...


    “This marvelous collection examines the causes, processes, and paths of change that led to a transformation of kibbutz society in a quickly evolving, new nation-state. . . . Clearly, the kibbutz is alive and well and . . . different. . . ....

  • e-book

    Planning Educational Facilities for the Next...

    Earthman, Glen I.

    This book takes a systematic approach to planning educational facilities, discussing in detail each phase of the process of planning capital projects and the responsibilities of those in the schools who make decisions regarding the buildings in which...

  • I Speak Of The City - Mexico City At The Turn...

    Tenorio-Trillo, Mauricio

    In this dazzling multidisciplinary tour of Mexico City, Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo focuses on the period 1880 to 1940, the decisive decades that shaped the city into what it is today.Through a kaleidoscope of expository forms, I Speak of the City...

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  • e-book

    The 20th Century Cyber War Zone Operations...

    Ritthaler, Perry M.D.

    This fascinating e-book tells the story of war taking the reader from the time of full blow killings on the battlefield toward the peace truce operations currently being negotiated in the Middle East today.The e-book is packed with many online...

  • e-book

    Harder Than I Thought - Adventures of a...

    Austin, Robert D.; Nolan, Richard L.; Shannon O'apos;Donnell

    Being a great leader today is much harder than you thinkMeet Jim Barton. He’s a newly minted CEO, rising leader of a firm in transition, and manager of massive complexity—thanks to our incredibly networked and increasingly unpredictable world of...

  • Erotica - 20th Century - Vol.1

    Neret, Gilles

    Erotica - 20th Century - Vol.1

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  • e-book

    Greatest Poems of the Early 21st Century -...

    Douglas Gilbert

    These are the greatest poems of the Early 21st Century as determined by a consensus of the author's alter egos. The most obscure fictional critics who have appeared in the pages of the Great American Novel have, in their machinations, also lent...

  • e-book

    The Start, 1904-1930 - Twentieth Century...

    Shirer, William L.

    <p>A renowned journalist and author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Shirer chronicles his own life story--in a personal history that parallels the greater historical events for which he served as a witness. In the first of a...

  • e-book

    One Percenter Revolution - Riding Free in the...

    Nichols, Dave

    One Percenter Revolution: Riding Free in the 21st Century finishes the trilogy started by best-selling author and editor of Easyriders magazine Dave Nichols, following a whole new generation of outlaw motorcyclists.

  • e-book

    Jung in the 21st Century Volume One

    Haule, John Ryan

    This first volume provides an original overview of Jung's work, demonstrating its compatibility with contemporary views in science.

  • Naoki Urasawa's 21st Century Boys vol. 1


    War is over. The Friend is dead. Mankind no longer faces the threat of extinction. Peace has finally come to Tokyo... Or has it? The mystery still remains. Nobody knows who the Friend was and where he came from. The only clue is hidden deep within...

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  • e-book

    I Was Vermeer - The Rise and Fall of the...

    Wynne, Frank

    The astonishing story of the Dutch con man whose modern "Vermeers" fooled the world.

  • The Asian American Century

    Cohen,Warren I.

    A scintillating new study of the Asian-American contribution to the American story traces the influence of Asian culture on food, film, music, medicine, and religion in the twenty-first century.

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  • Family Life in the Twentieth Century

    Kertzer, David I.; Barbagli, Marzio; Kertzer,David I.

    Family Life in the Twentieth Century

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  • e-book

    Lifeskills Vocabulary - Styles of the Century...

    Saddleback Educational Publishing

    Visit any classroom and you will encounter students with a variety of goals, and not everyone approaches education with the same goal. For some students, school is a direct path to the real world. But many schools don't teach their students...

  • e-book

    Russia in the Nineteenth Century

    Owen, Thomas C.; L. G Zakharova; A. I. U. Polunov

    This is a comprehensive interpretive history of Russia from the defeat of Napoleon to the eve of World War I. It is the first such work by a post-Soviet Russian scholar to appear in English. Drawing on the latest Russian and Western historical...

  • e-book

    The Truth about Sex, a Sex Primer for the...


    Have you ever wondered why we think one type of sex is better than another? Are inhibitions or confusion about sex holding you back? Do you think you'apos;re a sex addict? Have you given up on having good orgasms with your partner? Are you worried...

  • e-book

    21 Bridges To the Twenty-first Century

    Schaller, Lyle E.

    The past five decades have altered the role of the churches. The third millennium will bring an even more radically different context for ministry. How the parish minister meets the challenge of that change is the subject of this latest book by...

  • e-book

    The Pentecostal Pastor: A Mandate for the...

    Trask,Thomas E.; Goodall,Wayde I.; Bicket,Zenas J.

    Over 80 articles for pastors under six themes: Priorities, personal life, ministry to the Body, revival, administration, and Spirit-anointed worship.

  • Managing Labor Migration In the Twenty-first...

    Kuptsch,Christiane; Martin,Philip L.; Abella,Manolo I.

    Managing Labor Migration In the Twenty-first Century

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