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  • Hans Christian Andersen - Classic Fairy Tales

    Andersen,Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Andersen: Classic Fairy Tales is one of Collectible Editions classics. Each volume features authoritatitve texts by the world's greatest authors in an exquisitely designed bonded-leather binding, with distinctive gilt edging and an...

  • Tubarão - Classic Edition




    Devore ou seja devoradoVocê não está vendo, mas ele está lá no fundo, observando suas pernas se mexerem nas águas turvas. A mais perfeita máquina assassina da natureza, o predador que mantém seu posto no topo da cadeia alimentar desde a época dos...

  • Black Beauty - Classic Starts

    Sewell,Anna; Church,Lisa R.; Corvino,Lucy

    Presents an abridged version of Black Beauty's experiences with both good and bad masters in nineteenth-century England.

  • The Secret Garden - Classic Starts

    Corvino,Lucy; Dubose,Martha Hailey; Hailey,Martha

    Following Sterling's spectacularly successful launch of its children's classic novels, comes a dazzling new series: Classic Starts. The stories are abridged; the quality is complete. Classic Starts treats the world's beloved tales (and children) with...

  • The Enormous Turnip - Classic Tales - Level 1

    Editora Oxford

    Children love stories. Bring the magic of good storytelling into your classroom with Classic Tales, and they'll love their English lessons too.

  • Beauty And The Beast And Other Classic Fairy...

    Vários Autores



    Beauty and the Beast and Other Classic Fairy Tales features 101 stories in which beauties and beasts capture the charm and magic of the classic fairy tale. Chosen from The Blue Fairy Book and other fairy tale collections by Andrew Lang, the...

  • Six Classic Hercule Poirot Mysteries Boxed...

    Agatha Christie

    A new paperback slipcase featuring six of Hercule Poirot’s very best cases.‘My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.’This new boxed set of paperbacks collects six of Hercule Poirot’s most famous and best-loved...

  • Sexta-Feira 13 - Arquivos de Crystal Lake –...




    Sexta-Feira 13 [Arquivos de Crystal Lake]David Grove e prefácio de Tom SaviniUm mito impossível de matarVocê conhece o homem atrás da máscara de hóquei. Há 35 anos, Jason Voorhees é sinônimo de terror. A lenda do assassino foi recontada inúmeras...

  • Christmas Books And Stories (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Christmas Books and Stories About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books...

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  • The Book Of The Serpent (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Book of the Serpent The place was full of quietness and warm with the Sun's warmth. The Turtle and the Grasshopper sang pleasantly. And all the days were happiness - and all the nights were rest. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • The Book Of Jack London, Vol. 1 (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Book of Jack London, Vol. 1 In some such fashion we would speculate, summer after noons, perhaps riding over the Beauty Ranch, or lying on the slant deck of a ship in the Trades, or tooling our alert four-ih-hand across a mountain...

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  • The Book Of Gilly - Four Months Out Of A Life...


    Excerpt from The Book of Gilly: Four Months Out of a Life Tell you, Cynthia, I don't mean the boy to grow up knowing nothing of Ireland, Gilly's father said positively. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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  • A Book Of Joys - The Story Of A New England...


    Excerpt from A Book of Joys: The Story of a New England Summer I have been counting my Springs not all of them and it is quite ten years since I was in the country, especially this dear New England country, at this season of the year. To be sure, my...

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  • Second Book Of Reading Lessons - Authorized...


    Excerpt from Second Book of Reading Lessons: Authorized by the Council of Public Instruction for Ontario The teacher is recommended to select materials for spelling exercises from the portions of the book previously read, and to continue the plan,...

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  • The Inevitable Book (Classic Reprint)

    Hough, Lynn Harold

    Excerpt from The Inevitable Book Orton brainard was seated comfortably in a chair in his den. He was surrounded by shelves on shelves of books. Even in the most strenuous days of his upward climb he had been a great reader. The furnishings of the...

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  • He (Classic Reprint)

    Lang, Andrew

    Excerpt from He P.s. - T he mummy case is very valu able. Please deposit it at the Old Banle, in the High, where it will represent my balance. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • Gioconda (Classic Reprint)

    D'Annunzio, Gabriele

    Excerpt from Gioconda Lorenzo gaddi. New life, dear Silvia, good brave soul. So good and so strong! The storm is over. Lucio has come back to you, full of grati tude and of tenderness, after all the evil. It is as if he were born again. Just now he...

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  • Hetty (Classic Reprint)

    Kingsley, Henry

    Excerpt from Hetty The other houses in the lane were eight-roomed, semi detached, brown brick boxes of houses; with long gardens in front, and little back-yards, with a water-butt and a clothes-line, behind. They were miserable little places yet...

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  • Miscellanea (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Miscellanea The contents of this volume are republished in order to make-the Edition a complete collection of Mrs. Ewing's works, rather than because of their intrinsic worth. The fact that she did not republish the papers during her...

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  • Cursed (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Cursed Not all its wizardry of gleaming lights in hut and shop, its firefly paper lanterns, its murmuring strange ness could weigh against the vexing fact that his ship had missed the tide, and that though her full cargo of tea, rattan,...

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  • Tales (Classic Reprint)

    Andersen, Hans

    Excerpt from Tales It must be confessed that our young hero had as yet a very vague notion how to commence the glorious career he felt himself destined to pursue. Some way or other connected with the stage he must be, but in what capacity, whether as...

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  • Carmen (Classic Reprint)

    Merimee, Prosper

    Excerpt from Carmen But I kept my eyes on my guide and the stranger. The former drew near, sorely against his will; the other seemed to have no evil designs upon us, for he had set his horse at liberty once more, and his blunderbuss, which he had...

