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  • Sonhos Em Flor

    Janaína Senna; Estelle Laure

    “Sonhos em flor é mágico e esclarecedor, belo e lírico. É uma análise de Estelle Laure sobre perdas e anseios, sobre dar adeus ao passado e assim poder abraçar o futuro. Imperdível.” – Kathleen Glasgow, autora de Garota em pedaçosO que você faria ao...

  • Em Busca do Tempo Perdido 3 - À Sombra das...


    A inesquecível experiência de se ler um clássico da literatura mundial adaptado à linguagem dos quadrinhos continua. A temporada em Balbec vai terminando, e o Narrador finalmente conhece o grupo das 'raparigas em flor'. Deslocando-se por cenários que...

  • The Flower And The Leaf (Classic Reprint)

    Chaucer, Geoffrey

    Excerpt from The Flower and the Leaf Hat benched was, on eke with tuffes ne 6 Freshly turved, whereof the grene gras, @ So small, so thicke, so short, so fresh of hewe, That most ylike greene wool, I wot, it was: @ The hegge also that yede in this...

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  • The Flower Of The Family - A Book For Girls...

    Prentiss, Elizabeth

    Excerpt from The Flower of the Family: A Book for Girls But the child, pleased with its new position, hung back, smiling, and clasping its little arms closer around Lucy's neck. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Hothouse Flower

    Riley, Lucinda

    A heart-rending page turner which sweeps from war-torn Europe to Thailand and back again . . . As a child Julia Forrester spent many idyllic hours in the hothouse of Wharton Park estate, where her grandfather tended the exotic flowers. So when a...

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  • The Flower-Finder (Classic Reprint)

    Walton, George Lincoln

    Excerpt from The Flower-Finder N 0 special study or training is required to follow these charts. It will only be necessary, for one not familiar with botanical terms, to master the directions, particularly the directions regarding the form and...

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  • The Blue Flower

    Van Dyke, Henry

    This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United...

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  • Little Flower

    Rand,Gloria; Alley,R. W.

    Knowing many tricks, Little Flower the pig is used to getting a lot of attention, but when her owner, Miss Pearl, falls and can't yell loud enough for anyone to come to her aid, Little Flower decides to put on a show to draw the attention of others...

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  • The British Flower Garden, (Series The...


    Excerpt from The British Flower Garden, (Series the Second), Vol. 4: Containing Coloured Figures Descriptions The plant was collected by Eichwald on the islands at the mouth of the Volga, and by Henning on the banks of that river, where it was...

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  • Kids' Flower Mandalas

    Arena Verlag; Sterling Publishing Company

    Kids' Flower Mandalas

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  • The Flower Hunter

    Ray,Deborah Kogan

    Young Billy Bartram keeps a journal of his experiences learning about the plants of the colonial United States from his father, John Bartram, as they travel together gathering specimens and planting seeds. Jr Lib Guild.

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  • The Flower Power Collection

    Donnelly,Karen (ilt)

    Three of Jean Ure's best-loved stories in a bumper 3-in-1 edition - PASSION FLOWER, SHRINKING VIOLET and PUMPKIN PIE.In PASSION FLOWER, Stephanie, a hip fourteen year old, and Samantha, her ten-year-old sister, are stuck in the middle of their...

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  • The Flower Garden Coloring Book


    The Flower Garden Coloring Book

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  • The British Flower Garden, Vol. 2 Of 7 -...

    Sweet, Robert

    Excerpt from The British Flower Garden, Vol. 2 of 7: Containing Coloured Figures and Descriptions of the Most Ornamental and Curious, Hardy Flowering Plants, Including Annuals, Biennials, Perennials, and Flowering Shrubs; With Their Scientific and...

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  • De Flor Em Flor


    Muitas vezes, os gestos (e as imagens!) falam mais que as palavras. Neste livro, os desenhos contam a história de uma menina que colhe flores no asfalto e depois transforma cada uma delas em um presente especial — nos lembrando de que a vida é feita...

