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  • 3 - D Coloring Book - Butterflies


    These butterflies have undergone a second metamorphosis, with dazzling results. Thirty abstract images of winged beauties appear against backgrounds inspired by textile designs, including waves and crescents. Color them by following the easy...

  • Fantastic Cities - A Coloring Book Of Amazing...

    Mcdonald ,Steve

    This unique coloring book features immersive aerial views of real cities from around the world alongside gorgeously illustrated, Inception-like architectural mandalas. Artist Steve McDonald's beautifully rendered and detailed line work offers...

  • 3-d Coloring Book - Mosaic Madness

    Mazurkiewicz, Jessica

    The ancient art of mosaic design takes a decidedly modern turn with this 3-D coloring book. A showcase of 30 dynamic images, it features exploding geometric shapes, amazing abstracts, and intricate motifs. Color them by following the easy directions...

  • Kokeshi Dolls Coloring Book


    The coloring book features black-outlined drawings of Kokeshi dolls, traditional Japanese kimonos, accessories (fans, sashes, bows, etc.), and wigs. Kids can color the outfits and the dolls and/or add in any of the 75 stickers included in the book.

  • Twilight Garden Coloring Book - Published In...

    Trolle , Maria

    Maria Trolle’s Twilight Garden coloring book collection sets itself apart from the competition with its romantic sophistication. Striking black endpapers and white-on-black printed imagery dispersed throughout lend this hardbound edition a luxurious...

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  • The Selection Coloring Book

    Cass, Kiera

    Prepare to be swept away by the gorgeous gowns and breathless romance of Kiera Cass s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series now brought to life in this beautifully illustrated coloring book.Features original black-and-white line drawings of...

  • Mandala Meditation Coloring Book


    Coloring mandalas traditional, intricate circular designs can be a meditative, relaxing, and creative practice for children and adults alike. Begin your journey to calm with this beautifully packaged book, which presents 92 mandalas for your drawing...

  • Creative Haven Whimsical Gardens Coloring...


    Enter into a garden of delights with these 31 beautifully detailed images. The imaginative and playful designs will inspire colorists to add their own special touches to make each picture uniquely their own. Illustrations are printed on one side of...

  • Secret Garden - An Inky Treasure Hunt And...

    Basford, Johanna

    Coming in March 2015, Johanna Basford's stunning follow-up Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book. Pre-order now!Tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in an inky black-and-white wonderland. This interactive activity book takes you on...

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  • Red Queen Coloring Book

    Aveyard , Victoria

    The world of Red Queen comes to life in this stunningly illustrated coloring book companion to the 1 New York Times bestselling series by Victoria Aveyard. With both original black-and-white line drawings and beautiful hand-lettered quotes, this...

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  • Owls Coloring Book

    Harrison, Noelle

    Colorists of all ages will adore these 30 whimsical illustrations of owls perched on branches, surrounded by flowers, silhouetted against backdrops with crescent moons, and nestled into other fun-to-color settings.

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  • The Language Of Flowers Coloring Book

    Green, John

    The Language Of Flowers Coloring Book

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  • Creative Haven Entangled Coloring Book


    This collection of more than 30 original patterns was inspired by Zentangle, a method of creating repetitive patterns that promotes relaxation as well as creative expression. The sweeping, free-form line designs incorporate flowers, stars, and...

  • Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book

    May, Darcy

    Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book

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  • Descendants 2 - A Wickedly Cool - Coloring...

    Disney Book Group

    Descendants fans of all ages will enjoy these wicked pen-and-ink illustrations of elaborate patterns and memorable characters from Disney Channel's hit movie Descendants 2. Fill the pages your own color and style--it's the perfect way to cultivate...

  • The Velveteen Rabbit Coloring Book - The...

    Williams, Margery

    A storybook to be colored in with captions lifted from the original text. 'What is REAL?' asked the Rabbit one day, when [he and the Skin Horse] were lying side by side before Nana came to tidy the room. 'Does it mean having things that buzz inside...

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  • Coral Reef Coloring Book


    Forty-four realistic drawings of parrotfish, octopus, damselfish, moray eel, sea cucumber, dolphin, medusa jellyfish, sea dragon, many more.

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  • George R. R. Martin's Official Game Of...

    Martin, George R. R.; George R. R. Martin

    In a world where weddings are red, fire is green, and debts are paid in gold, countless images leap off the page thanks to the eye-popping intricacy of the vivid settings and details. Now, for the first time, fans of this blockbuster saga can fill in...

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  • Creative Haven In Full Bloom Coloring Book


    colourists and gardening enthusiasts will adore these magnified views. Thirty-one accurate illustrations range from sunflowers and marigolds to birds of paradise and oriental lilies. Each design features lovingly detailed petals, buds, stalks, and...

  • Dover Coloring Books - Princess Coloring Book

    Miller, Eileen Rudisill

    Add a rainbow of color to the world of a royal princess!Your little princess will enjoy hours of enchantment adding vivid colors to this magical world of royal adventures. Thirty fairy tale scenes portray a lovely lady strolling in the royal garden,...

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  • The Night Before Christmas Coloring Book


    The Night Before Christmas Coloring Book

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  • Garden Fairies Stained Glass Coloring Book


    Garden Fairies Stained Glass Coloring Book

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  • Color The Classics Anne Of Green Gables - A...

