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  • Clássicos Do Cinema - Coelhada Nas Estrelas

    Mauricio de Sousa



    Este volume de Clássicos do Cinema o levará a muito tempo atrás, em uma galáxia distante muito muito distante.Voe em naves velozes e lute com guarda-chuvas de luz com a Turma da Mônica em Coelhada nas Estrelas, a aventura que inicia essa série...

  • Turma da Mônica - Clássicos do Cinema

    Sousa, Mauricio de

    A trilogia do Mundo Jurássico reunida num livro mais que especial! Nesta paródia dos filmes de dinossauros, a Turma vive aventuras hilárias. Convidado especial: Horácio!

  • Clássicos do Cinema - Cyberparódias

    Mauricio de Sousa

    Este volume de Clássicos do Cinema é diversão cibernética garantida. Junte-se à Turminha para enfrentar velhos brinquedos robóticos que vieram do espaço com a ajuda dos Transfofos. Conecte-se à aventura em um mundo virtual dentro dos circuitos de um...

  • Harry Potter - The Wand Collection




    Discover the wands of your favorite Harry Potter characters. In the Harry Potter films, each wand is as unique as the witch or wizard who wields it. From Hermione Granger's elegant, vine-wrapped wand to the bone-inlaid wands of the Death Eaters, each...

  • Solo - A Star Wars Story The Official Guide


    This essential visual guide to Solo: A Star Wars Story explores the world of young Han Solo in unparalleled detail. An authoritative companion to the latest Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide features the fascinating planets,...

  • Ultimate Star Wars


    This is your ultimate guide to the Star Wars[trademark] universe. Open this ultimate visual feast and explore the iconic characters and storylines from the Star Wars galaxy. Beautifully illustrated, Ultimate Star Wars is packed with information about...

  • Ultimate Marvel


    This definitive in-world guide to the Marvel Comics Universe features, in chronological order, every significant Marvel Comic character, location, vehicle, and weapon in the company's illustrious history. Go on a fact- and fun-filled journey via the...

  • The Art Of Harry Potter - Us Edition

    Sumerak,Marc; Ryder Windham

    Since the debut of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Harry Potter film franchise has become one of the most popular and successful in the world. Beautifully crafted and presented in a deluxe, large-format with lavish production values,...

  • A Magia do Cinema: Criaturas Curiosas -...

    Rowling, J. K.

    Conheça os objetos encantados do mundo magico de j.k. rowling.Varinhas, vassouras voadoras e uma maleta cheia de criaturas: o mundo mágico é cheio de objetos encantados e dispositivos mágicos. Com este livro interativo, você vai conhecer os...

  • Vampire Diaries - The Definitive Guide

    Robinson,Andrea; Michael Mallory

    A richly illustrated, behind-the-scenes look at the creative magic behind CW's popular drama, which concludes its thrilling eighth and final season in 2017. Since its debut, The Vampire Diaries has enthralled millions of die-hard fans all over the...

  • Riverdale Hardcover Ruled Journal - Southside...

    Insight Editions,

    Choose your side with this exclusive Riverdale Southside Serpents hardcover journal. The Southside Serpents may be a tough crew from the wrong side of the tracks, but their loyalty knows no bounds. Now you can show your Serpent pride with this deluxe...

  • The Disney Book


    Celebrate the world of Disney in The Disney Book, from the beautiful animations and amazing live action movies to the magical Disney parks and attractions. Go behind-the-scenes of Disney's famous movies and find out how they were made, follow...

  • Clássicos Do Cinema - Grandes Aventuras

    Sousa, Mauricio de

    Divertidas paródias de grandes clássicos do cinema com a Turminha encadernado em capa dura. Este volume de Clássicos do Cinema é dedicado às grandes aventuras que enchem as telonas de emoção. Una-se a Turma da Mônica para viver três novos papéis,...

  • The Illusion Of Life


    The most complete book ever written on the subject, this is the fascinating inside story by two long-term Disney animators of the gradual perfection of a relatively young and particularly American art form--which no other movie studio has been able...

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  • James Bond Uncovered


    This volume brings fresh perspectives to the study of James Bond. With a strong emphasis on the process of Bond's incarnation on screen and his transit across media forms, chapters examine Bond in terms of adaptation, television, computer games, and...

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  • Criação de Curta - Metragem em Vídeo Digital


    O livro apresenta uma proposta de trabalho para a criação, organização e realização de curtas-metragens em vídeo digital para produções de baixíssimo custo, possibilitando que qualquer pessoa interessada em fazer cinema crie e produza seus vídeos com...

  • Inhospitable World - Cinema In The Time Of...


    In recent years, environmental and human rights advocates have suggested that we have entered the first new geological epoch since the end of the ice age: the Anthropocene. In this new epoch, humans have come to reshape unwittingly both the climate...

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  • Supernatural - The Men Of Letters Bestiary -...




    This immersive in-world guide based on the highly popular Supernatural television show reveals the strengths, weaknesses, secrets of the deadly ghosts, demons, angels, and creatures that the Winchesters have hunted. An immersive in-world guide to the...

  • Cinema Erótico

    Duncan,Paul; Keesey,Douglas

    Since the first kiss recorded on film in 1896, erotic moving images have stimulated viewers and outraged public bodies. This book explores the meaning of eroticism and gives an overview of sex on the big screen by exploring different forms of sexual...

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  • Harry Potter Film Wizardry Revised And...




    Now updated to include all eight of the acclaimed motion pictures, Harry Potter: Film Wizardry Revised and Expanded gives readers a front row seat to the magical journey that brought J.K. Rowling's wizarding world to the big screen. Step off Platform...

