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45 produtos
  • Wolverine - Antologia

    Wein, Len; Claremont, Chris

    Ele É O Melhor No Que Faz...Conhecido por muitos nomes, Wolverine é um dos mais emblemáticos personagens criados em meados dos anos 1970. Com uma história trágica, misteriosa e instigante desenvolvida ao longo das décadas, ele conseguiu conquistar...

  • X-Men - A Saga da Fênix Negra

    Claremont,Chris; Byrne, John

    Reunidos pelo mais poderoso telepata mutante do planeta, o professor Charles Xavier, os Fabulosos X-Men embarcam numa aventura que os leva ao outro canto da galáxia! Escolhida pela entidade cósmica conhecida como Fênix para ser sua hospedeira, Jean...

  • Wolverine By Claremont & Miller

    Claremont. Chris

    The master of mutants joins the master of ninjas in Wolverine's first solo outing - replete with romance. intrigue and mayhem! Our beleagured berserker's in Japan on a mission of the heart. if he can survive the Hand first!

    sob encomenda
  • X-Men (Marvel Paperback) - Asgardian Wars

    Claremont, Chris

    The X-Men take on Loki, god of mischief! In the Arctic Circle, Alpha Flight and the X-Men discover a power that could save the world - but are they willing to pay the terrible price? Is Loki truly trying to give Earth a godly boon, or are his motives...

    sob encomenda
  • Days Of Future Past - X-Men


    It was the best of times. it was the worst of times: Relive the legendary first journey into the dystopian future of 2013 - where Sentinels stalk the Earth. and the X-Men are humanity's only hope...until they die! Also featuring the first appearance...

    sob encomenda

    Simonson, Louise; Austin,Terry; Claremont, Chris

    Volume 1 foi apenas o warm-up - as coisas realmente esquentam como Inferno chutes em alta velocidade! Como Manhattan queimaduras, Sym, N'astirh eo ventilador Goblin Rainha das chamas! Mas o manipulador Sr. Sinistro pode ser a ameaça mais incendiária...

    sob encomenda
  • X-Men Origins- Gambit

    Carey,Mike; Nicieza,Fabian; Claremont, Chris

    Explore the ragin' Cajun's past on the streets of New Orleans - and his fi rst, fateful meeting with a young Bella Donna Boudreaux. Love at first sight leads to a wedding that may finally unite the feuding Thieves and Assassins Guilds - or set them...

  • X-Men - Dark Phoenix Saga

    Duffy,Jo; Claremont,Chris

    An epic tale of triumph and tragedy! When the Dark Phoenix rises. suns grow cold and universes die! Gathered by Charles Xavier. the X-Men have dedicated their wondrous abilities to protect mankind - even those who hate and fear them. one of their...

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  • Wolverine Epic Collection

    Claremont. Chris

    He's the best there is at what he does...but what he does isn't very nice. And now. Wolverine has broken out of the X-Men and into his own solo series! Feeling the urge to cut loose. Wolverine travels to Madripoor. an East Indian island full of...

    sob encomenda
  • New Mutants Epic Collection - Renewal


    Meet the future of the X-Men! Karma. Wolfsbane. Sunspot. Cannonball. Moonstar. They're teenagers, thrown together by the X-gene that makes them diff erent. Follow the adventures of these young mutants from Karma's first meeting with Spider-Man and...

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  • Marvel Universe Omnibus


    Though best-known for his epic world-building X-Men run, prolific writer Chris Claremont has more than made his mark across the entire Marvel Universe! Now, experience the length and breadth of his decades-long career! Beginning with his rarely-seen...

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  • Nightcrawler Vol.1 - Homecoming

    Claremont. Chris

    Nightcrawler is back! Newly returned from the afterlife. Kurt Wagner is determined not to waste his new lease on life. But when someone starts hunting down his loved ones. Kurt quickly learns his return may have set these events in motion! The fight...

    sob encomenda
  • X-Men Epic Collection - Mutant Genesis


    The end of an era for the X-Men! The original team, now called X-Factor, takes center stage when Proteus returns from the grave. But when Apocalypse strikes, infecting Cyclops' son Nathan with a deadly virus, Cyclops must make a bitter sacrifice! And...

