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  • O Códex Dos Caçadores de Sombras

    Clare, Cassandra; Joshua,Lewis



    TUDO SOBRE O MUNDO DOS CAÇADORES DE SOMBRAS DA SÉRIE OS INSTRUMENTOS MORTAIS Anjos, demônios, fadas, vampiros, lobisomens, feiticeiros: todos eles existem e precisam ser administrados e mantidos em paz. O Códex dos Caçadores de Sombras abrange tudo:...

  • O Codex Arquimedes


    Em 29 de outubro de 1998, a venda de um livro extremamente velho, feio e nada atraente, arrematado por 2 milhões de dólares em um leilão feito pela Christie’s de Nova York, ganhou as páginas da imprensa. O desgastado livro de orações de um padre...

  • Codex 632

    Dos Santos,Jose Rodrigues

    Codex 632

  • Codex Popul Vuh - Ramo de Flores

    Filho,Francisco de Sousa Vieira



    Apenas a sombra do réu permanece presente nas ausências. E antes fosse uma sombra vida, genuína, que se renova com o que de novo traga o dia-a-dia e a convivência, mas não, é uma sombra outra, maculada pelo filtro da memória, mera cópia — a imagem...

  • e-book

    Codex Wallerstein


    The Codex Wallerstein is one of the best known of the late medieval fencing treatises still in existence. Though perhaps not as widely known as Talhoffer 1467 or Flos Duellatorum, it is just as important to students of the Western martial arts....

  • e-book



    About to depart on his first vacation in years, Edward Wozny, a hot-shot young investment banker, is sent to help one of his firm'apos;s most important and mysterious clients. When asked to uncrate and organize a personal library of rare books,...

  • Codex Alera, Der Erste Fürst


    Tavi von Calderon, der so lange als magielos verachtet war, sieht sich seiner Bestimmung gegenüber. Denn seine Kräfte sind endlich erwacht, und sie sind größer als die der mächtigsten Fürsten Aleras. Und das geschah keinen Tag zu früh! Die...

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  • Codex Book


    A generously illustrated examination of the enduring influence of and many variations on the classical Roman capital letter.The fiftieth anniversary of Helvetica, the most famous of all sans serif typefaces, was celebrated with an excitement unusual...

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  • Codex 18 Copy Mixed Fd

    Douglas, Preston

    Codex 18 Copy Mixed Fd

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  • Companions Codex - 01 - Night Of The Hunter

    Salvatore, R.a.; Salvatore,R A

    R.A. Salvatore’s New York Times best-selling saga continues as dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden returns to Gauntlgrym with old friends by his side once again, as they seek to rescue Bruenor’s loyal shield dwarf-turned-vampire. But not only do Drizzt and his...

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  • The Codex

    Preston,Douglas J.

    The mysterious disappearance of treasure hunter and adventurer Maxwell Broadbent--along with his riches--sends his three sons on a search for their father, who has hidden himself and his treasures, in order to claim their inheritance.

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  • The Codex

    Preston,Douglas J.

    The mysterious disappearance of treasure hunter and adventurer Maxwell Broadbent--along with that of his riches--sends his three sons on a search for their father, who has hidden himself and his treasures, in order to claim their inheritance, which...

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  • The Codex

    Preston,Douglas J.; Sowers, Scott (NRT)

    The mysterious disappearance of treasure hunter and adventurer Maxwell Broadbent--along with his riches--sends his three sons on a search for their father, who has hidden himself and his treasures, in order to claim their inheritance.

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  • The Rivan Codex


    The authors take readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of their Belgariad and Malloreon saga and its companion stories, presenting the extensive background materials compiled in preparation for the epic adventure

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  • The Rosetta Codex

    Russo,Richard Paul

    Enslaved by a nomadic tribe after escaping an attack on his family's starship en route to Morningstar, a civilized oupost on a savage planet, Cale Alexandros stumbles upon a mysterious book filled with strange metal pages and cryptic writings in an...

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  • e-book

    The Codex Fori Mussolini - A Latin Text of...