    Lee, Jae-Eun

    A charming re-imagining of the beloved Anne of Green Gables novels, offering hours of calming coloring Color the Classics: Anne of Green Gables is a part of Waves of Color's 'Color the Classics' line--a collection of books that allows you to color...

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  • Freshwater Pond Coloring Book

    Bernhard, Annika

    Ponds are quiet, shallow freshwater expanses that are home to a vast and intriguing variety of plants and animals. This attractive and information-packed coloring book -- a perfect learning tool for young ecologists -- provides detailed, accurate...

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  • Creative Haven Floral Frenzy Coloring Book


    Hearts brimming with flowers, blossoms dripping with water, petals swirling together like the galaxy, and more: 31 surrealistic designs of abstract gardens and fantastical bouquets will inspire hours of experimental coloring. Pages are perforated and...

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  • Tropical Flowers Of The World Coloring Book

    Chandler,Lynda E.

    Tropical Flowers Of The World Coloring Book

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  • Floral Fairies Coloring Book

    Craig, Carol

    Colorists drawn to the alluring magic of fairies will adore this book's images of beautiful garden sprites. More than two dozen original full-page illustrations, rendered in a sinuous style reminiscent of Art Nouveau, depict graceful winged creatures...

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  • Favorite Dogs Coloring Book

    Green, John

    Favorite Dogs Coloring Book

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  • Common Weeds Coloring Book


    Common Weeds Coloring Book

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  • Happy Halloween Coloring Book

    Hall, Susan T

    Picture a cat dressed as a ballerina, an owl outfitted as a wizard, a dog in a mummy costume, and a skeleton pig juggling candy! Even the youngest trick-or-treaters will delight in these 30 illustrations to color, featuring cute and cuddly animals in...

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  • Hawaiian Plants And Animals Coloring Book

    Green, Y S

    Climate and topography have greatly influenced the evolution of animal and plant life in the Hawaiian Islands. Sheltered canyons, steep precipices, and wide variations in rainfall and temperature have produced a vast assortment of shrubs, trees,...

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  • Forest Animals Coloring Book


    Forest Animals Coloring Book

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  • Seasons Coloring Book - Published In Sweden

    Karlzon , Hanna

    The fourth coloring book collection from Sweden's coloring book sensation. Introducing the newest addition to Hanna Karlzon's beloved coloring book collection: Seasons. This hardbound volume boasts 96 pages of Karlzon's intricate designs, season by...

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  • Color The Classics: Beauty And The Beast - A...

    Lee, Jae-Eun

    Color your way into the Beast's heart, in this visual retelling of the classic French fairy tale, 'Beauty and the Beast.' Join the pure-hearted Beauty as she offers herself to the fearsome Beast in exchange for her father's life, in a coloring book...

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  • Creative Haven Coloring Books - Creative...

    Mazurkiewicz, Jessica

    Cluster of dogwood blossoms and pansies, sprightly arrays of tulips and daffodils, and dazzling depictions of roses, bleeding hearts, lilies, and other flowers provide a garden of coloring delights. Each of the 46 images features numbers...

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  • Creative Haven Paradise Designs Coloring Book

    Menten, Ted

    Retreat to a Garden of Eden like setting with 31 gorgeous images to color.Intricate in their details, the black-and-white drawingsfeature lush vegetation and exotic bird and insect lifein scenes of an earthly paradise. Pages are perforated and...

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  • Spark Flower Fun Coloring Book

    Swanson, Maggie

    Brighten a child's world with this garden of 30 delightful flower designs to color. The whimsical full-page illustrations feature fanciful blossoms in settings populated by butterflies, frogs, and other kid-friendly creatures. Features perforated...

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  • American Wild Flowers Coloring Book

    Kennedy, Paul

    American Wild Flowers Coloring Book

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  • Harry Potter - Harry Potter Magical Places &...


    Explore the many places and characters of the Harry Potter films through the magic of color in this special poster collection. The resplendent halls of Gringotts and the candy-filled shelves of Honeydukes are yours to illuminate in intricate drawings...

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  • Creative Haven Unicorns Coloring Book

    Noble, Marty

    Unicorns have captured the imagination for centuries—now, sophisticated colorists will be enchanted by more than 30 illustrations of these legendary creatures. Set in a variety of poses against intricately embellished natural backgrounds, these...

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  • 3-d Coloring Book - My First Geometric...


    How many circles can you count? How many squares? In this introduction to geometric coloring, kids can count the shapes within each of the 30 images. And by following the easy directions, they'll create dazzling coloring effects that will float off...

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  • 3-d Coloring Book - My First Animal Mandalas


    Thirty cheerful mandalas will delight kids as young as 5. Each design features animals and shapes to color and count, including elephants parading around a circle of stars, cows jumping over moons, and more. Color according to the easy directions and...

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  • 3-d Coloring Book - Mystic Mandalas


    This vibrant collection of drawings was inspired by the hypnotic appeal of the mandala. Based on an ancient form of meditative art, mandalas are complex circular designs that draw the eye inward, toward their centers. Thirty dazzling mandala designs...

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  • Historic Houses Of New England Coloring Book

    Smith, A. G.

    Historic Houses Of New England Coloring Book

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