  • Star Wars Character Encyclopedia




    Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to the people, aliens and droids of the Star Wars galaxy and is now bigger and better than ever before, packed with new characters from Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.Want to know how...

  • Stairways To Heaven - Rebuilding The British...


    What has brought about the transformation of the British film industry over the last few decades, to the beginnings of what is arguably a new golden era?In the mid-1980s the industry was in a parlous state. The number of films produced in the UK was...

  • A Magia do Cinema - Criaturas Curiosas - Vol....

    Rowling, J. K.

    Conheça As Criaturas Magníficas E Animais Fantásticos Do Mundo Mágico De J.K. RowlingPássaros-trovão e pelúcios, elfos domésticos e hipogrifos — o Mundo Mágico de J.K. Rowling está repleto de criaturas mágicas de todos os tipos. Mas como o tronquilho...

  • The Arts Of Cinema


    In The Arts of Cinema, Martin Seel explores film's connections to the other arts and the qualities that distinguishe it from them. In nine concise and elegantly written chapters, he explores the cinema's singular aesthetic potential and uses specific...

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  • The Arts Of Cinema


    In The Arts of Cinema, Martin Seel explores film's connections to the other arts and the qualities that distinguishe it from them. In nine concise and elegantly written chapters, he explores the cinema's singular aesthetic potential and uses specific...

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  • Seduction - Sex, Lies, And Stardom In Howard...


    In this riveting popular history, the creator of You Must Remember This probes the inner workings of Hollywood's glamorous golden age through the stories of some of the dozens of actresses pursued by Howard Hughes, to reveal how the millionaire...

  • The Art Of Harry Potter - Mini Book Of...


    Keep the captivating graphic art of the Harry Potter films close at hand with this miniature art book. From the classic pages of the Daily Prophet to the zany creations of Weasleys' Wizards Wheezes, to the numerous textbooks, posters, and documents...

  • Cecil B. Demille, Classical Hollywood, And...


    This book uses the long and profitable career of Cecil B. DeMille to track the evolution of Classical Hollywood and its influence on emerging mass commercial culture in the US. DeMille's success rested on how well his films presumed a broad consensus...

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  • J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World Pop-Up Gallery...

    Bros, Warner

    J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World is full of magical curiosities: a flying car, a hat that sings, an enchanted case, and so much more. This small, deluxe pop-up book showcases three-dimensional renderings of some of the beloved curiosities from the...

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  • How Did Lubitsch Do It?


    Orson Welles called Ernst Lubitsch (1892-1947) 'a giant' whose 'talent and originality are stupefying.' Jean Renoir said, 'He invented the modern Hollywood.' Celebrated for his distinct style and credited with inventing the classic genre of the...

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  • Star Wars The Last Jedi™ Visual Dictionary

    Pablo Hidalgo

    Star Wars - The Last Jedi™ The Visual Dictionary is the definitive guide to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, revealing the characters, creatures, droids, locations, and technology from the new film. Packed with 100+ images and information as penned by Star...

  • The Archive Of Magic - The Film Wizardry Of...


    Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob, the beloved heroes of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, are back! In The Archive of Magic, an exciting full-color companion volume to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, readers are transported behind...

  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them:...


    Bursting with scoops, exclusives, and candid insights from the actors and filmmakers that it wasn't possible to reveal until now, Wizarding World News celebrates Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with features and snippets on the characters,...

  • Harry Potter Film Wizardry: Updated Edition -...


    New York Times bestselling Harry Potter Film Wizardry was the first book to delve into the fascinating and intriguing world of an enormously successful film franchise. The book features interviews with cast members, including: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry...

  • Teorias do Cinema


    É possível uma teoria do cinema? Através do estudo crítico das teorias de Eisenstein, Kracauer, Bazin, Grierson e da metodologia crítica, em particular a teoria dos gêneros e a ‘política de autor’, Andrew Tudor lança algumas das bases para a...

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  • Cinema of Outsiders


    Cinema of Outsiders

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  • Cinema and Desire

    Wang,Jing; Barlow,Tani E.

    Cinema and Desire

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  • Cinema and Modernism

    Trotter,David; TROTTER; TROTTER

    This study revolutionises our understanding of both literary modernism and early cinema. Trotter draws on the most recent scholarship in English and film studies to demonstrate how central cinema as a recording medium was to Joyce, Eliot and Woolf,...

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  • The Donnie Darko Book

    Kelly,Richard X.; Scott,Kevin Conroy; Gyllenhaal,Jake

    The Donnie Darko Book

  • Tim Burton


    With a visual style inspired by the aesthetics of animation and silent comedy, Tim Burton has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking over the past three decades, melding the exotic, the horrific and the comic, and manipulating expressionism and...

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  • Miyazakiworld - A Life In Art


    A thirtieth-century toxic jungle, a bathhouse for tired gods, a red-haired fish girl, and a furry woodland spirit--what do these have in common? They all spring from the mind of Hayao Miyazaki, one of the greatest living animators, known worldwide...

  • Stuntwomen - The Untold Hollywood Story


    They've traded punches in knockdown brawls, crashed biplanes through barns, and raced to the rescue in fast cars. They add suspense and drama to the story, portraying the swimmer stalked by the menacing shark, the heroine dangling twenty feet below a...

  • Cult Cinema

    Sexton,Jamie; Mathijs,Ernest

    'Cult Cinema: an Introduction' presents the first in-depth academic examination of all aspects of the field of cult cinema, including audiences, genres, and theoretical perspectives. Represents the first exhaustive introduction to cult cinema Offers...

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  • Digital Cinema


    Offers an overview of digital cinema technology, detailing how the different phases of the moviemaking process, shooting, postproduction, delivery, and exhibition, are changed by digital technology. This title includes digital Cinematography - how to...

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