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  • Emblemland (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Emblemland Just how he got into such a strange craft, as well as into the still stranger company of the Dolphin, Rollo never was able quite to explain, and, as a mat ter of fact, he never tried very hard to do so. He knew from the...

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  • Marmaduke (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Marmaduke An easy gallantry came to his tones as the speaker, a fine young fellow of obviously military bearing, turned to a girl who stood very still by the window. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Finished (Classic Reprint)

    Haggard, H Rider

    Excerpt from Finished The author's friend, Mr. J. Y. Gibson, at present the representative Of the Union in Zululand, writes in his admirable history: There was a good deal Of discus sion amongst the assembled Zulu notables at Ulundi, but Of how...

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  • Kilmeny (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Kilmeny Look here, Ted, I'll tell you what you are like. Did you ever snare a rabbit, and take it up before it was dead? Did you ever catch it by the back of the neck, and look at its wild, fright ened, big eyes, that were full of fear...

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  • Smoke (Classic Reprint)

    Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich

    Excerpt from Smoke The success of Smoke was immediate and great; but the hue-and-cry that assailed it was even greater. The publication of the book marks the final rupture between Turgenev and the party of Young Russia. The younger generation never...

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  • Christine (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Christine The women of these fishermen were in many respects totally unlike the men. They had a char acter of their own, and they occupied a far more prominent position in the village than the men did. They were the agents through whom...

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  • Revenge (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Revenge In the lives of these two young people there was no middle distance. The result was bound to be either love or hate, and in the case of Mr. And Mrs. Bodman it was hate of the most bitter and arrogant kind. In some parts of the...

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  • Evered (Classic Reprint)

    Williams, Ben Ames

    Excerpt from Evered The people of these towns are of ancient stock. The grandfathers of many of them came in with General Knox; most of them have been here for fifty years or more, they or their for bears. A few Frenchmen have drifted down from...

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  • Together (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Together This hushed moment was broken by the resonant tones of the minister as he began the opening words of the sacrament that had been said over so many millions of human beings. Familiar as the phrases were, she did not realize them,...

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  • Neighbours (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Neighbours My father worked in the mill, as did most of the men and many of the women of the town. That was before Unionism had succeeded in any gen eral introduction of the eight-hour day; my father started work at seven in the morning...

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  • The Curious Book Of Birds (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Curious Book of Birds All were happy except one. The Woodpecker had taken no part with the other busy birds. She was a lazy, disobedient creature, and when she heard the Lord's commands she had only said. About the Publisher...

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  • Three Books Of Offices, In English (Classic...

    Cicero, Marcus Tullius

    Excerpt from Three Books of Offices, in English Theprefaei'. 'ix to Rome upon tbis Recal, but found Tbings very dif ferent from wbat be expefied, wben be came tbttber Hereupon be witbelrew bim/elf to bis Hon/2's in tba Country, refo'ving to wait for...

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  • The Sketch Book Of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent...


    Excerpt from The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent Whom I had already received friendly atten tions, and left them With him for examination, informing'him that should he be inclined to bring them before the public, I had materials. About the...

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  • The Yellow Book, Vol. 6 - Illustrated...


    Excerpt from The Yellow Book, Vol. 6: Illustrated Quarterly I may declare in regard to these allusions that, whatever I then thought of myself as a holder of the scales, I had never scrupled to laugh out at the humour of Mrs. Highmore's pursuit of...

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  • The Jumble Book - A Jumble Of Good Things...

    Cory, David

    Excerpt from The Jumble Book: A Jumble of Good Things This is your friend David Gory. What kind of stories do you like? All kinds, eh? Well, the jumble book's the book for you, then. You'll find all kinds of stories all jumbled together between its...

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  • The New Book Of Martyrs - From The French Of...

    Simmonds, Florence

    Excerpt from The New Book of Martyrs: From the French of Georges Duhamel Some one who had been visiting the wounded said to me The beds are really very white, the dressings are clean, all the patients seem to be playing cards, reading the papers,...

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  • The Chaucer Story Book (Classic Reprint)

    Chaucer, Geoffrey

    Excerpt from The Chaucer Story Book T has been somewhat the fashion of late to declare I that the difficulty of reading Chaucer has been greatly overestimated. Probably it has - for some peo ple. Chaucer, compared with Beowulf, for instance, is play....

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  • The Book Of Khalid (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Book of Khalid Orientals, says he, seldom adventure into that region of fancy and fabrication so alluring to European and American writers; for, like the eyes of huris, our vanity is soft and demure. This then is a book of travels in...

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  • The Danish Story Book (Classic Reprint)

    Andersen, Hans Christian

    Excerpt from The Danish Story Book ET us pay a visit to Switzerland. Let us look around us in that magnificent mountainous country, where the woods creep up the sides of the precipitous walls of rock; let us ascend to the daz zling snow-fields above,...

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  • The Kiltartan History Book (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Kiltartan History Book The ancient histofiy'iof times Ireland, the first man ever died in Ireland was Partholan, and he is buried, and his greyhound along with him, at some place in Kerry. The Nemidians came after that and stopped...

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  • The Irish Fairy Book (Classic Reprint)

    Graves, Alfred Perceval

    Excerpt from The Irish Fairy Book An even more terrible churchyard demon is the beautiful phan tom that waylays the widower at his wife's very tomb and poisons him by her kiss when he has yielded to her blandishments. Of monsters the Irish had, and...

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  • Classic

    Berry, Mary

    Britain’s most trusted cook, Mary Berry, has been showing the nation how to make delicious, foolproof food for decades. This brand-new collection from her landmark new BBC One series brings together everything we love about Mary – wonderfully simple...

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