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  • The Circle

    Eggers, Dave

    When Mae Holland is hired to work for the Circle, the world's most powerful internet company, she feels she's been given the opportunity of a lifetime. The Circle, run out of a sprawling California campus, links users' personal emails, social media,...

  • Halo - Bronken Circle

    Shirley, John

    Num universo influenciado pela herança dos Forerunners, uma raça superpoderosa que desapareceu misteriosamente, duas grandes raças alienígenas – os San ‘Shyuum (Profetas) e Sangheili (Elites) – travam uma batalha pelo controle dos artefatos sagrados,...

  • Daredevil/Punisher- Seventh Circle

    Soule, Charles

    A simple change of venues for one of Matt Murdock's cases becomes more complicated when THE PUNISHER attempts to send the defendant away...permanently! If DAREDEVIL and BLINDSPOT want to get this mobster his day in court, it will take every ounce of...

  • Agenda Diária Espiral Confetti Circle...


    Agenda com capa plástica e fechamento em espiral, acompanhada de bolsa porta documentos em PP (polipropileno) Miolo Diário fabricado em papel com certificação FSC.

  • Agenda Diária Espiral Confetti Circle...


    Agenda com capa plástica e fechamento em espiral, acompanhada de bolsa porta documentos em PP (polipropileno) Miolo Diário fabricado em papel com certificação FSC.

  • e-book

    Circle of Desire

    Swafford, Carla

    As the top assassin at The Circle, a shadowy group of mercenaries, Olivia St. Vincent can hunt down anyone. She’s been trained since she was a teenager to kill without feeling, to interact with men without love. But when she’s kidnapped by the...

  • e-book

    Circle, The


    July, 1868. On receiving a commission to look into the suspicious death of Lafayette Baker, Head of the US National Detective Police, private investigators Matthew Grand and James Batchelor leave London for Washington DC, where they find a country...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #3: Second Sight


    Show me places cloaked in secrets,pierce the gloom of darkest night.Reveal that which has been hidden,Let Me see with second sight.Kate, Annie, and Cooper are Wiccans -- joined by magic bound to nature. Their dreams have turned to visions of a...

  • e-book

    Circle of Terror

    Larry Powalisz

    Former college All-American linebacker and Marine Force Recon officer, turned Milwaukee Police detective, teams up with an FBI agent to track down violent extremists setting off bombs and committing murders.

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #6: Ring of Light

    Bird, Isobel

    Here within the healing circle,Bathe in the light and pain dispel,All that sickens, all that troubles,Wash away and be made well.Disillusioned, Cooper abandons the Wiccan circle and Kate and Annie are left without her. But when an illness threatens...

  • e-book

    Circle of Stones

    Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

    Nik's world shatters the day his girlfriend, Jennifer, disappears. Determined to find her, he embarks on a cross-country journey revealed through chance encounters with a series of connected strangers. As the story circles back to where it began,...

  • e-book

    Circle to Circle

    Brian Rix; Shirley Hardy-Rix

    Plenty of retirees take a holiday. When Brian Rix retired after 36 years as a policeman in Victoria rather than hitching up the caravan, he put his wife, journalist Shirley Hardy-Rix, on the back of his motorcycle and headed off for a ride.For the...

  • e-book

    Circle in the Sand


    A collection of slice of life short stories about people going through difficult periods in their life. Stories about coming to terms over a failed summer romance some twenty years after the fact; stories about young people trying to figure out where...

  • e-book

    Circle of Deception

    Swafford, Carla

    Carla Swafford's erotic Circle series comes toan exhilarating finale as the team of sexy spies andassassins goes undercover—under the covers.After disappearing days before her wedding to fellow Circle agent Rex Drago, Abby Rodriguez discovered that...

  • e-book

    Circle of Lies - (A Tom Kagan Novel)


    Only the truth will to set Tom Kagan free. Suspicion is cast upon police intelligence officer Tom Kagan when a protected witness turns up dead. Caught in a Circle of Lies, he frantically searches for two witnesses who might clear his name—but they...

