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40 produtos
  • Otolina e A Raposa Roxa


    'Otolina está de volta em Otolina e a Raposa Roxa, a quarta aventura da série do autor vencedor do Children's Laureate O estilo único de Chris Riddell, divertido e cheio de trocadilhos, agrada todos os leitores a partir dos 10 anos de idade. Suas...

  • Otolina e a Gata Amarela

    Riddell, Chris

    Otolina mora em um apartamento elegante da Cidade Grande. Ela e o Sr. Munroe, uma criatura cabeluda que veio de um pântano na Noruega, são os encarregados de tomar conta da casa enquanto os pais de Otolina viajam para abastecer suas coleções de...

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  • Otolina Na Escola


    Otolina Brown e seu amigo Sr. Munroe estão de volta, e suas aventuras vão além da Cidade Grande! Certa manhã, a dupla conhece uma menina muito fina, chamada Cecily Forbes-Lawrence III, que frequenta uma escola única — a Escola Alice B. Smith para...

  • e-book


    Gaiman,Neil; Riddell,Chris; Gaiman, Neil

    Tenth anniversary edition of Neil Gaiman's modern classic, brilliantly illustrated by Chris Riddell, with a new foreword by the author

  • Wyrmeweald - o Tesouro Dos Pródigos

    Riddell,Chris; Stewart, Paul

    Micah, um jovem explorador, está decidido a encontrar sua fortuna e parte em uma busca nas terras altas do Wyrmeweald. O local é habitado por Wyrmes, criaturas ferozes e apavorantes, e oferece muitos perigos aos que o atravessam. Embora não seja um...

  • Castle Diary

    Platt,Richard; Riddell,Chris (ilt)

    As a page in his uncle's castle in thirteenth-century England, eleven-year-old Tobias records in his journal his experiences learning how to hunt, play games of skill, and behave in noble society.

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  • Irgendwie Anders

    Cave, Kathryn; Riddell, Chris

    So sehr er sich auch bemühte wie die anderen zu sein, Irgendwie Anders war irgendwie anders. Deswegen lebte er auch ganz allein auf einem hohen Berg und hatte keinen einzigen Freund. Bis eines Tages ein seltsames Etwas vor seiner Tür stand. Das sah...

  • A Garota Gotic e o Festival Mais Assustador...


    Um conto deliciosamente gótico do premiado autor da série Otolina e continuação de Garota Gotic e o fantasma de um rato.Nesta nova aventura, o Festival da Lua Cheia e a competição gastronômica Grande Mão na Massa estão consumindo o tempo dos...

  • e-book

    The Graveyard Book

    Gaiman,Neil; Riddell,Chris

    WINNER of the 2010 Cilip Carnegie Medal, the Newbery Medal and the Booktrust Teenage Book Prize 2009, and shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway AwardStunningly illustrated by Chris Riddell, who brings the ghouls, ghosts and hero wonderfully to life in...

  • e-book

    Muddle Earth

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    Where would you find a perfumed bog filled with pink sticky hogs and exploding gas frogs? A place that'apos;s home to a wizard with only one spell, an ogre who cries a lot and a very sarcastic budgie? Welcome to Muddle Earth. A place where anything...

  • e-book

    Scavenger - Zoid

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    Scavenger: Zoid is the first in a brilliant sci-fi adventure series from the team behind The Edge Chronicles - Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. A spaceship the size of a city drifts through space on its century-long journey to find a new Earth. When...

  • e-book

    Scavenger - Chaos Zone

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    After their fierce battle with the zoids, York and Belle must journey down to the next level of the Biosphere, where all the plants and animals for the journey from Earth were kept. Since the zoid uprising this level has become a deadly mix of...

  • e-book

    Scavenger - Mind Warp

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    My name is York. I'apos;m a scavenger. I'apos;m fourteen years old . . . I am on a mission to save mankind.The zoids have taken over the Biosphere and it is up to York to journey back into the memory banks of the central computer to discover the...

  • e-book

    Wyrmeweald - Bloodhoney

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    Fullwinter in the weald - a season of almost unsurvivable cold for anyone foolish enough to venture outside. Even wyrmes die, frozen in the icy wasteland, or falling lifeless from the skies as the host heads west to escape the advance of the...

  • e-book

    Wyrmeweald - Returner'apos;s Wealth

    Riddell, Chris

    Seventeen-year-old Micah, enters the wyrmeweald full of hope to return home having made his fortune. But this is a land where wyrmes, fabulous dragon-like beasts, roam wild and reign supreme. In Wyrmeweald man is both hunter and hunted - and Micah...

  • e-book

    The Hunting of the Snark

    Lewis,Carroll; Chris Riddell

    They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care; They pursued it with forks and hope; They threatened its life with a railway-share; They charmed it with smiles and soap.Lewis Carroll'apos;s magnificent nonsense poem The...

  • Platypus


    Platypus thinks he has found the perfect curly shell for his collection, but it keeps disappearing.

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  • e-book

    Wyrmeweald - The Bone Trail

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    An entire herd of greywyrmes, slaughtered for their flameoil. Others trapped, then viciously herded through the mountains. And more and more settlers heading up to the high country, the bones of those who don'apos;t make it littering the way, stark...

  • e-book

    Just William


    In Richmal Compton'apos;s Just William the Outlaws plan a day of non-stop adventure. The only problem is that William is meant to be babysitting. But William won'apos;t let that stop him having fun with his gang - he'apos;ll just bring the baby...

