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  • Psychoanalysis - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Psychoanalysis - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Nietzsche - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Gane,Laurence; Piero (ilt)

    Nietzsche - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Newton - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Rankin, William

    Brilliantly written and illustrated by William Rankin, Introducing Newton explains the extraordinary ideas of a man who sifted through the accumulated knowledge of centuries, tossed out mistaken beliefs, and single-handedly made enormous advances in...

  • Melanie Klein - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Melanie Klein was the most innovative and influential child psychoanalyst in the first half of the twentieth century. Introducing Melanie Klein explores her progressive ideas. Her concepts of the depressive position and the paranoid-schizoid position...

  • Aesthetics - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Kul-Want, Christopher

    Every day we talk about the aesthetics of a piece of art or design. More than a simple response, aesthetics is a philosophy in which perceptions, feelings, and emotions combine to form the whole nature of experience. Through clear text and fitting...

  • Lacan - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Leader, Darian

    Lacan - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Hegel - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing


    G.W.F. Hegel's influential writings on philosophy, politics, history, and art are parts of a larger systematic whole. They are also among the most difficult in the entire literature of philosophy. Introducing Hegel engages the reader, guiding them...

  • Kafka - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Mairowitz,David Zane

    Franz Kafka wrote in the tradition of the great Yiddish storytellers, bringing to it a unique literary language of transformation and escapism. Alienated from his roots, his family and his own body, Kafka's fascinating existence is superbly...

  • Evolutionary Psychology - a Graphic Guide -...


    Evolutionary Psychology - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Psychology - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Benson,Nigel C.

    Is there a reasons we do what we do and think what we think? Introducing Psychology looks at these and other questions about us as people and the discipline of psychology. Is it a science and how is it even defined? Is it just the study of the mind...

  • Time - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Callender, Craig

    'Introducing Time' traces the history of time from Augustine's suggestion that there is no time, to the flowing time of Newton, the conventional time of Poincaré, the static time of Einstein, and then back, full circle, to the idea that there is no...

  • Thatcherism - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Margaret Thatcher's political career was one of the most remarkable of modern times. She rose to become the first woman to lead a major Western democracy, serving as British Prime Minister. Admired by Ronald Regan and the United States Congress,...

  • Sartre - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Thody, Philip

    INTRODUCING guide to the father of existentialism and one of 20th century philosophy's most famous characters. Jean-Paul Sartre was once described as being, next to Charles de Gaulle, the most famous Frenchman of the 20th century. Between the ending...

  • Freud - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing


    Freud - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Plato - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Robinson, Dave

    Introducing Plato provides a clear account of Plato's theory of knowledge and explains how this directed his provocative views on politics, ethics, and individual liberty. Offering detailed critical commentaries on all of the key doctrines of...

  • Chomsky - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Maher, John

    Chomsky - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Foucault - Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Horrocks,Christopher; Jevtic,Zoran (ilt)

    Michel Foucault's work was described at his death as 'the most important event of thought in our century'. As a philosopher, historian and political activist he certainly left behind an enduring and influential body of work, but is this acclaim...

  • Philosophy - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Robinson, David; Groves, Judy

    Philosophers have always enjoyed asking akward and provocative questions.Some of these include: What is the nature of reality? What are human beings really like? What is special about the human mind and consciousness? Are we free to choose who we are...

  • Descartes - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    'Introducing Descartes' explains what Descartes doubted, and why he is usually called the father of modern philosophy. A clear and accessible guide, it gives a lucid account of Descartes' contributions to modern science, mathematics, and the...

  • Wittgenstein - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Wittgenstein - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Postmodernism - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Garratt, Chris; Appiananesi,Richard

    What connects Marilyn Monroe, Disney World, The Satanic Verses and cyberspace?Answer: postmodernism.But what exactly is postmodernism? This graphic guide explains clearly the maddeningly enigmatic concept that has been used to define the world's...

  • Rousseau - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Illustrated guide to the crucial French philosopher who denied bring a philosopher at all. 'I am like no one else in the whole world ...' Thus begins Jean-Jacques Rousseau's defiant Confessions - an autobiography of astounding psychological insight....

  • The Enlightenment - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    'Introducing the Enlightenment' is the essential guide to the giants of the Enlightenment—Adam Smith, Samuel Johnson, Immanuel Kant, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. This book provides a clear and accessible introduction to the leading...

  • Shakespeare - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Groom, Nick

    A guide to Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. It takes readers on a tour through the world of Will.

  • Machiavelli - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Curry, Patrick

    Nicolò Machiavelli's The Prince remains controversial in its electrifying frankness as a practical guide to power. Is it a how-to manual for dictators, or a subtle analysis of successful government? Introducing Machiavelli traces the colorful life of...

  • Keynes - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Garratt, Chris; Pugh, Peter

    As we find ourselves at the cusp of an economic downturn, there has been a clear reinvigoration of Keynesian economics as governments are attempting to stimulate the market through public funds.This graphic guide is the ideal introduction to one of...

  • Baudrillard - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Baudrillard - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Barthes - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing


    Barthes - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Bertrand Russell - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Robinson, Dave

    Bertrand Russell changed Western philosophy forever. He tackled many puzzles—how our minds work, how we experience the world, and what the true nature of meaning is. In Introducing Bertrand Russell we meet a passionate eccentric, active in world...

  • Philosophy Of Science - a Graphic Guide -...

    Sardar, Ziauddin

    What do scientists actually do? Is science ?value-free”? How has science evolved through history? Where is science leading us? Introducing Philosophy of Science is a clear and incisively illustrated map of the big questions underpinning science. It...

  • Capitalism - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Despite the credit crunch, Capitalism now dominates the globe and influences every aspect of our world from laws, wars and government to interpersonal relationships. Tracing capitalism from its beginning to the present day, Dan Cryan and Sharron...

  • Darwin - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Miller,Jonathan; Von Loon,Borin

    Darwin - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Islam - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

    Malik,Zafar Abbas; Sardar,Ziauddin

    Islam - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Evolution - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Evolution - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Economics - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Orrell, David

    Economics - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Statistics - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Statistics - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Sociology - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Sociology - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Media Studies - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Sardar, Ziauddin

    Media Studies - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Hinduism - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing


    Hinduism - a Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing

  • Anthropology - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Davies,Merryl Wyn

    Introducing Anthropology traces the evolution of anthropology from ancient Greece to contemporary times. Anthropology's key concepts and methods are explained, and we meet some of its most famous stars, including Franz Boas, Bronislaw Malinowski,...

  • Modernism - a Graphic Guide - Col....

    Rodrigues,Chris; Garratt, Chris

    The Introducing books are graphic guides that brilliantly condense mankind's biggest ideas. Modernism is usually thought of as a shockwave of innovations hitting art, architecture, music, cinema and literature. But what really defines modernism? Why...

  • Political Philosophy - a Graphic Guide - Col....


    Introducing Political Philosophy explains the subject’s central concepts and presents the major political theorists from Plato to Michel Foucault. How did governments get started? Why should they be obeyed? Could we live without them? How much power...




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  • Fractals - Graphic Guide - Col. Introducing


    Fractals are one of the most incredible branches of mathematics. They are a language that can describe the precise shape of a human brain or the universe. Everywhere we look, fractals fill our world. Over 10000 copies have been sold in the US. Using...

    Produto indisponível

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