  • e-book

    Circle of Stone


    Shrouded in mystery, and set in Depression-era Arkansas, Circle of Stonetakes readers on a journey from powerlessness to power as a group of Blacks unite to overcome the brutalityforced upon them by Southern whites. Determined to fight back against...

  • e-book

    Circle of Spies

    White, Roseanna M.

    1865-Marietta Hughes never wanted to be a spy, but the family legacy of espionage is thrust upon her as the War Between the States rolls on. Unknown to her, the Knights of the Golden Circle-a Confederate secret society bent on destroying the Union...

  • e-book

    Circle of Blood - A Witch Hunt Novel

    Viguie, Debbie

    Samantha Ryan-cop by choice, witch hunter by necessity-is about to confront the witch who has been secretly manipulating her life. But her search for the truth about her past may end in her death.... All her life, Samantha Ryan has been haunted by a...

  • e-book

    Circle of Danger

    Swafford, Carla

    In a follow-up to Carla Swafford's sexy Circle of Desire, the agents of The Circle—a top-secret group of assassins—are back and on the hunt for a dangerous drug lord capable of bringing women to the brink of pleasure . . . and devastation.Marie...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three


    Newly widowed, Carrie is overwhelmed by the guilt of knowing her marriage died long before her husband's fatal heart attack. Struggling to go on for the sake of her teenaged daughter, Ruth, and her overly possessive mother, Dana, Carrie slowly...

  • e-book

    Circle Pizzazz - 12 Vibrant Quilt Projects •...


    Quilters who liked the way Judy Sisneros'apos; best-selling 9-Patch Pizzazz and Rectangle Pizzazz turned simple shapes into knockout quilts will love the magic she works with pieced circles. Learn the easy way to piece three different circle blocks,...

  • e-book

    Circle-Time Poetry


    Delightful poems with activities that help young children build phonemic awareness, oral language, and early science skills.

  • e-book

    Circle Time for Young Children


    Jenny Mosley'apos;s quality circle time model involves establishing an on-going, timetabled process of circle-meetings for adults and children. As a basis for teaching relationship skills, enhancing self-esteem and building a positive behaviour...

  • e-book

    Circle Quilts - Create Dramatic Medallions...

    Granger, Colleen

    Eight different projects use medallions to create striking circular quilts, unique wall hangings and more. With the fast and easy power piecing method, quilters will be working confidently in no time. Help your customers make great fabric choices...

  • The Doors - Other Voices + Full Circle - 2...


    Após o vocalista Jim Morrison falecer em 1971, os membros sobreviventes do The Doors, o baterista John Densmore, o guitarrista Robby Krieger e o tecladista Ray Manzarek, continuaram tocando juntos como um trio e lançaram mais dois álbuns: Other...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #13: And It Harm None


    Annie, Kate, and Cooper uncover what looks like a crime. When they lookmore closely, it is not. Knowing the Law of Three—that harm comes back to haunt—can they still help a friend in need without paying for it themselves?

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #11: The House of Winter


    Cooper, Annie, and Kate celebrate the winter solstice in true Wiccan spirit. The threesome joins practitioners of the Craft in a remote, haunted house in the wintry mountains. An unexpected blizzard strikes, and the girls cannot resist the lure of...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #4: What the Cards Said


    Cards of fortune, tell your I story,Answer all I've come to ask let the draw set forth the course of what has been and yet may pass Annie's fascination with Tarot spirals beyond her control when her readings become reality. As if cursed, Annie faces...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #14: The Challenge Box


    Reach inside and choose your challenge, Find the path that you must travel. What trials have you to overcome? What mysteries shall you unravel?Of her circle, Kate has always struggled the most in learning the ways of the Craft. As her Wiccan...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #2: Merry Meet


    Special feature: This PerfectBound e-book contains: An interview with Isobel Bird, part twoJoined together hand in hand our circle gathers round, to work our magic, weave the web, and dance on sacred ground. By the goddess we are called, witch to...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #1: So Mote It Be


    Special feature: This PerfectBound e-book contains Part One of an interview with author Isobel Bird. With this ribbon I do bindMy heart to yours and yours to mine.Love, I call you, come to me,As is my will, so mote it be. Kate cast the love spell...

