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1862 produtos
  • The Little Prince

    Saint-Exupéry, Antoine De

    An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

  • I Can Read Level 1

    Berenstain, Mike

    The Berenstain Bears discover various construction vehicles in this heavy-duty addition to the classic New York Times bestselling series.Gramps takes Brother, Sister, and Honey around town with Big Jake to learn all about construction vehicles. They...

  • I Can Read Level 2 - Rappy Goes To Mars

    Gutman, Dan

    I Can Read Level 2 - Rappy Goes To Mars

  • The Witch's Kiss


    Electrifying dark magic debut by authors and sisters, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr. Sixteeen-year-old Meredith is fed-up with her feuding family and feeling invisible at school – not to mention the witch magic that shoots out of her fingernails when...

  • Little Book Of Childrens Songs

    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; Mortimer,Mitch

    Little Book Of Childrens Songs

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  • My Book Of Little House Paper Dolls

    Wilder, Laura Ingalls

    Here, for the first time, is your very own collection of paper dolls inspired by the classic Little House books. Inside this book you'll find Laura, Mary, Baby Carrie, Ma, Pa, and their faithful bulldog, Jack. From helping Ma gather food in the...

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  • Rules Of The Game - Endgame 3

    Frey, James

    Two keys have been found. The strongest Players are left. One final key remains to win Endgame and save the world.For Sarah, Jago, Aisling, Maccabee, Shari, An, and Hilal, Endgame has reached its final phase. The third key, Sun Key, is all that...

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  • My First I Can Read - Little Critter: Just...


    Join Mercer Mayer's classic and beloved character, Little Critter(R), as he hosts a pet fair at school. There are animals big and small, furry and feathery, and they all need new homes. With so many new pets in sight, Little Critter just might want...

  • Perfect - Flawed 2


    The thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel to the bestselling YA debut FLAWED is finally here. When we embrace all our flaws, that’s when we can finally become PERFECT…Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she was branded...

  • Glass Sword - The Red Queen 2

    Aveyard , Victoria

    The electrifying next installment in the Red Queen series escalates the struggle between the growing rebel army and the blood-segregated world they've always known and pits Mare against the darkness that has grown in her soul.Mare Barrow's blood is...

  • East


    A young woman journeys to a distant castle on the back of a great white bear who is the victim of a cruel enchantment.

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  • Pocahontas

    Bruchac, Joseph

    Told from the viewpoints of Pocahontas and John Smith, describes their lives in the context of the encounter between the Powhatan Indians and the English colonists of 17th century Jamestown, Virginia.

  • Goal!


    Santiago, a young Mexican American, fulfills his dream of playing soccer when a chance encounter in inner-city Los Angeles results in a trip to England to try out for the Newcastle United soccer team.

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  • Appalachia

    Rylant, Cynthia; Moser,Barry

    Celebrates the Appalachian region and its people, looks at Appalachian homes, foods and surroundings, and gives their views of the outside world

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  • Childrens Songs

    Hal Leonard Corp.

    Childrens Songs

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  • Verdi


    A tale by the author of Stellaluna introduces young Verdi, a tiny spotted snake who is sent out into the jungle to grow up big and strong and who finds grown-up snakes so unpleasant that he simply refuses to turn green.

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  • Merlin


    Merlin, now twelve years old, begins to come into his magic while being held captive by a band of wild folk

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  • Raven

    McDermott, Gerald

    Raven, a native American trickster, must figure out a way to steal the light from the house of the Sky Chief where it is hidden and bring it to the world. A Caldecott Honor Book. Reprint.

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  • Tails

    Van Fleet,Matthew

    Rhyming text, textured illustrations, lift-up flaps, and scratch-and-sniff spots teach about animal names, shapes, colors, and numbers, one to ten.

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  • Gifts

    Le Guin, Ursula K.

    When a young man in the Uplands blinds himself rather than use his gift of 'unmaking'--a violent talent shared by members of his family--he upsets the balance of power among rival families, each of which has a deadly talent of its own.

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  • Boris

    Rylant, Cynthia

    The companionship of a big gray cat touches the lives of many in a simple collection of poetry about a cat named Boris and the special powers he possesses.

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  • Stellaluna


    After she falls headfirst into a bird's nest, a baby bat is raised like a bird until she is reunited with her mother

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  • Overboard!