    Han Lamers; Bettina Reitz-Joosse

    The year is 1932. In Rome, the Fascist leader Benito Mussolini unveils a giant obelisk of white marble, bearing the Latin inscription MVSSOLINI DVX. Invisible to the cheering crowds, a metal box lies immured in the obelisk'apos;s base. It contains a...

  • e-book

    The Codex Borgia - A Full-Color Restoration...

    Rodgers,Alan; Díaz,Gisele

    First republication of remarkable repainting of great Mexican codex, dated to ca. AD 1400. 76 large full-color plates show gods, kings, warriors, mythical creatures, and abstract designs. Introduction.

  • Rise Of The King - Companions Codex, II

    Salvatore, R.a.; Salvatore,R A

    In the second book of the Companions Codex, the latest series in the New York Times best-selling saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden, R.A. Salvatore picks up with the fan-favorite storyline of dwarf king Bruenor Battlehammer and his bloody feud with the...

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  • e-book

    The Codex


    'apos;Greetings from the dead,'apos; declares Maxwell Broadbent in the videotape he left behind after his mysterious disappearance. A notorious treasure hunter and tomb robber, Broadbent accumulated over half a billion dollars'apos; worth of...

  • e-book

    The Codex Lacrimae - The Mariner'apos;s...


    AN ANCIENT EVIL RETURNS TO THE DESERT LANDS OF THE CRUSADES, & ONLY THE TEENAGERS CLARINDA & RÍG CAN PREVENT THE COMING OF THE FINAL TWILIGHT! The Codex Lacrimae, a book of ancient evil, is loose again in the world. It’s the 12th Century, and...

  • e-book

    Why Did the Codex Supplant the Book-Roll?

    Harris,William V.

    Originally published in Renaissance Society and Culture: Essays in Honor of Eugene F. Rice, Jr., edited by John Monfasani and Ronald G. Musto (New York: Italica Press, 1991).

  • O Codex Arquimedes


    Em 1999, um manuscrito medieval foi vendido em leilão na Christie's de Nova Iorque por 2 milhões de dólares, a um comprador que, até hoje, se mantém anónimo. Ao ser analisado, o manuscrito revelou-se, na verdade, um palimpsesto: um texto rasurado num...

  • The Codex Borgia - A Full-Color Restoration...


    Considered by many scholars the finest extant Mexican codex and one of the most important original sources for the study of pre-Columbian religion, the Codex Borgia is a work of profound beauty, filled with strange and evocative images related to...

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  • The Codex Mexicanus - A Guide To Life In Late...

    Diel, Lori Boornazian

    Some sixty years after the Spanish conquest of Mexico, a group of Nahua intellectuals in Mexico City set about compiling an extensive book of miscellanea, which was recorded in pictorial form with alphabetic texts in Nahuatl clarifying some imagery...

  • e-book

    The Codex - Mind of an Adolescent

    Dekota L. Bostic

    Who would never stop loving you, no matter the fortune and fame?A love of nothing to lose and everything to gain.A love that fuels each other's fire for each other's flame.See, I loved this girl who was the star in my eye ...Adolescence is a time of...

  • audio livro

    CoVis Codex


    The CoVis Codex is a podcast where we interview local movers and shakers and ask them trivial questions to get to know them as human beings.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    Career Codex


    Career Codex provides unique and innovative advice on how to navigate the job market. Learn the secrets of standing out from the competition to find and secure the career opportunity you want, whatever your level or industry sector. Finding success...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Edição antiga - O Executivo e o Monstro -...


    Os executivos não têm nenhum Hipócrates como referência e não fazem juramento ritualístico de se manter fiéis a princípios da profissão. Mas todo executivo sabe que há um código de ética norteando o seu trabalho. Que motivos levam um executivo a se...

  • Em Nome do Pai


    Neste surpreendente romance, as mais variadas emoções acompanham o leitor na trajetória de um dedicado médico envolvido numa trama que pode comprometer sua carreira, sua vida. Mas, para ele, o pior é a possibilidade de ser privado da convivência com...

  • e-book

    An Aztec Herbal - The Classic Codex of 1552


    16th-century codex was first herbal and medical text compiled in the New World, with ancient remedies for everything from hiccoughs to gout. Index. New Introduction. Over 180 black-and-white and 38 color illustrations.