  • Beautiful Flower Arrangements


    More than 30 gorgeous floral arrangements will enchant flower lovers and colorists alike. These stunning bouquets feature irises, sunflowers, lush roses, regal chrysanthemums, lilies, birds of paradise, and other beautiful blossoms. The full-page...

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  • Black Flower

    Kim, Young-ha

    ''Can a nation disappear forever?' . . . [In] a tale of collective loss, political revolution and the individual quest for self-determination . . . Kim brings us the souls caught up on the ground of this larger drama.' -- 'Minneapolis Star Tribune'...

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  • Hothouse Flower


    Hothouse Flower

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  • Broken Flower

    Andrews,V. C.

    On the verge of puberty, eleven-year-old Jordan March is sent to live with her spinster great-aunt, after her grandmother accuses her of having an incestuous relationship with her teenaged brother Ian, and stumbles upon a long-buried secret about her...

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  • A Vida em Flor de Dona Beja




    A Vida em Flor de Dona Beja

  • Spark Flower Fun Coloring Book

    Swanson, Maggie

    Brighten a child's world with this garden of 30 delightful flower designs to color. The whimsical full-page illustrations feature fanciful blossoms in settings populated by butterflies, frogs, and other kid-friendly creatures. Features perforated...

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  • The Flower Princess (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Flower Princess I have no mind to exchange hearts, save with him Who can find mine, where it is hid den among my flowers. Guess me my favorite flower, dear Prince, and I am yours. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • A Flor de Piel

    Javier Moro

    El 30 de noviembre de 1803, una corbeta zarpa del puerto de La Coruña entre vítores y aplausos. En su interior viajan veintidós niños huérfanos cuya misión consiste en llevar la recién descubierta vacuna de la viruela a los territorios de Ultramar....

  • The Flower Of Forgiveness (Classic Reprint)

    Steel, Flora Annie

    Excerpt from The Flower of Forgiveness He smiled. Dog Latin, I acknowledge. As for the reason can you not guess? About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This...

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  • Little Flower Girls Sticker Paper Dolls


    Youngsters will love dressing Brianna and Kayla in flower girls' outfits that include frilly skirts, blouses with cap sleeves and smocking, as well as charming little hats and headbands. Floral bouquets and baskets add a dainty touch.

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  • Um Céu Numa Flor Silvestre - A Beleza em...


    Tendo como inspiração a poesia de William Blake, Rubem Alves nos surpreende mais uma mais uma vez com esta coletânea de crônicas inéditas. A partir do verso 'Um Céu Numa Flor Silvestre', o autor ressalta a beleza que se manifesta das mais variadas...

  • La Flor Del Norte


    Novela histórica que nos descubre la desgarradora vida de Kristina Haakonardóttir, la joven princesa de Noruega convertida a la fuerza en infanta de Castilla al desposarse con don Felipe, hermano de Alfoso X El Sabio. Kristina partirá desde sus frías...

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  • The Flower Of Youth - A Romance (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Flower of Youth: A Romance We were on firmer ground, my niece and I. Deficient I may have been in wars and rumors of wars, guilty even of a gross negligence in those martial mat ters, but romantic times - stars! I was something of a...

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  • The Flower Of Forgiveness, Vol. 2 (Classic...

    Steel, Flora Annie

    Excerpt from The Flower of Forgiveness, Vol. 2 The clangour of metal upon metal filling the low, dark workshop, pulsating out into the hot sun shine Of the courtyards behind, and the hot shadow of the narrow street in front. Pulsating musically, yet...

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  • The Flower Of Forgiveness, Vol. 1 (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Flower of Forgiveness, Vol. 1 Surely this is very rare I remarked, as look ing through a herbarium of Himalayan plants belonging to a friend of mine, I came upon a'small anemone which, contrary to the custom of that most delicate of...