  • X-Men -Days Of Future Past


    For years. the X-Men have fought to avert a nightmarish future where robotic Sentinels herd mutants into camps...or kill them on sight. But no matter what they do. that future seems to loom ever closer. Now. all the classic tales featuring this...

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  • X-Men Epic Collection - Second Genesis


    With the original X-Men captured, Professor X recruits an All-New, All-Different team to take on the mantle of the Uncanny X-Men! Including Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfi re, and Warpath, this new international cast...

    sob encomenda
  • Marvel Horror - The Magazine Collection


    Marvel's supernatural superstars star in lavishly illustrated tales of horror! And many of these bizarre adventures from the age of the black-and-white magazine are collected here for the very first time! Blade hunts, Dracula stalks and the Zombie...

  • Black Dragon


    A longtime writer of Marvel Comics' The Uncanny X-Men and author, with George Lucas, of Shadow Moon combines talents with award-winning British artist John Bolton in this fantasy adventure set in 1193 England. Branded a sorcerer, James Dunreith,...

    sob encomenda

    Simonson, Louise; ; Claremont, Chris; Marvel Comics

    The war in Genosha has boiled over, and the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants will never be the same! With the never-deadlier Cameron Hodge pulling the strings, the heroes are kidnapped, killed, stripped of their powers and forced into combat! And...

  • Star-Lord Guardian Of The Galaxy

    Claremont,Chris; Englehart,Steve

    Just in ti me for his big-screen debut, Star-Lord's sensational seventies sci-fi sagas are collected in one volume! After aliens killed Peter Quill's mother, he became an astronaut, hoping to find the killers and take revenge...until a fateful...

  • Marvel Masterworks - Doctor Strange, Volume 8


    Celebrated writer Chris Claremont turns his magic toward the Master of the Mystic Arts: Doctor Strange! Joined by artistic icon Gene Colan, there's no doubt that the Doctor is in! Together, these creative giants return Baron Mordo to the fore, arming...

    sob encomenda
  • X-Men - Mutant Genesis 2.0

    Byrne, John; Lee, Jim; Claremont, Chris

    A fresh take on a classic saga! Magneto's future, Wolverine's past - and the X-Men in between! Magneto acquires a new army, the Hand revives an old enemy, and it's up to the X-Men to stop both. But from Asteroid M to Weapon X, Marvel's mightiest...

    sob encomenda
  • Excalibur Epic Collection - The Sword Is...


    A legendary new X-team is born! Meet the United Kingdom's champion, Captain Britain, and his paramour, the metamorphic Meggan! They'll band together with former X-Men Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde when Gatecrasher and her Technet target Rachel...

    sob encomenda
  • Marvel Masterworks - The Uncanny X-Men,...


    John Romita Jr. joins Chris Claremont as the Uncanny X-Men's chart-topping adventures continue! Drama abounds as Cyclops heads off on his honeymoon with Madelyne Pryor, Wolverine's relationship with Mariko takes a turn for the worse, and Kitty Pryde...

    sob encomenda

    Cassaday, John; Raab,Ben; Claremont, Chris

    The X-Men and Alpha Flight have always had Wolverine in common, even when fighting over who should keep him! But when the stakes get high, these two teams of iconic heroes can set aside their differences and join forces to save the world! See...

  • Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Omnibus, Volume 2


    Completing this never-before-reprinted series, volume two shifts focus to Iron Fist, the Living Weapon! Written by Chris Claremont and with lush artwork by Rudy Nebres, Danny Rand battles Firebird and Dhasha Khan in a saga filled with the mystery of...

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  • X-Men - Dias de Um Futuro Esquecido

    Byrne, John; Claremont, Chris

    “X-Men: Dias de um Futuro Esquecido”, é a famosa história escrita por Chris Claremont e desenhada por John Byrne que deu origem ao mais recente filme dos super-heróis mutantes no cinema. Reviva a primeira jornada lendária ao futuro de 2013 — no qual...

  • e-book

    The Newspaper of Claremont Street


    This is the story of an old cleaning woman-known as 'Weekly' or 'The Newspaper' to the residents of Claremont Street for whom she works-who dreams of escape from the parasitic demands of both her past and her present. This new edition of a...

  • e-book

    The Devil'apos;s Garden - The Claremont...

    Debi Marshall

    In the mid-1990s, three girls went missing within a short space of time after visiting nightclubs in Claremont WA.The State of Western Australia was in shock. Claremont is a salubrious suburb of Perth. Three lovely young women disappearing from...

