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  • Christopher Kimball's Milk Street - The New...

    Kimball, Christopher

    Christopher Kimball, one of Epicurious' 100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time, teaches a simple, bold, and healthy new way to cook.'We want to change the way you cook.'For more than twenty-five years, Christopher Kimball has promised home cooks that...

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  • Canal House: Cook Something - Recipes To Rely...

    Hirsheimer, Christopher

    Cook.Cook something.Cook something for yourself. Cook something for others.It will satisfy you more than you know. We promise.From the James Beard award-winning duo behind Canal House, a culinary, design, and photography studio that has produced many...

  • audio livro

    Christopher Brown's Podcast

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Michael Jordan: Legends In Sports


    Matt Christopher, the number one sports writer for kids, profiles basketball superstar Michael Jordan, covering his childhood, college career, rookie years, professional career highlights, and his short stint in minor league baseball. This reissue...

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  • On The Court With...Lebron James

    Christopher, Matt

    Get on the court with basketball superstar LeBron James in this in-depth, updated biography!LeBron James was a sensation in his early days playing ball in Akron, Ohio, and he continued to amaze as a high school phenomenon. Now an international...

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  • Another Important Book

    Brown, Margaret Wise; Raschka, Christopher

    Illustrations and simple rhyming text describe how a child grows from ages one through six

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  • On the Court With Shaquille O'Neal

    Christopher, Matt; Stout,Glenn

    Describes the life and career of the basketball superstar and center for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • e-book

    On Being a Priest Today

    Brown, Rosalind; Cocksworth, Christopher

    This important book on priestly identity embraces the many contemporary varieties of priestly ministry: male and female, paid and unpaid, parish and work-based, catholic, evangelical, charismatic.

  • e-book

    Reflected Love - Companioning in the Way of...

    Brown, Christopher

    By bringing four contemporary companioning narratives into dialogue with gospel descriptions of Jesus' encounters with people, this book demonstrates how wonderfully diverse interpersonal ministry--pastoral care, counselling, chaplaincy, mentoring,...

  • e-book

    Being a Priest Today - Exploring Priestly...

    Brown, Rosalind; Cocksworth, Christopher

    Presents work on priestly identity embracing the contemporary varieties of priestly ministry. Aimed at priests, priests in training and those considering the ministry, this title examines the root, the shape and the fruit of priestly identity, and is...

  • e-book

    God in a Single Vision - Integrating...

    MacSwain,Robert; Brown, David; Christopher R. Brewer

    In the ancient conversation between Western philosophy and Christian theology, powerful contemporary voices are arguing for monologue rather than dialogue. Instead of these two disciplines learning from and mutually informing each other, both...

  • e-book

    Blundstones and a Brown Dog

    Christopher Nailer

    Blundstones and a Brown Dog is about living in the real world with your heart and your eyes wide open. This collection, written over a twenty-five-year period, speaks about the perplexity of simple things: love, death, longing, friendship, hope. Its...

  • e-book

    Offshore Pioneers - Brown& Root and the...

    Pratt,Joseph A.; Priest,Tyler; Castaneda,Christopher J.

    Fifty years ago, in November 1947, Brown& Root helped Kerr-McGee build the first out-of-sight-land offshore platform that produced oil. The date is widely celebrated as the birth of the modern offshore industry. In the years since this historic...

  • e-book

    Tropic of Kansas

    Brown, Christopher

    “Futurist as provocateur! The world is sheer batshit genius . . . a truly hallucinatorily envisioned environment.”—William Gibson, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author“Timely, dark, and ultimately hopeful: it might not ‘make America...

  • Collected Poems

    Brown,Catherine; Garcia Lorca, Federico; Maurer,Christopher

    Spain's greatest twentieth-century poet and most influencial modernist speaks to a new generation of readers in this revised edition of his complete poetical works. Reprint.

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  • Selected Verse

    Brown,Catherine; Garcia Lorca,Federico; Franzen,Cola (TRN); Jaffray,Angela (TRN); Simon,Greg (TRN); Maurer,Christopher; Kirkland,Will (TRN); Rothenberg,Jerome (TRN); Maurer,Christopher; Maurer,Christopher (TRN); Kinnell,Galway (TRN)

    Gathers poems ranging from the playful to the elegaic, and includes English translations and the original Spanish texts.

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  • Statistics In Practice

    Brown, Sarah R; Gregory, Walter M; Twelves, Christopher J; Brown, Julia M

    How to identify optimal phase II trial designs Providing a practical guide containing the information needed to make crucial decisions regarding phase II trial designs, A Practical Guide to Designing Phase II Trials in Oncology sets forth specific...

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  • Another Important Book

    Brown, Margaret Wise; Raschka, Christopher

    Look inside and discover all the important things about being Six, Five, Four, Three, One, Two, and YOU, in this lively picture book by Margaret Wise Brown, the beloved author of Goodnight Moon, with illustrations by Caldecott Honor artist Chris...

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  • Arming Slaves

    Brown,Christopher Leslie (edt); Morgan,Philip D. (edt)

    Arming Slaves

  • Singing the Gospel

    Brown,Christopher Boyd

    Singing the Gospel

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  • Marine Ornamental Species

    Cato,James C.; Brown,Christopher L.

    Marine Ornamental Species

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  • e-book

    Monsters Of Death Row

    Berry-dee, Christopher; Brown, Anthony Gordon

    From the cells of Death Row come the chilling, true-life accounts of the most heinous, cruel and depraved killers of modern times. Meet grisly killers such as Bill Joe Benefiel, the 'apos;Superglue Monster'apos;, who glued his victims eyes and noses...

  • e-book

    A Practical Guide to Designing Phase II...

    Julia M. Brown; Sarah R. Brown; Christopher J. Twelves; Walter M. Gregory

    How to identify optimal phase II trial designs Providing a practical guide containing the information needed to make crucial decisions regarding phase II trial designs, A Practical Guide to Designing Phase II Trials in Oncology sets forth specific...

  • e-book

    U.S. Military Patches of World War II

    Christopher P. Brown

    Great patch book focused only on World War II. Depicts hundreds of SSIs (patches), tabs and scrolls, as well as chevrons, including SSI reproductions for comparative purposes. Learning how to defeat the reproduction cheats alone is well worth...

  • e-book

    Myth Performance in the African Diasporas -...

    BROWN, BENITA; Dannabang Kuwabong; Christopher Olsen

    This book examines the concept and practice of myth performance in African Diaspora dramas and dances. These six essays chart a new path that enriches and enhances the understanding of African diaspora myth performance in literary and diaspora...

  • Lithuanian

    Sebeda,Irena K.; Heinle,Beverly D.; Gainty,Christopher J.; Rettig,Ulrike S.; Kveraga,Kestutis (NRT); Brown,Ray (NRT)

    A series of ten lessons teaches listeners the fundamentals of Lithuanian language.

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  • Information Revolution And Global Politics -...

    Brown,Ian; Marsden,Christopher T

    The case for a smarter 'prosumer law' approach to Internet regulation that would better protect online innovation, public safety, and fundamental democratic rights.Internet use has become ubiquitous in the past two decades, but governments,...

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  • Consulta Veterinária em 5 Minutos - Espécie...

    Brown,Christopher M.

    O conceito desta obra surgiu da crescente necessidade dos clínicos de otimizar as consultas e, ao mesmo tempo, manterem-se atualizados em suas respectivas áreas de especialização, a fim de se sentirem mais preparados para fornecer as orientações...

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  • Another Important Book

    Brown,Margaret Wise; Raschka, Christopher

    Illustrations and simple rhyming text describe how a child grows from ages one through six

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