  • e-book

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin

    Brand, Russell

    'They say cometh the hour cometh the man. This means when a situation demands it, the right person - it could be a woman, despite what Sexist Dave would tell you - will appear. This was the hour and in this case the man was a Piper. A Pied...

  • Pirate Diary

    Platt,Richard; Riddell,Chris (ilt)

    The fictional diary of a ten-year-old boy who, in 1716 sets off from North Carolina to become a sailor, but ends up a pirate instead.

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  • e-book

    The Lost Barkscrolls - The Edge Chronicles

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    These exciting tales are ideal for those new to the Edge or as an addition to the collection of any fan. They feature stories from each of the Edge trilogies: one from the time of Twig, one from the time of Quint, Twig'apos;s father, and one from the...

  • e-book

    The Snow Merchant


    This new edition has artwork from award-winning illustrator Chris Riddell.Lettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind-swept coast of Albion. Nothing incredible has ever happened to her, until one winter'apos;s night, when the night the...


    Stewart,Paul; Riddell, Chris

    An unbonded knight traveling as a 'free lance' meets more than his share of trouble when he signs on with Lord Big Nose to recover a crown from the Lake of Skulls.

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  • Dragon's Hoard

    Stewart,Paul; Riddell,Chris

    When Sir Knight saves a damsel in distress, she is forced to return the favor.

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  • Pirate Diary

    Platt,Richard; Ridell,Richard; Riddell,Chris (ilt)

    The fictional diary of a ten-year-old boy who, in 1716, sets off from North Carolina to become a sailor, but ends up a pirate instead.

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  • Joust of Honor

    Stewart,Paul; Riddell, Chris

    Close to winning the big jousting tournament, Free Lance is presented with a large sum of money if he pretends to lose the next competition, but just as he is about to accept the financially profitable deal, a princess in need comes to seek his help...

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  • e-book

    The Edge Chronicles - The Sky Chart: A Book...

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    A digital exclusive short story starring Quint, from Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell'apos;s bestselling Edge Chronicles.Quint is in urgent need to money to repair his skyship, the Stormchaser. So when Multinius Gobtrax offers him a job creating a sky...

  • Platypus and the Birthday Party

    Riddell, Chris

    Platypus and his friend Echidna have a birthday party for Bruce, a toy platypus.

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  • Platypus and the Lucky Day

    Riddell, Chris

    When his kite gets caught in a tree and he gets stuck out in the rain, Platypus's perfect day takes a turn for the worse, but he won't let it get him down and simply adjusts his activities to make the day perfect once again. Jr Lib Guild. 25,000...

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  • Jonathan Swift's Gulliver

    Swift,Jonathan; Jenkins,Martin; Riddell,Chris (ilt)

    The voyages of an eighteenth-century Englishman carry him to such strange places as Lilliput, where people are six inches tall, and Brobdingnag, a land peopled by giants.

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  • The da Vinci Cod And Other Illustrations For...


    The da Vinci Cod And Other Illustrations For Unwritten Books

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  • e-book

    A bela e a adormecida

    Gaiman,Neil; Gaiman, Neil

    Era o reino mais próximo ao da rainha, em linha reta, como voa o corvo, mas nem os corvos voavam até lá. Você pode achar que conhece esta história. Uma jovem rainha está prestes a se casar. Há anões bons, corajosos e valentes; um castelo envolto em...

  • e-book



    The brilliant sequel to WITCHWORLD finds Flo pitched into battle with a dire creature the inhabitants of Witchworld have long thought to be mythical - the terrible Haggfiend! Armed only with Old Magic, can Flo stop the dreadful threat to Witchworld?...

  • e-book

    Wyrmeweald: o Tesouro dos Pródigos

    Paul Stewart; Chris Riddell

    Micah está decidido a encontrar fortuna nas terras altas do Wyrmeweald. O local é habitado por Wyrmes, dragões ferozes e avorantes, e oferece muitos perigos. Não é um lugar para seres humanos, mas, no Wyrmeweald, ele terá suas chances de se tornar...

  • e-book

    Tao For Babies

    Chris Riddell

    Lao Tzu's ancient text, the Tao Teh Ching, has much to offer the new infant. With their instinctive grasp of its principles, babies everywhere will find the wisdom contained in this new interpretation both a revelation and a confirmation of their own...

  • e-book

    Muddle Earth Too

    Stewart, Paul; Paul Stewart

    Once upon a time, a spell went wrong - and ordinary Joe Jefferson found himself transported to Muddle Earth, where the wizards are mad, the pink stinky hogs are stinky and the lampposts have serious attitude! Now, two years later, Muddle Earth needs...

  • Buster's Diaries

    Hattersley, Roy; Riddell, Chris

    A lively, entertaining 'memoir' sets the story straight as it presents the true story of Buster, a half-German Shepherd mutt, who was attacked by a goose in a public park, defended himself, was brought up on charges for his assault on the goose,...

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  • Buddhism for Bears

    Nielson,Claire; Riddell, Chris

    A exploration of the essential beliefs of Zen Buddhism discusses Karma, meditation, and other spiritual practices and tenets using bears who are in pursuit of enlightenment

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  • The Graveyard Book - Illus. By Chris Riddell

    Gaiman, Neil

    When a baby escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family, who would have thought it would find safety and security in the local graveyard? Brought up by the resident ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has an eccentric childhood learning about...

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