  • e-book

    Black Dragon

    Claremont, Chris

    Another classic collection from Chris Claremont (Spider-Woman, Fantastic Four, Excalibur, Wolverine) and John Bolton (Books of Magic, Evil Dead: Army of Darkness), the acclaimed creators of Marada the She-Wolf!This thrilling mix of swordplay and...

  • e-book

    Marada The She Wolf

    Claremont, Chris

    From Chris Claremont, the writer of The Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur and Fantastic Four, and John Bolton, artist of Man-Bat, Shame: Conception, and Books of Magic, comes a fantasy classic, fully remastered, fully restored, and collected together for the...

  • X-men 3

    Claremont, Chris

    In the midst of an uneasy peace between humans and mutants, a human scientist discovers a cure that can transform mutants back into humans, but one dangerous mutant sees the process as a clear threat to the mutants' continuing survival and threatens...

    sob encomenda
  • Shadow Star

    Lucas, George; Claremont, Chris

    In order to prevent the dragons from being used as pawns to rule the Realms, Elora Danan has slain them and made herself protector of two of their eggs.

    sob encomenda
  • Os Novos Mutantes - Entre A Luz e A Escuridão

    McLeod, Bob; Sienkiewicz,Bill; Claremont, Chris

    Heroísmo Adolescente! Eles deveriam estar apenas aprendendo a usar seus poderes, mas a dura realidade leva os mais jovens alunos da Escola Xavier a enfrentar problemas de gente grande! Logo de cara, os Novos Mutantes enfrentam uma ameaça demoníaca e...

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  • Crise Nas Infinitas Terras

    Byrne, John; Claremont, Chris

    Mundos viveram, mundos morreram, e as histórias em quadrinhos nunca mais foram as mesmas! Escrita por Marv Wolfman e desenhada por George Pérez, Crise Nas Infinitas Terras apresenta na íntegra a saga que recriou o Universo DC! Uma ameaça trazida por...

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  • Star Wars - The Original Marvel Years Omnibus...

    Chaykin, Howard; Claremont,Chris; Thomas, Roy; Duffy,Jo; Goodwin,Archie

    As the phenomenon dawned in 1977, Marvel Comics published the very first STAR WARS comic-book series. Now, the House of ideas is re-presenting those original adventures in its wampa-sized Omnibus format! It's the return of the Jedi to Marvel in an...

    Produto indisponível

  • JLA

    Claremont,Chris; Byrne,John


    Produto indisponível

  • X-Men - God Loves. Man Kills


    The war in Genosha has boiled over. and the X-Men. X-Factor and the New Mutants will never be the same! With the never-deadlier Cameron Hodge pulling the strings. the heroes are kidnapped. killed. stripped of their powers and forced into combat! And...

    Produto indisponível

  • The Uncanny X-Men Vol.4 - Marvel Masterworks

    Claremont. Chris

    Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne took a little reprint series called X-MEN and turned it into the all-new, all-different titan that conquered comicdom. Experience the thrills and excitement of these classic tales as the X-Men battle the...

    Produto indisponível

  • Savage Sword Of Conan - 07

    Jones,Bruce; Claremont,Chris; Fleisher,Michael

    In the seventh volume of 'The Savage Sword of Conan', Conan faces brigands, magicians, gigantic, mutated creatures, nameless, hideous demons and a tenacious new foe - the disfigured, metal-clad Captain Sharaq.

    Produto indisponível

  • X-Men - Deus Ama, o Homem Mata

    Anderson,Brent Eric; Claremont,Christopher

    “Se um homem não crê, ele já está condenado…”Por anos a fio, os Fabulosos X-Men e Magneto, o Mestre do Magnetismo, têm sido os mais acirrados inimigos. Mas agora eles precisam juntar suas forças contra um novo adversário que os ameaça, e, talvez, o...

    Produto indisponível

  • Eu , Wolverine

    Miller,Frank; Claremont, Chris

    Wolverine viaja ao Oriente em busca do amor, mas encontra apenas fúria à sua espera! Humilhado em combate perante Mariko Yashida, Logan descarrega sua ira no Tentáculo e sua paixão na voluntariosa Yukio! Enquanto sua fera interior e o homem que ele...

    Produto indisponível




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