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  • Console Xbox One 500 Gb + Kinect + Jogo...


    O Xbox One reúne os melhores jogos exclusivos, o modo multijogador mais avançado e uma experiência de entretenimento que você não encontrará em nenhum outro lugar. Esse bundle ainda vem com dois jogos para você jogar com toda a família: Kinect Sports...

  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10X1...


    8002 NERS S Caderno Escolar Confetti Neon Rosa 192 fls pautada, formato 27,5x20,3 cms porta documento em PP 0,20 mm

  • Console Xbox One 500Gb + Battlefield 1


    O Xbox One reúne os melhores jogos exclusivos, o modo multijogador mais avançado e uma experiência de entretenimento que você não encontrará em nenhum outro lugar. Esse console ainda vem com o tão esperado game Battlefield 1, jogo de guerra...

  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10X1...


    8002 NEPT S Caderno Escolar Confetti Neon Preto 192 fls pautada, formato 27,5x20,3 cms porta documento em PP 0,20 mm

  • Colors



  • Colors - 400 Reusable Eyelike Stickers

    Workman Publishing

    EyeLike Stickers are the freshest, most vibrant sticker books on the market with 400 high-quality photographic stickers in each book.

  • e-book

    Line Color Form - The Language of Art and...

    Jesse Day

    Design students today are more visually literate than ever before, and their learning style naturally favors the visual over the textual. So why should they learn art and design theory from a traditional textbook? The only guide of its kind, Line...

  • e-book

    Color Atlas of Family Medicine 2/E

    Usatine, Richard; E.J. Mayeaux, Jr.; Mindy Ann Smith

    MORE THAN 2,000 FULL-COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS HELP YOU VISUALLY DIAGNOSE CONDITIONS AND DISEASES ENCOUNTERED IN CLINICAL PRACTICEThe Color Atlas of Family Medicine, Second Edition is a comprehensive atlas designed to facilitate diagnosis using outwardly...

  • e-book

    The Colors of Space - With linked Table of...

    Bradley, Marion Zimmer

    It was a week before the Lhari ship went into warp-drive, and all that time young Bart Steele had stayed in his cabin. He was so bored with his own company that the Mentorian medic was a welcome sight when he came to prepare him for cold-sleep. The...

  • e-book

    Color for Designers

    Krause, Jim

    Most of today’s books on color lean in one of two directions: toward heavy-handed theory-speak or toward ready-to-use palettes that will likely be out-of-step before the book has received its first coffee stain. Color For Designers leans in neither...

  • Colors



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  • Colors And Shapes

    Dorling Kindersley, Inc.

    Colors And Shapes

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  • Colors

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores


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  • Colors



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  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10X1...


    8002 NEVD S Caderno Escolar Confetti Neon Verde 192 fls pautada, formato 27,5x20,3 cms porta documento em PP 0,20 mm

  • Colors


    Introduces different colors as a child engages in activities such as rowing a blue boat and eating purple grapes.

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  • Colors

    Priddy,Roger (NA)


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  • Colors


    Pull-out pictures reveal animals illustrating different colors.

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  • Colors With Oswald

    Fremont,Eleanor; Schigiel,Gregg

    In a Super Chubby board book, Oswald and his friends learn all about colors in one of their favorite places, the Big City Diner, from Blue and Red Plate Specials to Think Pink Drinks.

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  • Colors

    Dorling Kindersley,Inc. (COR); Shooter,Howard


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  • Colors


    A seek-and-find book with pull tabs and flaps hides eighty colorful objects to reveal and discover the variety of items that come in each color.

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  • Colors

    Stoppard,Miriam (CRT)

    Teaches colors through objects and animals, in a book with sliding windows hiding additional pictures.

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  • Colors - A Razzle Dazzle Book


    Focuses on the colors with the help of faceted foil illustrations of a red truck, the yellow sun, a blue butterfly, and other items

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  • e-book

    Color Outside the Lines

    Angela Walden

    A healthy dose of backbone for my Daughter & Son. Lessons that I wish I had learned as a child. Uplifting, Encouraging, Motivating lessons to foster trust & confidence.

  • e-book

    Doodle Designs Coloring Book - 18 Fun Designs...

    Bethany Pease

    Coloring has never been this creative. Get inspired with 15 awesome, swirling doodles that you can color or draw or paint all day. Add your own flair with pens, pencils, crayons, markers or paint. Learn how colors go together and try out a new color...

