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  • Caça ao Tesouro - Uma Viagem Ecológica - Col....

    Iacocca, Liliana; Iacocca,Michele

    Com Alexandre e seus amigos, as crianças vão atravessar florestas, pântanos, rios e oceanos em busca de um tesouro que é maior do que podiam imaginar.

  • De Onde Você Veio? – Discutindo Preconceitos...

    Iacocca, Liliana

    Em um passeio pela história do Brasil, o livro convida a criança a conhecer suas origens, mostrando-lhe como se deu a mistura de etnias de nosso povo e como isso enriqueceu a cultura nacional.

  • Chaos - Making A New Science

    Gleick, James

    The million-copy bestseller by National Book Award nominee and Pulitzer Prize finalist James Gleick that reveals the science behind chaos theoryNational bestsellerMore than a million copies soldA work of popular science in the tradition of Stephen...

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  • Sai do Chão - o Carnaval de Ivete Sangalo -...


    A rainha, a mais poderosa de todos os carnavais, Ivete Sangalo, agora neste DVD sonhado por todos os fãs!O DVD inclui seus maiores sucessos como 'Tempo de Alegria', 'Festa', 'Carro Velho', “Real Fantasia”, 'Berimbau Metalizado', “Abalou” e muito mais...

  • Eu & Os Outros - Col. Pé No Chão

    Liliana Iacocca

    Nesta obra, o leitor é estimulado a refletir sobre as atitudes preconceituosas, egoístas ou agressivas a que todos nós estamos sujeitos. O último capítulo traz dicas para melhorar a relação das pessoas com elas mesmas, com a família e com os amigos.

  • Sai do Chão - o Carnaval de Ivete Sangalo


    A rainha, a mais poderosa de todos os carnavais, Ivete Sangalo, agora neste CD sonhado por todos os seus fãs!O CD inclui a faixa inédita do verão de 2016, “O Farol”, além de seus maiores sucessos como 'Tempo de Alegria', 'Festa', 'Carro Velho',...

  • Chaos And The Calm


    Este é o primeiro CD na discografia deste talento britânico, seguindo dos sucessos que marcaram seus primeiros EPs e o apresenta como um jovem e precoce cantor, compositor e guitarrista! O CD lançado primeiro no Reino Unido estreou no número 1 na...

  • Levantado do Chão

    Saramago, José

    Esta é a história dos Mau-Tempo, família de lavradores do Alentejo cuja trajetória, do início do século XX até a década de 1970, é contada com o arsenal dos melhores fabulistas e o olhar generoso dos grandes críticos sociais. É também a narrativa das...

  • Chaos And Complexity in Astrophysics


    Chaos And Complexity in Astrophysics

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  • e-book


    Shaw, Jamie

    The third novel in Jamie's fantastic Mayhem series reunites lead guitarist, Shawn, with a girl from his past who is determined to show him what he's been missing.From the moment she saw Shawn Scarlett perform at a school talent show, Kit Larson has...

  • e-book

    Chaos Born

    Rebekah Turner

    A fresh and exciting debut novel introducing the Chronicles of the Applecross. Lora Blackgoat, smuggler and mercenary, has been laying low after a job gone bad made her a laughing stock in the industry. When a childhood friend turns to her for help,...

  • e-book



    #1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell returns with the remarkable twenty-fourth thriller in her popular high-stakes series starring medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta.In the quiet of twilight, on an early autumn day,...

  • e-book

    Chaos In Paradise

    Dusseau, Lizbeth

    In this futuristic fantasy, Teagan wanders from the crude, chaotic anarchy of the South to the pristine Utopian north, a place that promises peace and justice. She unwittingly falls in love with a man who befriends her in her new home, and she's...

  • e-book

    Chaos Bound

    Rebekah Turner

    The long-awaited sequel to Chaos Born takes us back into the Applecross, where Lora faces increasing threats to her survival and her chance at love. Lora Blackgoat — mercenary and smuggler — has only just recovered from the last threat on her life...

  • e-book

    Chaos Theories

    Elizabeth Hazen

    The poems in this debut collection spring from a unique collision of science and art in one poet's heart and mind. In these often elegiac poems, Hazen explores many forms of love - between children, parents, siblings, friends, and lovers. In powerful...

  • e-book

    Chaos Broken

    Rebekah Turner

    The final instalment of the Chronicles of Applecross trilogy finds Lora left in charge - and quickly losing control. Lora Blackgoat is in charge. But after losing a lucrative contract, it looks like she'apos;s also running her beloved...

  • e-book

    Chaos Engine

    James Ferace

    'A handful of strangers wake up in a large empty room in an abandoned building in a deserted, industrial section of town with no means of escape. They soon, however, begin to detect signs of life...from inside themselves.'

  • Chão de Nuvens - Digipack


    Primeiro CD autoral de composições de Paulo Francisco Paes, pianista e compositor de formação erudita que neste CD mescla o clássico, o jazz e o popular, que também são fortes influências musicais. Apresenta um arranjo clássico de Paulo Francisco...

  • Chão Em Chamas

    Rulfo, Juan

    Livro de estreia do premiado escritor mexicano Juan RulfoObra regionalista, com 17 contos que refletem, em parte, as origens do escritor, nascido em Jalisco, região semiárida e pobre do México. Com linguagem coloquial e extremamente enxuta, Rulfo...

  • e-book



    101º (centésimo primeiro) livro do autor, sempre analisando o Ser, suas imanências, seus pensamentos, seus sentimentos e seus devaneios.

  • e-book

    ...Preceded by Chaos - Vol.+1

    M. Wheeler

    The protagonist, Mitchell Weaver, is a young Emergency Medicine doctor. Mitchell has entered a high stress, distinguished profession with the burden of a variety of particularly disturbing personal demons that he must battle every day in order to...