  • e-book

    The Babylonian Codex

    Graham, C.s.

    CIA agent Jax Alexander and remote viewer Tobie Guinness are back in The Babylonian Codex by C.S. Graham, racing to solve an ancient riddle and diffuse a plot to destroy the world. A relentlessly gripping thriller that takes off like a rocket and...

  • e-book

    The Constantine Codex


    Harvard Professor Jonathan Weber is finally enjoying a season of peace when a shocking discovery thrusts him into the national spotlight once again. While touring monasteries in Greece, Jon and his wife Shannon—a seasoned archaeologist—uncover an...

  • e-book

    Mar Saba Codex


    While attending a Catholic conference in the US to boost the faith in difficult times, Australian political journalist and ex seminarian Jack Duggan is made aware of a controversial codex written by a 4th century Syrian bishop. Only photographs of...

  • e-book

    The Excalibur Codex

    Douglas, James

    For countless generations the sword had been kept hidden, ready for a time of need. But not hidden well enough, because on one warm July night in1937 it vanished - its disappearance swallowed up in the storm clouds of war that would soon engulf the...

  • e-book

    The Himalayan Codex

    Schutt,Bill; J. R. Finch

    'Looks like Schutt and Finch are filling the void left by the passing of Michael Crichton.'--James Cameron, director/writer/explorerIn the wake of World War II, zoologist and adventurer Captain R. J. MacCready is sent to the frozen mountain valleys...

  • O Menino do Presidente


    Alberto, quarenta e dois anos, era alto, magro, pele branca. Sua aparência geral era de alguém disposto para o trabalho, inquiridor e sagaz, que não arredaria de suas convicções e intenções com facilidade. Até que recebe uma carta anônima. O...

  • A Fuga do Escorpião


    Neste romance, Sérgio Viotti emprega seu reconhecido talento, amplamente demonstrado em anos carreira como ator de teatro e de telenovelas, para contar esta história. Além de ator e autor, Viotti é tradutor de peças teatrais, produtor de programas...

  • The Shadowhunter's Codex Deluxe Edition

    Clare,Cassandra; Lewis,Joshua

    Since the thirteenth century, the Shadowhunter’s Codex has been the one and only manual for Shadowhunters looking to brush up on their demon languages, learn proper stele use, and discover just what exactly a pyxis is. Featured in both The Mortal...

  • The Himalayan Codex - An R. J. Maccready...


    'Bill Schutt and J. R. Finch are two of the best adventure writers to hit the scene in a long time!' --Clive Cussler, #1 New York Times bestselling authorIt is 1946, and the world is rebuilding itself from the war's devastating ashes. R. J. MacCready...

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  • e-book

    The Andean Codex - Adventures and Initiations...

    Williams,J. E.

    Experience a Sacred Way of LifeFor more than thirty years Dr. J. E. Williams has risked his health and personal safety to journey among shamans in Peru, the place he calls the mystical and spiritual center of our times. In its rain forests, mountains...

  • Betsy - Série Fio da Meada


    Como afirma Rachel de Queiroz na apresentação, Anna Osta relata, ´sem medo, dilemas e situações que as pessoas enfrentam no mundo atual e na vida que se diz moderna´. O leitor acompanha ´Betsy´ com fascínio e a abandona contrafeito ao chegar, quase...

  • Amarras Cortadas - Série Fio da Meada


    Embora esta seja, definitivamente, uma obra de ficção, sua protagonista Dina inspira-se na história real da autora. Mulher forte e livre, senhora de seu destino, capaz de cortar as amarras que a prendem a um passado de recordações com freqüência...

  • e-book

    Heaven and Earth in Ancient Mexico -...


    The Codex Borgia, a masterpiece that predates the Spanish conquest of central Mexico, records almanacs used in divination and astronomy. Within its beautifully painted screenfold pages is a section (pages 29-46) that shows a sequence of enigmatic...

  • e-book

    The Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin - Book IV of...


    The twelfth-century 'Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin,' also known as the 'History of Charlemagne and Roland,' offers an 'eye-witness' account of events during the late eighth century. Charlemagne's compatriot, Archbishop Turpin of Rheims, describes the...

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