  • e-book

    Colors of Goodbye - A Memoir of Holding On,...

    September Vaudrey

    What happens after the worst happens?Before May 31, 2008, September Vaudrey’s life was beautiful. But on that day, with one phone call from the ER, her whole world—everything she knew and believed—was shaken to the core. Katie, her 19-year-old artist...

  • e-book

    Dark Blue - Color Me Lonely

    Carlson, Melody

    Kara Hendricks and Jordan Ferguson have been best friends since kindergarten. That is until Jordan started hanging out with a new “cool” crowd and decided Kara was a popularity liability. Devastated, Kara feels betrayed and abandoned by everyone—even...

  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10X1...


    8002 NEAZ S Caderno Escolar Confetti Neon Azul 192 fls pautada, formato 27,5x20,3 cms porta documento em PP 0,20 mm

  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10x1...


    8002 NELI S Caderno Escolar Confetti Neon Lilas 192 fls pautada, formato 27,5x20,3 cms porta documento em PP 0,20 mm

  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10X1...


    Caderno Universitário Neon Colors, possui cores fortes, vibrantes e tons fluorescentes, tudo isso não pode faltar em seus estudos!

  • Caderno Espiral Universitário Confetti 10X1...


    8002 NEAM S Caderno Escolar Confetti Neon Amarelo 192 fls pautada, formato 27,5x20,3 cms porta documento em PP 0,20 mm

  • Colors of Provence (anglais)

    Biehn Michel

    A color-coded tour of the southern France region celebrates the rich tapestry of its landscapes and visitor sites, sharing insider information on where to find top-recommended fabrics, antiques, and gourmet ingredients.

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  • e-book

    Comparative Color Vision

    Gerald Jacobs

    Comparative Color Vision provides information about the means by which color vision has been studied in nonhuman animals and about the outcomes of these studies for a variety of representative species. Individuals who become interested in color...

  • e-book

    Colors of the Rainbow


    Synopsis: In this engaging and visually striking children'apos;s book, Marcus and his mother witness an amazing rainbow in the sky. As the colors begin to fade, Marcus'apos; mother assures him that he will see many colors in other things that...

  • e-book

    Colors& Shapes Storybooks


    252 pages. Discover the Math & Reading Workbook Series. Books and flash cards with attitude and critters. Our selection of activities and problems provides a fun and easy approach to building skills. This workbook contains 16 mini books to introduce...

  • Colors For Fashion


    Colors for Fashion is an updated and much-revised successor to Colors for Modern Fashion by the same author, incorporating the latest fashion garments and extensive breakdowns of techniques for drawing in colour. The book also includes a chapter on...

  • Colors / Colores - Say & Play

    Sterling Publishing Co.,Inc.

    Red/rojo rain boots, a yummy orange/aranjando popsicle, a beautiful blue/azul butterfly, a big yellow/amarillo school bus: here's a rainbow of children's favorites, presented in cheerful photos and captioned in both English and Spanish.

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  • Colors/Board Book

    Keates,Colin (UNK); Greenaway,Frank; Young,Jerry

    Colors/Board Book

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  • Colors

    Accord Publishing

    Colors, the newest innovation from Accord, will have little readers all aflutter. This charmingly chunky butterfly is actually a board book that serves as a terrific introduction to the shades of the rainbow. Every wing is a page featuring a...

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  • Colors = Los Colores


    Teddy bears teach the English and Spanish words for colors

  • Colors


    With inventive die-cuts and movable pieces, the ROCK'N'ROLL format is a book that borders on toy design. Using die-cut handles at the end of each page, the ROCK'N'ROLL format allows readers to twist and tilt the book, moving embedded disks on every...

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  • Colors - Extra/ordinary Objects 2


    Part II of our Extra/Ordinary Objects collection brings you more wonderful and absurd “everyday” products from all over the world, proving that if taken out of context, the trinkets, tools, gadgets, and objects that most of us take for granted are...

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  • Colors

    Ojeda,Oscar Riera; Mccown,James

    The newest installment in Rockport's Architecture in Detail series. Colors, looks at how color plays a role in even the most upscale architectural designs. The series itself examines the role of details in contemporary architecture through the work...

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  • Colors For Your Every Mood


    Colors For Your Every Mood

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