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  • e-book

    Coming Out As a Cuck

    Carter Saint

    Jeff and Allison secretly live the 'hotwife/cuckold' lifestyle. For over two years now, Jeff has watched his wife pick up and sleep with strange men. But when Allison's friend Justine decides to tag along on one of their 'play nights', Jeff is afraid...

  • e-book

    Coming Out in Style


    After a disappointing trip to a new gay bar, Drew and his long-time love, Kliff, end up in an all-night diner where Drew reminisces about how he 'apos;came out'apos; as a young man. His trip down memory lane takes him past the story of Mike Bailey,...

  • e-book

    Coming Out - 14 Erotica Closet Gay Bundle


    Fourteen stories means it's Fourteen times the heat, with this collection of closet gay erotica / stories, right here for taking.This BUNDLE is filled with many facets of love, pleasure and romance of closet gays in different circumstances and how...

  • e-book

    Coming Out of the World - Following the Lion...

    Jose M. Palacio III

    Coming Out of the World: Following the Lion of Judah is author Jose M. Palacio III's heartfelt testimony of his faith and the divinely inspired vision of God's infinite character, wisdom, and love for his followers. A veteran with posttraumatic...

  • e-book

    Coming Out Christian in the Roman World

    Douglas Ryan Boin

    The supposed collapse of Roman civilization is still lamented more than 1,500 years later-and intertwined with this idea is the notion that a fledgling religion, Christianity, went from a persecuted fringe movement to an irresistible force that...

  • Coming Out of the Dark


    Coming Out of the Dark

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Coming Out and Disclosures - LGBT Persons...


    LGBT persons face multiple challenges when entering the coming out process, regardless of their age or place in society. Coming Out and Disclosures: LGBT Persons Across the Life Span is a comprehensive guide to the coming out process for LGBT...

  • e-book

    Coming Out, Coming Home - Making Room for Gay...

    Kenneth Burr

    Coming Out, Coming Home has the potential for increasing spiritual growth and development in our society. Although many books have been written about gay rights and pro-gay theologies, few have provided people with an opportunity to enlarge belief...

  • e-book

    Coming Out of the Classroom Closet - Gay and...

    Karen M Harbeck

    This landmark book empowers educators to become visible, positive influences and role models for gay and lesbian students in their classrooms and schools. As most homosexual educators, and even students, remain invisible due to possible hostilities...

  • e-book

    Flames Coming out of the Top


    The flames in the title are by no means merely symbolic: they are the real flames of an Andean volcano in wild eruption. And it is in this hot, insane world of ashes, lava and earthquake that the business mission of Harold Dunnett, the young audit...

  • audio livro

    Coming Out Christian


    Our goal is to build bridges, and promote love and understanding between the Church and the LGBT community. We strive to be a safe haven for LGBT Christians, and encourage productive and life-giving conversation for all people.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Coming Out of Shame

    Kaufman,Gershen; Raphael,Lev

    Tracing the historical and cultural sources of shame in the lives of homosexuals, the authors explain how gay men and lesbians have internalized their shame, resulting in self-destructive behavior, and guides them in breaking the power of shame....

    sob encomenda
  • The Glass Closet - Why Coming Out Is Good...


    'I wish I had been brave enough to come out earlier during my tenure as the chief executive of BP. I regret it to this day. I know that if I had done so, I would have made more of an impact for other gay men and women. It is my hope that the stories...

    sob encomenda
  • Would You Rather? - A Memoir Of Growing Up...

    Heaney, Katie

    A collection of poignant, relatable essays from the author of Never Have I Ever about coming out in her late twenties, entering into her first relationship, and figuring out what it means to be an adult. When Katie Heaney published her first book of...

  • e-book

    Maggie& Me - Coming Out and Coming of Age in...

    Barr, Damian

    It'apos;s 12 October 1984. An IRA bomb blows apart the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Miraculously, Margaret Thatcher survives. In small-town Scotland, eight-year-old Damian Barr watches in horror as his mum rips her wedding ring off and packs their...

  • e-book

    Lesbian Epiphanies - Women Coming Out in...

    Dececco, Phd, John

    Exploring identity development and gender orientation, Lesbian Epiphanies: Women Coming Out in Later Life contains firsthand information about the experiences and difficulties of women who discover and reveal their newfound lesbian sexuality in later...

  • Watch Out, Big Bro's Coming


    Terror spreads through the jungle as animals hear the news that rough, tough Big Bro is coming

  • e-book

    Did You Ever See a Horse Go By? - A Coming...

    Chuck Radda

    In Did You Ever See A Horse Go By? new author Frank DeFrancesco invites the reader into his personal tug-of-war and ultimate triumph over the psychological and sociological restraints that immobilized him for half a lifetime.The author uses...