    Weeks, Sarah; Williams, Sam

    From morning to night, a young child playfully grabs and throws items, including a bathtime rubber ducky and snacktime raisins.

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  • Pocahontas

    Bruchac, Joseph

    Told from the viewpoints of Pocahontas and John Smith, describes their lives in the context of the encounter between the Powhatan Indians and the English colonists of 17th century Jamestown, Virginia.

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  • Pushing Perfect

    Falkoff, Michelle

    Kara Winters is always striving for perfection. But when her anxiety takes over, the price of perfection spirals out of control…'Perfect' Kara Winters has always hated her nickname. Especially now that she no longer lives up to it. She used to have...

  • Galen

    Moss, Marissa

    Twelve-year-old Galen describes his life as a slave in Rome under the Emperor Augustus, in this book featuring hand-printed text, drawings, and marginal notes.

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  • Aida

    Price,Leontyne; Dillon,Leo; Dillon,Diane

    Retells the story of Verdi's opera in which the love of the enslaved Ethiopian princess for an Egyptian general brings tragedy to all involved

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  • Pinduli


    Pinduli, a young striped hyena, is hurt by the unkind words of Dog, Lion, and Zebra, but her clever trick in return promotes her clan's survival and spreads harmony throughout the savannah. Includes backmatter notes about hyenas and other animals of...

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  • Albert

    Napoli,Donna Jo; Lamarche,Jim

    One day when Albert is at his window, two cardinals come to build a nest in his hand, an event that changes his life

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  • Picnic


    A few surprises turn up at Kipper and Tiger's picnic, including ants, ducks, and hungry Arnold, in a new title of the Little Kippers series. Original. 35,000 first printing.

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  • Albert

    Napoli, Donna Jo; Lamarche,Jim

    When a twig lands in Albert's hand while he is checking to see what the weather is like outside, his life is changed forever, in a charming picture book that celebrates the wonders of nature. Reprint.

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  • Shining

    Lester,Julius; Clapp,John

    A young girl who has not uttered a sound since birth is shunned by the people in her village, until they realize how special she is

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  • Hands


    When a child works alongside her parents doing carpentry, sewing, and gardening, she thinks of being an artist as well when she grows up.

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  • Dogzilla

    Pilkey, Dav

    When Dogzilla invades Mousopolis, the rodent inhabitants must decide on a plan to rid themselves of this terrible menace before their city is chewed to pieces, in a wacky tale featuring colorful collages, manipulated photographs, and paintings....

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  • Otis


    Because Otis likes to stay clean, he is different from the other pigs and has trouble finding friends who hate the mud as much as he does. By the creator of Altoona Baboona. Jr Lib Guild. Reprint.

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  • Snowballs


    Some children create a family out of snow. Includes labeled pictures of all the items they use, as well as information about how snow is formed.

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  • Piggies


    Ten little piggies dance on a young child's fingers and toes before finally going to sleep.

  • December

    Bunting, Eve; Diaz, David

    A homeless family's luck changes after they help an old woman who has even less than they do at Christmas

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  • Dinosailors

    Lund,Deb; Fine,Howard

    After spending time sailing on the high seas, some novice, seasick dinosaurs decide they have had enough of their ocean adventure. Children's BOMC. 50,000 first printing.

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  • Dinnertime!

    Williams,Sue; Argent,Kerry

    When a hungry fox sets out to make dinner out of the rabbits in the field, the rabbits scurry to their burrows, yet one remains above ground and must move quickly to escape before it's too late. 25,000 first printing.

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  • Ithaka

    Geras, Adele

    The island of Ithaka is overrun with uncouth suitors demanding that Penelope choose a new husband, as she patiently awaits the return of Odysseus from the Trojan War.

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  • Sebastian


    Describes how Johann Sebastian Bach survived the sorrows of his childhood and composed the music the world has come to love

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  • Endgame


    Fifteen-year-old Gray Wilton, bullied at school and ridiculed by an unfeeling father for preferring drums to hunting, goes on a shooting rampage at his high school.

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  • Paperquake

    Reiss, Kathryn

    As Violet and her sisters work to renovate an old building, an aftershock of a recent San Francisco earthquake hits and dislodges a number of letters from the walls, but, to her surprise, the letters, written in 1906, appear as if they were addressed...

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