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  • Doña Flor e Sus Dos Maridos


    Doña Flor e Sus Dos Maridos

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  • e-book

    Sonhos em flor

    Estelle Laure

    O que você faria ao acordar de um coma? Voltaria para a antiga realidade? Ou começaria algo novo?Eden Jones tem 17 anos e o futuro todo planejado. Com o apoio dos pais amorosos, do irmão gêmeo que a entende como ninguém e de Lucille, a melhor amiga...

  • Bach Flower Essences And Chinese Medicine


    A guide to applying the power and wisdom of Chinese Medicine to Bach Flower Therapy Includes detailed write-ups about the indications and effects of each of the original 38 Bach flower remedies according to Chinese Medicine Explains the...

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  • The Flower Girl Of The Chateau D'eau Vol. 1

    Charles Paul De Kock; George Burnham Ives; Gustave Fraipont

    Charles Paul de Kock (1793-1871) was a French novelist. His stories are mostly of middle-class Parisian life, of guinguettes and cabarets and equivocal adventures of one sort or another. The most famous are André le Savoyard and Le Barbier de Paris.

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  • The Flower Girl Of The Chateau Deau, Vol. 1...

    Kock,Paul De

    Excerpt from The Flower Girl of the Chateau Deau, Vol. 1 There were therefore many people on the boulevards, and particularly near the flower market; everyone was anxious to take advantage of a fine day, not being certain of another on the morrow and...

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  • Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Or Flower-Garden...

    Sims, John

    Excerpt from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, or Flower-Garden Displayed, 1808, Vol. 27: In Which the Most Ornamental Foreign Plants, Cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-House, and the Stove, Are Accurately Represented in Their Natural Colours Their...

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  • The Flower Girl Of The Chateau D'Eau, Vol. 2...

    Kock, Paul De

    Excerpt from The Flower Girl of the Chateau D'eau, Vol. 2 The second year of my marriage passed, and I had already ceased to be happy; my wife desired to pass her life in parties, dissipation, balls; if I ventured to remon strate, if I seemed...

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  • One Little Flower Girl


    Here comes the bride . . . but first comes the flower girl! Come along on this rhyming story as our little flower girl discovers how special her part is in the big day -- and how much fun a wedding can be. Sweet, delicate art by Janie Bynum takes the...

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  • Lettice The Flower Girl


    Lettice has the honor of being the flower girl at her dance teacher's wedding.

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  • Isabelle the Flower Girl

    Brunhoff,Jean de; Brunhoff,Laurent de; Weiss,Ellen; Gibert,Jean-Claude

    When Isabelle agrees to be a flower girl at a family friend's wedding, she is so concerned about doing something wrong that she almost forgets to have fun.

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  • Kew: The Watercolour Flower Painter's A To Z...

    Fletcher, Adelene

    From azalea to zantedeschia, this unique watercolour artist's guide offers easy-to-follow, plant-specific information on how to paint, in a crisp and natural style, over 50 of the most popular species of flower. Includes step-by-step photographs,...

  • Golden Stars - And Other Verses, Following...

    Dyke, Henry Van

    Excerpt from Golden Stars: And Other Verses, Following the Red Flower The only reason for printing this little book is that many people have expressed a desire to have the memorial poem, Golden Stars, in a permanent form. About the Publisher...

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  • Flower O The Orange - And Other Tales, Of...


    Excerpt from Flower O the Orange: And Other Tales, of Bygone Days The ancestral home of the Carmichaels is one of those buildings peculiar to Scotland, which bear the impress Of every period of national history. Its foundations rest within the...

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  • -6%

    Lava-Roupas Casinha Flor Estilo - Rosa -...


    Com design inovador e dispositivo eletrônico sonoro simulando som de Lava Roupas. Muito fácil e divertido! Permite à criança imitar, imaginar, simbolizar e reproduzir situações do cotidiano familiar. Ajuda a desenvolver regras de conduta e contribui...

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