  • e-book

    Bi Men - Coming Out Every Which Way

    Chvany, Pete

    A moving and pioneering celebration of the male bisexual self that addresses biphobia in our societyIn today’s sexual world, both straight and gay and lesbian communities still often refuse to accept the reality of bisexuality. Bi Men: Coming Out...

  • e-book

    The Glass Closet - Why Coming Out is Good...


    'apos;I wish I had been brave enough to come out earlier in my tenure as CEO of BP. I regret it to this day. I know that if I had done so I would have made more of an impact for other gay men and women. With The Glass Closet, I hope to give some of...

  • e-book

    Untying the Knot - A Husband and Wife'apos;s...


    By all accounts, David Kaufman, M.D., had a good life—he was married to a woman he loved, had three children, and a fulfilling career as a radiologist. But as the years passed, he realized that he could no longer deny who he was—he was a gay man....

  • e-book

    The Spirit of Me - Coming Out As a Medium

    Brian Warriner

    This is about Psychic Medium Brian Warriner's life and coming out of both the sexual closet and spiritual closet. He writes his story and through his story you can experience his journey and take away the results of his lessons.

  • e-book

    Lesbian Epiphanies - Women Coming Out in...

    Dececco,Phd John; Dececco, Phd, John; Jensen, Karol L

    Exploring identity development and gender orientation, Lesbian Epiphanies: Women Coming Out in Later Life contains firsthand information about the experiences and difficulties of women who discover and reveal their newfound lesbian sexuality in later...

  • e-book

    The Narrow Way - A Memoir Of Coming Out,...

    Chris Lemig

    A harrowing and sometimes beautiful story of a man who lost his mind only to find it again halfway across the world.

  • e-book

    Gender and Climate Change Financing - Coming...


    This book discusses the state of global climate change policy and the financing of climate resilient public infrastructure. It explains the sources of tensions and conflict between developing and developed countries with regard to global climate...

  • e-book

    VIVO Voice-In / Voice-Out - The Coming Age of...

    Crossman, William

    A positive look at how talking computers, VIVOs, will make text/written language obsolete, replace all writing and reading with speech and graphics, democratize information flow worldwide, and recreate an oral culture by 2050. Text is an ancient...

  • e-book

    Business Nightmares - Hitting Rock Bottom and...


    Rachel Elnaugh, brought to fame as a Dragon in the BBC show Dragons' Den, speaks about her fall from grace and the high-profile collapse of her business, Red Letter Days. She persuades 20 successful business personalities, including Jeffrey Archer,...

  • e-book

    The Other Side of the Closet - The Coming-Out...

    Buxton, Amity Pierce

    Candid, compassionate, authoritative--a rich source of insights, information, and practical guidance. 'The first major work on the topic.' --Gay Community News 'A much needed comprehensive study of what happens to husbands, wives, and children during...

  • e-book

    When We Were the Boys - Coming of Age on Rod...

    Stevie Salas; Yehling,Robert

    This book is a backstage pass to the ups, downs, and all-out craziness of arena rock—deep discussions with Rod Stewart, jamming with legends like Mick Jagger and Duran Duran, gaining groupies, and striking out solo. Stevie Salas was one of many boys...

  • Coming Out


    A successful wife and mother, Olympia Crawford Rubinstein finds her life unraveling when her twin daughters, who are just finishing high school, are invited to attend New York's most exclusive coming-out ball, an event that brings chaos, new choices,...

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  • Coming Out


    Coming Out

    Produto indisponível

  • Coming Out


    Coming Out

    Produto indisponível

  • Coming Out As Sacrament

    Chris Glaser

    Coming Out As Sacrament

    Produto indisponível

  • Coming Out To God

    Chris Glaser

    'In this collection of sixty prayers . . . Chris Glaser opens new vistas to us in prayer, discipleship, and the relationship between spirituality and sexuality. . . . This book is a classic in devotional literature which one will return to again and...

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    Produto indisponível

  • Coming Out Under Fire - The History Of Gay...

    Berube, Allan

    Despite the many histories of the fighting men and women in World War II, none has been written about the estimated one million homosexuals. Here is a dramatic story of these people, revealing the history of the anti-gay policy pursued by the U.S....

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  • Coming Out - DVD


    Coming Out, supostamente o primeiro filme da Alemanha Oriental com uma temática gay, conta a história de Philipp, um jovem professor que está confuso sobre sua identidade sexual e está casado com uma colega para manter as aparências. Uma noite...

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  • Count Basie - Coming Out Party


    Durante o período coberto por esta coletânea, Count Basie e sua orquestra estavam no seu início. Embora o principal solista da banda, Lester Young, tivesse partido em circunstâncias misteriosas, a equipe de Basie já era considerada a orquestra...

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