  • e-book

    Chaos and Rage

    Tinsman, Frank

    Fall smack-dab in the middle of the fun, a whirling maelstrom of a building takedown where every calamity imaginable plummets down upon our characters with the force of gigantic cartoon anvils. Within the first three chapters our band of ten shooters...

  • e-book

    Chaos Magic

    Lygon, Jay

    Sam is a broken young man, searching for temporary escape from his demons--inside and out. Running from abusive ex-lover Marcus, the God of Fear, Sam finds himself in the arms of the hottest man to step foot into his life: Hector.Hector proves to be...

  • Chão Batido, Palco, Picadeiro - Digipack


    A música nordestina é encharcada de contexto. Cada melodia e cada cadência arrastam consigo paisagens, nomes, rostos, histórias e recordações. E são esses elementos que despertam neste novo disco do Sagrama. Em “Chão Batido, Palco Picadeiro” soam...

  • e-book

    Chão de ferro

    Nava, Pedro

    Publicado originalmente em 1976, Chão de ferro aborda principalmente a vivência carioca do autor mineiro na primeira metade do século XX. Aquele Rio que, como dizia um famoso cronista da Belle Époque, 'modernizava-se'. Ou seja, já passara - não sem...

  • Chaos - Walk Through Fire


    The flame never dies . . . Millie Cross knows what it's like to burn for someone. She was young and wild and he was fierce and even wilder-a Chaos biker who made her heart pound. They fell in love at first sight and life was good, until she learned...

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  • e-book

    Beautiful Chaos

    Robert M. Drake

    Volume 3 of Robert M. Drakes entries. This book employs the comparative method to understand societal collapses to which environmental problems contribute to the common youth and society as a whole. In his writing, Robert M. Drake hauntingly...

  • Chaos Monkeys

    Garcia Martinez, Antonio

    Instant New York Times Bestseller “Incisive.... The most fun business book I have read this year.... Clearly there will be people who hate this book — which is probably one of the things that makes it such a great read.”— Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York...

  • e-book

    Chaos in Dynamical Systems - Physics, Atomic,...

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Chaos in Dynamical Systems. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need...

  • e-book

    Chaos! Vol. 1

    Seeley, Tim

    The horror 'quot;heroes'quot; of Chaos! Comics are back! The undead Evil Ernie, goddess Purgatori, vampire Chastity, and supernatural band of misfits known as The Omen have individually witnessed visions of the world'apos;s impending doom, and rush...

  • e-book

    Chaos Media - A Sonic Economy of Digital...

    Stephen Kennedy

    The contemporary media landscape might be described in simple terms as a digital terrain where real and virtual worlds collide. Stephen Kennedy investigates the concept of our digital space leading up to the digital turn of the 1990s to fully...

  • Chão de Estrelas

    Tavares,Isabel Alcântara

    Um enredo de jovens que buscam por caminhos distintos serem estrelas, mas que acabam no chão. Um chão gélido, com uma realidade bem distante do que imaginavam, porém que ainda assim conseguem reerguer-se através de uma segunda chance do destino,...

  • Chaos - Ride Steady


    The ride of her life . . . Once upon a time, Carissa Teodoro believed in happy endings. Money, marriage, motherhood: everything came easy---until she woke up to the ugly truth about her Prince Charming. Now a struggling, single mom and stranded by a...

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  • Chaos - Own The Wind - A Chaos Novel


    Too hot to handle . . . Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos-the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos' leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy...

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  • Chaos Mode


    United in a world of parallel universes, Colene from Earth, Darius, the king of another planet and her lover, Seqiro the telepathic horse, and a tentacled creature named Burgess return to Earth to help Colene confront her troubled past. Reprint. K....

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  • Chaos - Fire Inside - A Chaos Novel


    'I adore Kristen Ashley's books. Her stories grab you by the throat from page one and . . . continue to dwell in your mind days after you've finished the story.' -Maya Banks, 'New York Times' bestselling author Lanie Heron isn't looking for love-no...

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  • Chaos

    Cornwell, Patricia

    No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers the twenty-fourth engrossing thriller in her high-stakes series starring medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta. On a summer evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Kay Scarpetta and her...

  • Chão de Meninos

    Gattai, Zélia

    Chão de Meninos

  • e-book

    Chaos Analysis and Chaotic EMI Suppression of...

    Bo Zhang; Xuemei Wang

    Introduces chaos theory, its analytical methods and the means to apply chaos to the switching power supply design DC-DC converters are typical switching systems which have plenty of nonlinear behaviors, such as bifurcation and chaos. The nonlinear...

  • e-book

    Chaos Theory

    M Evonne Dobson

    Seventeen-year-old Kami is into science, way smarter than she should be, a little obtuse, and born to investigate. The kind of girl who excels in Martial Arts and runs a chaos theory experiment in her locker. Kami finds a way to focus her talents...

  • e-book

    Chao Dragons 5

    Aidan Reese

    So did you like the book or not if you did I'm going to make book 6 all rite just send me a note that tells all about it ok in the book Lee go bake to his world and he meet a new friend you have to read the book to find out.

  • e-book

    Chaos Monkeys

    Garcia Martinez, Antonio

    INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An NPR Best Book of the Year“Incisive.... The most fun business book I have read this year.... Clearly there will be people who hate this book — which is probably one of the things that makes it such a great read.”—...

  • Chaos - Own The Wind


    Too hot to handle . . . Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos-the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos' leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy...

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  • e-book

    Chaos At the Crossroads - The Birth of Dads...

    Stapleton, William John

    Dads On The Air, often shortened to DOTA, is a community radio program which began in western Sydney in August of 2000 with a small group of extremely disgruntled separated men who had no experience of radio and no resources. The author of Chaos at...

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