  • e-book

    Circle the Soul Softly

    Hurwin,Davida Wills

    An elite school. Glamorous students who have fancy cars and mansions for homes (and all the haughty attitude to go with it). This is Katie O'Connor's fabulous new life since her family's recent move to Brentwood –– a perfect opportunity for a fresh...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #7: Blue Moon


    Ancient moon, O ageless traveler,sailing on the sea of stars,as once more you come to fullness,turn your shining face to ours.The second full moon of the month—the blue moon—is a time when powers are heightened, with unpredictable results. When Annie...

  • e-book

    Circle of Fire

    S. M. Hall

    Maya Brown is bored with being cooped up in her nan'apos;s house over the summer, and dying to get involved in her mum'apos;s intelligence operation against a group of would-be terrorists. But when her mum is kidnapped by the criminals, Maya is...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #9: Through the Veil


    As the year comes to an ending, in the hour'tween old and new, part the veil and let pass the spirits who would travel through.As Annie, Kate, and Cooper prepare for Samhain, or Halloween, they are filled with anticipation. It is a time when the veil...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #10: Making the Saint


    A mysterious stranger shows Kate, Annie, and Cooper how to connect with the spirit world, but there are alarming effects, especially for Kate. Stepping outside the bounds of Wicca, Kate becomes entranced—so much so, her friends fear for her.

  • e-book

    Circle of Heroes

    Jay Epstein, Adam; Andrew Jacobson

    Aldwyn, a street-smart alley cat, pretended he had telekinetic powers so young wizard Jack would chose him as a familiar. Aldwyn then learned that he and two other familiars—Skylar the blue jay and Gilbert the tree frog—were destined to undertake a...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #8: The Five Paths


    The five-pointed star is the Wiccan symbol of the Spirit, and that's how Cooper wears it. Those not versed in the ways of the Craft find it unsettling, however. Will Cooper, Annie, and Kate be able to withstand the tide of controversy bearing down...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #15: Initiation


    Tonight you take the last step on Your journey of a year and a day. Welcome home, o new-made witch, And in our circle rest and stay.The joyful culmination of a year and a day's dedication—Kate, Annie, and Cooper's Wiccan initiation—brings celebration...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #12: Written in the Stars


    Ever moving, ever changing, stars and planets come and go. Those who watch their movements say, 'As is above, so is below.'Astrology—the study of the stars—is said to reveal the truths of the universe. Cooper, Kate, and Annie find this to be...

  • e-book

    Circle of Three #5: In the Dreaming


    On the eve of fair midsummer,Longest day and shortest night,Faerie magic, fill these woods,With joyous song and laughter bright.Midsummer's eve finds Kate, Annie, and Cooper celebrating the most joyous sabbat with nature -- and a few not unwelcome...

  • Circle of the Moon


    In a sequel to Sisters of the Raven, Raeshaldis, the only woman formally trained in the old systems of male magic, allies herself with the beautiful concubine Summerchild to found a motley group of magic-wielding women who would protect their land...

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  • Circle of Grace

    Stokes,Penelope J.

    Having remained in touch with one another through a shared journal since college, best friends Grace, Liz, Tess, and Amanda meet for an unplanned reunion after a personal crisis leads to the discovery that Grace's colorful life is a fabrication. By...

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  • Circle of Quilters

    Chiaverini, Jennifer

    When the departure of two Elm Creek Quilts founding members prompts an influx of new applicants, the artists' retreat considers several candidates, including a history lover, a chef, and a gifted teacher. By the author of The Christmas Quilt. 100,000...

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